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Nikki Haley: The Difference Between Governor Palin and Mitt Romney; Updated

Via Alexander Burns at the Politico:

MJ Lee gets an early look at Nikki Haley’s memoir, in which the South Carolina governor relates the difference in the way Sarah Palin and Mitt Romney handled allegations of infidelity that surfaced against Haley:

She describes Palin in her memoir as someone with whom she enjoyed an “instant rapport” and an immediate “kinship,” as they talked about everything from their children and shoes to the hardships of being on the campaign trail.

“She was very friendly and gregarious. She signed books and took pictures with people. There was not one thing about her that was high maintenance,” Haley says.

When allegations from Folks first surfaced, Haley remembers having Palin in her corner after just one phone call – a contrast to the way another supporter, Romney, had handled the news.

“Sarah goes with her gut, and I love her for that,” she writes. “Mitt’s team [said] they were going to have a ‘Nikki Haley meeting’ the next morning to decide what to do next.”

For those who don’t remember, both Mitt Romney and Governor Palin endorsed Nikki Haley’s candidacy for South Carolina Governor back in 2010; the Mittster in March and Governor Palin in May. Prior to Governor Palin’s endorsement, Haley was mired in 4th place in the polls and given no realistic chance of winning the Republican Primary.  That changed dramatically, of course, after Palin’s endorsement and Haley skyrocketed to the top of the polls as we chronicled here and here. Shortly after Haley’s new status as undisputed GOP frontrunner, one of the most bizarre stories of the 2010 mid-term elections began to unfold, as I explained in a June 3rd, 2010 post:

Following this dramatic reversal in fortune, an rather eclectic assortment of establishment politicians and bloggers in South Carolina have resorted to bizarre innuendo and outright lies to halt Haley’s surge.

Immediately after Haley took the lead, hitherto unknown blogger Will Folks, who plead guilty to domestic abuse, claimed to have had an affair with Haley. He was able to string the gullible mainstream media along for a few days until even they grew weary of his musings since there was simply no evidence to substantiate them. With the Folks kerfuffle fading, desperate South Carolina pols turned to another character, one Larry Marchant, who was recently charged with DUI. Until yesterday, Marchant was a campaign advisor to one of Haley’s rivals, Andre Bauer. What a coincidence.

After these "bombshell" charges by this Folks character, many of Haley’s supporters, most notably Mitt Romney, ran for the tall grass and were nowhere to be found in the critical days following the charge. I guess Mitt was having that ‘Nikki Haley meeting’ to which Governor Haley referred above.  Governor Palin, on the other hand, publicly and forthrightly reiterated her full support for Haley, both in television interviews and on her Facebook Page:

Well, whaddya know? South Carolina’s conservative candidate, Nikki Haley, recently zipped to the front of the line in her state’s race for governor; and lo and behold, now accusations of an affair surface.

Nikki categorically denies the accusation that was spewed out there by a political blogger who has the gall to throw the stone, but then quickly duck and hide and proclaim he would not comment further on the issue. Quite convenient.

When Nikki and I held her endorsement rally on the steps of the beautiful and historic South Carolina state house a few weeks ago, I warned her and her family that she would be targeted because she’s a threat to a corrupt political machine, and she would be put through some hell. That, unfortunately, is the nature of the beast in politics today – especially for conservative “underdog” candidates who surge in the polls and threaten to shake things up so government can be put back on the side of the people.

South Carolina: don’t let some blogger make any accusation against your Nikki if the guy doesn’t even have the guts or the integrity to speak further on such a significant claim. And don’t believe anything a liberal rag claims or suggests unless the reporter involved has the integrity and the facts to report to you so you can make up your own mind. For traditional media to rely on an accusation via some blog entry is almost laughable, but I know the seriousness of it because that’s exactly what my family and colleagues have had to put up with, every single day, for the past couple of years.

As I said to Nikki this morning, “Hang in there. I’ve been there. Any lies told about you will strengthen your resolve to clean up political and media corruption. You and your supporters will grow stronger through things like this.”

