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What’s going on this morning? The Governor spoke to Greta last night about Alaska and the upcoming caucus on Super Tuesday.

Firelight: Moment Of Truth… Just Who Is Behind Those Palin Rumors?

Ross Douthat from the NY Times mentions the idea of a Palin/Daniels unity ticket coming out of the convention.

Meghan McCain slams the HBO movie.

Anyone else receive this letter from SarahPAC in the mail?

Washington State votes today. Any last arguments as to whom should receive votes from those of us residing in the Pacific Northwest?


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  • BrianusBerkleianus

    My Dear Friends in Sarah,
    Happy Saturday to you all!!
    Here are some observations on her interview with Greta last night.
    Re the primary season: She acknowledges that candidates never come to Alaska.  She says that conditions are too tough for them.  Now, while the tone of this remark may have been tongue-in-cheek to some extent, I think that there was an edge and a point to it: WHO is the one who is hardy and strong enough to bear up under both the physical storms of the winter season in The Great Land and the political storms of an election season in America?  She does not have to spell out the answer; she leaves it to us to do that: S-A-R-A-H …SARAH!!!!
    She summarizes the strategic and key place that Alaska holds in our polity, with its riches in natural gas; with its abundance of oil; with its strategic location.  Again, she does not have to SAY it, but we remember who was GOVERNOR of this key State, and who, in part of a term, accomplished more than most governors do in multiple terms!!
    Alaskans look at obama’s naïve apologies to SAVAGES in Afghanistan who turn around and kill our soldiers, and they say, "ABO," "Anybody But obama."
    Alaskans are tired of the pettiness in the GOP primary process.
    It is very important to get a Commander-in-Chief whom our troops deserve.
    Alaskans believe in the US Constitution and in their State Constitution.  This State Constitution established that the Forty-Ninth State should be as self-sufficient as possible. But the Feds have impeded and interfered with this principle, especially when it comes to energy development.
    William Seward’s dream for Alaska was for her to help secure the Union through her resources.  It is time for the nineteenth-century statesman’s prophetic vision to be realized and fulfilled.
    obama manipulates the domestic supply of energy and bows to our enemies: This INFURIATES Alaskans.  Further, his manipulation of US currency is devaluing the dollar–which eventually leads to phenomena like the high price of gas.
    We need to replace obama with someone who understands the energy security that is JUST AT OUR FINGERTIPS–and Alaska has a lot to do with that.
    Guys, to my eyes, this was as strong a statement that she is going to run as she could make without formally announcing.
    The other candidates are not tough enough for the winter climate of The Great Land—by implication,  they are not tough enough for the "winter," hibernal climate of the savage PPD (Politics of Personal Destruction) that are waged by the Chicago thug and his minions.
    She emphasized this point via the raging fire that grinned at us from the background during the interview, a fire that was a symbol both of the storms and winter outside, and the fire inside her that can meet and overcome the storm!!
    The other candidates cannot come close to matching her record with and experience in ENERGY issues, which she emphasized as paramount and critical to the security of the nation.
    Only Sarah, from her lofty seat in the High North Country, takes the long view, as she gazes down with the eyes of the Eagle upon the discomfiture and the crisis of our times!
    IMHO, this great interview delivered a subtle but powerful punch!!
    God bless you all always!!
    DEO VOLENTE, SARAH 2012!!!!

    • Mountain

      Thank you SO much for these terrific insights. 

      You know, maybe we should craft legislation that delivers our nation’s resources beneath the ground to each US citizen—-just as AK’s underground resources deliver funds each year to each citizen.  We would then, as AK citizens do now, receive a yearly stipend from our resources—-and support the liberty-infused principle that THIS LAND IS OUR LAND, not the Marxists.’

      • fb274

         Mineral rights in the State of Texas can either be retained by an owner of the property or has the right to pass them with the surface rights when selling.  This is true for all private lands.  Ownership of mineral rights do receive royalties if their land produces.   We don’t need the government to come in and demand the mineral rights.  I am unaware what transpires in other states  but it would be interesting to know  the provisions of other state laws.

        • Mountain

          Perhaps I misunderstand the AK process.  I believed that AK’s CITIZENS, not the state gov’t, owned the resources beneath the ground surface.

          • fb274

            As I understand the Alaskan mineral rights are held collectively by the State of Alaska with ALL of the citizenship but the state has the right to negotiate for the citizens (there is a time frame/waiting period for new citizens moving to Alaska)—-I don’t know what the percentages would be but hypothetically –50% State and 50% citizens (collectively) and each citizen therefore receives their Royalty check annually.  I think I recall hearing the royalty payment went up with the ACES’ program under the directorship of Gov. Palin.  She reduced their taxes they pay, got larger royalty checks but yet you hear the discourse from that area——NO thanks!  Short memories for many that received MORE!

          • sno_warrior

            yea, kinda like ‘we are all supose to own public lands.’  

