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Guest Submission: The 1969 Mets and Gov. Palin

by Ed Fertik, Publisher, Tea Party Times – "Commentary That’s Right"

When I was growing up in New York City in 1969 I was a fanatic METS fan and I wasn’t at all unusual. The worst team in baseball had millions of fanatic fans while everyone else, especially Yankee fans, had a very simple opinion. "The METS stink" was what we MET fans had to endure from the entire world of sports……until of course they decided to win more games than anyone else and go on to win the World Series that year. At the time, the great sportscaster Howard Cosell said something to the effect that the METS were not just a team; the METS are a "living organism" he said. The METS had a mystical quality to them in 1969, like a Clint Eastwood movie and the fans gave them a ten-man team. We fans could get them a win by prayer or just vibrate the entire stadium when the other pitcher was in his delivery. The METS were the team that shouldn’t, the team that couldn’t and the team that wouldn’t. But they became the team that did and eventually the team that should have. By that I mean that eventually it became clear that a pitching staff of Seaver, Koosman and Nolan Ryan did in fact have the talent to go all the way and as since pointed out they did in fact have winning talent and they should have won and they did. So what does this have to do with the Tea Party?

Today I was not so stunned by news that Sarah Palin, according to the Public Policy Polling poll conducted March 15 – 17, has a higher approval rating than ANY current Republican candidate for President by a wide margin of 68% for Palin to 54% for Romney. The disparity is even greater when compared to Santorum, Gingrich or Paul. Like the METS…..Palin has endured years of brutal beatings by the Hollywood/Media liberals. She was the person who shouldn’t, couldn’t, and wouldn’t be President. She was the politician that stunk. Somehow this label was stuck to her regardless of her college education, athleticism, family, and record of total success in everything she tried to do like being Mayor of a small city and eventually Governor of a massive state where she had an 88% approval rating. The jealousy of her was not so hard to understand. Palin was far too cute and far too successful for some. "We don’t want a President who looks like a stewardess and writes New York Times bestsellers. We don’t want a President who has the audacity to think that 32,000 abortions per week for nothing more than birth control (in most cases) is wrong."

Now we have a situation where the leading candidate for the Republican nomination is less than exciting and far from conservative in action. We have a situation where "other" often beats Romney in primary contests, and we have a situation that could lead to a brokered convention that throws the whole thing wide open. Palin has indicated she would be there waiting at the convention and it’s my opinion that the lady who shouldn’t, couldn’t, and wouldn’t is actually the lady that should, could, and might. Her supporters are like the fans of the ’69 Mets. Her identity has a being far beyond that of Sarah Palin. Palin is not simply a candidate like Romney but rather a spearhead for a massive movement and a way of thinking about America. One day in the future, we will recognize that like the ’69 METS the talent was always there.

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  • Rob Hart

    Sarah Palin remains the narrative even after the past three years. She is the point of the spear which is and will continue to pierce the vail of Obama’s failed socialist policies. She remains God’s instrument of justice as we the people prepare for the spiritual war for the soul of America.

    • BrianusBerkleianus

      Beautiful image, Rob–"point of the spear"–thanks!!

  • BrianusBerkleianus

    Thanks, Ed!!

    This Oakland fan (Raiders, Athletics, Warriors) still remembers the day the ’69 Mets won that fifth and clinching game over the Baltimore "machine"!!!


      And us Braves  fans remember the pitching barrage we faced in the Penat.

  • William Legge

    Awesome Ed, thank you.

  • alien4palin

    Thanks, Ed. Sarah is one in billions

  • Izzyf3

    God opens doors that no man can shut… 

    PALIN POWER continues…

  • sarahhasmyvote

    Come on Mr. President, let’s see what you have in a debate with a true American patriot. Your side keeps bringing her up, well bring it on. Show us your stuff. Sarah has said, "anytime, anywhere". Same for me, I will even sign up for cable if I have to, in order to see you try to debate Sarah. 

    • atl1rds

      He can’t debate her. His "facts " are all based on lies. She would be able to "REFUDIATE" all the lies to his face on national TV.  The only chance he would have is if the debate is tape delayed so that the LSM can delete everything.

  • Norcalo

    IMHO we either elect Palin to get the country out of this mess, or the consequences of the banking system bailout, putting off a huge problem as it did by inviting a gigantic one to arrive in its stead, will lead to a collapse of the government itself.

    Certainly the class that caused all this pain is still at the helm even now, and that includes the near-Obama clone etch-a-sketch Romney.

  • nkthgreek

    Right on, Ed.


    True but she may have blown it by refusing to swing the bat.

    • Independantminded

      You have to be in the game to win it, she chose not to play for reasons we may never know

      • PANTTERA

         She said something after her cpac speech to the effect of,"Sometimes I miss God’s open doors".
        I believe it was on Hannity. To me it sounded like she was remorseful she didn’t run.

