SarahPAC Releases "Game Change We Can Believe In" Video

SarahPAC released a brilliant video this morning. They took Nicolle Wallace and Steve Schmidt’s own words during the campaign, and proceeded to destroy whatever it is these two are selling to their liberal friends these days.

SarahPAC also sent out the following in an email to supporters:

Liberals have proven once again that they do not value truth. The liberal left distorts facts to fabricate its own version of history.

Their latest effort in storytelling is HBO’s movie, Game Change.

The screen writer of Game Change, Danny Strong, lapsed into a tired routine of manipulating facts and omitting key parts of Governor Palin’s story in order to push a biased agenda and drive ratings.

We have warned viewers of Game Change’s distortions–based upon the description and reports from people who have viewed the film, HBO must add a disclaimer that this movie is fiction.

Game Change is just the most recent example in a long history of facts being distorted for profit. Frank Bailey, a former aide to Governor Palin, was recently fined nearly $12,000 by the Alaska Attorney General’s Office for stealing the Governor’s internal emails. Bailey then turned the emails over to a blogger from the radical left who twisted the text into her own narrative for profit, proving again that Governor Palin’s opponents will stop at nothing to destroy her record of service.

Behind Game Change’s slanderous agenda is a trail of money leading straight to the Barack Obama campaign and the Democrat Party. Writer Danny Strong and director Jay Roach each donated the maximum $2,300 to Barack Obama’s campaign in 2008. Even actress Julianne Moore, who plays the Governor herself, contributed to the more than $120,000 donated to Obama and Democrats since 2008 by the film’s producers and cast.

The 2008 National Security Advisor to Governor Palin, Randy Scheunemann, said of the movie, “It gives fiction a bad name to call this fiction,” while Governor Palin aide Jason Recher described the movie as “a false narrative cobbled together by a group of people who simply weren’t there.”

SarahPAC’s latest video, Game Change We Can Believe In, shares the true story of the 2008 Presidential race, the same story that millions of Americans witnessed. It is a story of a gutsy, Washington-outsider taking politics-as-usual by storm, the story of a spirited reformer who refused to conform to establishment norms. Governor Palin left her home state of Alaska with an 80% approval rating to electrify the nation overnight with commonsense conservative solutions.

After working with Governor Palin, former McCain campaign adviser Nicolle Wallace described her as “a once-in-a-generation politician who just has that something. She electrified our race. She has inspired our party.”

All first-hand accounts of the Governor’s 2008 campaign describe her in similar terms–as an inspirational role model and a true game changer.

Help us say no to the half-baked truths and fabrications of the liberal left by watching and sharing the true account of Governor Palin’s transformation of American politics: Game Change We Can Believe In.

Thank you for your support.

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  • MT4P

    Please leave this Video posted right here (at least through the month of March).

  • StandProudNow

    Kick  ^ss!!!!


    • alien4palin

      I second that!!!

  • LadyMams

    I just love the way Sarah and her team fight with TRUTH.  Using ‘their’ own words to expose the hypocracy and lies. 

  • Right_Wingnut

    I wonder if this was done by Passcode Creative…don’t see it on their website.

    • palinsupporter1

      Its on their Facebook page.

      • Right_Wingnut


  • Guest

    Awesome video…

    Way to fight back SarahPAC!!!!

  • VADMCollingwood

    Now more than ever is the time for the Governor’s supporters to put up as well as not shut up.  Donate to SarahPac today.   SarahPac is asking for donations of $20.12 to build a war chest for the 2012 elections.  The goal is to fill as many elected positions as possible with common sense conservatives.  That takes money. A lot of us are asking the Governor to put her life and her family’s safety on the line and run for president.  But, we won’t give up the price of a pizza? What’s up with that?   

    Donate to SarahPac.  Do it today.  

    Never entrust power to anyone not willing to surrender it.

    • alien4palin

      As an alien who can’t donate……I will be ordering more copies of Sarah’s books

      • Guest

        Hi Alien I stand with Palin as an outsider also, trying to help her mission in any way I can from this place.


    • indemind

      I Love *-* this new SarahPAC video. …

      If you Love *-* it too. Please keep donating to SarahPAC. … *_*


      P.S. …But I don’t think that Wallace and Schmidt will like it very much… They are Trapped inside this video.*_*

  • BHappy

    I love this video. This is the Sarah we all love and admire. May God open the doors wide for her, favor her and bless the USA.

  • TEXs


    Take that Liberals and Quisling GOP RINOS !!!

  • pipam12

    WOW Go Sarah

  • sodakhic

    Well that video pretty much discredits Schmidt and Wallace. Love it.  Andrew would like that video also.

  • sirmrks

    sniff that makes me so sad…

  • WEL2

    Send this to everyone you can, and ask them to do that, too!

  • sodakhic

    Well, we could all be dust and worm food tomorrow so let’s make today count. $100 to SarahPac in Andrews honor, for calling out all the eunuchs in the GOP

  • Julia


    I fear that this video is going to be seen as defensive, whiney and self-grandious.  She’s going to catch  flack for this from the LSM and be painted that way….and HBO is going to get free advertising.

    The HBO Game Change movie is a load of absolute crap, but this video is going to hurt Sarah more than help her, IMO.

    The more SarahPAC rides this thing, the more people will want to watch it…out of pure morbid curiosity if nothing else.  They’re just making money and ratings for the dillweeds who put together this total piece of garbage. 

    Just my $ .02 

    And yes, I know a flood of people will disagree.