            WE own them?  The last time I looked here in Alaska, the Government was ‘locking up OUR public lands!’….up here if you’re not a ‘tourist’, you’re not allowed on public lands, they ‘lock you out’ and that includes all boat launches on the Kenai River and other rivers in the Mat Valley and the interior also.  They lock the state up…WE CAN’T EVEN CUT WOOD to keep our homes warm with out a ‘cutting permit’.  Sometimes the ‘areas’ are 100 miles away and the wood is gone within 24 or 48 hours. 

        • helensimon

           Mineral rights belong solely to the owner in Louisiana, unless otherwise written into the deed.

      • BrianusBerkleianus


        Sarah has often praised, IN CONJUNCTION, the ancient US Constitution and the young Alaskan Constitution.

        I think we would do well to draw on the wisdom contained in BOTH documents.

        And this, as you note, Sister, is a key element in the Alsakan founding document: Ownership of Resources by the People!!!

        God bless.

        • Mountain

          Thank you, Brianus.  Evidently the US Constitution and its federal jurisdiction does not conflict with Alaska’s State Constitution—-which is why I hoped EVERY state could follow Alaska’s example. 
          It’s Both/And—–not Either/Or.

          • BrianusBerkleianus


        • aaron66krohn

          Brian, have you ever watched the Inaugural ceremony of Sarah as Governor on PalinTV’s video of it??

          There are……or were……TWO versions of it.

          One has JUST her Oath-taking, and her speech.

          The other, lasting 50+ minutes, has the entire ceremony, including Sean Parnell’s swearing-in and speech as Lt. Governor.

          Anyway, regarding both Constitutions:

          Watch her face during the Oath-taking!!

          When she repeats the words, her left hand on the Bible held by Todd…..

          "the Constitution of the United States…."

          her face has a serious demeanor……

          then she repeats the words (after the Judge recites them)….

          "…..and the Constitution of the State of Alaska…….."

          and you see an instant transition from that serious face…..

          to a glowing smile!!!!!

          Such PRIDE and LOVE for the state in which she lives!!!

          By the way, another interesting observation from that ceremony!!

          At the end of her Oath-recital, she adds the words…….

          "So help me, God!".

          While I believe Governor Parnell holds the same religious beliefs as Sarah……

          he does NOT say those words at the end of HIS Oath-recital!!!!

          A bit of Sarah trivia!!

          • BrianusBerkleianus

            Wow, thanks for the tip, aaron!!  I am not sure, but I have probably only seen the shorter version.  I shall view the longer one!!!

            I dream often of watching her take the Oath as President of the United States … and listening to the majestic "Hail to the Chief," played for the first time in her honor, to the thunder of the twenty-one gun salute … then an inaugural address for the ages!

            Thanks again for the tip and God bless.

            • Min Max

              Betcha her inaugural address will be something to be remembered!

              • BrianusBerkleianus

                I agree, Min Max!!

              • M_Minnesota

                Her first address as Gov. is great as well.  It’s on you tube.

            • aaron66krohn

              Just watched it again (for the 20th time???)…….the long version!!

              It appears the short version isn’t there…..just the 52:56 version.

              It brought chills seeing it again… it does EVERY time!!

              Here’s the sequence:

              Libby Riddles (1st female Iditerod winner!!) emcees!
              Sarah comes on stage,
              Pledge of Allegience and the National Anthem.
              Fmr Gov Bill Egan’s son gives a brief speech.
              Fmr Gov Walter Hickel gives a speech.
              Oath-taking of Sean Parnell, then Sarah Palin!!
              Lt Gov Parnell gives 8-10 minute speech.
              Intro of Alaska’s 11th Governor, the HONORABLE Sarah Palin!!
              Her Inaugural Address, approx 19 minutes.

              Some more trivia/things to watch:

              Note Parnell greeting Sarah at beginning of his speech…..

              He says "….Governor Palin……….Don’t you like the sound of that??"

              Just after taking her Oath, and before Parnell’s speech……

              the crowd chants "SA-RAH!!!  SA-RAH!!!   SA-RAH!!!"

              When she speaks of Alaska’s Constitution, she holds an actual copy of the booklet up for all to see!!!

              She speaks of the strength derived from that document…….

              "…….the strength derived not from my hand……

              but what I hold IN my hand!!!"……as she holds the booklet aloft!!

              She makes two MINOR mis-speaks:

              She says "….these are PERILOUS times in our world!"

              After some applause, she then says…..

              "… these PARALLEL times…."

              Also, she’s speaking of her dad’s popularity…..

              and says "…..not that I’m the first (sic!!) Governor……"

              She should have said the "first FEMALE Governor"!!!

              Bottom line, though, is that in EVERY viewing of this great speech……

              I imagine her giving… you intimated, Brian…..

              her Inaugural Address as President of the United States!!!

              Listen to the words.

              Yes, most of the speech is Alaska-centric……as it should be for a Governor!!

