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Media Helps HBO While Nicolle Wallace ‘Squirms’

Sunday morning, Zeke Miller, a writer who works for Ben Smith at Buzzfeed, (re) tweeted the following:

Uncanny Valley! RT @TPM: McCain-Palin adviser: Game Change was "true enough to make me squirm"

The article he links to is from the left-wing site, TPM, or "Talking Points Memo." The actual headline for the piece is titled "Nicolle Wallace: Game Change Film ‘True Enough To Make Me Squirm’." So, TPM tweets out a link excluding the name of the "McCain – Palin adviser" then on their site, don’t explain to readers who Nicolle Wallace is, or what role she played as one of the primary sources that the ‘Game Change’ book authors and screenwriter used to create their fiction. Of course Nicolle Wallace is going to say that the movie ‘Game Change’ was "true enough." Many of the lies they tell are lies SHE told them!

Tony Lee caught what they were doing on Twitter and responded:

See what MSM does there? "McCain/Palin Adviser" instead of "Nicolle Wallace" and idiots who tweet w/o reading just RT headline.

Yes we do.

ABC News is even worse in their reporting about the Wallace appearance. They don’t explain who Wallace is, that she has a history of having no credibility, or that she is one of the main people responsible for the lies told by HBO in an effort to cover her own tail.

Now, the reference to the words "Uncanny Valley" in Miller’s tweet relates to a "movie review" he wrote last week for Ben Smith’s Buzzfeed. Miller’s piece is a good example of what the left’s little helpers in the MSM have done to promote and lend credibility to HBO’s smear-u-drama. He wrote:

The first thing you need to know about “Game Change” is that the acting is great — so great, in fact, that Americans who followed the 2008 presidential campaign may have trouble watching it.

Such wishful thinking from Zeke. The acting in ‘Game Change’ by Julianne Moore was atrocious. The accent is totally wrong, her mannerisms were off, she clenches her teeth during the entire movie, and the personalty of the character she’s trying to emulate isn’t that of Governor Palin. If anyone thinks the character played by Julianne Moore bares any resemblance to the governor, they have no clue who she is, and obviously haven’t spent any effort trying to learn.

Miller continues:

Though the acting is remarkably close to life, the plot is stylized. Game Change is an epic tragedy, with Schmidt as the classical hero.

And there’s Schmidt’s payoff for telling the screenwriter what he wanted to hear. The Steve Schmidt character (played by Woody Harrelson), is portrayed as a level-headed, dedicated, overall good guy who’s only mistake was bringing Governor Palin into the campaign.

In 2008, Politico described Schmidt as a "bald and barrel-chested operative known for his aggressive brand of political combat." During the same year, the New York Times wrote an article about Schmidt which described him as having a "street-brawling style of politics." They wrote:

Mr. Schmidt, a thick tower of man with a shaved head who can go from jovial to belligerent in an instant.

Michael Scherer referred to Schmidt as the "Lord of Outrage." And Meg Stapleton, who also worked on the 2008 campaign trail with Governor Pain, described Steve Schmidt as "abusive," "abrasive," and stated that he is "nothing short of a world class bully.” Hardly the mild-mannered, grapefruit-eating "hero" that HBO attempts to depict in their movie.

While Miller won’t go as far as HBO is laying all of the blame on Governor Palin for the 2008 loss, he ends his "review" by writing:

The worst thing about this film may be being forced to come to grips with the fact that it isn’t exactly fiction.

No, the worst thing about this movie is that it is fiction being sold as truth to the American public by HBO, and the MSM. It’s classic propaganda.

Zeke Miller is not alone. He’s one of many in the media who have been trying to aid HBO in selling this garbage as "reality" to the public. The press is doing back-flips to get you to believe that HBO has credibility and that this movie is accurate. They don’t dare tell their readers and viewers anything about the source of HBO’s information. They repeat the line put out by the entertainment company that ‘Game Change’ portrays Palin in a "sympathetic" light, and that the film is "balanced" because Danny Strong lifted one line out of ‘Going Rogue.’ It’s nonsense. The media is carrying water for their fellow-travelers in the entertainment industry. They don’t care about the truth. They want people to believe that the person in that movie is the real Governor Palin. They need her to be some sort of monster, not who she really is because her success and her true character prove their entire world-view, wrong.

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  • MarkRNY

    Posted about this earlier. Thanks for putting it front and center Stacy.

