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What’s going on this morning?

In case you missed it, here were the Governor’s Today Show segments. If you come across a youtube video with all of the segments in one video, e-mail it over to us.

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Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

The Governor also notes that she talked "with Sean Hannity tonight about the 2012 race thus far and about Obama’s shameful judicial bullying and his whispering to the Kremlin about the ‘flexibility’ he’ll have if re-elected"


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  • Jasmine Clark

    "my views are progressive" -romney. video link:

    i just wanted that to be the first post.

    • Pete Petretich

      Romney is the stale oatmeal candidate. One of his own advisers said that!

      • Jasmine Clark

         oh yeah i thought i saw that in c4p’s headlines… gonna go check it out… wow

      • Bill589

        I bought oatmeal cookies today.

        Now what am I supposed to do? . . . Eat them?

        • Jasmine Clark

          send them to romney and write a note that says "i saw these and thought of you."

        • Mountain

          Crunch them up, mix with water, and you’ve got a great facial mask.
          Now why does that make sense……?

          • Bill589

            I have a rock wall a bit away from the house with a family of chipmunks. I like them fine as long as they stay away from the house. I’ll put one out there and see if they like it. (I won’t tell them about the connection with Romney.)

      • Betsey_Ross

        Well, you can say one thing about oatmeal and that is that it is fiber and helps with elimination.

        Stale oatmeal makes terrible cookies and that is about the only use for oatmeal that appeals to me.  Cookies!! 

    • Journeymen

      I posted that once but good of you to post it first so that NO ONE can willfully miss it or claim ignorance on who and what Obama……er….uh….I mean Romney really IS!

      I’m with you and even if Romney was halfway conservative he is still going to lose because a bland, uncharismatic, milquetoast, wooden candidate with poor political skills is not going to win anyway. This is frustrating

    • ProudAmerican247

      And that’s why Mittens CAN’T be our president.

      PALIN 2012!

    • pipam12

       me too

  • wisetrog

    Conservatives are idiots. Letting the cabal of "centrists" control has not only decimated GOP, it has unmitigated dangers across the world.

    • Hyman Roth

      Conservatives give the GOP one of the biggest mid-term landslides in history, and this is how they are treated in return.  Mitt Romney is shoved down our throats.

      The Republican party is corrupt to the core.  They need to be replaced.  If Mitt Romney is the nominee, I will NEVER vote for another Republican.

      • barracuda43

        How did conservatives give this to the GOP?The reason is simple.We had nobody running for us.

        • Mountain

          …….  Trying to think of a good come-back for your consistent posts along that line, ‘cuda……

          I got nuthin.’  You’re right…….

          All we can do is pray very hard that Sarah Palin won’t abandon us, and will run—-
          at least that she’d accept a draft at the convention.
          She SAID she’d run, if it were the "will of the people," so PRAY IT IS!!!!!!!!
          Lord, again:  HELP!

          • Bill589

            Sarah won’t abandon us. I believe she understands the ‘bigger picture’ a lot more than anybody else. I trust her and I trust her judgement.

            Whatever happens, I think she sees this as a war and she will fight it the best way she can.  She may be picturing, and readying for, a 20 year war. Maybe objective one is to take the House and Senate.

            I’m glad to find out that at least our Judicial branch has the guts to stand up to Obama.
            We keep a fire lit under the Legislative branch to work their ‘checks and balances’ on Obama, and maybe with both of these branches we make it to 2016. 

            My first choice, is SP2012.
            But regardless, I stand with Sarah Palin.

        • Dave Dowler

          There is no stopping Mittens now…  sorry to say.  And no,  I dont believe Sarah is planning anything like a covert move to win the nom from the jaws of the GOP wonder-boy defeat. When she announced a "no-go" last year I was stunned…..  but I held out hope that she had a plan.  I now fully believe that when she announced NO, she meant NO.  She has chosen a different approach to apply her influence……   but POTUS 2012 has come and gone.

          • Leroy Whitby

            Rule 15 says all but a small number of named states primaries and caucuses MUST be proportional. Factoring that in, Romney has not got even 1/2 the delegates he needs. If conservatives stay strong we can block him. Usually conservatives fold. I’m thinking we’ve got more backbone now. Make him fight for every delegate. If they want to fight us, ok, but I think they really want to ignore us and use us. Don’t let them do it.

            • Betsey_Ross

              I think you are right.  It’s not over, yet.  It is frustrating that so many people who I thought had brains are caving for Romney.  It’s amazing that he just can’t get above 50%.  I think his obnoxious attack ads are still hurting him when you think that he will probably not fight that hard for the Presidency.  The "not Romneys" are doing better than he is.  So there is some fight left in the Republican Party. 

              Yes, they want to ignore us, but we aren’t going to let them.  If Sarah doesn’t run this time, she will not let them forget us.  I don’t know what her plan is, but we must be prepared for the fact that POTUS may not be part of what she has in mind for 2012.  After watching The Undefeated for several times I just have a feeling that she is going to take on the Repuplican Party first.  She is going to have to steer them in the right direction and that includes all of the candidates, too. 

