‘The Blaze’ Writer Trashes Governor Palin for Writing Trig Article – Update

Monday, a writer for Glenn Beck’s website The Blaze, took upon himself to trash Governor Palin for writing that beautiful article that was published over the weekend on the Daily Beast. Quite frankly, Beck’s writer shocked me with his tone and lack of reason for posting the piece. So why did The Blaze host this nauseating garbage? Why did Beck’s editors permit someone (a small man who writes just like a “progressive™” btw) to attack Governor Palin in this fashion, on this website?

The writer, who goes by the name “Eddie Scarry” wrote:

What’s the first thing that came to mind when you heard that Rick Santorum‘s special needs child was in the hospital with pneumonia late last month? I bet all of Mitt Romney‘s money it wasn’t Sarah Palin unless you are Sarah Palin.

He clearly tries to suggest that Governor Palin used the Santorums troubles to bring attention to herself. A disgraceful suggestion, especially since the Daily Beast reached out to Governor Palin to write the article, not the other way around. From HuffPo (emphasis):

But a Daily Beast spokesperson says the Palin piece was assigned last week following the news that Rick Santorum’s daughter, Bella, had been hospitalized and he was briefly leaving the campaign trail.

We asked Sarah Palin if she would like to share her personal story about life with a child with special needs upon learning about Senator Santorum’s decision last week to place his campaign on hold to be with his daughter,” the spokesperson emailed.

Scarry continued to embarrass himself by writing:

Of the roughly 900-word article, 123 of them relate to Santorum and his daughter Bella who was born with Trisomy 18, a disability similar to Down syndrome.

It’s all downhill from there. For more perspective, the names “Rick” and “Santorum” appear three times total and are all found in the first paragraph. The word “my,” in reference to Palin herself, appears 15 times throughout the rest. I didn’t bother searching for “I” and “I’ve.”

That would be because the Daily Beast asked her to “share her personal story,” Mr. Scarry! And just how is it “downhill from there?” Did he even read her article? If so, does he possess a heart? Only an empty person could read the governor’s words regarding her son and think they were a downhill track to anywhere. It was a touching piece, written from the heart by a mother who loves her son. Something that anyone with a special needs child could truly appreciate.

Which leads me back to Glenn Beck, who also has a child with special needs… He, of all people, should be able to empathize with what Governor Palin wrote in her article. Yet, his website allows this very small human to trash and demean the message she was sending. It’s truly sad, but what else should we expect from website run by a man who once made his money from the Tea Party, and now suggests they’re racists just like the progressives™ do?

Update: John Nolte weighs in over at Big Journalism:

What the Blaze is intentionally doing here, is misleading its readers into believing Governor Palin was supposed to write a piece about the Santorum family and their daughter Bella. Moreover, The Blaze obviously wants their readers to believe that Palin selfishly exploited what happened to the Santorums so that she could write something all about herself.

That’s the only explanation for why the Blaze counts the number of times “Rick” and “Santorum” are used, or why there’s a count of how many words are dedicated to the Santorums. Why would those word counts matter otherwise?

The lie the Blaze tells here, is one of omission. But it’s a lie nonetheless, because the truth happens to be the COMPLETE opposite. Which leads me to a bigger question…

What are we to make of the fall of Glenn Beck when we’re forced to use the Huffington Post to correct his site’s misinformation … about Sarah Palin?

Yes, what just flew past your window was a pig, because today ”the truth has no agenda” at the Huffington Post:

Nolte also mentions the little scuffle I got into with Eddie Scarry yesterday on Twitter, wherein he called me a “whore.” I initially left this part out of my piece because I didn’t want to distract readers from my purpose for writing it. That, and I really don’t care what this person calls me. I’ve been called many names in the past for supporting Governor Palin, all by folks who don’t know a thing about me. And I’ll admit that I’m not totally innocent in this either. I did refer to Mr. Scarry as a “jackass.” Where I come from, that’s what you call someone for doing something stupid but it’s not an indictment on their character. It turns out that Mr. Scarry is worse than a “jackass” but I’ll refrain from any more name-calling.

The important thing to remember is that as long as Mr. Scarry posts on The Blaze, Glenn Beck is essentially endorsing his words. All of them. The most troubling, of course, were those words used to trash Governor Palin for doing what was asked of her.

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