The Latest Romneyism: Don’t Blame Obama for High Gas Prices; Updated: 77% Say High Gas Prices Will Be a Big Factor

If Romney wins the nomination, Republicans will have no standing to go after Obama over ObamaCare and the unpopular individual mandate contained therein, and thus will go into the fall general election battle with one arm tied behind their backs.  But at least we can go after Obama for the high gasoline prices which are the direct result of his asinine, nay suicidal, energy policies, right?  Er…wrong.  Via Tina Korbe at Hot Air:

Yesterday, Mitt Romney said he’s “not going to say outrageous things about the president.” Trouble with that statement is that “outrageous” is a pretty subjective adjective. Outrageous to whom? Apparently, Romney meant to say he’s not going to say anything about the president that would outrage the left — because he doesn’t seem to be afraid to say something about the president that would outrage the right. In fact, he did just that earlier today, when he essentially said the president shouldn’t be held responsible for the high price of gas.

“I think people recognize that the president can’t precisely set the price at the pump,” Romney said in an interview on CNBC.

Oh, Romney, you’re right technically — but don’t you realize that precisely setting the price at the pump is also precisely what Obama longs to do? He wants to set the price of gas not so as to alleviate the burden on American consumers but so as to make his favored forms of energy more economically appealing to them.


That’s the trouble with Romney’s pledge: If he’s unwilling to unmask the president for who and what he is, he doesn’t stand a chance in November. Nobody is asking him to take cheap shots: We’re just asking him to not give the president the benefit of the doubt when the president’s purposes are pretty clear.

Ok, so now we have to fight Obama with both arms tied behind our backs.  The moment Mitt brings up high gas prices in the general election, all Obama has to do is quote Romney’s own words back to him, just as he’ll do if Mitt brings up ObamaCare. Fantastic. Exit question: Is this more evidence of Romney’s electability?

Update: Via CBS Minnesota:

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — It might be one of the biggest issues in the upcoming presidential election. Last night, CBS News exit polls found 77 percent of those voting in seven Super Tuesday states say rising gas prices were an important factor in their vote.

The poll reflects growing consumer anxiety as gas prices have risen nearly 50 cents a gallon in just over two months.

Consumers have been telling us they are cutting corners because for most driving is a necessity.

In Minnesota the average price is $3.58. The current national average for a gallon of regular is $3.76, but some analysts are predicting that gas could rise to $5 by the summer.

77% of those polled believe high gasoline prices will be an important factor in their vote. Too bad one of Romney’s army of paid campaign consultants didn’t break this apparently surprising news to the Mittster before he uttered his latest Romneyism and effectively removed the issue from the table.


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