              • Leroy Whitby

                I’ve seen races where the fight was to the finish. No reason for the conservative voters to quit. None at all. What is the establishments desire for unity behind THEIR candidate to US?

                Why should the establishment care about conservative voters if we always do what they tell us to do? Why should they consider us at all in candidate selection? And the fight isn’t over until the fight is over. Politics is like pool. Until the candidate has won the nomination, you can always "run the table" and catch up. Hell with Rule 38, you can have a revolt at the convention and the delegates can choose a winner over Romney.

      • connservative

        Agree.  When people like Dick Armey, former house Majority Leader (R), heads a "tea party group" you know that the fix was in.  I’m with those who believe that if Romney is the nominee, he will lose big, and that will be the end of the Republican party.  Try as they might – all the party hacks will find a way to blame Governor Palin – but the truth will come out that good old fashioned conservatives finally said "enough was enough" and gave the R’s the middle finger.  I don’t think Romney (or frankly any of the other R hacks) gets it.  They’ll be in big time shock when it happens, but it’s not like the writing hasn’t been there for more than a year (averaging less than 40% vote in the primaries).  Looking forward to Karl Rove on Fox News sputtering like Porky Pig on that bleak November Tuesday night.

        • V

          The Republican party won’t be dead.  It wil be just what it’s leaders want it to be, a "Moderate" party with no room for Conservative, Tea Party types.

          As for the party leadership being in shock, politically speaking, they already know Romney will lose to Obama.  I do subscribe to the theory their goal has never been to defeat Obama, rather to limit the damage.  They’ve either never felt Obama could be defeated or they actually don’t mind an Obama reelection.

          As for the political pundits, like the career politicans they comment on, regardless of what happens in November, they will all still have good paying jobs.  It’s the rest of us that will still have to suffer in the real world.

          • TexS2012

            Your last paragraph says it all and they sure as hell don’t want Sarah Palin screwing up their secure "little" world!

            • ProudAmerican247

              Someone asked this question on another post and here was my answer…

              "…why won’t the Republican establishment defend the Governor?"

              The GOPe wants to keep her out because they know, if she becomes president, she’ll tip their little world upside down with sweeping reforms.

              No more business as usual.

              The crony corruption would stop.

              We The People, would be stunned, (or maybe not so much), if we learned of ALL the waste, fraud and down right thievery that goes on in DC with our hard-earned money, all to their benefit.

              That would STOP in a Palin Administration.

              That’s why they don’t want her any where near their Den of Thieves.

              They wish she would just stay up there in Alaska and hunt caribou, go fishing, relax with the family, and stay away from the path of financial and moral decay they are leading this country down.

              PALIN 2012

              • Guest


          • Guest

             The Republican party wants big government.

             If the GOPe honestly thought Obama was as bad as we do GHW Bush and Jeb would not have spent a fun little afternoon at the White House last month with Obama making nice. We don’t want to be nice to Obama. We want to wipe the floor with him.

            It is all a big game to these corrupt politicians. They are ALL corrupt to the core. How about corrupt Marco Rubio with his corrupt little Dream Act. Dream on Marco. Only in your dreams GOPe will I ever vote for one of your progressives again. I’m done with you.

            It makes one wonder what vile little forms of subterfuge are on the GOPe’s oppressive agenda.

  • ZH100

    Good morning all.

    Here are some links with information about Gov.Palin’s policy positions and accomplishments

    (policy positions)

    A Lifetime of Accomplishments; Master Lists by Year

    Setting the Record Straight – Sarah Palin and Sex Education

    Youth For Palin has made a compilation of 22 documents containing live links to Sarah Palin’s articles that will provide readers a view of Palin’s vision for America and her stance on a number of issues that have not been edited or filtered by the media.
    This work is intended to be used by all Palin supporters interested in defending Governor Palin and setting the record straight when needed.
    You can use a drop-down list to search the Research Doc.

  • Laddie_Blah_Blah

    I had not seen "Today" since before the Perky era, when Debra Norville had taken over from Jane Pauley and Willard was still the weatherman. It is a nothing show. The most interesting segment was Lauer’s interview with Sarah. He was tough, but that’s the way they should be, and it gave her a chance to shine in response by taking on every question. She is really very, very good at this sort of rapid fire give and take, and seems to become more adept with every such interview.

    Give Lauer credit for exposing Sarah’s lukewarm support for Romney, which everyone here knew, anyway. Now, if Lauer and the others would also be as tough on Snarky Dungpiler, I would have more respect for him and his peers than I do. Sarah mentioned media double standards when Lauer asked if she thought Romney should name a VP mate with experience at the national level. That gave Sarah the opening to talk about the LSM’s double standards and how any conservative will be attacked, and it did not matter how experienced a VP choice would be, because the LSM would attempt to demolish whoever it was with lies, distortions, personal attacks, and character assassinations, regardless. Matt did not challenge a word of what she said. Chalk up a big score for Sarah on that one.