Reaching her from Wasilla, I then joked with Nikki that I was calling her from one of the many locations the lamestream media claims I moved to. (Let’s see, I think the last I heard I was living in the Hamptons, or was it Montana? No, supposedly L.A. is where they claim I moved when I “left Todd” in their idiotic reports.)

South Carolina friends, don’t let ‘em just make things up.

– Sarah Palin

Rather different profiles in courage, wouldn’t you say?  One goes out of her way to stand up for her candidate while the other hides in the shadows with his army of consultants until he believes the "crisis" has passed.  It’s nice to see Governor Haley acknowledge this in her memoir, even if she chose more diplomatic language than I did.  No thanks to Mitt Romney, Haley went on to win the primary by 27 points over her nearest GOP competitor, although she didn’t reach the magic 50% to avoid a runoff. However, in the runoff two weeks later, she managed to eke out a 30 point victory.

(Note: I understand Nikki Haley endorsed the Mittster in the 2012 South Carolina Primary. Though I found the endorsement odd, it’s not something I held against Haley since Governor Palin had indicated she was not running long before Haley’s endorsement of Mandate Mitt. That said, it’s also true that conservatives in South Carolina have not been particularly forgiving of Governor Haley for her Romney endorsement, nor did the endorsement help Mitt. But that’s not the point of this post.)

Update: In reading through the comments it appears some readers have missed the point of my post.  It’s not meant as an endorsement of Nikki Haley’s actions — or inactions (Tuscon,  for example) — whatever the case may be. Rather, it’s to highlight the difference between Governor Palin and Mitt Romney in terms of their courage and convictions (or lack thereof in Romney’s case), and to note that even one of Romney’s own 2012 surrogates, Nikki Haley, has highlighted this difference. I considered this newsworthy. Still do.

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  • Guest

    I don’t know much about Nikki Haley, but her Mitt endorsement may have been because like Sarah Palin, if she has to choose between a conservative or Obama, she will take the conservative.  For a long time everyone assumed Mitt would get the nod automatically.  Nikki Haley is young in politics.  Yes I know she served but not as long or publicly as others, she is going to make some missteps, we all do.  I am happy to see C4P still finding the good in her.  Thanks.

    • OldPat

      cthatch, I’m in my 60’s, and I’ve never seen a politician implode as fast as Tricki Nikki. 

      A few missteps??  You gotta be kidding me!  A few weeks into her term she ticked off 85% of SC by firing perhaps the most beloved woman in the history of my state from her job on the USC Board of Trustees – Darla Moore.

      And that was her high point;  since then it’s been all downhill for Haley.

      Your friend Mitt better have a job for her because ‘some missteps’ have sealed her fate in SC politics. 

      BTW you’re hearing this from a former Haley supporter;  I won’t repeat what other folks are saying about her. Let’s just say she’s one-and done – as in barbequed.

      • Guest

        OldPat,  Thanks for sharing your insights.  I haven’t followed Haley as closely as have.  I understand your feelings.  I think we all become frustrated, disappointed and sometimes disgusted with our elected officials.  I am glad we can. My point of view comes from Sarah.  There are so many candidates who have been carried by Sarah – and unfortunately they have not returned the same support to her in times of need.  But when I listen to her I hear her forgiving them, I hear her hoping that they will represent conservative values.  Maybe Nikki Haley is cya-ing herself.  I stated she is young maybe I should have said immature.  At the time of Nikki’s election you went on faith that she was a truer conservative. Maybe she will learn.  – My bottom line point is – yes it would be wonderful to have every conservative be just what we want, but we can’t and I agree with Sarah and if I had to choose between a moderate or a liberal I’d take the moderate and hope for a better outcome.  

        For the record – I don’t appreciate the "Your Friend Mitt" statement my only reference to Mitt was the general assumption that he would get the nomination – and that Nikki’s immaturity encouraged her to take a stand she hadn’t really considered.  We’ve all done things like that in life.  It’s part of how we grow, whether we’re in elementary school or 60 years old.  I see a ton of flaws in Mitt.  I see a ton of flaws in all of them.  No one has my ringing endorsement yet. 

