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Governor Palin’s Speech In Greenville

Courtesy of VA4Palin:


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  • Timothy Jacques

    Okay folks, gut check….can you imagine any of the other candidates speaking through the heart like this? 


    • Alyssa

      I have not witnessed any other candidate as charismatic as Palin. She truly has a gift. 

  • PhilipJames

    Really liked the speech. Sarah has a way of speaking about faith without seeming to be overbearing about it.

    • colliemum

      She speaks in such a way that polishing up one’s faith seems the natural thing to do.

      • alien4palin

        All Americans who love and deeply concern about America’s survival need and must take great heed of the contents of the message itself. Judeo-Christian’s values and principles had been under attack for quite sometime and has been ramped up in current controversial events playing out today. Note the contents of her speech, it is weaved with Faith and Politics because they are inseparable for America’s survival.

        Whether you are a Christian American or of other faith American, this message is equally important for the very survival of America.

        Systems of governance in North America and Europe are founded based on Judeo-Christian’s values and principles. They are an integral and intrinsic part of each other, the war on Judeo-Christian values and principles is the ultimate destruction of the American Constitution.

        That is why Islam can never be compatible with our democratic form of governance.

  • shellymic

    You’ve no idea how bad I want to download all of these clips and put them into ONE VIDEO…  :

    • Adrienne Ross

      That would be great. :)

  • old003

    the american spirit soars in her heart, i will always support her

  • Rob Hart

    Watched the clips earlier and say WOW once again. Passionate faith in action. Talk the talk AND walk the walk. Thank you for the share. Thank you, Sarah, for an enlightening talk about real faith that pairs up with real hope for God driven transformative change in each of us. We are an exceptional nation and that is nothing to apologize for……Spirit led equips each of us for the plan. An hour of Sarah is and was good for this soul.

  • helensimon

    Thanks for sharing Sarah’s speech with so many!

    When Sarah’s in her element, that is Christian women, she shines even brighter.

  • DDJ58

    Thanks for posting Ian and thanks to VA4P.

  • misterlogic0013

    Walk the Walk ..  Sarah Palin a woman for the ages .. A Special Lady .. The most powerful woman in the world on her own without a title. Inspiring you Betcha. Walk the Walk America .. 

  • TeflonWarrior

    Todd ‘s sense of humor is classic, I love it! "Write me a check!!!" ..too funny!

    • Juliann F. Cornwall

      He is her rock and part of who she is. They are a package deal. I also loved the question why not US.

  • cjk09

    A room full of sisters, fired up and filled with faith. Love that! My hearing isn’t what it once was, but the sound quality of the videos seemed to make it tough to hear Gov. Palin’s beautiful words. Any way to enhance the sound quality so the full impact of her words can be experienced by those of us who struggle to hear?

  • 01_Explorer_01

    Happy Birthday, Pipercuda!

  • aaron66krohn

    72 minutes==one hour and twelve minutes!!

    And not even ONE PEEK at a teleprompter!!!

    A couple of notes written on her hand!!

    And this phenomenal woman gave a speech……..

    no, a TALK, a CHAT, a CONVERSATION……

    that had a rhythm to it matching that of our greatest songs!!

    As a writer, I both seek…..and notice……rhythm in words I write, hear, or read!!

    The best books FLOW!!!

    Like a river……or have a rhythm like the waves of the ocean!!!

    Sarah’s talk had all this!!

    There weren’t any "jarring" moments…….when you had to wait to find out what she’d say next!!

    This talk was so seamlessly given that each point led to the next…..

    and then the next…..and the next….

    and you arrived at your destination not surprised at HOW you got there!!!

    Like a car, she went into "cruise control", and the ride was a smooth one!!

    And FUN!!!

    Boy, is she a funny gal, or what???

    She has that perfect timing that only the best comediennes possess!!

    Again, it’s rhythm!!!

    She jokingly said to Mark Balas, when he visited Alaska with Bristol…..

    "How do you DO this…….shimmying??"

    Well, her voice, her heart, her soul, her LIFE……

    has been one long continuous SHIMMY!!!

    Let’s hope she "shimmy’s" right into the Oval Office next year!!!

  • indemind

    Wow!… Awesome speech Sarah walks the walk, and talks the talk like no other today.

