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Andrew McCarthy: Romney Urged Obama to Adopt the Individual Health-Care Mandate; Updated: In 2006, Mitt Touted His Mandate as "National Paradigm" for Health Care

Well this is interesting, if not surprising. Via Andrew McCarthy at the National Review:

At BuzzFeed, Andrew Kaczynski breaks the news that, in a 2009 op-ed for USAToday, Mitt Romney encouraged President Obama that he’d be well-served by adopting elements of the Massachusetts Romneycare plan, particularly the individual mandate. [Hat tip, Erick Erickson at Red State.]

In the context of urging on the president “the lessons we learned in Massachusetts” that “could help Washington find” a better way to reform health care, Governor Romney explained, “We established incentives for those who were uninsured to buy insurance. Using tax penalties, as we did, or tax credits, as others have proposed, encourages ‘free riders’ to take responsibility for themselves, rather than pass their medical costs on others.”

This seems very significant. A number of us have expressed concerns that Romney cannot effectively confront Obama on Obamacare, the wrongheadedness and unpopularity of which make it the Republicans’ most crucial issue in the campaign. In response, Romney posits that he is a Tenth Amendment guy who saw what he was doing as right for his state, and perhaps other states, but certainly not a national model to be adopted at the federal level. For what it’s worth, I’ve contended that those claims are utterly unpersuasive (some are downright frivolous). But that hardly matters now. The op-ed demonstrates that Mitt regarded Romneycare precisely as a model the federal government ought to adopt, and that the “tax penalties” by which Massachusetts’s individual mandate are enforced were a good fit for Congress and the Obama administration to impose by federal law.

Besides the individual mandate, Governor Romney’s op-ed also proposed government-managed cures to address the government-caused cost spiral generated by the government-designed fee-for-service structure. Patients, he suggested, should be “required to pay a portion of their bill, except for certain conditions” — to be chosen, of course, by the government. Providers would be “paid an annual fixed fee for the primary care of an individual and a separate fixed fee for the treatment of a specific condition” — said fixed fees to be fixed by the government.

In posts too numerous to count going back to 2009, I’ve repeatedly argued that a Romney nomination would take the unpopular affront to freedom known as ObamaCare off the table as an issue in 2012, essentially giving Obama a free pass on what would be one of the GOP’s best weapons against Obama with any other candidate. Even Romney’s chief cheerleader at the Washington Post, Jennifer Rubin, has unwittingly admitted this. And yet the establishment continues to fall all over themselves in their effort to coronate this guy as the "electable" candidate, and that we should fall in line and coalesce behind him.  Not me.

Update: (h/t Hot Air) Via Buzzfeed, In 2006, the Mittster was quite bullish about RomneyCare’s mandate being a model for national health care reform:

Will your health plan go national?

I think what we’ve crafted changes the national paradigm. It shows that you can insist on individual responsibility and market reforms to get everybody insured. Personal responsibility and market reform get the markets to work for all our citizens.

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  • votermom

    We are so obamaed. Ugh.

  • AmsterdamExpat

    I hope that as part of the new emphasis on vetting at the Breitbart sites, they make a concerted effort to get all of this out there as quickly as possible, if only to dissuade MR himself from further pursuit of his personal vanity project (this would be the best case), or, barring that, to awaken all those who’ve been hypnotized by the idée fixe of his "electability" when there’s ample reason to think that in the contest against O he’d prove the least electable of the various possible opponents. Not to mention what’s even more important, namely, what he’d actually do, were he President.

    A general election featuring MR against O is a recipe for disaster.

  • Right_Wingnut

    Now, this is more like it. Thanks, Doug.

  • heshtesh

    My very being wants Gov. Palin to be president, but short of that i’m all in for Newt.

  • Min Max

    What’s worst, some people here seem to think he’s your best shot too.

    C’mon fellas. Grow a spine already! Stick to your principles and do it or die trying (figuratively)!

    • ramorywebb

      Congress has an approval rating of somehwere around 23%. Looking at the amount of terms served by these same folks though, I would think they must doing a great job. " Min Max" has it right that we need to stand for our principles.

      Remember…..there was no way Ronald Regan could win. He was " unelectable".

  • IsraeliCojones

    I’m asking a simple question here:


    • Julia

       Looks to me like we’re allowing various perspectives.

