The Door is Open

Guest Submission by Del Parker

A day before leaving for CPAC I posted on the CPAC Meetup thread, for Conservatives4Palin, what I would be looking for in Gov. Palin’s CPAC address.  The first item on my list was a drawing together of the Big Tent of Voters, that would be necessary to win the Presidency.  And another item I would be looking for was a finely crafted speech, making use of alliteration to sound the key points.  And I predicted the first use of alliteration in this speech would, perhaps, sound the theme.  In all of this, Gov. Palin stood and delivered.
Following Gov. Palin’s taking the stage, and the prolonged applause, and doing a shoutout, first, to the Veterans, and then to her husband Todd, and to Bristol and Willow waiting behind the stage, she went directly to announcing the theme of her speech, using the expected device of alliteration.  The announced theme ran deep, as it recalled a speech heard 36 years ago, when grown men were driven to tears, realizing they had nominated the wrong person, to be the Republican Nominee.  As soon as I heard Reagan’s theme of “BRIGHTER and BOLDER COLORS”, I turned to the person sitting next to me and said, it’s a “B”.  But it would later develop to be a “C” also.  And those 2 alliterative letters would be used thruout the speech, and in opening and closing sentences.
So being prepared for this, the speech flowed, as did the progression of thought from the Conservative movement being defined as BIGGER than one Person, and BIGGER than one Candidate, to the Valentine, “Red, white and BLUE and President oBAMA, we are thru with you.”

“We still have no BUDGET…”, which is…

“…Too BIG to succeed…  It is not a failure of the American People.  It is a failure of leadership.”

And then came the chanted protest, intended to interrupt and disrupt.  But this audience was not to be taken from the Governor’s Path, as the audience shouted down the protestors and drove them from the building with a massive roar, “USA, USA, USA.”  And then Gov. Palin, in her impromptu moment, without missing a beat, continued addressing the crowd, “…You just won.”

And having made this declaration that this crowd has just won, Gov. Palin laid down her declaration in unmistakable terms,

“I declare it.  The door is open.”

Now, just for a bit of background on this door being opened, two points:

1)  This hearkens to, I believe, a statement Rush Limbaugh made on air, I believe early last Dec, “…I guess that means the door is still open for Palin to come in.”   I was away from the computer for an extended time and remember sending an email to Jelayne Sessler, of, who was feeding me news.  When I heard this, I emailed back, “…That door can not now be shut.”

2)  The metaphor of a door being opened is Biblical in many ways.  Sarah Palin’s Path, to the Presidency if you will, and her Path of Leadership for this country, and the Leadership of the Conservative elements in this country, as Rush Limbaugh has pointed out, goes thru a door that is open.  There are doors in life that can be opened and closed, only by God.  There are doors and pathways that are closed forever in one’s life, and there are others that are held open, and no man can close.  Read John 10, Isaiah 22:22, Rev 3, Rev 4.

And to put the exclamation point behind all this open door metaphor, Gov. Palin followed her declaration, that “…The Door is Open”, with “…So help me God…”  And if this whole Open Door metaphor was an impromptu response to the protest and the crowd’s shouting the protesters out of the building, or it was planned from the beginning, it was always the chosen theme from the beginning.  And the force that was Sarah Palin was there to deliver, and the force of the audience was there to hear and receive, and neither was to be denied or deterred.

And having dispensed with this bit of interruption, in a manner that, only made the theme stronger, Sarah Palin continued with the B Words used to boldly outline the points of her speech, boldly comparing herself to oBama.  “…Not an economy BUILT to last…”, but “…an economy BUILT to grow.”

And the speech was visceral.  The debt was something that any fisherwoman could understand, “Cut it, Gut it, and Get rid of it.”

And just to make clear the lady from Alaska was capable of boldly using a broad range of “B” words, she chooses a corruption of “WTF” for oBAMA’s “Win the future”.
And continues,
“BULLET trains to no where”
“BOEING planes anywhere”
And Gov. Palin continues to sharply contrast herself with Obama, discussing the CONSTITUTION, and the First and Second Amendment, the right to BEAR arms.
“We will never apologize for America’s strength”.
“We must be the home of the BRAVE.”
“The divide BETWEEN Washington and the rest of the COUNTRY has never BEEN greater or more dangerous.”
And any lady that can use the letter B,  to alliterate, and a  WTF, can use the letter C just as well.  And thus began the use of the alliterative C words, recalling her opening cadence calling out Reagan’s use of the word “COLORS”.  Gov. Palin called out the CRONY CAPITALISM,  introduced by her in Indianola last September, and imitated by every Presidential Candidate, calling out wealthy politicians using their CONNECTIONS, calling out CORPORATE welfare, and CORRUPTION.
Root eCONOMIC problems…and calling the political swamp of Washington a CESSPOOL, with politicians living a high life in a hot tub.  Gov. Palin called for that jaCUZZI to be drained.
And Gov. Palin gave clarity to the issues of the Tea Party working in 2010 to elect candidates, many of whom, failed to live up to their expectations once they arrived in Washington.  Recalling the Tea Party members sent to CONGRESS in 2010, that defected to Crony Capitalism once there, Gov. Palin called them out for giving oBAMA “…another plastic CREDIT CARD”, referring to the continual increase in the debt ceiling.
Referring to these Congress people, who never seemed to get their voting right on the inCreasing debt, once they got to Washington, she graciously stated, “They need reinforcements.  Will you help them?”  And graciousness was another thing I was looking for in Gov. Palin’s speech, to which she fully delivered.
And continuing, there is a plethora of mixed B words, and C words:
And, in preparation for the summation, that the door is open, Gov. Palin reviewed the political landscape, taking note, that an excellent way to compare candidates is to compare their views of government.  And, “…COMPETITION brings out the BEST in our party.”
Gov. Palin demonstrated her proclivity as the ultimate coalition builder, stating,
“We must stand united no matter who our nominee is”, thus nailing another of my expectations for this speech.
And in conclusion, returning to the theme of the door being open, “…At this time next year, we will have a Conservative President, …, worthy of our troops…speaking to this convention.”  And, referring at the end of her speech again to our troops, as she did upon first  taking the stage, Gov. Palin pays them final homage “…In their honor we are BLESSED”.
And a final shoutout to the audience itself,  “…As oBAMA lacks the aBILITY to lead, we will lead.”
And a final unequivocal declaration, “The Door is OPEN”.
Now, while this was the speech, at least from my notes, and hearing, but not checked against a transcript, I would call your attention to the interview given yesterday by Gov. Palin to the NYTimes, posted elsewhere on, in which Gov. Palin declares that a BROKERED CONVENTION would be a good thing.

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