  • Dagobomb

    Watching it made her squirm and if she had known this or that she would have quit. Sorry but I have to cry a mega-BULLSH&T on this one. She publicly states that she voted for Obama, which means she wasn’t working for the McCain camp in the first place, but took the money. I wish we could get this fact blasted everywhere. Get prominent people to slam this traitorous cur for the lying slimy weasel that she is and anyone hiring her in the future would be maroon to ever trust her for anything.

    • Budvarakbar

       re anyone hiring her in the future — well think about it — wasn’t she working for the dem’s in 2008 and probably most of the time since then? — huummm?

      • Dagobomb

        I include  dem’s in that too. Even if she’s a closet lefty she has shown in a major way that she will look after her own interests before her employers. Caveat emptor.

  • socon

    As the worm squirms.

    • Mountain

      FUNNY!—-except that Nicole W. isn’t as innocuous as a soap opera.
      She’s the very worst sort of worker:  a liar.

    • mainelysteve

      It’s guilt.

  • nkthgreek

    Can’t wait to see how President Palin handles the White House press corps. 

    • ? Jim ?

       I’ll bet she doesn’t have the liberal Dana Perino as Press Sec.

      • Mountain

        Dana isn’t reliably liberal, either……
        NEITHER side should hire her.

  • Hyman Roth

    That disgusting picture of Wallace and Couric looking like the two stregas they are is EXACTLY why I wanted to see Sarah run.

    • Freempg

      With the joker Obama grinning in the background no less. I posted on this but it was trapped by Disqus for so-called "moderator" review.

      • Lennart Bilén

        The picture in the background was probably a thank you to Kate Couric for her interview of Sarah Palin where Sarah got grilled for five hours. Then they carefully edited out anything that made sense and broadcast the remaining five minutes.

    • generictrainee

      Ahh , I thought it was the picture from Couric rectal exam..

    • mark1955

      That "disgusting" picture,was from last November’s "More" magazine,in a profile of best friends.In the article it says Nicolle’s husband Mark,was an Ambassador for GeorgeW.Bush. So,not only was Nicolle Wallace employed by the Bush’s,her husband was also. Funny how things keep leading back to the Bush family.

  • ? Jim ?

    How do ppl get to be adults having NO conscience or self exteeme? #Wallace should be ashamed of those comments!

  • PhilipJames

    The Undefeated is streaming right now on REELZ…
    watch it if you missed it…

    • Mountain

      I always sob when I watch this. Really, how do those people who said those evil things about Gov. Palin LIVE with so much hatred in their hearts?  They are so LOST!—-and so vicious.

      I sure hope Gov. Palin runs, or our nation is so in danger.
      BUT, can you imagine how magnificent life would be with President Palin?

      Please, Lord, for the love of Your creation—-America—-please help Sarah become President in 2012.  Open all the doors miraculously for her to win the nomination and race, protect her and her family, and help her save the USA.

  • Freempg

    I have come to loathe Nicole Wallace as much as her BFF, the perky Obama sychophant Katie Couric.

  • HuntingMoose


    "let them step in it"


    One day, the more enlightened die-hard liberal will wake up and realize it was all a lie that was told to him or her. That is what I call a breitbart awakening and they will be even more fierce as they are now. but than for the truth.

  • bnotestine

    Sarah has limitless gift to bring through her relationship with The Father and Christ Jesus, a pity her heart is troubled with inane babble. We love you, Sarah Lady.

  • Guest

    WOW…that picture is hard to look at… 

    what a couple of backstabbing skanks…

    • 808forpalin

      LOL V!

      • Guest


        Have to quit using that word…NOT!!!..

        • 808forpalin

          Yeah, you have to stop that – NOT!!!  LMAO’ing all over again.  What a treat.  Thanks again, V!

          • Guest

            LOL….Hope your having a good day….don’t work to hard..
            I’m done for the day….Yay!!!!!!!..

            • 808forpalin

              No fair!  Well go have some fun for me.  And try watching your language while you’re at it!  :)

              • Guest

                ROFL……..Okey Dokey !!!!!!!!!!!

                I love that word!!! LOL

                • 808forpalin

                  LOL … I noticed. :)

        • 808forpalin

          Seriously, I’m still LMAO’ing.  That is just classic. 

  • Bill589

    It amazes me how some people can bear false witness to millions, with smiles on their faces.

    Very small people trying to make it big. They will fall on their faces.

    • Rightmindedmom

      Well, Katie Couric is already off the air.  One more to go…(-:

  • John_Frank

    Stacy, thank you for this post.