    The Spelling segment was interesting because Sarah was genuinely happy for Tori Spelling and her unborn child. It gave Sarah a chance to celebrate the culture of life with a Hollywood icon. Chalk up another big score for Sarah.

    The segment with Donny Deutsch, et. al., led to the only moment of hesitation for Sarah the whole show. After Sarah had decried the venomous atmosphere in political discourse, Deutsch, a truly unhinged leftist moron, accused her of the same because she had earlier told Lauer "anybody but Obama" when he had asked her about her support of Romney and the other GOP hopefuls. It looked like she had been caught off guard by such a ridiculous assertion, since she was making an assessment of Obama’s job performance, or lack of it, not making an attack on his person or family. 

    Sarah was the star of the show. I thought Ann Curry was a bland but gracious host for the segments she worked with Sarah, and Lauer allowed Sarah to mock the stuff in his dressing room to make fun of his hair. He actually looks a little like a bald lab rat who has lost his hair due to a dose of some new cancer treatment drug. Funniest bit on the whole show.

    Well, goodbye to "Today", unless they bring Sarah back for another gig. 

    I wonder if anyone has any idea what went on over at ABC. 

    • BrianusBerkleianus

      Thanks so much for this great review, Laddie!!

      • Laddie_Blah_Blah

        Thanks, Brianus, as always, for the kind words.

  • TEXs

    Liberal fraud Willard is worthless chameleon.

    He’s been liberal all his life,now that he wants to be president he’s singing
    conservative tune.

    Lying,conniving fake,phony and a fraud.
    He’s so liberal even Soros likes him.

    What this country is coming to?!

    • Jasmine Clark

      9 min video comparing liberal romney to obama

    • barracuda43

      Of course Soros had no other intentions of saying that other then his liking of Mittens.Give me a break! 

  • sodakhic

    Romney to rich donors: Give now, you don’t want a Huckabee/Palin ticket at a brokered convention. Way to endear yourself to half of your supporters, maybe.

    • uksarahfan

      Hannity should have asked her to comment on that one instead of the please endorse Romney now tripe he dished up to her last night. Hated that interview I’m afraid and her comment about Romney and enthusiasm once he is the nominee (hopefully he won’t be) was totally ridiculous. Can’t believe she even said it. What a mess.

      • Mountain

        Yeah, I’ve repressed her statement for obvious (depressing!) reasons……..
        Still, it’s what we might have to swallow, to dis-elect Zero…….

        • Cricket Nichols

          I did not vote for ObamaCare and I will not vote for RomneyCare.  We are in a mess!!!

  • BrianusBerkleianus

    My Dear Friends in Sarah,

    Happy Wednesday to you all!!

    Here are a few highlights and thoughts that I culled and gathered from her "Today" show appearance yesterday.

    From the very beginning, she drew us in, and, I suspect, disarmed many people who have held a negative opinion about her; and she accomplished this with the sweet weapons of humor and the laugh.

    There she was, hilariously surrounded by newspapers as she prepared for and awaited her appearance–a direct shot at the memory of the katie couric interview of ’08 and the infamous newspaper question!!

    Then she tells jokes about someone who took her for Tina Fey as she approached the NBC studios.

    In one stroke of about thirty or so seconds, she disposes of two of the most infamous memories of the 2008 campaign, couric’s interview, and Fey’s impersonations!!

    Re the presidential race, she said anything is still possible, but did reiterate her ABO: Anyone But obama.

    She tussled back and forth with Matt Lauer, who tried to assert that the economy is getting better. She also defended her experience and record as they stood at the moment that she was chosen as the GOP VP candidate in ’08.

    Next she is shown in Lauer’s dressing room … writing on her hand!! This was a delightful reprise of the incident from ’09 or ’10 when she was supposedly caught with notes that she had written on her hand to help her with a speech or appearance. At the time, the Governor brilliantly turned her enemies’ own missiles against them, as she proceeded to pointedly write on and flourish her hand for some time after that incident. These "Today" moments brought back the sweet memory of that time!!


    BTW, I saw a great sign in the crowd as she moved outside the studios to begin her "host" hour: "NYC (hearts) Gov. Grizzly."–Wonderful!!!

    Re not wearing a coat outside, she said, "Mama Grizzly"!!!

    She gives Oprah kudos for having the guts to try to start a network. She says that Winfrey needs to get conservatives, patriots on her network in order for it to succeed!

    If anyone had criticized her weight during her pregnancies, she would have wanted to "punch ‘em in the neck." This whole matter is only an issue because of Hollywood’s image of unrealistically tiny people.

    She does not like the Facebook "enemy" function.

    She defends her opposition to obama when this is criticized.

    Re the film "Game Change," she won’t waste her time watching it. She did have some positive words for Tina Fey.

    Re Tori Spelling’s food spread, she jokes, "Is this moose; is this caribou?"

    Re Tori’s pregnancy: "It’s just the most precious thing in the world, isn’t it? … You’re a real good example, a good inspiration for others … you’re living life vibrantly."