      As long as people are respectful and don’t make personal attacks, should work out great. 

      • IsraeliCojones

        … says the poster fully engaged in Alinsky tactics from the get-go.

        I won’t say what you can do with your "respect": you would say it’s a personal attack.

        And for the "perspectives", I’m waiting for them to hire Nicole Coulter’s cousin, so she can lecture us again about the wonders of Romneycare.


        like we’re allowing

        Who is this WE, pray tell? Have you BOUGHT this site?

        • Julia

           WE…the people.  WE…the Sarah Palin Supporters.  WE…Conservatives For Palin.

          • IsraeliCojones

            Speak for yourself only: you’re the only one rejoicing here.

            Unless you’re saying I’m not a member of this site because I disagree, like most people here, with the incoherent editorial line of this site.

            • $3069072

               No, IsraeliCojones, she’s not the only one "rejoicing".

              "This is a day the LORD has made. Rejoice and be glad in it."

      • $3069072

         hello Julia, thank you for engaging in a respectful, thoughtful dialog.

  • Guest

    But, other bloggers on this site have assured me that Romney could never support Romneycare, because of his Mormon faith.

    • Cricket Nichols

      Has his Mormon faith change since he was Gov. of Ma.??????

      • Min Max

        Why not? Everything else has.

  • Lennart Bilén

    It is clear. The Obama camp will make mince meat out of Romney. They will not urge independents to vote for Romney. He will be portrayed as an aloof elite, effete snob. Nascar owners? Corporate raider, Job killer. Oblivious of the common man. Provided the blue print for ObamaCare. Obama improved on it, so ObamaCare is much better than RomneyCare.
    I have come to the conclusion that our only chance to win back the White House is with Sarah Palin as our standard bearer. She is completely vetted. They don’t have a thing on her except  the mantra: all she has is beauty, she is dumb, uninformed, humorless, nasty, cold and viscious rings hollow and has already backfired.
    . Now, if Obama is impeached and convicted before Nov. and Hillary becomes the candidate it will get really interesting.
    Run, Sarah, Run!

  • BrianT51

    A non pro-Romney thread??  What a novel idea!!

    • Julia

      I think there’s room for various perspectives. 

      Not all Sarah Palin supporters have exactly the same politics, same situation, same background.  We support different candidates for different reasons.  

      Sarah hasn’t endorsed anyone…..and has said she’d support the nominee 100%…including Romney.

      The key thing to remember it to take what you like, and leave the rest.

      Make respectful arguments and don’t make it personal.

      • MissNewEngland

        You sound just like a political operative- you were trained well.

        Is Willard paying you by the hour or by the post?

        • Julia

          Willard is not paying me.  I’m not even particularly fond of Romney (I do support him, however)….and I was rooting for different people throughout the process….including Sarah (and would dump all of them for her in a heartbeat).

          But I’m a realist, and with twice as many GOP voters voting for Mitt than any other nominee at this point….I’m seeing the writing on the wall.   Bottomline is that I want to WIN against Obama.

          Also, being a conservative feminist (one of the reasons I ADORE Sarah)….I have a hard time with Santorum’s 1950’s views toward women, and Newt’s musical wives.

          I see a LOT of expressions of anger and dissatisfaction with Romney….but I DON’T see any viable alternatives being offered.

          Could someone provide one, please?

          • MissNewEngland


            • Julia

               and thank you:)  That’s the spirit!

          • IsraeliCojones

            I’m not even particularly fond of Romney (I do support him, however)


            • Julia

               It’s dead true.  I’m NOT that fond of Romney.  But he’s the best of an extremely weak lot.  And supporting him earlier rather than later increases our odds against Obama….which is my primary objective.

              What’s yours?

              • IsraeliCojones

                Very simple.

                We are in the primaries and my objective is: Anyone But Romney.

                • Julia

                   Even Obama, huh?

                  • IsraeliCojones

                    Reading comprehension problem here.

                    We are in the freaking primaries, moron.

              • Guest

                mine is keeping progressives from both parties out of public office

                • Julia

                   Excellent, Karl!  Have you been researching your Local, House and Senate races and doing some ground work for the best candidates?   Even if you’re not in a position to do that….posting your findings at C4P would be helpful to others in your state, no?