              But change "Alaska" to "AMERICA"……

              and you hear her on January 20, 2013 in Washington D.C.!!!

              Several of the THEMES are the same….or will be!!!

              I can see her emphasizing Energy Independence, and Alaska’s vital role in our National Security!!!

              I can hear her speaking, in declarative terms, and with passion…….

              of our Constitution…..just as she spoke so beautifully of Alaska’s in this speech!!!

              And see the "shining city on a hill"…..

              in the shine of her eyes and her smile…..

              in her wit, her energy, her sheer LOVE for our country!!! (In this speech, of Alaska!!)

              Yes, imagine THIS speech as THE Inaugural Address of our 45th President!!!

              I will watch this twenty MORE times!!!!

              • CTmom2

                The first time I ever saw Sarah speak was when she gave that speech.  My daughter lives in Anchorage and had told me about Sarah Palin. I was channel-surfing and stopped when I heard her. I wondered if that was Sarah.   I was waiting and waiting for C-SPAN to scroll her name.  FINALLY her name came up.  I remember being transfixed as she talked about the difference in the AK constitution versus all 49 (56?) other state constitutions.  I was SO impressed with her speach.  You know that phrase, "You had me at hello?" well she had me with that speech.  Run, Sarah, Run. 

                • BrianusBerkleianus

                  Thanks, CTmom!!!

                  RUN, SARAH, RUN!!!!

              • songofdeborah

                Here is the link in case someone has not seen it before. Its Awesome and I pray only a foreshadow of what is to come!!!

              • BrianusBerkleianus

                Thank you so much, aaron, for your wonderful description of the events of that great day!!!

                God bless!

            • AyePatriot

              I have a dream, too.

              President Sarah Palin boards Air Force One, locates obama, puts her chin down, flashes those beautiful eyes at him, and says in a deep, forceful voice that would impress Harrison Ford…"GET OFF MY PLANE!"

              • BrianusBerkleianus

                I love it, AyePatriot!!!

                "Air Force One" is one of my favorite movies!!!

          • de4palin

            Wasn’t it in her speech at this year’s CPAC that she also said that phrase "so help me God"?

            • BrianusBerkleianus

              YES, de4palin!!!  And I speculated at the time on whether she might not be echoing the Presidential Oath of Office.

              It could have been a coincidence, of course, but it also could have been a subtle hint of her intention to run!!

              • de4palin

                I took it as a hint of her intention to run

                • BrianusBerkleianus


    • BrianusBerkleianus

      Note to RebinTexas: I answered your inquiry about "The Undefeated" on Doug Brady’s Breitbart thread.
      God bless!!

    • Palinpower

      She is Not going to run.

      • BrianusBerkleianus

        We shall see …

  • BrianusBerkleianus

    And thanks, Ian, for the Rainbow of Hope in the photo that crowns this open thread.

    RUN, SARAH, RUN!!!!

    • Mountain

      Yes, that is very lovely and hope-inspiring, Ian….. as you probably knew it would be!

  • ZH100

     Good morning all.

    Here are some links with information about Gov.Palin’s policy positions and accomplishments

    (policy positions)

    A Lifetime of Accomplishments; Master Lists by Year

    Setting the Record Straight – Sarah Palin and Sex Education

    Youth For Palin has made a compilation of 22 documents containing live links to Sarah Palin’s articles that will provide readers a view of Palin’s vision for America and her stance on a number of issues that have not been edited or filtered by the media.
    This work is intended to be used by all Palin supporters interested in defending Governor Palin and setting the record straight when needed.
    You can use a drop-down list to search the Research Doc.

  • Jean_A

    Good morning, C4P!

    I stand with Sarah Palin.

    • BrianusBerkleianus

      Good morning, Jean!

      I stand with Sarah Palin.

  • OnePurpleKrayon

    There’s a video of Meghan McCain saying "Game Change" is half-truths and b.s. She said Julianne Moore did not capture the essence of Sarah Palin at all.

    • Mountain

      Meghan’s next sentence should be:
      "I too have misrepresented Sarah Palin and her family at times, for which I am truly sorry; I just felt so JEALOUS that she drew far larger crowds and attention than even my parents did."

      As if.

    • wodiej

      wow, she does have some sense after all.

    • OnePurpleKrayon

       I think she’s only saying this because Meghan will probably be portrayed as a jealous, whiny girl.

  • Mountain

    Good morning, dear ones.  I am about to slumber, but wanted to greet you:
    This is a new day, and I pray we make the most of it helping Gov. Palin as we can.

    Wow, what a mess yesterday about the currently-touchy national topic of birth control and ……  well, awful names regarding women with bad behaviors (the men, equally involved, were not mentioned, much less vilified with awful names). 

    I agree with Dick Morris that the Dems knew they were losing re. abortion, so they’ve manufactured this debate, in order to distract voters from facing our DIRE economic situation, our HUGE national security issues resulting from the Iran-nukes issue—-and to gain votes from moderates of both parties who condone birth control……..  As if Republicans as a group reject it!