        As a voter I feel a strong need to keep an open mind until I hit the final vote.  Thanks for sharing your experience.  I will file it away.

        • Ron Brown

          cthatch, while there is a place for being nice, and giving benefit of doubt with excuses for the young, or immature. However, at some point you have just got to accept the facts as the exist. I wrote a post in one of the open threads about how much our society has become so addicted to the religions of rationalization, pragmaticism and relativism.  I realize that Sarah Palin is not perfect, none of us are, but I do find her a refreshing change to politics as usual. She once made a comment something to the effect about someone either has the heart convictions toward conservative values, or they don’t. And if they don’t, it is not something that they can fake for very long. (that is all paraphrased because I don’t have the direct quote)
          At any rate, we have got to stop making excuses for those that "don’t have it."

          • Guest

            Ron – Thanks for your thoughts.  I guess I am looking at a different picture.  The Sarah Palin I have studied has a tremendously forgiving heart.  I am not saying Nikki Haley is a good guy or that her faults should be overlooked.  I just worry that if we keep chopping down every tree in the forest that doesn’t look like we want we are going to have a small forest.  I think it is telling that one of Sarah’s favorite reads, was Team of Rivals.  Maybe we all need to read it.  Sarah needs a team, like Lincoln needed a team.  As I have studied national history people have sometimes made tyrannous decisions then changed their mind.  I don’t want to ignore Nikki’s fault and if this is a veiled CYA moment it will come to life, but if it is a maturity, shouldn’t we allow her that growth and respect.  

            • Ron Brown

              cthatch, you and I may not be too far apart from each other. I am fully in favor of a forgiving heart, and I would agree that Sarah Palin displays the fruit of a forgiving heart.

              However, with this full historical account of Nikki Haley’s actions I have yet to see any account of Governor Haley’s recognition of any mistake she has made, or statement of need for forgiveness. 

              I will be fully prepared to forgive her when she
              1) admits mistakes she made
              2) fully, and unequivocally, steps forward now and says that she should have spoken in glowing positive terms for her "true" conservative friend Sarah Palin
              3) requests to be forgiven for her mistakes

              • Guest

                I guess one of the traits I admire about Sarah is she doesn’t wait for any of those things.  Yes she may play her hand differently but she would forgive.  I see that trait in her as one I wish to gain.  To fully forgive someone without needing them to ask.  

                • Ron Brown

                  Wait a minute. Now you are really losing me. So you forgive someone even though that someone has not even acknowledged they have done anything wrong?  Do they not consider you to be rather judgemental by declaring they have done something for which they need to be forgiven?

            • mark1955

              Nikki Haley is one of the few people,that Governor Palin has actually called out by name, for not coming to her defense over the Tucson attacks against her.During last summer’s Newsweek cover profile on Governor Palin,Sarah mentioned Haley Specifically.Haley is a snake and that’s putting it politely.Her ratings are in the tank,MITTEN’S is a Leper in South Carolina and it looks like there might be a brokered convention,with Sarah possibly in the mix.This is a clumsy attempt at cya by Haley as she sees her Governorship and a Cabinet position in a MITTEN’S administration going up in flames.

    • TEXs

      Hey Rombot,

      Nikki Haley is a shifty,backstabbing ingrate.
      She owes her governorship to Sarah Palin.

      Yet,she endorsed that cowardly fraud Romney,the scared finger in the wind,
      gutless,stand for nothing disgrace of a man.

      Next election, supporters of Governor Palin and other conservatives will make sure
      that Nikki is run out of town,tarred and fettered on a rail!