     Sarah Palin .. The unconventional politician, but a very conventional American…*_*)


  • Patriot Games

    Speaking of genuine Christian faith, I’d rather have Tim Tebow quarterback my team anytime than have a phony in the White House as we do now. Speaking of another type of faith, the Denver Broncos didn’t show much in the guy who made their season so succesful. I’ll bet Tebow does great wherever he goes.

    • ResearchIsImperative

       I never cared for sports, but Tebow "brought" me to the game….I never liked politics, but Sarah "brought" me to it…….I thank God for sending them; because of their faith and other attributes, I’ll watch and listen to them…….

  • Guest

    I so enjoyed this speech, Just awesome Sarah! 

    Oh my is she funny, Sarah is one of a kind. Love ya Gov……

  • cudaforever

    Thanks So much VA4Palin. You rock !! Great job recording the speech for us Palinistas !!

  • 4rcane

    I’m not religious, but if Palin ever become President. I will have to re-examine my agnosticism. Palin is like the David fighting the Goliath. So much force is allied against her. Its overwhelming and depressing. Even old allies are turning on her and using leftist talking points. Is it God’s way of showing us who are truly on our side, by shaking out the fakes?

    • PCR1

      "I’m not religious…"

      Don’t let those be your last words!

    • 808forpalin

      Jesus ain’t no religion, 4rcane!  He freed us from the yoke of religion.  You don’t have to be religious quote unquote to accept what is offered by and through Him in all its fullness and glory.  I pray you don’t wait on election results to get to know Him and the Bible better – for your sake mostly, of course, but also because the Gov. can use all the prayers we can round up!  

      • Alyssa

        One of the most important thing any Christian can tell him/herself is that Christ is not religion. A dear friend once told me to never follow man, just follow God. This was in reference to possibly giving a pastor a little too much credit than he deserved :P 

      • Juliann F. Cornwall

        As I tell everyone you can be religious about washing your hands. Spirituality is what is important and that is what I consider myself. People are afraid of religion taking over thier life just like the government. It is a personal relationship notice Sarah speaks directly to God and not through a preist of anyone else. Interesting that is what was said about Sarah in the Bible. Not only did Abraham talk to him so did Sarah. I loved the reference in her speach.

        • 808forpalin

          Nicely put. 

    • songofdeborah

      I believe you are not the only one that will pause to re-examine their faith – that is why the enemy is doing everything possible to try to prevent her from becoming the leader of the free world. It would be REVIVAL!!!!! Like we have never seen before.

    • alien4palin

      As an American, whether one is religious Christian, non practising christian or of other faith is  unimportant at this juncture of America’s peril.

      The most important act is actively defending the Judeo-Christian values and principles that is enshrined in the founding document, the American Constitution. When you allow Judeo-Christian values and principles to be undermined and eventual destruction, it is effectively a total destruction of the American Constitution. At least what is left of it.

  • colliemum

    That was such a great speech!
    Even when only hearing it at twice removed, through a video and then through the PC, her power of faith touches everyone.
    There’s nothing calculated, nothing which has gone through a committee checking what Sarah can and should not say. It is, as you’ve all said, straight from her heart.

    That’s why she is such a great leader. Listening to her, one just wants to get up and follow – because we can see that she’s walked that walk and is talking from experience.

    Oh Lord and God, I pray that you smooth her way to the WH! She is the leader the world needs. Keep her and her family safe, and open the doors for her. Amen.

  • Alyssa

    Is that a leopard skirt I see?! Love it. Anyway, I am absolutely mystified that the media distorted her so much in referring to her as an "indoctrinator" of Christianity and much, much worse. I never felt this way about her or saw any correlation with the accusations. If anything, she talks about her faith the least and has said many times that her faith is rather personal to her and is not worn around on her sleeve. It’s true, she has rarely spoken about her faith to support political issues–except for maybe abortion, which is understandable! This is why I love her so much! She has that quality to be a mentor for religion, but will speak about it when you consult her. I am a Christian and like Sarah,   prefer to keep it on a personal level. Although they have many things in common, I don’t believe we can compare Sarah to other candidates like Michele Bachmann and Santorum when discussing faith.

    • c4pfan

      They do that to anyone that shows any sort of faith in the public square.  You are to sit down and shut up and let the Gov dictate ‘social issues’.

  • 1776er

    The Washington Post’s double standard is on full display today 3/20/12.  In an above the fold
    major investigative piece the Post exposes “Santorum’s Religious Journey”.   