    • alien4palin

      That’s conventional thinking. Listening to the clamoring of voices and swinging the bat indiscriminately is not the way to win the game. Strategic planning and timing to swing the bat increase the odds exponentially to winning the game.

  • cjk09

    Sarah Palin is a phenomenon! Great essay!

  • Reynolds88

    …Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich told NPR today that he sees no
    reason to exit the Republican presidential race and that there’s a
    chance of a new contender emerging at the party’s convention in August.  "I’m not so sure you wouldn’t get a series of brand new players" stepping forward during a brokered convention, he told Morning Edition co-host Steve Inskeep.

    So Mr Newt has that mischievious twinkle in his eye and you know he has already said the most complimentary things about Sarah Palin than any of the other R candidates.

    I love the underdog thing.  I usually think of another Shea Stadium team from that epoch, the January 1969 superbowl champion NY Jets.  When Joe Namath looked over the media picked Baltimore colts and guaranteed a win that he produced 16-7, that was my thrill climax in pro sports watching (give or take a few Ron Guidry and Reggie Jackson thrills). 

    The thing about Tampa will be if the floor rules can be bent altered or manipulated by an insurgency.  However if the "wigs" let their guard down, and allow Sarah Palin to speak before the "second vote" we will have some heart-attack CPR needed for at least this C4P Palin accolyte. 

    Depends if Newt and Ricky can prevent the eleventy-odd number to be collected by Mitt.

    BTW, thanks for the post and always nice opportunity to post our comments here too!

    • Gary

      A year ago Newt joined the blood libel pile on against Sarah.  Now he’s hitching his wagon to her star.  The man is a washed out sleazy politician. 

      • Reynolds88

        I dont recal that Newt joined any blood libel pile on against Sarah Palin.  She certainly would not have voted for him if that was the case.  AND her husband specifically said that he endorsed Newt because Newt had to go through a lot of the same vile liberal smears that his wife (Sarah) did.  So your point is what?  Where is the evidence?

        • Gary

          Go look it up.  It was in the news.  The only candidate that spoke up for Sarah was Cain.  I’m surprised the Palins even give Newt the time of day.  I’m not that forgiving.

  • c4pfan

    I’m not surprised at that poll number!  She’s what this country needs.  I just wish that the GOP would support her.  I don’t think they will.

    • goldenprez

      c4pfan … Your analysis of the "establishment" GOP is accurate.

      Mrs. Palin has stated, on at least 3 occasions that I heard personally, that the Republican Party will not/never turn to her. In fact, I recall having read (here?) that Mrs. Palin has removed the "Republican" designation from her Facebook page, or somewhere.

      As you state, the poll number is not surprising at all. It is completely indicative that an independent run for the Presidency is more likely than not to result in victory. As I have pointed out many times, the "real" race for the Presidency does not begin until after the "establishment" conventions. The race for the "establishment" GOP nomination is an exercise in futility. Nothing more nor less than a waste of time, energy, and resources (money).

      So far, Mrs. Palin has only declined to run for the "establishment" GOP nomination. As one watches the entire sham unfold, one can only think that staying out of it was one very intelligent move by one smart cookie.

      It is unfortunate that way too many on this site equate the race for the "establishment" GOP nomination with the race for the Presidency. Maybe people will "wise up" in the immediate future.

      Believe none of what you hear, and only half of what you see.

      Illegitimi non carborundum.

      Barracudas Maximus.

      • alien4palin

        Likewise, I have always believe that she had been and is running.The stake for America is perilously high, she will always keep all options open and with great wisdom will never put all her eggs in one basket.

        She is focus on the primary playing out and the lay of the land of the political landscape. After 2008 and the after maths, I am fully convinced the GOP will never allow her to be their nominee. If anything they are going to do everything in their power to stop her.

        During the course of the primary season, IMHO, if Speaker Gingrich were successful in the primary and become the nominee, she will likely sit this one out. As the landscape stands, dependent of the GOP Primary result and the possibility of a brokered convention, I suspect, a 3 way race in the General election is highly possible as an Independent candidate.

        Just my 2 cents worth of speculation. I have a lot of patience and wait patiently for history to unfold it’s pages in it’s own time. It isn’t over until the fat lady sings.

        • goldenprez

          alien4palin … Rather than speculate, it is better to analyze.

          The "establishment" GOP has made it perfectly clear throughout their history that they have no "truck" with conservatives of any kind. The last true conservative was Ronaldus Magnus. They fought him tooth and nail, hammer and tongs, both in 1976 and 1980. They defeated him, for Gerald Ford, in 1976, but were unable to offer a candidate to beat him in 1980, although they tried mightily.

          Since then, they have done everything possible to reverse everything he accomplished, and their succession of pablum/squishy candidates has been pathetic, at best.