      • Guest

        Hi Texs,

        I am a little confused why I am getting the "Your Friend Mitt and Rombot" slurs.  I never said I endorse Mitt or that I am a Mitt follower, I only tried to find a reason that Nikki Haley made HER endorsement of.  I am really surprised by peoples conclusions of my comment.  Over here you fight vigilantly against anyone who mis represents Sarah.  I think that’s great but I find that my words were taken out of huge context – and I can’t even figure out how and I’ve been slammed twice and I said nothing about needing to support Mitt or anything like that.  Isn’t unnecessarily slamming people bad – or is it selective slamming that is bad.  I admire Sarah tremendously,  I have read her books, followed her deeply since 2008 when I first heard of her, and I love C4P.  But recently C4P has taken to throwing people under buses for things they didn’t say.  To me the sin is the same.  I’m not a troll.  I’m not a Mittbot/Romneybot.  I’m a conservative woman, the same age as Sarah, learning like everyone else.  Please explain where I became this vile contributor.  I am sorry Nikki Haley let so many people down.  

        • John B. Hefmier

          Deleted by Hefmier.

          • Guest

            Thanks Hefmier – I hadn’t even thought of that connection. It’s always funny to me – I do understand it, but since I don’t think that way I forget that all of us don’t know each other.  And I am learning that we all tend to "jump" very fast.  For anyone’s interest there are many Mormons who would prefer not to vote for Romney.  Yes he has a large amount but not a full amount.  

          • Guest

            Hi Hefmier-
            After I posted my reply I googled my profile name – there are cthatch’s all over the place who are not me.  They have interested I do not, live where I do not, and have Etsy accounts I do not.  Maybe I should change my profile name?  I guess my point is still we don’t know each other and if cthatch or Hefmier shows up some place we might want to give the person the benefit of the doubt and take their words at face value.  I think I will work on that for a while.

  • virginiagentleman1

    Regardless of the nice words and homage Haley pays to Sarah Palin, regardless of political favors Haley may owe Romney, based solely on MY bottom line principle of "personal honor’, or ‘your word is your bond’, Gov. Haley can go pound sand down at Myrtle Beach. 
    Every time there is an opportunity for those Palin has helped to return the favor, they do not.
    When measuring something as vital in politics as honor,  Palin has it. 
    The other politicians?  Seems to be lacking in them!

    • OldPat

      VG, I don’t want her in my neck-of-the-woods.  Let her go pound clay in the upstate! After all, she’s a Clemson grad; I should have known better. LOL.

      • virginiagentleman1

        ROFL!!  Sorry about that Old Pat!  What was I thinking!! Will the Outer Banks work out okay?

        • OldPat

           No!  Still too close.  Don’t want her messin’ with my sand.  Maybe Utah.

          • virginiagentleman1


          • Hyman Roth

            LOL…yes let’s turn Utah into a giant penal colony for Romney supporters after the disastrous defeat to come in 2012.

    • alien4palin

      I totally agree!!! Honour is an inherent part of person by which you measure the quality of person’s character. Honour is something you have or you don’t. It is not something you purchase or sell at a price. Honour is priceless!!!

      "Every time there is an opportunity for those Palin has helped to return
      the favor, they do not."

      There are some things in life that good, decent honourable people will always stand up and be counted without any regards of tit for tat. Prime example, "blood libel" in the Arizona’s shootings and many vile, disgustingly hateful gender denigrations of Sarah and her daughters.

      Sarah Palin has proven herself in her deeds over the years supporting and speaking up for countless of people including Nikki Haley without expectation of returns of favor or gratitude for herself personally because she believes strongly that it is always the right honourable thing to do.The only thing she has hope is that they care deeply about her beloved country like she does and stand up for America and We.The People.

    • alien4palin

      I totally agree!!! Honour is an inherent part of a person by which you measure the quality of a person’s character. It is something you have or you don’t. It is not something you can purchase or sell at a price. Honour is priceless!!!

      "Every time there is an opportunity for those Palin has helped to return the favor, they do not."

      There are some things in life, that a good, decent honourable person will always stand up and be counted when it truly matters without regards for tits for tats. Perfect example, the Tuscon shooting, and countless vile, disgustingly hateful gender denigrations of Sarah and her daughters on national tv and in public forums.

      Sarah Palin had over the years proven herself by deeds in supporting and speaking up for countless of people including Nicki Haley because she believes it is always the right honourable thing to do without personal expectations of favor or gratitude. I think if she had wish for any returns, she probably hopes that they share her deep love for her beloved country, stand up and do the right thing for America and We,The People.