    Anyway, I hope we weathered this storm here and can move on—-and maybe rethink using names against people, at least in this public venue.  It’s unbecoming to Gov. Palin if we, her troops, malign others.  I suppose calling people names is safe solely within our homes, with our loved ones who can help us manage our tempers.

    Just a thought for us.  God bless you today, and keep you healthy, joyful, and full of HOPE!

    • colliemum

      Thank you, Mountain!

      Good morning from great Britain, and good night to you!

      May Our Lord protect your sleep, and send you beautiful dreams.

  • Jean_A

    I guess Meghan McCain won’t be asked to comment on GC any more.

  • exodus2011

    Newt still just ahead wrt POTUS choice in this AmSpec Poll, and there is still 21% distance between Gov Palin and her nearest rival Paul Ryan, as preferred Nominee to emerge at TampaBay.

    > 118,000 votes have now been spammed at this FOX poll asking which Leader is preferred to emerge as Nominee at TampaBay. Gov Palin still holds a nearly 20% lead over Chrispy

    Her lead is safe at present, with the rate of spamming over the last 24 hours favoring her by about 4 : 1


    (Will remain vigilant however, for any sudden Chrispy spamming efforts, as FOX continue to leave this Poll up – … )

    • BrianusBerkleianus

      Thanks, ex!!!

      • exodus2011

        High Five!


    • Min Max

      Why the hell is Sarah not listed on the spectator poll!!

      That’s BS. She’s got more right to be on that list than any of them.

      • exodus2011

        yes indeed

        when I voted in the Poll last week, I wrote a pointed remark to the AmSpec Pollsters to that effect, after writing in Gov Palin’s name

        I believe that the term "NUMBSKULLS!" …. was used in my comment


    • senator20526

      As of 5:00 PM  MST….Palin has 51,413 votes or 43.33 %……CrispyCream has 23.35%

  • blueniner

    I guess Greta called out Rush for calling that Fluke a slut, she doesnt get it either, Rush showing the absurd with absurdity.

    • Mountain

      Yes, I finally DID hear the cut from Rush’s show.  He did use that S word, but he clearly was debating the point, NOT directly calling her that name—-just as I guessed earlier.
      (He said, "SO I guess that means she’s a S, right?" etc.—-meaning, "According to YOU, that’s the word that applies!")

      I don’t mean to resurrect that horrid topic, but to put it to rest WITH a Food for Thought idea:
      Let’s behave as kindly as Gov. Palin always does.

      Even when she’s been maligned very viciously, and insulted, and when she disagrees completely with her opponents’ views, she nevertheless is religiously (!) polite, even sweet, even when she is sticking up for us and for liberty with authority and tough courage. 

      What a model of decency and magnificence!.

      • wodiej

        he shouldn’t have used the word-period. 

        • connservative

          The whole thing is silly.  Isn’t she a law student?  Shouldn’t she have been studying?  If she were to study more, then maybe she’ll be able to pass the bar and then get a good paying job – as opposed to all the out of work lawyers she’ll be competing with.

          I think this shows how foolish the Dems are to hold folks out as "models" of pain – do they really think the most important thing for Congress to debate is covering birth control?  Let’s see, we can’t cover – let’s say, breast cancer drugs – because we need to cover law student birth control pills so they can fool around at night instead of going to the library!

          For the breast cancer patient and her family, I’d say Rush’s characterization in that context is pretty appropriate.

          • AyePatriot

            It’s NOT about contraception, it’s not about derogatory words, it’s about creating the narrative and deflecting from the real story. obamacare will force every individual into being a slave. The presstitutes are helping to fire up a story that is anything but what it is. Played once again.

            To deflect from the REAL story, a narrative had to be created. Now let’s look at the REAL story of the going-broke-coed-because-I’m-having-so-much-sex-you-need-to-pay-for-my-contraception.

            She’s a 30 yr. old activist with a fascinating background.


        • wpmwindsong

          Would there have been any discussion about the ludicrous idea of someone wanting others to pay for their life style when it costs $60,000 already to go to Georgetown?   As Rush says, "Exposing the absurd by being absurd."  

          The press would not have covered the absurdity of the issue at all without Rush asking the rhetorical question using an absurd, but justifiable given Ms Flukes testimony, example.  

          Pelosie thought that she go around the committee by having her own little hearing, and it backfired in her face.  It is an absurd premise. 

          • wodiej

            I have no issue w the absurdity of anyone getting their birth control paid for by tax dollars. My issue is with using the word "slut"-period. 

            • wpmwindsong

              You just did.  I can’t even type the word that Bill Maher called Sarah Palin, and it wasn’t done using a rhetorical devise to make a political point but as a direct attack on Palin without any justification or purpose.