          • Guest

            Did I miss a lot of Julia for Sarah posts before Sarah bowed out, or am I correct that she is a very late arrival

            • AmsterdamExpat

              She only showed up around three weeks or so, if memory serves.

          • Susan Ally

            As a Conservative ‘feminist’ do have have a hard time with Mitt Romney Mandating your life?

            Further; going after Newt for his ‘musical wives’ is rather duplicitious in an age where Feminism encourages the castration of the patriarchy.    We must be honest with ourselves; in our sexually revolutionized quest for feminist superiority over the last fourty years, we women encouraged divorce, adultry,  abortion, fatherless families etc etc etc.

            We are not victims of an environment which we created. 

            • Julia

              Yes, I absolutely have some problems with Mitt, Susan.  But looking at the bigger picture, I have a bigger fish to fry with my country going broke and my kid’s future.

              I think you subscribe to a different view of feminism than I do.  I’m not interested in superiority at all.  I just want equality. 

              I disagree with you entirely on what women encourage.  It is possible to be a woman of faith, whose actions are informed by faith…who still expects to be treated equally.

              Hence the distinction:  CONSERVATIVE feminist.  If you’d like an example of what one is….look at Sarah Palin.

              • Susan Ally

                Equality depends upon whether one believes in equality of opportunity or equality of results. Feminism subcribes to the latter whereby restricting the former as evidenced by the feminist’s misgynostic treatment of one Sarah Palin.

                In my fifty years of living I have never heard as vile misogynism as what I heard coming from the mouths of noted Feminists piling on Sarah Palin. Such inequality instigated by Feminists is the reason why I outright reject Feminist ideology; Feminist broke the glass then they became the ceiling. Woman’s rights cannot exist within Feminism because Feminism is de facto authoritarian; Feminism is Collectivism whereas Conservatism is Individualism. Further; many ‘women of faith’ are Collectivists, their belief is- for example- that if a woman does not believe in and support abortion then she is identified as anti-women and must be kept down. Noted ‘women of faith’ who are Collectivists ie Nancy Pelosi, Hillary Clinton,Kathleen Sebelius , Jennifier Granholm and so forth.

                • Julia

                    Looks like Sarah disagrees with you, Susan.

                  "I can’t begin this great effort without honoring the achievement of
                  Geraldine Ferraro in 1984 and of course, Hillary Clinton, who showed
                  determination in her presidential campaign, It was rightly noted in
                  Denver this week that Hillary left 18 million cracks in the highest,
                  hardest glass ceiling in America. But it turns out the women of America
                  aren’t finished yet, and we can shatter that glass ceiling once and for
                  all." –Sarah Palin

                  I’d like to be paid equally for equal work, and advance equally for equal work and ideas.

                  Whether you like it or not, Sarah Palin IS a conservative FEMINIST.

                  • Susan Ally

                    Yes she said that before the assaults came; sometimes politicians say stupid things to get elected. 

                      I didn’t agree with her attempt to pander to that identity group precisely due to the fact that Feminists would NEVER allow Conservative women to thrive.

                    I cannot believe you are defending the very Feminist ideology which CRUSHED a conservative female politician. 


                    Funny how you claim to want ‘equality’ yet you are defending Feminism which DENIED EQUALITY to a woman just because she did not fit their totalitarian mold.

                    I call BS- FEMINISM DENIES EQUALITY!

            • $3069072

              Mitt Romney does not want to mandate YOUR life. Not my life. He was living and governing in caustically liberal Massachusetts. As a former liberal Democrat myself, i can understand why some things occurred when he was Governor. But he FOUGHT them as best he could. Look at Rush–even he "gave in" to the Leftist attacks about the "slut" "prostitute" comments. It’s relentless. (although Rush did admit he crossed a line.)

              • Carolyn Dixon

                 and he could have stood up if he really was a conservative (which he wasn’t) and say because of my conservative principles i cannot support this mandate.  instead he went along with it.

              • Susan Ally

                OH please, I was a former brain-dead liberal Democrat living in NYC until 9/11/2001 changed the game. 

                Why do you keep bending your will to the Progressive Left by validating Progessive Republican Mitt Romney’s Mandates???  You understand his Progressivism because why?????    He FOUGHT how?????? 