          Although this site is frequented by many who claim to be conservative, they are actually Republicans with "conservative leanings." If I had to guess at the actual numbers, based upon posts and comments, I would hazard that the Republicans here outnumber the true conservatives, i.e., conservative first, Republican second, at least 2-1. The true name of this site should be Republicans4Palin.

          The above paragraph is not meant in any derogatory way. It is just a statement of observation with no value judgement applied.

          That being the case, there is no doubt that "Republicans," for the most part, want a candidate with conservative values. That is, the rank and file Republicans do, as witness the poll numbers cited recently. The "establishment" GOP still feels the same way they did in 1952. No conservatives need apply.

          These are the givens. Mrs. Palin, most of all, recognizes this. That is why she knows she can never prevail at a "brokered" convention. Among other things, a rule has been brought to light this very day that assures Mrs. Palin cannot be the "establishment" GOP choice. She doesn’t, and won’t, qualify to even be nominated.

          The game is "fixed." Mr. Gingrich and Mr. Santorum do not have a snowball’s chance in hell of becoming the "establishment" GOP nominee. They have chosen their nominee, and it is Mitt-a-sketch Romney. He was chosen immediately after the election in 2008.

          He is completely representative of the GOP: a man with no core beliefs, a man cowed by the Ministry of Propaganda, a man dedicated to Party and the machinery thereof, a man who will not "rock the boat," a man who will preserve, above all else, the status quo, a man who believes government is the answer, a man who inspires no conservative revolution, a man who can fail … smiling.

          However, until this charade is over, Mrs. Palin cannot come out into the open and announce her run for the Presidency. Between now and August there would be too much time for the Ministry of Propaganda and the "establishment" governing Parties to stop any momentum she might generate. It is imperative that she hit the ground running and overwhelm them with "sudden and relentless" momentum.

          So she must stay on the sidelines and continue her "campaign" just as she has been doing. The poll citing her as being "the" top tier candidate, indicates that everything she is doing is working splendidly.

          You are quite right to be patient. Your patience will be rewarded in 5 months. All of the flailing in regard to Mr. Gingrich and Mr. Santorum is just wasted energy. I suppose it gives the "Republicans" something to do, something to wring their hands over, and about which to whine continually, and perpetually. However, as the poll indicates, they will fall in line as soon as Mrs. Palin makes it clear that she will seek the Presidency.

          Keep the faith. Not only has the "fat lady" not begun her aria, the opera has only just past the overture. We are only in act one. There are more acts to follow.

          The "fat lady" does not sing until the end of the last act.

          Believe none of what you hear, and only half of what you see.

          Illegitimi non carborundum.

          Barracudas Maximus.

          • alien4palin

            goldenprez, I am on the same page and in total agreement with your comment and past comments. Been following and observing closely the American political landscape and political players since President JFK and interconnection of world political affairs. As an avid history and political enthusiast, realized the game had been fixed during Ronald Reagan’s runs for the Presidency. Not much has changed in the way the fixed game is playing out by the permanent fixtures, every 4 years going through the motion of crowning/anointing the chosen one. This election is going to get more and more nasty, vile and destructive as never before. From my own perspective, it was a foregone conclusion that the Republican Party will never allow Sarah Palin, a true common sense conservative to be the nominee.

            There are some who still wish and hope that the GOP will do a U-Turn. There is as much chance of a "Salted Fish" finding it’s way back to the ocean (an old Chinese saying)

            Since President Ronald Reagan, the left’s agenda had gathered rapid momentum and with Obama in office, it is full speed ahead….until Sarah Palin came along to challenge the status quo. The political landscape has been what it is for decades, Sarah Palin since 2008 is fully aware more than most people the seriousness of the danger facing America..

            Grass root and unconventional. Awakening of the silent majority makes analysing pretty difficult. Personally, not a great believer of polls. At the end of the day, We,The People are the ones who determine the outcome of an election and the future of America. We,The People has been the weak link in past elections. Divided, lack of basic understanding of the system of governance and the political process. The left had made sure of that by hijacking the educational system, dumbing down and systemic indoctrination. Long history of MO by covering the truth and spinning the web of lies to the American people. The Republican Party did very little to block or stop it.The left is for a One World Order and Republican is for a New World Order. Take a pick.

            At this stage of the game, the option/s on the table is self evident. I have great respect and applaud Sarah for her wisdom in holding her cards close to her chest. Her opponents and enemies alike, also aware of her option/s but can only speculate and wait on tenterhooks her next strategic move/s in her own chosen time. There is not much analysis needed doing at this stage when you know and accept it is what it is. The Socialists/Communists/Marxists and whatever they called themselves, and the Muslims share a common MO. The game will continue and will wait with patience, trust and faith for Sarah to make her moves as and when she deems the right time.

            As a keen opera fan… is sacrilege to rush a good opera …..sit back, pay full attention and appreciate to the fullest extent.