              Rush only asked a rhetorical question and the obvious answer based on Ms Fluke’s own testimony.  It helped prove the point that this whole liberal attack on America is absurd.   That is what is offensive, not the use of a word that defines what this woman admits to doing.   

  • fb274

    Ross Douthat’s statement in the article is making light of a brokered convention.  He stated if Romney happens to win  delegates to be only short 50 such delegates, NO one will take the nomination away from him.

  • ConservativeCanadian

    On our national news broadcasts tonight were reports of the horrible storms across the US midwest on Friday – 20 people killed, many more injured, tremendous property damage in Indiana, Kentucky, and Ohio.

    I know there are C4P posters from these areas, and just want to say I hope that each of them and their loved ones are OK.  Looking at the storm pictures, it seems necessary to say a prayer for all who were impacted.

    • Mountain

      Boy, no kidding!  You are so right, CC!  Thank you for bringing this to our attention.
      I just checked back in with the news, and YIPES!  They are expecting the SAME sort of horrific storms again, tonight and tomorrow—-with the worst areas leading up to and around Lexington, OH.  I remember the amazing antique stores and historic B&B’s in that area, some of which had been visited by our earliest presidents.
      May God bless and protect every person in those endangered areas!

    • wodiej

      thank you.  I live in Indiana but our area was not affected. We did have some heavy rain mixed with hail and some wind.

    • colliemum

      The images of that dreadful destruction were on the breakfast news on the BBC here.

      Prayers for all who had to bear the brunt of the tornados, who paid with their lives, and who lost everything.

      Thanks for bringing this up, Conservative Canadian!

      • wodiej

        Amen…"there but for the grace of God go I."

    • BrianusBerkleianus

      Thank you, CC!!!

  • technopeasant

    Reposted from yesterday’s open thread:

    10 reasons why conservatives are now embracing Mitt Romney in greater numbers:

    1) Mistaken belief that Romney is the most electable against President Obama, despite many head to head polls between Santorum and Obama that show Santorum is on par with Romney. I don’t blame the pollsters. They have provided the evidence. It is the media, especially the right-wing blogosphere who has not been objective in depicting this reality. For example yesterday, Rasmussen showed Romney trailing Obama by 6 points and Santorum only trailed by 3 points. This factoid was completely ignored by the media.

    And yes there is conservative ignorance as well, as I have pointed out on several occasions.

    2) For some conservatives, because of recent polling showing Gingrich way behind Obama in head to head match-ups, it has become a zero-sum game between Santorum and Romney. Once they soured on Santorum for various reasons, they automatically moved to Romney.

    Ex-wives rarely return to their former husband. Of those who originally or at one time supported Newt Gingrich, the greater majority of them have moved on. They will never return to Newt. Tried that, done that. 

    And Ron Paul is a non-starter for over 80% of GOP primary voters.

    3) A few month ago Gallup produced a poll showing that 65%-70% of GOP primary voters considered fiscal and economic issues as their #1 priority in terms of who they would vote for; in contrast only 15% cited social issues as their #1 priority. Rasmussen on Thursday showed Romney leading Santorum now by 30 points among those self-identifying as "somewhat conservative" (fiscal conservative/social moderate). And a large reason for this gap is the embrace of TP supporters for Romney’s economic and fiscal message and the electability argument in #1. There is no way in hell Romney should be ahead of Santorum with this demographic by this much but Romney has simply outflanked him on fiscal and economic issues and Santorum let him do it by focusing too much on social issues. Or at least that is the perception which has lingered. For many voters, perception is reality.

    4) The desire NOT to have a brokered/contested convention that some conservatives believe will lead to party chaos and dissension and a sure loss to Obama in November.

    5) Republican member anger and backlash at Rick Santorum for his use of 11th hour robocalls in Michigan to Democrats. This was a Hail Mary pass that was ill-considered and ill-timed and should not have been attempted. Obviously Santorum believed he needed to prevail in Michigan to remain viable; in retrospect he perhaps should have staked everything on Super Tuesday where the lay of the land favors him to a greater degree. He simply dug a deeper hole for himself and made it harder to climb out of.

    6) Republican embarrassment (especially among older Roman Catholics) at Santorum’s ill-advised comment on JFK’s religion and politics speech in 1960, in which Santorum said "It made me want to throw up." Totally inappropriate and unpresidential. ABC with George and MTP simply baited the hook and Santorum fell for it hook, line and sinker. I never thought I would see the day where a Mormon presidential candidate could be +27 with Catholics over a presidential candidate who is a devout Catholic. I know a prophet is not recognized as well in his own town but this is ridiculous.

    7) A combination of media bashing on a conservative candidate and Romney’s carpet-bombing finally broke through Santorum’s heretofore impenetrable defense in the last 10 days of the lead-up to Michigan which led to his unravelling and his eventual potential undoing. Many people consider it the curse of being thrust into the spotlight and being the front-runner or simply that Santorum had not been vetted yet, assuming something in his past would come back to bite him in the rear end. I would argue however it was NOT Santorum’s past which "caught up to him’ but what he said in the present which contributed more to his fall from grace in the polls in response to above media bashing and Romney carpet-bombing.