    Re teen girls: It would help if the marketplace would demand (notice she says "marketplace," not "government"!!)–if the marketplace would demand that reality shows portray healthy, independent young women who are striving for a strong work ethic and doing things that are the antithesis of so many of the things we are seeing portrayed on reality shows.

    Re parents: Too often parents want to be "friends" to their kids, and not parents. Kids inherently want boundaries, she says.

    For the final segment, here is my post from last night:

    Guys, I am working away, and am so looking forward to sharing thoughts with you later on re "Today." However, I got the chance to see the very end of the segment.

    Sarah tells Matt Lauer that she had intended to wear a pink jacket for the show, but then realized it was the same one she had worn almost four years ago for an interview with the same Lauer. Hence, she dressed in black.


    Look how the Federal government wastes and squanders our tax dollars on projects that are at best useless, and at worst nocent and harmful.

    Look at the scandal of the General Services Administration lavishly spending almost one million dollars of taxpayers’ money on a fancy Las Vegas event.

    And here is our Sarah showing frugality and restraint in her expenditures on clothes, as she prepares to wear a four-year-old (at least) jacket!!!!!!!

    QUOD AGIT PRIVATIM, IDEM AGET ET PUBLICE–that is, roughly translated, what she does privately, the same she will do in public life too–her private fiscal responsibility will be matched and mirrored by her public restraint when she is POTUS!!!

    Not that I have anything against new clothes :-) !!

    But still, even in this seemingly minuscule matter, what a contrast she luminously manifests to the Corrupt Establishment, the Corrupt Bastards Club.

    More later, guys.

    God bless!!

    (End of post from last night)

    My conclusions:

    We saw the tableau of political wisdom, economic wisdom, and family/household wisdom, all clothed in humor and laughter and good fun, and presented by the radiantly beautiful Governor Palin, Lady of the North Country.

    She was magnificent, and the two hours, the fleeting two hours, slipped away much too quickly.

    This is why she is feared and hated and attacked by the Left and, indeed, by the entire corrupt Establishment.

    She has goodness and beauty that well up, just like her smile and laughter, from her "deep heart’s core" (W.B. Yeats). She has the power to open up the hearts and minds of many Americans to the best of our traditions and ideals.

    Now, the results in the elections last night were not encouraging, especially in Wisconsin.

    Still, I think we must pray and labor for SARAH 2012 until it becomes impossible. Until that happens (IF it happens), I say: DO NOT SURRENDER; NEVER SURRENDER!!

    God bless you all always!

    DEO VOLENTE SARAH 2012!!!!


    • barracuda43

      If Sarah had any inkling of running or a brokered convention you would not have seen her sitting in Matt lauers dressing room!

      • exodus2011


        how do you figure that?

      • Mountain

        Courage, cuda, and patience.  Pray, and hope.  Surely Sarah Palin will accept a draft, if the Lord brings one about for us!  Pray!

      • TexS2012

        Wrong! Sarah was revealing the Real Sarah Palin to the American people.When you stop and consider the show’s audience it was a masterful move. Women, assisted living facilities, and a long time viewing audience got to see Sarah in a friendly, happy group of people, even the crowd outside cheered when she was talking. As Stuart Varney from the Fox business said to Sarah last night on Hannity, "you’re a natural!" I suspect we’re going to see Sarah in many unexpected places in the coming weeks and months. Yesterday someone said The View! I think we’ll all be delightfully surprised with invites for Sarah.

      • Kjanlady

        As usual you make no sense.

      • Guest

        Newt sat on a couch with Nancy Pelosi. And he had the audacity to run for president as a conservative after that.

        • Yankee4Palin


          • Guest

            Oh Yankee, do you even care to find out why I said that?

            It was in response do barracuda’s ridiculous remark about Sarah sitting in Lauers’ dressing room…

            • Yankee4Palin

              What do you see above you and when it was moved

              • Guest

                During or after I responded.

        • barracuda43

          Quite some time back.What is your point?We are talking current Presidential race. Last time I checked as much as I despise Pelosi she was the speaker of the house while Matt Lauer is a left wing hack job blow hard.   

          • Guest

            Newt was selling out – Sarah was on a morning show for crying out loud!

    • blueniner

      Good post Brian, on the blazer, I loved her line,’I hope you dont mind me going Johnny Cash on ya" that line and the blazer was to shoot down the media myth that she was a wardrobe shopaholic Diva, that the media was pushing down everybodys throat back in 2008.

    • Kjanlady

      Also notice that the pink jacket appeared on her Hannity segment…..never let a good wardrobe choice go to waste.

      • BrianusBerkleianus

        Yes!!!  And greetings to you and Kitty, Kjan!!

    • bob4palin

      great post :)

      • BrianusBerkleianus

        Thanks, Bob!!