                And what indication is there that while as President he will not Mandate your life?  What has he done to show you he believes in rights of the Individual?  Is it that he ‘saved the Olympics?  Because he is a ‘good family man, a man of faith’ just like Barack Obama?

                And  about Rush giving in…..why don’t you and your Feminist co-hort Julia go after Ed Schultz for HIS SLUT comment, or Bill Maher, or Keith Olbermann, Chris Matthews,   or Sandra Bernhart stating while on a Washington DC stage her promise ‘to send her black brothers to rape Sarah Palin if Palin stepped on foot inside Manhattan’ .

                 Where is the collective Feminist Outrage when it comes to Liberal Misogynism-particularily Feminst Misognyism?

                I really do not care much for ‘conservative Feminists’ if the only intention is to  come to the aid of the totalitarian Progressive Left. 

                If you cannot see how far down the Progressive Left rabbit hole America has gone then even a President Palin cannot bring about Restoration!

        • AmsterdamExpat

          Actually, with each further misstep by Miss Julia my suspicion grows that she’s one of those sent by the Bushes to undermine MR’s campaign from within, while also doing as much mischief here as possible.

          Not only would MR face the O machine in the general election; he’d also be ravaged by all the operatives whose actual allegiance lies elsewhere and whose real focus is setting up the 2016 campaign. That the country would be destroyed even more in the meantime concerns these government hookers not at all.

          Put your hands on me,
          Willard Mitt Romney / John Ellis Bushee
          I’ll make you squeal, baby,
          As long as you pay me.

          P.S. The other plausible hypothesis is that it’s Axelrod who sent her.

      • IsraeliCojones

        There are TWO Romney supporters here: you and Nicole Coulter. More or less, she has left. I’m waiting for your turn.

        • Julia

           Actually, Israeli…there are several Romney supporters at this board.  We just talk privately for the most part, because of the vitriolic reactions we get from people who refuse to offer viable alternatives…but instead insist on wallowing in hatred.

          • IsraeliCojones

            Again, put up or shut up.

            • Julia

               blah blah blah.

              • ProudAmerican247

                You’re a man. Admit it.

          • Guest

            Prove it. Name them. Or, let them name themselves.

            • Julia

               They’re welcome to name themselves…but they have absolutely no obligation to.

              And besides, it’s kinda fun to watch you driving yourself crazy wondering.

              • IsraeliCojones

                LOL. We don’t drive ourselves crazies, we’re just asking you to put up or shut up. It’s like your friends here at C4P: they don’t exist.

                You’ve been here less than a month; Never saw you exchange mails with anyone on the board. So stop lying your face off.

      • Susan Ally

        I’ll offer a compliment that Mitt Romney is as fine a man of faith and family as is Barack Obama; on this level they are both outstanding.

        My respectful criticism is that Romney’s Government Mandate is as troublesome as is Barack Obama’s Government Mandate; on this level they both betray every faith in  "rights endowed by the Creator"

        If he wins the nomination I’ll vote for Romney because I have no choice however I  will not offer my own financial backing nor will I stick my neck out defending him because I know in my heart that Mitt Romney- in his pursuit of self-serving his own  political opportunism- will back stab Conservative principles, values and the precious faith in "rights endowed by the Creator".

  • Julia


    I understand your reservations about losing the leveraging point with Obama care.

    But I have to ask you….if not Romney, then who?  And more importantly HOW?

    • Julia

       Would love some ideas on this folks….if not Romney, who should we get?  And how do we do it?   Details please.  Anyone?

      • Guest

        People are reluctant to engage you because rightly or wrongly (I think correctly) you have been pegged as a Romney plant. Add to that the fact that, "who should we get" has been the main topic of virtually every Open Thread since October 5, and the question you pose seems quite insincere.

        Why not set up your own pro-Romney blog and stop with the Palin for Romney fraud?

        • Julia

           Karl, like Sarah Palin… I am a woman of action.  I don’t LIKE where this race is.  But it is what it is….and I will do all I can do to achieve my objective of getting Obama out.

          I prefer NOT to be a Complainer4Palin.  I’m a Conservative4Palin, and even though I don’t care for Romney, he’s a huge step up from Obama.

          I will be doing everything in my power to also promote Sarah for 2016 if she gives us any indication that she’s willing.

          • Susan Ally

            Unfortunately for you, you’ll have to fight against your own Feminist Ideology of Equality because Feminists won’t allow Sarah Palin to be President of the United States.