    This is a tactic by the Post that dovetails nicely with Obama’s attack on the Church and Religious Freedom.  You might think it was coordinated with the Campaign to Re-Elect or the gnomes in the White House basement.  They have worked over Sarah Palin for years for her religious beliefs and they are using that expertise now on Santorum.  It is pretty disgusting.

    The  Post draws a picture of a kooky man of religious faith who  has: “embraced Spanish priest behind the devout Catholic group Opus Dei”.    Opus Dei is painted as a sinister, powerful, dark force of the Catholic illuminati skulking around the world plotting the Vatican takeover of governments everywhere especially the U.S. 

    They are examining what Rick Santorum has embraced in his heart and his mind since the earliest days of his youth.   The full resources of the Post’s Mud, Sleaze and Character Assassination Branch  have been deployed on Santorum.  The central focus is on his Catholic
    religious background.  They sent a team— a team mind you—to Santorum’s boyhood home of Butler, Pa. to scrounge around in any old trash cans the Santorum family might have left around searching out the real garbage on Santorum.   

    They talked to his neighbors.  They talked to his old grade school—grade school!—friends.  “Tell me, did he pray a lot?”  “Really, like to God and everything?” They sniffed around the VA Hospital where Santorum’s parents worked.  They even got into Santorum’s in-laws house to interview and subltly ridicule Santorum’s mother-in-law’s religious faith.  She prays , too, can you believe
    it America?   And they day that Rick and Karen sat in their living room and watched a pro-life film why they cried at the sight of what happens to those specs of protoplasm when they are torn to pieces in the womb.  They cried!  Can you believe it! 


    “Less well known is Santorum’s embrace of the Catholicism of Opus Dei, a relatively small yet influential group within the church that is defined by the intensity with which followers are urged to live out church doctrine — in Escriva’s words, to “seek holiness” in all realms of life. “

    Can you believe this America!  Santorum is “devout”   ooooh, creeeepy, and he “seeks holiness”  euwwwww! He has “embraced in his heart and mind” the  Catholicism of Opus Dei. 

    Oh, BTW, just for the record buried in the middle of the piece:

    “Santorum, whose campaign declined several requests for comment, is not a member of Opus Dei, according to the group, and it is not clear to what degree he adheres to its tenets.”

    Oh, he has embraced Opus Dei in his heart and mind but he is not a member and it’s not clear to what degree he adheres to his tenets.  Got it?  These are the weasel words that the lawyers
    down at the Post insisted go into this “expose” to avoid slander charges later on. "Uh, does he actually belong to Opus Dei?" "Well, no boss, he doesn’t." "Uh, you better run this by the boys in legal."

    Rick Santorum is being “McGuinnessed” by the Washington Post. 

    The MO is completely familiar to any Palinista.  Why, Santorum hung around with  “young, long haired PRIESTS in brown robes and sandals” when he was an altar boy. Oooooh!  Creeeepy!  Euwwwww!

    You can read this article for yourself if your stomach is feeling strong this morning. 

    What is of interest is that the Post feels free to vet and examine Santorum’s “Religious Journey” as that is pertinent to the way he might govern.  The Post seems astonished that Santorum’s faith journey would inform his world view and his approach to governing.   All of that is within limits for political discussion and vetting and negative stereotyping.

    Now contrast this with the Post’s total silence on the “Religious Journey” of Barack Hussein Obama.  That’s off limits.  His 10 years in Indonesia learning Islam at the madrass and Catholicism at the Catholic grade school he attended—“Did he pray?  Like to Allah, or something?  Really?  Euuwwww!”—or his “walk down the aisle” at Jeremiah Wright’s  Trinity United Church of Christ which prays that God damns America soon—or his “embrace in heart and mind”  of the Critical Race Theory of Derrick Bell at Harvard—or his true religion of Marxist Socialism and the race/class struggle of the proletariat better known as “Hope and Change” leading to a “fundamental transformation of America”.   Does any of that stuff inform Obama’s world view and approach to governing?  Guess not if you read the Washington Compost.

    Of course none of that stuff is fair game for vetting Obama.   Rick Santorum, however,  is a Catholic.  That is fair game for vetting and trashing.

    So it goes.

    • Audrey_I

      The Washington Post is the Democrat Party Newspaper.  The Editors at the Washington Post are experts at spinning the news, promoting lies and not publishing news items that are potentially embarrassing to the Obama Administration.

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