  • blerch

    My take on the race after tonight:

    -Obviously a good night for Mitt, which was expected.  Wisconsin was a bit in doubt, but he still won, but not impressively.  Mitt’s still weak.  He can’t put away the weakest GOP field in modern times.  Fifty-eight percent of WI primary voters voted against him.  He is the frontrunner, but still polling nationally at about 40%.  At this juncture last time, McCain was over 60%.  But, Mitt has increased his chances of getting to 1144 in regulation.

    -Another missed opportunity for Rick, not not awful.  He came in a strong second in WI, was not even on the ballot in DC, and spent little time in MD.  Rick absolutely, positively has to win PA on 4/24, or else he is going to have to exit the race.  He won’t win the other 4 contests on that date, as they are all deep blue states.  Mitt’s going to clean up. 

    -Ron and Newt are on the same level now- totally irrelevant.  This is truly a two-man race.  Ron Paul is Ron Paul, so he’ll never drop out.  I’m not sure what Newt is going to do.  He had another horrible night, and did not win any delegates.  His campaign ambitions keep on downsizing.  Now he is not even fighting for delegates to try and stop Mitt, because he can’t win any.  He is saying that his purpose is to stay in to influence the GOP platform.  I’m not sure what this serves, as no one is really paying attention to him anymore.  I wish he were stronger in order to stop Mitt, but his candidacy has not worked.  Fair or unfair, he has too much perceived baggage, and not a very likable personality that everyone can rally around.

    -I’m pretty sure Mitt is worried about May, as many of those contests are not favorable to him.  If Rick wins PA and is able to stick around, things might get interesting.  If Mitt wins PA, it’s probably over, barring a last minute miricle.  Mitt’s gong for the knockout blow in PA, and is going to carpet bomb the state with attack ads against Rick.

    -A lot can happen between now and the fall, but if things stay on their current path, we are going to lose the Presidential election in November. In fact, I’d say the odds right now of Obama getting re-elected are 75%.  Obviously, I’m only saying this as an analyst, as I don’t want this to happen.  Obama is a disaster and I fear what he will do in a second term.  But, we have a lot of things going against us.  Mitt may turn out to be a weaker general election candidate than McCain.  He is the worst of both worlds.  He will be unable to draw a sharp enough contrast between himself and Obama, but he will still always be on defense, as Obama will be relentlessly attacking him.  And, Mitt will not have a money advantage against BO. 

    Mitt has other things going against him, too.  He has yet to really close the deal with conservatives.  Conservatives will vote for him in November (mostly) but they will not walk over hot coals and crawl over broken glass for him.  A vote is all he’ll get.  The present enthusiasm gap will carry all the way to November and doom us.

    Also, many in the GOPE are content to have Obama win, because they want to pave the way for Jeb or one of the other GOPE golden boys, namely Rubio or Christie.  Mitt is just a vessel for them to get to ’16.  Mitt is not the guy they really want.  They figure that they’ll hold the House, and maybe take the Senate, thereby neutralizing Obama.  Bottom line is Anybody But Obama will not work.  You can’t beat something with nothing, and in politics, the better politician almost always wins.  Obama is a better politician than Mitt.  Anybody But Bush did not work for the Dems in ’04, and ABO won’t work for us in ’12.

    -This is wild speculation on my part- but while I believe Governor Palin wants Obama gone as much as anyone in the country, she may very well believe what I believe about the likely outcome in ’12.  If not, she would be in this race right now.

    -Pray for a miracle in Tampa, and for things to change course.

    -We have to hope we hold the House, take the Senate or come close to it, and pray for the health of Justices Roberts, Kennedy, Scalia, Alito, and Thomas. 

    -If BO is re-elected, hang on for dear life.  It will be tough, but if we can make it to 2016, we will be fine.  Our coutry has survived some pretty crazy stuff, and we will survive this, too.   


    • BrianusBerkleianus

      Thanks, Brian!

      Your penultimate paragraph echoes exactly what I was thinking as I perused your analysis: If obama "wins" in November, PRAY AND PRAY for the health and safety of Justices Roberts, Scalia, Thomas, Alito, and Kennedy!!

      God bless.

      • exodus2011

        Didn’t Gov Palin say last year that she thought BHO might not end up being on the DEM ticket this cycle?

        • Mountain

          Why yes, she DID say that?
          ‘Cause she knows HILLARY is waiting in the wings, smiling like a Cheshire cat……

          • Norcalo

            I’d even vote for "Shrillary" over Obama.

    • exodus2011

      you are spot on with your analysis

      but I believe there will be an unprecedented move to save the day


      EDIT – and also, if Santorum loses PA, IMV, it will actually be better for the unprecedented move, because I think Romney will buy him off and he will drop out, and RP may be bought off too.

      which is also good …

      because both their supporters’ groups will be FUMING at just the right time


      • Bill589

        I hope you are right. 

        • exodus2011


          I am sticking around to check off the list of predictive statements relating to this Primary Process, from Gov Palin  … they are yet to be fulfilled

          She made these statements clearly and deliberately … and she is not in the habit of using words recklessly – quite the opposite really


      • ProudAmerican247

        I always look forward to your intriguing analysis, exodus, as to where you think this whole thing is headin’!