    In hindsight if Santorum had acknowledged his sub-par performance in the debate and then kept a low profile up the vote on Feb 28, not have said or done anything controversial and had NOT appeared on those Sunday talk shows, he would have arguably been in a far more tenable political position than he is now, especially with the news he virtually split the 30 Michigan delegates with Romney. Instead what Santorum did in the final 6 days of the campaign for Michigan was to compound his problem by making more UNFORCED ERRORS, and really added insult to injury. Santorum should have focused on stopping the bleeding. Instead he kept the wound open, allowed it to become infected and it led to blood poisoning in a figurative sense.

    8) Conservatives became PROXY VOTERS in that a third party, whether it be pollsters, the GOP establishment, political pundits and analysts, the media, their family and friends (peer pressure), group consensus (eg TPM), the Democratic Party telling the world they feared Romney the most etc., convinced them to abandon their conservative principles and convictions to vote for a moderate. I have warned conservatives about this possibility for over a year but obviously to no avail.

    9) Undecided conservatives moved to Romney once he won Michigan. That was the watershed moment for them. They were waiting in the weeds to see if Romney had "the right stuff."

    10) Political expediency and the need for conservatives to have political clout over a Romney presidential agenda. By putting Romney over the top on March 6, savvy conservatives hope to directly influence Romney’s political positions and political emphasis and priorities going forward. And you can only do that  if Romney recognizes your contribution to his coronation and you become a Romney insider. It’s called political payback.

    • marvin hill

      From #2- then Iowa  precluded S.C. and what is going to happen in Ga and Texas wont…

      Primaries happen State by State…the protracted process is nothing like a general election…

      *Logically precludes Romney from doing well AT ALL…because he was tried and found wanting in 2008.

      the whole thing is circular logic…especially

      "Ex-wives rarely return to their former husband. Of those who originally or at one time supported Newt Gingrich, the greater majority of them have moved on. They will never return to Newt. Tried that, done that."

      Ive heard you say this before, and there is no Marital relationship to Political Candidates…

      This explains most of your confusion about what IS going on in reality, and the failure of the
      number crunchers to keep up…

      I told you if you went from inevitable Romney to inevitable Santorum you were going to be
      disappointed…DIDNT I…. well anyway.

      IT BEARS REPEATING  it is a long, long way to convention…before this is over you will see stranger things than this….

      This Election season will be UNCONVENTIONAL+

      • technopeasant

        The point I am making this is the lay of the land currently. Nowhere did I imply that conservative attitudes are etched in stone.

        But when one candidate reaches in a poll 40% support when his support two weeks ago was in the mid 20 range, and you know roughly 2 out of every 3 voters self-identify as conservative, you are forced to conclude a hell of a lot of conservatives have either abandoned the ship of Santorum or Gingrich or no longer consider themselves undecided.

        That you cannot deny. It’s strictly numbers.

        • wpmwindsong

          It could go the other way just as fast with things like this.

 was double digit ahead in Iowa just a week or two before the caucuses, but Romney’s carpet bombing changed the dynamic.  That is why polls mean little to me even a week out.  If Rush and Levin get all over this on Monday and Tuesday, it could affect the outcome.  Hannity won’t touch it though.  

          • technopeasant

            To play devil’s advocate, the polls in Michigan were pretty accurate and even more accurate as the days wound down.

            Yes, there is room for a political shift in support right now but the way the trends are going they are all going in Romney’s direction, except for Georgia.

            The results in Washington may have an influence on how viable Santorum can remain on March 6. Would I be surprised if lost Ohio? Absolutely not.

            Would I be astonished if lost 2 out 3 of Ohio, Oklahoma, and Tennessee? No.

            And what if he lost all three? Time to pack your bags, Rick. It’s all over.

  • wodiej

    Beautiful picture for the top of the thread.

    “Now faith
    is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” Hebrews

  • wodiej

    GM laying off 1300 workers, suspending production of Volt. They just gave employees huge bonuses.

    • connservative

      The comedy that is the Obama administration continues….we don’t need Hollywood anymore – just the ongoing farce that comes out of Washington.

    • freeperjim

      "That’s a shame."

      h/t jerry seinfeld

    • stevethird

       Actually, Wodiej, I think you, and I and every other taxpayer on this board gave ‘em the bonuses, Wasn’t that nice of us??

    • helensimon

       No. WE just gave employees huge bonuses!

  • colliemum

    Thank you for the beautiful photo of the rainbow which accompanies this thread, Ian.

    I like to think that rainbows are a reminder for us, showing that Heaven and Earth are joined together, in His hands, because we often forget that He governs all of His Creation, as we also often forget to lift up our eyes and gaze with awe and thanks at the beauty He created.