            And Feminists do not fight like girls, they fight like Totalitarian Tyrants. 

             Pelosi’s Fluke and the Stalinist Babes bamboozling female voters into believing they are about Equality for All..

    • IsraeliCojones

      OK he’s inevitable. Is that all you got?

      • Julia

         You admit he’s inevitable?  Wow.

        • IsraeliCojones

          Something was lost in translation here. Why am I not surprised?

          • Julia

            Why am I not surprised that you can’t provide any ideas or viable alternatives…or actionable responses?   Why am I not surprised your singular motivation is complaining blindly with no alternate sense of direction?

            • IsraeliCojones

              Last time I’ve checked there are two other candidates in the field (I’m not counting Paul) and they haven’t dropped out.

              And Romney is BY FAR the worst of them all.

              • Julia

                If they can’t win against Romney, they won’t win against Obama.  Because as you’ve so graciously pointed out…Romney is not a wildly strong candidate.

                But here’s the reality.  Twice as many GOP voters have cast their ballots for Mittens….than either of the other two.  And we haven’t even touched all those winner-take-all Eastern States, Utah and California….which will be duck soup for Romney.

                Give me a game plan on how either of these other two could possibly pull off a win.

                Details, please! I’m intrigued.

                • DougBrady

                  The only way to stop the Mittster and save the GOP is to prevent him from getting a majority of delegates so that we can have a brokered convention and wind up with another candidate. Is that likely? No, of course not. But it’s the only chance we have to beat Obama. If the GOP can’t nominate someone who opposes government health care mandates, minimum wage indexation, cap and trade, ethanol subsidies, etc., etc., etc., what is our rationale to exist? Mitt can’t meaningfully differentiate himself from Obama on these and many other issues. The Wall Street Journal said he’d make a great VP candidate…for Obama. He can’t win, and he’ll drag down the House and Senate with him.

                  I am under no illusion that I can make a significant difference, but I have to try. If enough others do likewise, maybe we can make a difference. I’m done rolling over to the GOP Establishment and taking their hand-picked nominee.  They assume we’ll all fall in line and accept their guy, regardless of how unaccaptable he is, and vote for him simply because he’s the lesser of two evils. In my case, they’re wrong. I can’t do it anymore (hold my nose and vote for a candidate I oppose).

                • Carolyn Dixon

                   wrong.  more voters have voted against romney.  check it out.  he’s only garnering about 40% that means 60% or more are against romney. he’s not getting the base enthused about his candidace because he is trying to buy the nomination and he’s only gone after his primary opponents with negative and false attacks.

  • stlouisix

    Sometimes one has to wonder if we’re on the C4P site or Soros’ Media Matters when looking at the posts here which are about as conservative as a cockroach.

    Last I heard this site isn’t called "The lukewarm for anything" but "Conservatives for Palin"

  • Christine Riordan Brown

    ME NEITHER I WILL N OT FALL IN LINE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    NO WAY NO HOW !!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Carolyn Dixon

       me either. will not hold my nose to vote against someone instead of for someone.  am tired of having these rino repubicans shoved down our throats


    Doug…."In posts too numerous to count", I am no Romney supporter. But through out this primary, Mitt has been on record "in posts too numerous to count", that he will appeal ObamaCare.

    I know Mitt’s infamous for flip-flopping, but I can’t see him back peddling on this.

    • Freempg

      Ten, if you can’t see Romney backpedaling on Robamacare, then you need new glasses. Just like George HW read my lying no new taxes lips Bush. It’s what GOPers do. Then again, Romney will never beat Obama, so the point is moot.

    • Guest

      only a few months before Ocare was passed, and well after the 08 campaign was over, Romney was on tv advocating for using Romneycare as a national model.

      He’s lying now, its as simple as that, lying severely.

    • Carolyn Dixon

      he’s pandering to the base to get votes.  he’s already said he believes health care should be left up to the states – so what part of obamacare/romney care will he send to the states?

  • pipam12

    it’s really a shame I am muting the TV for mitt just like I do for the O , I can’t stand to listen to either of them

  • Freempg

    Doug, Julia is a Romney/Obama troll, sorry to see she has soiled the comments after your fine post.