        The more Mittens wins, the uglier this whole situation becomes, like you say, non-Romney supporters FUMING, which could set things in motion for "another entry", perhaps?

        This could get really, really interesting…

        I have always held the conviction that Sarah would not let this opportunity slip by…to run for President in 2012.

        Sarah Palin will run for President of the United States THIS year, IMV.

        PALIN/WEST 2012!

        • exodus2011



    • exodus2011

      any thoughts on why Newt appears to be turning down Romney’s probable offer to retire his debt if he gets out of the race?

      also, any thoughts on why Gov Palin seems to be calm, happy and nonchalant over Romney being the Nominee and therefore zero opportunity for the Sudden and Relentless Reform that America needs to survive?

      • Kalena

        I firmly believe Newt wants to be in the race to take advantage of the delegates available in May, if Santorum flames out and doesn’t make it to the May primary season.

        • exodus2011

          yes there is an article at Human Events quoting Newt’s Camapign Manager on this – he says ‘NO WAY’ is Newt getting out of the race

          • Guest

            I pray he stays in the race.  I respect him for not caving in to RMoney.  He is a fighter – he wants a brokered convention!

            • exodus2011


              it will tell us a lot if we get past April 24th and Newt is still in the race

              although the 6 days at the end of the month could well be a rollercoaster ….


      • TexS2012

        She also said it would take a 10+ earthquake for her to get in the race! That would imply knock down damage to Romney and the people calling for Sarah to get in the race. Because, most likely by then Romney would be the nominee.

        • exodus2011

          I took that EQ quote from her to mean that it would take an enormous EQ for her to reconsider entering the formal Primary Process in order to seek the GOP POTUS Nomination …

          and I think she meant the EQ would be the GOPe showing they were willing to submit to SRR for the sake and future of Constitutional America

      • blerch

        I wish I had an answer to those two questions.  At this time, I do not.  We’ll know more as the coming months unfold.

    • Mountain

      Our economy (not to mention Europe’s) won’t survive the increased taxes we’ll all experience next year (and the end of the Bush tax cuts on top of them). 
      We have too much debt, which God cannot honor:  we’re screwed if Obama wins.

      PRAY for a delegate revolution and a draft at the convention of Sarah Palin.
      PRAY that further leaks occur, REGULARLY, that help Americans wake up, see Zero for the Marxist dictator he is/would like to stay, and then they’ll hopefully vote with common sense and patriotism for the Republican ticket!
      PRAY that NO third party or Indie run hurts the Rep. ticket—-but instead, hurts the Dems!
      PRAY for the safety and health of the Palins and the Supreme Court judges………

      PRAYER is THE most powerful thing we can do, plus connect individually and deeply with God.

      Hang in there—-and keep praying….  and hopefully God will bless us with President Palin.
      What a day, what a GLORIOUS day that will be, when she’s inaugurated!

    • Bill589

      I hate that it seems like money wins it for Mitt.
      Attack ads appear to work.

      He won’t have that advantage in the general.

      • Betsey_Ross

        I hate it, too, Bill.  The sad thing is that they do work.  If he wins the nomination will he use them again against Obama with the ferocity that he did with Newt?   Somehow I don’t think he will.

    • wpmwindsong

      Spot on analysis.  Although it was rendered a bit problematic with the mention of Rubio.  Great guy, but we don’t need any distraction that can be avoided simply by backing anyone else who is clearly eligible by every definition. 

      Fortunately Marco has taken a strong stand that he needs to remain in the Senate.  And that is where he can do the most good anyway.  Maybe even becoming Majority leader with enough time there.  We need that Republican seat from Florida, and those are hard to come by. 

      • Guest

         Well this Floridian won’t vote for the corrupt Rubio again. And this Floridian also won’t be voting for corrupt hack Connie Mack in November either. Good luck with that.

    • M_Minnesota

      Thanks Blerch!

      Since Wisconsin is an open primary, I expected the Madison protester fake sick note types to have the ability to vote in yesterday’s Wisconsin primary.

  • IsraeliCojones

    I’ve just seen the Hannity interview and wish to make a few remarks here:

    1) Sarah knows perfectly that whatever she or others say, there is an important chunk of Conservatives who will stay home or whose votes won’t go to Romney if he is the Nominee. The man is no Conservative, and won’t implement the Conservative policies that can save the country.

    2) She’s not the only one to know this: the GOPe knows it too, and their purpose was just that when they anointed Romney, even before the process began: lose to Obama.

    3) In recent years (ie. during Obama’s tenure), the most frightening thing that has happened to the Ruling Class was the birth of Tea Party and the rebirth of Reaganism ideas among them. Mainly, Tea Party is a movement of citizens (not only Republican Conservatives, but also Reagan Democrats and commonsensical Independents) who are saying that the recklessness of the Ruling Class in Washington DC is not only unacceptable but unsustainable for the country.