    • wodiej

      beautiful thought…I set this picture as my desktop background. 

      • 808forpalin

        Great idea. 

    • 808forpalin

      Hawaiian rainbows, after showers, reach down and paint the flowers
      With lovely colors straight from heaven
      They are a joy to see

      Pink lokelani rose from Maui
      Yellow ilima from Oahu
      Soft purple orchid from Kauai
      Red lehua from Hawai`i

      Snow white ginger and pikake
      Tuberose and jasmine, too
      A red hibiscus, green kukui

      I’ll make a lei for you

  • atl1rds

    You should imagine the rainbow as stretching from the Alaska battlefield to the conquest of the Washington D.C. socialists. Follow The Rainbow.  Run Sarah Run 

  • technopeasant

    Reposted from yesterday’s open thread:

    As an iconoclast, I often take unpopular positions at C4P. Chalk up another one. 

    Here are 10 reasons why I believe Sarah Palin’s shoutout or any conservative position on "energy security" will basically fall on deaf ears or will be virtually in vain using the current Republican playbook:

    1) The folks most complaining about higher gas prices now (and in the future) are white middle class voters who have already given Obama poor marks for the economy and other issues and are most likely to vote Republican whether the price at the pump is $2.50 a gallon or $5.00 a gallon.

    2) Obama’s core support is among those who can’t afford to own a car (low income voters) and those high income earners/fat cats who own 2-5 cars and can afford to pay the piper regardless of what the cost of gasoline is per gallon.

    3) The radical environmental movement and its allies in the entertainment industry and even more importantly in the public school system (NEA) have done a terrific job of brainwashing the youth of America to the supposed dangers of "energy development". Young people simply don’t buy into the notion that exploiting America’s petroleum resources further will lead to more ‘energy security" for America. Instead "these brains full of mush" as Rush Limbaugh likes to call them have bought into the "religion" that energy security equals a radicalized lower use of energy products accompanying  a radical change in American lifestyle.

    The majority of folks on our side fail to see this. We are NOT just talking here about a difference in opinion to how much to drill and where to drill which is subject to negotiation; instead we are talking her about a fundamental difference in  personal philosophy, cultural attitudes and political mindset.

    Take more oil out of the ground–over our dead bodies!

    4) Along with #3, the belief that America only warehouses 3% of the world’s known reserves is not debunked well enough by folks on our side. Democrats consistently make the claim "that drilling will not solve America’s energy problems". and will barely make a dent.

    Republicans need to start here if they want to make headway with swing voters.

    5) The power of the EPA and the executive branch to block energy development or to facilitate more supplies being made available (the Keystone pipeline decision) is simply too powerful to ignore and follows a Marxist agenda.

    6) The mocking of Sarah Palin in among the political elites, Obama and in the entertainment industry has not only marginalized Palin personally but also marginalized her political positions as well to make them appear shallow, devoid of intellectual curiosity or not founded on sound logic. Thus drill baby drill becomes fodder for the late night comedians and the permanent political class. Shoot the messenger and you also diminish the seriousness and credibility of the message.

    And furthermore any conservative politician following in Palin’s footsteps will receive the same kind of mockery for tying themselves so closely to Sarah Palin.

    7) As part of #3, youngsters are taught that oil companies are evil, greedy, keep oil prices much higher than necessary to enhance their profit margins and are not environmentally friendly. By opening up further petroleum development and to allow for more drilling, that is simply feeding the monster. A classic Marxist argument of the little guy being exploited by the evil capitalist.

    8) Crony capitalists who have invested heavily in alternative energy sources (solar power, wind power) will use their leverage with government to block expansion of conventional sources of energy. And even if the GOP regains the WH, their influence on public policy will still be immense. Don’t kid yourself.

    9) President Obama despises Sarah Palin. To exact his revenge on her (jihad), he will do absolutely nothing to promote the expansion of conventional energy reserves in Alaska. Remember the federal govt owns most of the land in Alaska. And even the Democrats in Alaska are such sycophants to go along with the Messiah.

    10) And finally Republicans have NOT made a good enough argument for the foundation of "energy security" to be primarily based on an expansion of drilling or development.

    Folks, the argument that America sends $500 billion a year overseas, which you would think make most Americans cringe, is now regarded like the boy who cried wolf–the theme doesn’t pack the same punch as it once did as a comedian’s stale patter doesn’t invoke the same amount of laughter as it once did. Americans have now simply tuned out the politicians and resigned themselves that this $500 B is simply a cost of doing business that must be incurred.

    Imho, Republicans should link energy security to the pursuit of personal happiness. Let the Left promote sexual freedom as the pathway to ultimate individual happiness. We should instead promote energy security as the pathway to ultimate individual happiness. Make energy security that important to every American, as Important as drinking water, eating the proper amount of vegetables or fruit each day or having a sufficient amount of sleep.

