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PPP(D) Poll: "Sarah Palin Is Far More Popular Than Any Of The Actual Republican Candidates In The Race"

Here are the conclusions that Democrat Party pollster Public Policy Polling arrived at in its most recent national poll of likely GOP primary voters:

The talk of a brokered convention never seems to die down and one interesting finding on this poll was that Sarah Palin is far more popular than any of the actual Republican candidates in the race. Her net favorability is +48, with 68% of voters rating her favorably to only 20% with a negative opinion. That compares favorably to +29 for Santorum, +19 for Romney, and -26 for Paul.

Palin is someone GOP delegates might be able to unify around in the case of a hopelessly deadlocked convention. She is seen positively by Gingrich voters (85/7), Santorum supporters (80/10), and Romney ones (57/27) alike. That’s a contrast to Romney who is disliked by both Santorum (38/48) and Gingrich (32/54) voters and Santorum who is disliked by Romney (38/48) voters and only seen narrowly favorably by Gingrich (46/42) backers.

Here are the crosstabs. One thing that stands out to me in this poll is just how well Governor Palin performs among non-evangelicals. The reason why Romney is beating Santorum/Newt is that Santorum and Newt haven’t shown much appeal outside of the South among non-evangelical conservatives. That’s reflected in this national poll as well as Newt and Santorum have net favorable ratings of -11 and +3, respectively, among non-evangelicals while Romney has a net favorable rating of +33. Governor Palin’s net favorable rating among non-evangelicals of +30 is almost the same as Romney’s net favorable rating among non-evangelicals.

The key to beating candidates like Romney is to run up a big lead among evangelicals and hold down his lead among non-evangelicals. It’s pretty clear from this poll that Palin would be doing a much better job than Santorum is in holding down Romney’s lead among non-evangelicals and she’d run the same as, if not better than, Santorum among evangelicals.


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  • Ann Virginia

    Palin for President!
    Run Sarah Run……………..

  • Sue Lynn

    OK Sarah Palin the Tea Party wants you to serve…she will say yes sooooooooooooo Tea Party ask her!!!!

  • rightConcept

    Very very interesting. Goes against the meme…. as usual.

  • JennyNoles

    .That doggone door you keep talking about, Governor Palin is standing wide open.  Time to walk through it.  We are waiting on the other side to march you to victory.  Sarah Palin/Alan West 2012.

  • latinchic

    And in other news, birds fly. #PalinWillUniteTheParty

    • BrianusBerkleianus


  • BrianusBerkleianus


    RUN, SARAH, RUN!!!!!!

    • Mountain

      You have THAT right, Brother Brian!

      All this poll does is confirm what OUR LYIN’ EYES have known ALL ALONG:
      Sarah Palin is OBVIOUSLY the ONLY candidate who can beat Obama—-because she is a SAVVY SWEETIE, beloved by ALL the groups………

      Ain’t it wonderful, when everything goes the way it’s SUPPOSED to, for a change?
      Thanks for posting this poll, Ian!!!!!

  • VADMCollingwood

    Praise God and pass the ammunition.  Translation: Pray and give.  Pray for the Governor.  Give to SarahPAC.  Donating to SarahPAC tells her that we mean what we say.  We are demanding that she give up all she has — so how about we give up the next pizza.   $20.12   Sadly, it’s not even car fare.  There is a link on this page.  Make it happen.  

    Never entrust power to anyone not willing to surrender it.  

    • Ann Virginia

      Done, received my thank you note. 

      Thank you for your generous contribution to SarahPAC.

      • VADMCollingwood


    • songofdeborah

      HOOAH – Praise God amd pass the ammunition! Love it!

      This article does my heart good to see!

    • Mountain

      Can’t give until payday this Friday, but then I will TAKE YOU UP on this terrific reminder, VADM!
      THANK you for keeping this in the forefront of our thoughts and prayers……..  BOTH!

  • carmtom13

    GOP establishment are you paying attention? You should be!!! Governor Palin is the only one with a proven record, she can fire up the base and unite the party. Governor Palin doesn’t need any vetting she has already been vetted. Governor Palin is the biggest threat to BHO and by their actions have proven it. She is the only one who has been taking on BHO for over the past 3 years. GOP do you want to winner? Time for you GOP to go and talk to Governor Palin. She is the most powerful political woman in the world.

    • $10089747

      You need to write this to the RNC. We never hear from any of them and we know they are afraid of Sarah Palin, because they know what she did in Alaska and she can do it again.

  • Lennart Bilén

    Sarah Palin said famously to Uma Pemmaraju on Fox News a couple of weeks ago:

    “Nobody’s going to ask me to run”
    Some think you are someone to shun.
    But not “We the People”
    We are not just sheeple.
    We ask you, implore you to run.

    • BrianusBerkleianus

      High Five, Lennart!!

  • gwspfan

    Palin/West 2012!

  • indemind

    PPP POLL… "Sarah Palin is far more popular than any of the actual Republican candidates in the race."

    "The rumors of Palin’s Political death have been greatly exaggerated."…. *_*

    I’m sorry Sarah Palin, but we need you to serve,- and for that we need you to Run Sarah Run. …*_*)


  • Nathan Webb

    Rove’s boy Jeb just endorsed Romney.  Let’s see if his endorsement is worth snot!  Sarah went on TV multiple times telling people to vote Newt.  It’s time to put Newt over the top!  Donate to SarahPAC and vote Newt!  Yippeee!