    Hence, it is more crucial for the GOPe to kill this Movement as soon as possible than to win an election, especially against the most disastrous President ever.

    4) Consequently, Sarah Palin knows that the GOPe will do ANYTHING to cast stones on the Movement after the loss because, as it appears clearer everyday, the real purpose of these elections is to kill it before it becomes too powerful and sweep them.

    5) At this stage, it is then the wisest thing to do to mimic full support for an Establishment  Nominee against Obama, because she sees what’s coming after the loss: she doesn’t want Conservatives to bear responsibility for this foretold defeat because she knows who the real culprit is and what they are up to.

    And even more so for her: she KNOWS she’s the real Leader of this Movement. And the only real chance for America in the future.

    Imagine what would happen if she dragged her feet: they sure want to "kill" her before they finish off the Movement. But she’s not stupid enough to comply: and so, you won’t find any soundbites from her hostile to Romney as soon as he’s the Nominee (but they will try, bet on it).

    6) It is also better at this point to entertain the delusion that "the primary is over" because the wave of pro-Romney endorsements you’ve seen last week were elicited by the GOPe’s panic over a brokered Convention: a wounded beast is more dangerous than an healthy one. Let have them believe they are winning, because in reality, as long as the other candidates stay in the race, it’s not over at all: we are in the middle of the process.

    7) I wanted to make more points but time is running out. So as a conclusion: whoever wins in November 2012, a) the Movement won’t be killed, will grow and retake power b) the GOPe is done.

    • uksarahfan

      Good points. Thanks IC

      • IsraeliCojones

        Thank you :).

        You’ve been missed, uksarahfan :)

    • BrianusBerkleianus

      Great, IC; thanks for this perceptive post.

      We still pray for a miracle this year, but we have high hopes for SarahAmerica, even if obama (or Romney) wins!!

    • wpmwindsong

      Sarah has no choice but to eventually support the GOP nominee 100% regardless of who it is.  That inoculates her from blame, and it puts her in a position to do what Reagan did in 1976.

      When he lost to Gerald Ford on a technicality and was given an opportunity to speak at the convention in support of Gerald Ford, people shook their heads and wondered if they had just nominated the wrong person.  It was too late for 1976, but we know what happened in 1980.   

      • V

        All true, but it’s going to be almost impossible to fix all the damage that’s being done now versus the damage which was done then.

        At some point we all have to face reality.  Our Government is now comprised of progressives, both Democrats and Republicans, who have institutionalized policies which will never go away. 

        It is what it is.  Life will go on, just not as easily as it once did.

      • Guest

         Yes but the GOPe has learned their lessons well of how "the amiable dunce" slipped through the cracks. They know full well that permitting Reagan to speak at the convention in 1976 was the moment they lost the the 1980 nomination for GHW Bush. They will never allow Sarah to speak, never.

        The GOPe’s mission since 1980 was to cut off any conservative at the knees before they can gain any traction. Don’t you get it? The GOPe is still smarting from GHW Bush’s loss to Reagan. It will never happen again. A conservative will never be the nominee. The GOPe’s enemy is not Obama. It is their conservative base. The GOPe has a great disdain for conservatives.

        Any one who will vote for the GOPe’s candidate is in denial. Obama exists because Bush, McLame, Boehner, and McConnell, corrupt Trent Lott and all the rest of them are not concerned with fighting the Marxists. They want to get along with them. They want big government. Open your eyes. The GOPe is not on your side. They are all etch-a-sketchers, duh!

        • wpmwindsong

          Settle down.  I am in agreement with culpability of the GOPe.  I have been singing that song for months.  I just didn’t want to write a whole treatise. 

          That said, Sarah says emphatically that she will be at the convention, and it will be interesting to see how they treat the previous VP standard bearer of the party who has a higher public profile than any of the current candidates.  

          If they treat her like she’s got the plague by not having the most recent highly popular GOP VP candidate speak, that will say more about the GOPe than anything.   They are stupid, but it will be interesting to see if they are that stupid.  

          It has occurred to me, however, that one of their ploys would be to press the media to hire her to be a media paid commentator for the convention, which would effectively remove her from a direct interaction with the convention delegates as a body.  I guess we will see if Sarah lets herself get pigeonholed into that role.  

          • Guest

             Yep, like I stated in another comment, "It makes one wonder what vile little forms of subterfuge are on the GOPe’s oppressive agenda."

            You will have to excuse me if I jumped down your throat. We in Florida-22 are totally enraged with the GOPe for what they did to Allen West. We are in an all out state of revolt here. I truly hear more people say they despise the GOPe more than Obama. We have no intention of sitting down and shutting up.

            • wpmwindsong

               Good.  Keep up the fight.

      • LT

        Unfortunately, I think that if she does that, and Romney loses, that she – and by extension the tea party – will be blamed for the loss by scaring off the moderates. If her support is absent or only lukewarm, she and the tea party will be blamed for not bringing the base home. Catch-22 :(

        • Betsey_Ross

          There is no way that anyone is going to blame the tea party for anything with any credibility.  Same with Sarah.  That would be the stupidist move on their part ever.  They are afraid of her and they are afraid of the tea party.  The only people that blame her or the tea party are the clueless ones.