    And how you do that is you focus on American lifestyle and that the main way you can enhance one’s individual lifestyle is through increasing one’s DISPOSABLE INCOME.

    Cite the fact that individuals pursuing their own happiness and pleasure will not have to pay such high taxes due to oil companies and oil workers paying a lot more in taxes to make up the difference and secondly looking at it from the flip side the lower cost of a gallon of gasoline and lower cost of home heating oil due to increased supply (explain the simply economic principle of supply and demand) will result in one being able to send a kid through college, going on an exotic vacation, being able to play golf or go fishing more, buying a summer cottage, a second car or be able to salt away more money for retirement etc.

    Folks, let’s face it with the media in the pocket of the Left, Republicans and conservatives cannot win a war  against the Left if the #1 issue blocking energy security is the protection of the environment. My suggestion to Republicans is to let the Left huff and puff all they want emotionally about the rape of the environment and environmental degradation, but instead of trying to beat the Left on their home field, compare technological advances in energy development to advances in auto, steel or medical technology and thus use a SCIENTIFIC ARGUMENT to explain why energy development and "drill baby drill" is feasible.

    And then finally close on emotion linking the scientific argument with the individual pursuit of happiness argument. That is vital. Otherwise Republicans will be simply whistling past the graveyard and will NOT be able to attract enough swing voters to their tent.

    Logic makes sense; emotion makes dollars and sense.

    NB: And for those who consider me a "downer" what is more positive than promoting the individual pursuit of happiness.

    • Caneman

       just forget about reality techno, they only want to talk about rainbows and puppies around here!!!  :)

  • wodiej
  • Christopher H Fromme

    Republican’s of Alaska it is time to Vote Rogue on March 6, commit all 27 delegates to Srah Palin thus giving your favorite daughter a path to be nominated on the first ballot in Tampa.  Shake things up on Super Tuesday and send a message to the GOPe.   I Iook forward to voting for Sarah in Tampa as a delegate from Pennsylvania on the second ballot in a brokered convention

    • BrianusBerkleianus

      Thanks, Christopher!

    • section9

      That would be nice, if the RPOA wasn’t controlled by the Murkowskis. 

    • helensimon

       Our LA caucus is April 28, and I intend to write in Sarah, unless she suggests otherwise.

  • technopeasant

    As a follow-up on my post below on the "positive nature" of campaigning let me first cite historical statistics that show in the past 100 years, except for FDR in the Depression, that the most "positive" cheerful candidate has won every presidential election. 

    And certainly part and parcel of that perception was the positive message delivered by candidates. You really cannot separate a man from his message. Invariably a man who exudes a positive mental attitude or well-being is more than likely to exude a positive, uplifting message as well.

    And yes I have commented incessantly why I believe Mitt Romney is overmatched in political talent and ability in the ring against Obama. 

    But I also believe his message in the general election will NOT be positive enough or uplifting enough to beat the Messiah. Here are the main reasons why:

    a) Romney is not a demonstrative man but deliberative in everything he does (at least in public). That stabilizing force may work well for a CEO to exude confidence in his colleagues and his employees but in politics it will not win you swing voters and not inspire the troops in GOTV efforts.

    b) Romney’s deliberate avoidance of social issues for fiscal/economic issues by inference will not lend itself to positive oration as fiscal/economic issues are mostly about dry-as-dust numbers and statistics and abstruse economic charts and projections; while a discussion of social issues in the context of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness will fire a crowd up. And we know from Romney’s own lips a few days ago, he "refuses to light his hair on fire" in an effort to capture votes.

    c) Even if Romney is somewhat positive, the media will spin it as being more negative than positive. In other words, Romney would have to come across as super-positive in speeches and town hall settings to register with voters watching TV as somewhat positive. And we know from the past Romney is NOT capable of that kind of speech. A old dog can’t learn new tricks.

    d) And finally Romney will be told by his handlers and the GOP establishment to appear "presidential" in public and to behave and speak that way as well. And in being more measured in his speeches and interviews he will therefore not come across as all that positive. I’m not saying he will come across as negative but when you are facing a charismatic opponent who exudes positive confidence and can demagogue his opponent all day long, you cannot afford to come across as pleasant, temperate and too sober.

    • BrianusBerkleianus

      This is one of Sarah’s greatest strengths, of course: The radiant and shining optimism that overflows from her beautiful spirit.

      President Reagan too was loved by the American People for this bright quality!!

    • jerseymark

      Bingo Techno!  This is an underrated consideration by the GOP. This has always been the disadvantage of the Right as we try to reign in government while the Left tells the folks about all the nice goodies they want to give them which is a more positive message but an economic and fiscal nightmare. It is for this reason that contrary to the Left’s claim, conservatives are always more knowledgeable and more intelligent about the way things actually work than the adherents to the Left. This is also why the Left has to rely upon slight of hand, lies and distortions to win politically as they rely upon the basic ignorance of the populace.

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