    I think they’re giving it WAY too much importance.  Best to just laugh it off, or ignore it IMO. 
    When you respond to pig slop as though it matters…..suddenly it matters.   I’d rather leave it forgotten in the gutter where it belongs.

    • TEXs

      Hey troll,get lost!

      You think you are clever,you are nothing but obvious hateful,paid seminar troll.

      Mods,why do you let this troll remain on this site?!

    • TEXs


      Take your $.02 and stick it………

      And to quote that smart girl:

      "It ain’t caves in Afghanistan……..

    • guy

       Can’t we do something about this troll masquerading as a Palin supprter. I am fed up with her constant negativity on this site. If you don’t support the Gov. then why are you here. That was a rhetorical question, it is to cause disruption and dissention!

    • ZH100

      " how “culture is upstream of politics” and how conservatives must be unafraid to fight the leftwing media, cultural, and political establishments"

      Key words.

      "must be unafraid to fight the leftwing media" .

      Why? . Because a lie told often enough becomes the truth.

      • Kalena

         True tribute in Andrew’s own words.  Unfortunately, the left got about a 4 decade head start on us over this culture is the upstream of politics.  Think MTV.  Have you seen the rot that is on this channel?  Makes it very hard to win the culture war.

    • John_Frank

      Wrong, wrong, wrong.

    • AmsterdamExpat

      Two cents are probably all your campaign has left for you after expending millions of dollars on dirt in advertising and paying for the services of the horizontals of both sexes among the pundits and governors’ mansions, not to mention for untold numbers of mayo and cucumber sandwiches.

    • John B. Hefmier

      "I fear that this video is going to be seen as defensive, whiney and self-grandious."

      Translation: Sarah Palin has no right to defend herself against the consistent slander thrown against her.

      • friskyness

         It just proves Sarah was right in posting it!

    • Kjanlady

      And now the Negativity Troll morphs into a Concern Troll………metamorphosis??…..more like the maggot turning into the blow-fly.

    • golfmom3


      This site is called Conservatives 4 Palin.  You are neither conservative nor "for Palin".  Why did you even click this thread unless you are being paid to run down every thing good and right about Sarah Palin? This post is totally uncalled for, and you’ve really made me mad.

      Calling 1776er!!!!! Here! I’ve got one of the ringleaders of the Troll Brigade. 
      Go away! Your bridge is calling!

    • Right_Wingnut

      I second everyone who would like to see this troll gone.

    • Kalena

       What is up with you?  ALL of your comments here are really passive aggressive toward Sarah.  You have to be a paid troll from someone’s political camp.

    • Banda31

      Would you rather Sarah act like President Bush who never defended himself against all the nasty, vitriolic accusations flung against him when he was in office?  Well he did that and what did that get him? An approval rating in the low 30’s or high 20’s. Sarah believes in "cutting it off at it’s knees" and I do too, I agree with her. Fight Sarah, don’t ever give in to those who would lie and distort Truth!!

    • exodus2011

      nah Julia

      your ‘advice’ is the sort Tokyo Rove would give … we’re done with that

      glad you said your words were only worth 2 cents – there would be consensus on that

    • socon


    • friskyness

       The words of a true liberal.  Let liberals talk and lie.  Let conservatives shut up and take it.  How about you liberals shut up and take it from conservaives.

  • sirmrks

    I dont see it as defensive?

    • Julia

       I think that’s how it will be seen by the LSM.  

      In fact….here they go…right on schedule.   Sigh.

      I think this is a mistake.

      • travelingon

        Here is Cheers2All this is why you should fight.

      • ZH100

         Are you afraid of the LSM?

        • golfmom3

          No, they’re her/his employer . . .  or he/she wishes they were (who knows who this really is? Certainly not a conservative and not a Palin supporter.  What other lies go with this "Julia"?)

      • John_Frank

        Baloney. That is what the LSM always does.

      • Jose R. Gonzalez

        If I had any doubt as to your sincerity or to your intelligence, it was confirmed by your link.  You are either indeed a troll or wholly ignorant, if you’re the former than likely both adjectives fit you well.  That piece is essentially claiming that any pr work by Governor Palin is a sign of weakness.  In other words, "Palin should shut up and let her critics at her!"  It bemoans her past counter attacks but never explains how these were counterproductive.  In fact, if the Governor had never counter attacked many false memes would likely have been accepted as truth.

        What I found rich was the fact the author mentions how Wallace and Schmidt deemed the picture "accurate" and yet he or she doesn’t mention how contradicting comments of theirs are on full display in the video from SarahPac.

        Such a silly girl you are…

    • hrh40

      Ignore Julia.

      • AmsterdamExpat

        Or continue as appropriate to e-mail the moderators.

  • John Jones

    Love the Video and Love Sarah Palin…

  • John B. Hefmier

    I would have loved to had them put Peggy Noonan’s comment about Sarah’s performance after the Vice-Presidential Candidate, in when Peggy told MSNBC that Sarah "killed" in the debate with Joe Biden.

    • LadyMams

      To put it mildly, yes she did….."killed" poor Joe still doesn’t know what happened.

    • T D Williams

       Great addition!

  • alien4palin

    Brilliant!!! Absolutely loved it!!! Let the despicable individuals in their own voices counter and contradict their own lies and betrayals of Sarah Palin of Alaska.
    Sent the link to my family and friends to post it in all the sites they visit.

  • ZH100

    Great video!

    Its is very important to fight back against the lies and misinformation.

  • alien4palin

    Excellent post, Stacy!!! Thanks….you are doing a fantastic job!!!!!

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