      Honour is not very common in today’s world. It is a dogs eat dogs world. Nikki Haley and many politicians in the past decades are sorely lacking in honour and values that formed the cornerstone of humanity.

      • virginiagentleman1

        Some folks seem to instinctively know that  honorable vs dishonorable is the exact same as right vs wrong. You and Sarah and a majority of our fellow citizens feel the same way!

         My question is simply,  if we are in the majority, but the dishonest are in control,  WHY have WE allowed that?

        Your screen name and your spelling of the  word, "honourable" just might make one think you aren’t an American citizen! Let me assure you that after reading your comments over time and the replies you recieve,  you most certainly think like an American.
        More to the point my friend, you present ideas and opinions that FREEDOM LOVING people the world over want for themselves, their families, and their nations. You and I and others like us want the same thing, the right to live our lives as GOD himself has proclaimed for us, as long as we put him first in all things, He gave us the FREEDOM and WILL to choose our own lives!
        We like to say that its an American thing but a rational and thinking person knows its a God thing.

  • johnfromcanada

    How I wish one of them would have had the courage to say a word in Sarah’s defense after the Tuscon shooting and it’s aftermath. I can’t think of one GOP leader or person of influence who did. Were there any? Maybe McCain. Certainly not Nikki. I agree that she can go pound sand.

    • OldPat

       In Utah, John.  I hear they have plenty of sand and salt water there, too.  LOL

    • mark1955

      That silence was all a coordinated Jeb/Rove/RNC political attack, to help destroy Governor Palin before a anticipated Presidential run.

      • johnfromcanada

        Yes, Sarah’s biggest enemies are within her own party. I believe there are two main reasons Sarah decided not to seek the nomination this time around. One is family; this is the other.

        • dmac8889

          johnfromcananda,  You are 100% correct.  The LEFT can’t touch her unless a anonymous attack from her own Party comes at her.  Most people don’t understand why her own Party HATES her.  Answer:   Follow the players right to the doorsteps of the Bush Family.


    Hmmmm Doug, Nikki "ran for the tall grass and was nowhere to be found in the critical days following the charge" when Sarah was being accused of murder…..she gets no mulligan from me just because she acknowledges Palin in her memior for doing what she could not.

    Many of us Palin supporters will never forget those "who sat on their thumbs" after the Tucson tragedy, and Nikki Haley was one of them.

  • Nancy6

    This is not an exhaustive list.

  • Ron Brown

    The problem I see is not so much that she endorsed Mitt Romney, though that is a major problem. The main problem I see is that way back before Governor Palin had even made her October 5 decision known, Governor Haley was anything but supportive of her potential candidacy. In fact she might have been described as cold toward her potential candidacy. Though she did not have to endorse anyone at that time, there was nothing to have prevented her from speaking in positive terms about a potential Palin bid. She could have spoken about the need for true conservative candidates with a proven record to get in the race.

    The fact that she would not even speak positively about a potential Palin candidacy (strong conservative voice), and then ultimately went on to endorse Mitt Romney might give discerning people an opportunity to add 2 and 2 together.  There is absolutely no wonder that conservatives in South Carolina have lost faith in her.

    • alien4palin

      She had been bought and paid for. Speaks volume about the quality of a person’s character or lack thereof.

  • generictrainee

    Why did it take this time to say those words? Is there a book for sale?

    • Hyman Roth

      Not really, but there is a political career to try and rescue.

      • generictrainee

        Too bad..

    • fb274

       This information was found in an advanced copy of Nikki Haley’s memoirs–that is the reason it is now being discussed.  Who knows when she penned that statement.

  • Hyman Roth

    If the point of this post is that Haley is now trying to kiss up to conservatives and Palin supporters for her stupid support of Mittens, then the point is taken.

  • wiskeyjack

    Mr. Brady, are we desperate for voices on behalf of Sarah?  Has Haley ever come out strong on behalf of the Alaskan Governor?  Where was Haley during Tuscon?  Haley needs to go down with Romney.