    Your analysis simply hardens my view that those who support Governor Palin must push back hard against the lies and smears.

    We have enough ammunition to fight back. We need to take action:

    – Letters to the editor;

    – Complaints to broadcasters that publish misleading information;

    – Complaints to the FEC (in kind contribution) and the FCC (deceptive);

    – Encouraging people to cancel their HBO subscription.

  • PCR1

    By actively participating in the making of a Palin smearing trash cinematic hit piece – obviously intended

    to  aid Barack Hussein Obama’s reelection – both Steve Schmidt and Nicole Wallace have shown

    themselves not merely to be turncoats, but most likely – especially in the case of Wallace – plants, moles,

    whose management of the McCain/Palin campaign in 2008 had had the specific goal, fully

    accomplished, of ensuring the defeat of the Republican ticket, and the election victory of Obama.

    A more despicable pair of scoundrels is hard to imagine.


    • BHappy

      And yet the Romney campaign has hired her husband, stupid much?

    • blueniner

      Needs to be investigated,,,,,

    • PCR1

      Jon Hansom in his column today in, says that the sniping and bad mouthing of

      Governor Sarah Palin and the  sabotaging of the McCain/Palin GOP ticket in 2008, by Steve

      Schmidt and Nicole Wallace,  had actually  begun – get this – "within 24 hours of Sarah’s acceptance

      speech at the convention!"

      Was John McCain aware of this?

      If not, then he was an incompetent who had lost control of his own campaign.

      And if he was aware of it, then why were Schmidt and Wallace not fired, immediately,  and replaced

      by loyal, dedicated and proven professionals?

      And what are we to think when his wife soon afterwards emerged as a prime backer of the

      homosexual marriage campaign in California, and his daughter, Megyn McCain as one of the 

      leading Palin haters in the country?

  • ZH100

    About the movie ‘Game Change"  and the lies of Nicole Wallace.

    "Charlie Black, a senior adviser to Sen. John McCain’s presidential campaign, tells NRO that former McCain aide Nicolle Wallace is peddling “fiction, not only in her new novel, but in what she is saying about Governor Palin.”

    Over at the Washington Examiner, Byron York reports that Wallace is claiming, in a new Time interview, that McCain’s team considered bumping Palin from the veep slot. “There certainly were discussions — not for long because of the arc the campaign took — but certainly there were discussions about whether, if McCain were to win, it would be appropriate for her to be sworn in,” Wallace tells the magazine.

    Black says that’s nonsense. “Nicolle, like any author, is trying to sell books. This comment to Time, like her book [It’s Classified], is a piece of fiction. There were never any such discussions. At no high level of the campaign was there ever such talk. She’s probably doing this to sell her book.”

    “Look, I was with McCain 90 percent of the time. If I wasn’t around, I knew what was happening. And nothing like this happened.” Wallace, he says, “is one of the few dissidents,” one of the “disaffected” staffers who continues to criticize Palin, and “she is inaccurate in doing so.”

  • Quiet_Righty

    It’s not perfect revenge, but folks could go to Amazon and trash Nicolle Wallace’s novel…

    Generally, I hate people who do that, like the lefty minions who are trashing Mark Levin’s Ameritopia right now even though they haven’t read it. But I’d make an exception for Wallace’s book.

  • royroyo

    They will always tell you who they Fear"‘

  • RedDaveR

    That picture says it all. I’m sure Wallace will be happy to be a "house conservative"  for the MSM.

    • conservativemama

      Special place in hell for her and Kathleen Parker and Peggy Noonan and the rest of that useless bunch.

  • Gary

    From the trailer and photos, the acting is a joke.  Moore’s body language is weak and she looks like someone who is faking it.

    • conservativemama

      She looks pinched and miserable.  So not Palin.

  • conservativemama

    Nicolle Wallace and Steve Schmidt deserve 100 times the pain they’ve helped inflict on Gov. Palin, if not more.  Their names should become synonymous with opportunistic liars.

    Tweet if often, let Hannity know that the next time Wallace is on you’ll not watch his show.  Make them feel it, make them pay a price for their lies.  Let Romney’s camp know that they have a liar in their midst.

    In the spirit of Breitbart, let no lie go unchallenged, let no liar speak again without being immediately called out.

    • Betsey_Ross

      They know they have a liar in their camp.  I don’t doubt that the liar was sent to cause mischief in the McCain camp.  I’ll bet even Hannity knows.  He tried to gloss over it in his monologue this afternoon.  He’s being selective who he goes after. 

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