    • Kal Vernon

      They may believe Jeb can help Romney win Louisiana this Saturday. Good luck with that!

      • Leroy Whitby

        Yah, cause Jeb has big pull in the big easy. I don’t think he does!

        • Banda31

          I don’t know how any Conservative can allow any endorsement of Jeb Bush to influence them after he said with his own mouth "when I was a conservative etc". So my question is, what is he now?

  • cheers2all

    Earth to Palin!

    Do you hear us now?

    • Mountain

      She’s just into this TIMING thing………

      (We’re patient………so long as it happens!)

  • ZH100

     New poll.

    "In a brokered GOP convention, who would you draft?"

    Please vote.

    Thank you.

    • Reloading

      Sarah  is running away with it!!!!  She’s over 50%.  NO ONE ELSE IS EVEN CLOSE!!!!!

      RUN SARAH RUN!!!!!

    • songofdeborah

      Thanks for the llink ZH100. I just voted and here are the results:

      Governor Chris Christie 3.81% (13 votes)
      Senator Marco Rubio 11.73% (40 votes)
      Governor Sarah Palin 53.08% (181 votes)
      Congressman Allen West 11.14% (38 votes)
      Governor Mitt Romney 11.44% (39 votes)
      Newt Gingrich 7.04% (24 votes)
      Rick Santorum 1.76% (6 votes)
      Total Votes: 341

      • Suki Pero

        She’s now at 63%

        • jerseymark

          The poll is a vote once poll which will be interesting – just voted and Sarah at 62%

          • Mountain

            Just voted.  Just over 1000 is all who have voted……

            BUT Sarah Palin is running away with it, at over 68% of the vote.
            Next up is West, with UNDER 10%!  WOW—-what a GAP between them!

  • MarkRNY

    Yup, in spite of her "many failings" (as Brit Hume and DC inbreds would say), Sarah’s favaorability smokes the rest of the field by 20 points–30 points over their wind up manequin!

    Hope Cal Thomas sees this. This is some "sugar high".

  • n4cerinc

    1 Sarah Palin (+48) = 1 Santorum (+29) + 1 Romney (+19) 

  • 56Survivor

    Dear Governor Palin, we have taken that dang door OFF its hinges.  It is completely open and cannot be closed.  Our hearts are with you.  We have donated to your PAC.  We pray for you every day as we pray for the country.  What else can we do?

    Palin/West 2012, please God.

    • Mountain

      Well, there’s that talk of our camping outside her home in Wasilla and singing to her….
      "God Bless America" oughta do it.

  • Paul

    Shot heard round the world. Gov. Palin leaves Fox News for for other endeavors.

    • palinsupporter1


      • Paul


        • lorenzini

          Geez dude….don’t do that. One rumor like that would cause the Gop to have a cardiac arrest.

          • Infinite_Indeterminism

             And the downside to that would be… ?

    • palinsupporter1

      are you just day dreaming or did u hear that on fox?

    • Suki Pero

      OMG, I thought is was beginning.

    • Mountain

      ACK!  Way to cause a sharp intake of breath, there, Paul!!!!!!!

  • PalinIsGodsGift2USA


  • freeperjim

    I REALLY despise the liberal elite bushies and their turncoat fellow GOPers!

    But Jeb Bush has been vocal in his own right about Palin and whether she’s good for the party – and for America.

    In a February 23, 2010 interview with Newsmax, Bush praised Palin’s "charisma" but suggested that she would benefit from "some depth of understanding of the complexity of life". In other words, she would be an "incredible candidate" if she learned more and grew smarter before opening her mouth in public.

    • $10089747

      He needs to watch the "UNDEFEATED" and where was he during her cpacc speech, ASLEEP???

      • songofdeborah

        Maybe we need to send him his very own copy of The Undefeated!

    • hrh40

      Check out this guy’s book on Amazon that he shills for in the last paragraph.

      I’ve already left a review and received some comments.

      In fact, if you’re so inclined, go over there and give it a bad rating – currently it’s got 4 stars, and it ain’t worth that.

      • Guest

         Sorry but I am boycotting Amazon since they recently appointed Jamie Gorelick to their board of directors. The woman belongs behind bars.

        • Suki Pero

          Hey, that is good info to know.  Thanks

      • colliemum

        Your review is excellent, not only did I enjoy reading it, it saved me spending the couple of $$ plus small change.

    • Guest

       Jeb should tell his battle axe big mouth mother to shut up instead.

       America is still fed up with the Bush league. Any negative comments coming out of a Bush’s mouth is actually a positive for who ever a Bush is talking about.

      • David Zimmerman

         I don’t know if you coined the phrase "Bush league" or not, but I like it. They are strictly bush league.

    • PCR1

      All the Bushes have one thing in common – they are jackasses.

    • jerseymark

      Look – comments like that from politicos and media prove one of two things. Either they are flat out liars and know better or they are sheep that simply buy the Media line and haven’t bothered looking into the facts before opening their mouths. Take your pick as the options are both despicable. 

    • Mountain

      Pure jealousy and condescension!

      He’ll regret having said such judgmental things about Gov. Palin some day—-
      when he stands before the Lord.

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