  • virginiagentleman1

    From reading thru the comments one can see that Nikki Haley isn’t going to get any love from Palinistas! 
    In fact, Nikki is getting just what she deserves, the backs of our hands.

  • TEXs

    "I DON’T OWE PALIN AN ENDORSEMENT IN 2012 " – Nikki Haley

    Oooooh,YES you do!!!
    Without Sarah Palin you would never come even close of being governor.

    Nikki Haley is low character,backstabbing ingrate.

    Next election she won’t have Sarah Palin to push her over the finish line.
    She can call worthless liberal RINO Willard for help.


    • Richard Dunnell

      I hope Nikki isn’t given a speaker’s spot at the convention.

  • gahanson

    I remember back when everyone through Palin was going to run, and Haley was asked about who she might endorse, and she said she didn’t own anyone anything, including Palin.  Haley’s campaign staff went around claiming that Palin’s endorsement of Haley didn’t help her one bit, and that Haley was gaining in the polls before Palin’s endorsement.  From what I’ve read, Haley herself, sticks by that assessment.  I’m sure Haley is aware that Palin supporters didn’t like what she and her campaign staff said, and knows that this might her her politically, so she put in these kind words to soften the blow. 

    • dmac8889

      I think Haley was just being honest what a brave and gracious person Sarah Palin is.  Haley also doesn’t want to lose her connections to the Republican Party and she is quite aware of the attempts of the Republican Party to rid herself of Palin.

  • pete4palin

    I find this thread somewhat offencive to me. Whatever Nikki come out with now, is simply intended to regain tea party support and is not genuine.   Don’t take the bait. 

  • Kristy Patullo

    Sarah Palin’s got balls, unlike Mitt Romney. She makes her own decisions. My beef with Nikki Haley wasn’t so much her endorsement of Romney. Although, I wasn’t particularly happy with it. He’s pretty much the opposite of everything Sarah stands for. It was Nikki’s tone when speaking of Sarah that I had a huge problem with. She pretty much dismissed the importance of Sarah’s backing of Newt in SC. That still pisses me off to this day. Sarah put her neck on the line for this woman in every way possible. It was a slap in the face to Sarah. She will never have my respect again.

    • Ron Brown

      Exactly!!! Back at the time Nikki Haley was having so many problems, Sarah Palin without hesitation fully, and unequivocally, supported her, and reiterated her endorsement.

      On several occasions thereafter, when Nikki Haley had opportunity to step forward for Sarah Palin, she was as cold as a cucumber. She did not have to come out and give Governor Palin a full endorsement, but the least she could have done was spoke favorably about her. Why? Not because her name is Sarah Palin, but because her conservative stance, and conservative record, deserved to be spoken of in positive terms.  Isn’t that what "true" conservatives should do for other "true" conservatives?  You think there might be some problem with the use of the word "true" in one of these cases?

  • Laddie_Blah_Blah

    "After these “bombshell” charges by this Folks character, Many of Haley’s supporters, most notably Mitt Romney, ran for the tall grass and were nowhere to be found in the critical days following the charge."

    Haley joined them there after the infamous Tucson blood libel the corrupt media hurled at a blameless Sarah Palin. That is what I hold against her the most. Palinistas would forgive her for endorsing Romney, but we cannot forgive her refusal to come to the Guv’s defense. 

    NOW she praises the guv? Where was she when it would have really mattered? She just stood by, like every other opportunistic politic hack. The GOPe left it up to Alan Dershowitz and Bob Beckel, liberal Dems, both, to speak out in defense of a gratuitously maligned, but completely innocent woman.

    Shame on Haley. Her statements in praise of Sarah are just as self-serving as her silence was 2 years ago.

    • Ron Brown

      Where was she when it mattered?  Doing the political calculations for her future.

      Now that she thinks Sarah Palin is in the past, she can make another political calculation to try talking in positive terms to reestablish he conservative credibiltity.

      Maybe there was a day when these politically calculated manuevers might have worked, but I think more people are paying closer attention now, and people actually do have a memory.