  • TEXs


    The latest troll is graduate of Alinsky-Romney school of dirty tricks.

    It’s not banned yet because it is probably assossiated with Nicole Coulter.

    No problem,just ignore Willard’s RINOS.


  • exodus2011

    Julia has been asking and asking "if not Romney, then who?"

    I ask you to consider these recent words from Gov Palin (paraphrased here):

    " … this Fall, the election will involve The Party of Freedom V. The Party of Govt …"

    ok …. now think about the implications of this statement … also think about whether Gov Palin uses words recklessly … does she have a history of saying what she means and meaning what she says?

    IMV, if you believe her words, Gov Palin is quite clearly saying that *if* the GOP do not represent the Party of Freedom, then they will be part of ‘The Party of Govt’ …. along with the DEMs

    … and then I ask, how can the GOP be this Freedom Party if they reject Sudden and Relentless Reform, and if they choose Romney as their Leader, and want the Status Quo ideas he brings to the table?

    IMV, Gov Palin is signalling that she IS preparing to run independently, if that’s what it takes to rescue Constitutional America from becoming Greece (whether that is sooner via BHO or later via the GOPe Nominee)

    IMV, the GOPe will do everything they can to prevent a Contested Convention taking place, but if it gets that far, they will change the rules to stop her having a platform to speak to 40 million + Americans

    Watch what Gov Palin says publically along these lines in future, and also what the GOPe do with any "new rules" also, ….

    are we headed for an actual public rejection of Gov Palin by the GOPe? … is Gov Palin PUSHING for such a thing … to be out in the open?

    • Julia

      1.  If she runs independently….she will hand the election to Obama.

       2.  You mean "brokered" convention.  In a "contested" convention there are no new candidates…they just have the delegates vote for the ones we already have over and over until a consensus is reached.

      3. They would not have to change any rules to prevent her from speaking. Sarah has no delegates on the floor. The convention committee would vote on whether to allow her….and they won’t….and she knows it. If she wanted leverage, she could enter late and get some delegates on the floor…but she’s not doing that.

      4. She has a political future to think about. She’s going to play this safe.

      • exodus2011

        nope Julia

        it doesn’t automatically give the election to BHO – especially as your man Mitt weakens more and more

        Not enough Conservatives will go to the Polls for anti-Liberty Romneycare

        you are using the fear argument that has always been used on GOP voters, but a full and thorough analysis of both the 1980 and the 1992 elections, when a 3rd Runner was involved tell the story

        the key and FEARED factor is ‘maximising the Conservative turnout’

        RWR did it, no other GOP Nominee has been able to do so, since, until Gov Palin appeared, and O’Romneycare DEFINITELY can’t do it

        Gov Palin has speaking rights due to being incumbent VP Nominee, unless the GOPe block her with ‘new rules’

        if they do that they will bring about their own demise

        she  is giving signals that she may be content to be pushed into an Independent Run ‘by the GOPe’ itself –

        LOL – "she will play it safe"?

        do you know ANYTHING about Gov Palin’s history Julia? Hve you read her books or watched "The Undefeated"?

        oh boy

        she is bold and fearless and she will do what is right, what has to be done to rescue Constitutional America

        (read her books Julia if you would like to talk with more authority about what Gov Palin might or might not do)

        • Julia

          An independent run would absolutely give the election to Obama, and Sarah has outright said she would not do this on many occasions.  

          Being a VP Nominee does not give you speaking rights.  Had she held the office of VP, she would have had speaking rights.  Even if she were allowed to participate in a brokered convention….The DELEGATES would have to elect her.  These are hard core supporters of their own candidates who have been campaigning hard for months.  Many of them are GOPe, or connected to the GOPe.  They are not going to take kindly to her.  The general population would….but the delegates…don’t count on it.

          Brokered convention won’t happen for her, and she’s said she knows it.  In fact, she’s said so in a couple of recent interviews.  "They won’t ASK me."  The committee would have to vote to allow her.  And they won’t do it….she’s right.

          Yes, I have read her books and seen The Undefeated.  But more relevantly…I’ve watched closely how she’s responded to questions in her recent interviews and made note of her (lack there of) actions.

          Sarah is not running.  She won’t be a surprise at the end.   As much as we’d all like it to be….it’s just not so.

          2016, however, is a different story…which is why she’s not burning her bridges by snubbing Romney.