            "There is none so deaf as he/she who will not listen, none so blind as he/she who will not see.

            • goldenprez

              alien4palin … Hang in there, Pard. Our time will arrive soon enough.

              In the meantime, check out the new "contributor/editor" or whatever the hell they call it, and her peaen to Hillary Clinton. Twenty-five years old, and already a "good" Republican.

              It is extremely hard to take this site seriously.

              Believe none of what you hear, and only half of what you see.

              Illegitimi non carborundum.

              Barracudas Maximus.

              • alien4palin

                goldenprez, Likewise.

                Yes, I did earlier. Sadly, part of the infected generations. The Republic establishment brand of systemic indoctrination isn’t much different from the left

              • alien4palin

                In the meantime, check out the new "contributor/editor" or whatever the
                hell they call it, and her peaen to Hillary Clinton. Twenty-five years
                old, and already a "good" Republican. 

                To quote Sir Winston Churchill……If you’re not a liberal at twenty
                you have no heart, if you’re not a conservative at forty you have no brain.

                There is still hope for him and others like him. They need encouragement and exposure to true conservative ideas. Your comment on the tread is an excellent start. Thought provocation is a must for learning and expanding the mind.

                Far to often, thought provocation is taken as an offense and occasionally one is rewarded with the sense of hope when it provoked their consciousness enough to response. As a life long self provoker of my own thought process, I often find it difficult to stop myself from provoking others. Consequently, I leave a long trail of friends (???) and family who are weary of me but that never stop me. After all said and done, in the big scheme of things in life, what they think of me or me of them means absolutely nothing.

                America urgently needs true conservative thinkers now in her hours of great danger but it is what it is. I find C4P a better site than most that I have visited when time permits but it is way too much cheer leading and lacking in productive, thought provoking debates and dialogue.

                • goldenprez

                  alien4palin … This a 25-year-old girl. Go back and read her response to my comment.

                  She lists Hillary Clinton’s "achievements." The stars in her eyes as she gazes on the "achievements" of Hillary Clinton is one of the reasons I am about to leave this site for good. This is the new "editor."

                  This site is a "social networking" site, not a conservative political site. Very nice for people who are seeking to make "friends." Political discussion is eloquently missing here.

                  I will be just one more of the hard-core conservatives who have left this site. I will not even be checking the headlines here any more.

                  Good luck, and until we meet again …

                  Believe none of what you hear, and only half of what you see.

                  Illegitimi non carborundum.

                  Barracudas Maximus.

                  • alien4palin

                    goldenprez, I hear you and fully comprehend where you are coming from.

                    All the best and I am sure we cross path again.

                  • rjcylon

                    I just hope you keep posting somewhere that uses your same profile. You’re the only one who seems to be talking about an independent run for Palin, that I know of. 

  • hoosfoos1

     I appreciate the sentiment of the article. The perspective of Gov. Palin as the underdog is appealing.  But the Mets?  I’m sorry, but this lifelong Cubs fan gags on the analogy.  1969 was a very painful year! 

  • Carolyn Dixon

    Sarah is the only one that has really been vetted by the lamestream media and is our best hope of defeating obama.  Newt is the next best to do so.  neither rino romney or snarly santorum have a chance.  i can’t believe folks in the south are giving their votes to santorum over newt.  

  • pete4palin

    Can somebody please call Sarah and tell her to read this article?

  • Laddie_Blah_Blah

    Yeah, but the Mets were managed by the great Gil Hodges, and all the GOPe has is Reince Priebus.  Time for a change in leadership. Check that. Time for real leadership that is willing to put a winner on the field and let her take over the game.

    • Reynolds88

      Maybe he is establishment, but RP is a 100% improvement over Michael Steel.

  • mder4thegov

    Hopefully, the majority of Americans realize the democrats can’t win in the arena of ideas, and have to resort to lies and personal attacks…to distract from the issues.  The sad part is:  This lib tactic has been going on for decades;  however, they keep getting elected by the lazy, uninformed, brainwashed freeloaders in this country.
    Wake up, America–before it’s too late.

  • travelingon

    " One day in the future, we will recognize that like the ’69 METS the talent was always there."

    May it be sooner rather than later.

  • D

    It’s too bad the RNC is not using the 4 candidates as a smoke screen causing the DNC to focus on the wrong challenger. 

    • Richard Dunnell

      It indeed seems as though the DNC is focussed on the real challenger- Governor Palin. Give them credit for recognizing that there is only one person who can beat BO, and that person we all agree on- SP.

  • Thomas Keri

    Repeat: Newt Gingrich is the key!!!!!!!!!!! Without him there is no brokered convention.

    • Reynolds88

      My sentiments precisely! LOL

    • Gary

      Newt blew it and Rick just endorsed Obama.  No brokered convention.  Sarah chose not to run.

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