Bristol Palin: Bill Maher is Much More Than a Comedian – Update

Bristol Palin published a new piece today on her blog titled “Responding to the Viral Sensation, Loving my Brother.” She responded to some of the numerous comments people left on her “Mr. President, When Should I Expect Your Call?” post, but she also pointed out how the left is giving Bill Maher a pass by stating that he’s merely a “comedian.” She wrote:

Bill Maher is much more than a comedian. He’s a big-time political player who hides behind the “comedian” label whenever he gets criticized. His guest list represents a huge chunk of the Washington establishment and sometimes even includes prominent Republicans. And as I said in my original post, he’s put himself straight in the middle of presidential politics by giving $1,000,000 to President Obama’s SuperPAC. Bill Maher isn’t just some guy behind a microphone in a seedy comedy club in the middle of nowhere. He’s a comedian and political commentator like Rush is an entertainer and political commentator. He’s a little bit less popular, but his professional failure compared to Rush doesn’t make him any less accountable for his vile speech.

You can read her entire post here.

Also, John Nolte points out Bristol’s piece over at Big Hollywood.

Plus, check out this article over at NRO by David French, who is married to the editor of Patheos. It seems they had a little server melt-down yesterday, due to Bristol’s blog:

Nancy tweeted it to her few hundred followers (she and I have a rather pathetic contest for twitter followers; right now I’m barely in the lead with a whopping 776), and Bristol facebooked it. Within hours, it had been shared 8,000 times. Already it was taking off.

Then Sarah Palin tweeted.

Patheos’s server promptly melted down. One of the most-trafficked religious sites on the web, its server still spontaneously combusted. A small mushroom cloud was spotted over the server farm. Eleven additional servers had to be brought online to handle the traffic flow, and by the end of the day, 8,000 shares had turned into more than 85,000 (update: 100,000), and the story of Bristol’s challenge to the president had been reported not just in the political and mainstream media but also in the Hollywood media as well. Thousands of tweets, and tens of thousands more Facebook shares from Fox to the Huffington Post to the Hollywood Reporter took the post well beyond the familiar and comfortable enclaves of the conservative blogosphere.

That, in essence, is Palin power. No other name in the conservative movement can instantly break through the wall of separation between conservative punditry and popular culture. Bristol powerfully and concisely told the truth — and reached an audience so large it resides only in most pundits’ wildest dreams.


Update: A political scientist applauds Bristol for “setting up a perfect catch-22 for the president,” in her piece on Monday.

(H/T: John Frank)

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