          • exodus2011

            if you think that Gov Palin would ‘play it safe’ you do not understand what you have read about her

            if you think America can wait for Reform until 2016 you don’t understand the magnitude of the debt problem

            if you think Grassroots Conservatives will accept that Gov Palin be prevented from speaking at TB, you don’t understand the feeling amongst Conservatives

            I think Gov Palin is itching for a chance to be pushed toward going Independent with The Party of Freedom

            we shall see what transpires

            • Julia

              Grassroots Conservatives don’t have a voice at a brokered convention. Not a peep. It’s all decided by the delegates and the Convention Committee….which is what Sarah was talking about when she said "closed doors and smoked filled rooms".

               If you think it can be done….when the GOP rules say it can’t…and with Sarah unwilling to run third party….you’re naive.

              But well intentioned.

              2016 is our best hope….and yeah, I find that just as sad as you do.

              • exodus2011

                no – 2016 will be too late for Constitutional America, and that’s why Gov Palin is giving the signals about an Independent Run now

                we’ll see if the GOPe have the cajones to apply their rules to exclude Gov Palin from speaking at TampaBay

                such a move might be just what Gov Palin wants to make the clean break – but let it be forced by *them*

                then nobody can blame her when she calls the liberty loving Americans to her side against the GOP

                and we’ll then see very clearly where the enthusiasm lies and where it doesn’t lie – the TeaParty will be hers – and the GOP will have their $ and their SuperPac

                but no ground troops – that won’t get them far

                a 4 way contest in the Fall would favor Conservative America, the 42% would really have their voice heard

                I think that’s where this year might head – a truly unconventional process indeed

            • ProudAmerican247

              "I think Gov Palin is itching for a chance to be pushed toward going Independent with The Party of Freedom."

              I agree, exodus.

              Sarah will do WHATEVER it takes to get the RIGHT person elected…

              And it’s gonna have to be HER!

              There’s too much as stake to rely on any of our present "choices"…heaven forbid!!! 

              This country will go BELLY UP if there isn’t "Sudden, And Relentless Reform" IMMEDIATELY, in 2013!

              Sarah Palin is the only political figure who has the GUTS to take on the challenge of "Major Reform."

              It’s "Do or Die!" folks!

              My money is on PALIN/WEST! 2012, and I don’t care HOW we get there!!



              • exodus2011

                High Five 247!

                me too!


              • Julia

                 In a fantasy or a dream?  You pick.

  • independents4palin

    I can’t believe that for some odd reason, the GOP establishment thinks that it can appoint a candidate. It does this everytime. They say its thats persons turn. They did this with Dole, McCain and now Romney. I will not vote for Obama of course, but the RNC will not get a dime from me and neither will Romney. Romney has been running for six years for President, he has had all the time in the world to get his act together and he has not. He panders worse than President Obama.

    • Carolyn Dixon

       i agree but i will not vote for either obama or romney should he become the gop nominee.  i got a call from then rnc about a month ago.  told the caller not to call us again for donations because we don’t give to the rnc when they continually push moderate/liberal candidates down our throats.  caller asked why i was taking it out on him.  i replied aren’t you calling for the rnc? then you represent them"

    • friskyness

       Voters don’t have to vote for the "establishments" guy.  Republicans do it all the time.  Why are people voting for Romney when Santorum and Newt are just as good?  It’s the voters fault.  No one has to vote for Romney.  Why are they?  Newt will do a better job at the debate than Romney!  Stop voting for Romney!

  • conservativemama

    I dread Romney as the nominee because I can so clearly see him fumbling the ball all over the place.  In a debate I can see Newt picking up some nonsense Obama spews (from on high of course) and schooling him.  But Mitt?  He’ll go into frantic mode and sound like a fool.

    But Palin against Obama………….oh yes!  Talk about ratings!

    • ProudAmerican247

      "But Mitt? He’ll go into frantic mode and sound like a fool."

      He already sounds like a nervous used cars saleman.

  • MarkRNY

    If Leftists pray…or chant, or whatever the hell they do, they’re saying a New Age Novena that Mitten will be the Nom. They’e drooling.

    ObamaCare–the knife aimed straight at America’s heart–OFF the table!

    STOP this smarmy bastard for God’s sake!–Wake up!! 

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