      Another of those political "truisms" is that voters have short memories. Governor Haley may find out that supporters of Governor Palin are an exception to that truism.

    • Guest

      Oh, LaddieB, sing on!

  • Jean_A

    It also shows the difference between Gov. Palin and others.  Gov. Palin will come to your defense if you are in the right, no matter what.  Most politicans just stand on the sidelines waiting to see the out come.

    I am on record saying that Romney’s people were behind the smearing of Gov. Haley.

    • Ron Brown

      Exactly!!!  A person either "has it" as Sarah Palin once said, or they don’t. One that "has it" acts like Sarah Palin, coming to the defense of those that are "right" no matter the direction of the political winds. Those that "don’t have it" pull together their political team to access the impact to their own standing before deciding how to respond.

      Nikki Haley apparently says in these memoirs that she recognized that difference between Sarah Palin and Mitt Romney. Really???? Then Nikki Haley goes on to perform in a manner that exactly mirrors her description of the calculating Mitt Romney.

  • Mrl Tav

    Great post Doug. I get it. -Mr.L

  • n4cerinc

    Main point, Romney like most others are political cowards. Only makes moves when it is politically expedient. That is why he was paying off these candidates by contributing to them, so in return they will stomp for him. Remember he has been running for POTUS for 6+ years. MA was just a stepping stone and that’s why he didn’t run for a 2nd term. 

    Nikki Haley wasn’t going anywhere fast, especially not with the good ol’ boys in the GOP. Then Sarah Palin spoke and it happened. 

    There are many things I like about Sarah Palin as a person. But there some things that stand out above all else that makes her my favorite politician: 1. Her refusal to go along with her own party in corruption. That took a lot of guts to do what she did in Alaska. 
    2. She was the leading voice supporting Gov. Scott Walker in WI. Rallying his supporters and staring down the union protesters. Where were the frontrunners and socalled up-and-coming stars of the GOP in support for Gov. Walker? 3. Her work in the 2010 elections. The GOP had nothing. After Obama and the Dems beat the snot out of them in 2008, there were talks, even by those on the right, about conservatism being dead. It was the era of Obama. The Republican leadership had nothing. They couldn’t motivate their base. They had no ideas. Sarah Palin was the force behind the Tea Party that caused that upset in 2010. There were other supporting roles by Glenn Beck and Bachmann, but Sarah was the main force behind those victories. Nikki Haley benefited from Sarah Palin’s voice of support. 

    She is not afraid to take any arrows. They make her stronger. And she can light up a crowd like no other.

    • Guest

      And the bastards have been sabotaging her at every opportunity. We could’ve had the Congress AND the WH but for the mental midgets in the GOPE.

  • independents4palin

    It proves how much Mitt Romney is so fake and is not a risk taker and does not stand up for people. I can’t believe the establishment keeps putting guys like this up for candidates. Gov Nikki Haley knows she owes Gov Palin, even if she doesn’t say it out for everyone to hear. We know she does, and many others know also.

  • wiskeyjack

    RE your update: Miss the point did we?  Normally only someone who is confused in themselves fell the need you to tell us how we think…usually a liberal trait.  Look Doug, when did any conservative need to present a Niki Haley example so that we may better see the difference between Sarah Palin and Romney.  Try growing up a bit before you try talking down to the readership here.

    • DougBrady

      So we shouldn’t do posts highlighting why Governor Palin is superior to those in the GOP Establishment? What about Obama? In your opinion, is it acceptable to do posts highlighting the difference between Gov. Palin and the President?  Or, are the differences so obvious (like they are with Romney) that everyone already knows them and, therefore, we shouldn’t post on that either?  If that’s the case, what should we post on?  After I "grow up", of course.

      • Hyman Roth

        Doug, maybe the point is that your Update is patronizing.  We understand clearly enough what the intent of this thread is: Romney is a tool, Sarah is not.  Many of us simply see a more important point here.

        • Guest

          One of these days the writers will learn to sit back and let the readership analyze for ourselves without attempting to direct.

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