    • Kalena

      I posted this in the hannity interview thread, but it fits here as a reply, too:

      I just finished watching my DVR of Hannity, and Sarah was probably the strongest I have ever seen her on Fox at anytime. She just laid it all out there, backed up her opinions, and kept the spotlight on Obama’s complete failure in leadership and as a president.  I was very

      We to remember that about every 2 to 3 months since a year ago, the libs have had a planned hit job on Sarah coming out, whether in a book or a movie. It was planned in advance to keep her on the sidelines. I truly believe that she needed to wait out the release of the emails. For the libs, goose eggs, nothing was found. Then she had that creep’s hit job book that moved in next door and wrote lies about her and tried to slime her. Then we had the HBO movie.

      All of this would have been a HUGE distraction in addition to Sarah trying to fight of the GOP elite insiders, etc, if Sarah was in the race this time. I think she correctly read the atmosphere out there.

      However, what she has accomplished is that she is becoming a very formidable spokesperson for conservatism. And her favorability ratings are now sky high. If the primary season was only starting now, she would sweep the field. The timing was just off this time.

      I am almost resigned to a Romney run, and Sarah will primary him in 2016.

      Regardless of who wins this time, the next four years are going to be dreadful as we try to turn around and dismantle all of the socialist policies that Obama put in place. And don’t forget, we are still operating under the 2009 budget guideline since Harry Reid refused to man up and put a new budget in place. So even if Romney beats Obama, Romney’s favorability rating is going to be in the toilet in 2015, and Sarah can begin her primary challenge then. The country will finally be ready for what she can bring to the table.

      Meanwhile, this election season, she can put more allies in Congress and in key states in their state legislatures and governorships. Then she can call in the chits in the next cycle.

      • Guest

         First of all, Romney will never beat Obama. Obama will win the states in the general that Romney won in the primary. Furthermore, in the swing state of Florida Obama was double digits behind any generic Republican for 2 1/2 years. Since Romney took the Florida primary, Obama is up by 7 and will win this swing state.

        Secondly, even if Romney did beat Obama the GOPe will never allow someone to primary a sitting Republican president.

        I am aware that you are choosing to look at the glass as half full but sorry, this will never happen.

    • Guest

       Very impressive astute post. My compliments!

      You are sagacious beyond your years and it is quite obvious that you did not attend an Ivy League school.


      • IsraeliCojones

        Belated thank you, JRD1 (just came home here).

        I agree with everything you say above to other posters.

        If Obama wins, there must be a second party.

  • Bill589

    Some people may look forward and see a handsome man as president – named Mitt Romney.
    I look and just see the GOPe with strings to a hollow, plastic dummy.

    I figure this is probably the root cause of my inability to communicate well with Rombots.  :)

  • MJosephSheppard

    Total primary votes after tonight; Romney 4,554,756 40.6% ABR;6,659,584  50.6%

    That is justification enough for a brokered convention

  • Bill589

    Sarah the Brave, went into the lion’s den, and was not touched.

    • BrianusBerkleianus

      Yes!!!  Thanks, Bill.

  • Clifford J Cromer

    In My Opinion:
    This Nation I love, and gave three years of my life for it,  is on its deathbed with "Sepis". The absorption of a pathogenic microorganism and étal into the bloodstream of this patient has poisoned its constitution and prognosis for survival is negative.
    The pathogenic microorganism and étal are Obama and his supporters.
    Only a  "doctor" with a positive record for fiscal treatment of deathbed patients need be summoned
    ——-not a social doctor with only dismal fiscal experience.
    Is it too late?

    • exodus2011

      no it isn’t too late

      if Madame45 and her Sudden and Relentless Reform take control of 1600


      Here is my overview wrt what is going on:

      Fort Wasilla are running their stealth campaign like a Military Operation

      Toward the end of WWII the Allied Invasion of Europe on D-Day, called Operation Overlord was executed, but the planning took years. Crucial to the success of Operation Overlord was a successful Operation Fortitude, the Deception Plans which were executed in the many months prior to D-Day.

      Fort Wasilla’s Operation Fortitude is being executed in April in preparation for their Operation Overlord in May and June.

      The GOPe will fight back in August but it will be a Battle of the Bulge, and they won’t break through the Conservative Lines.

      I think many Conservatives will be wounded but not fatally, during Operation Fortitude due to Collateral Damage, but it can’t be helped. They will be restored to full and raging health in May and June.

      Deo Volente ———-> Madame45

      • Mountain

        Dearest exodus AND Brianus:
        Please, please post EVERY DAY through to the election.
        It is so hard to keep hoping, and I’m a total optimist!
        We need your positive, hopeful insights and encouragement.

        And we need to unite in prayer, storming heaven to send miracles and blessings to vanquish our truly evil foes, the Marxists…..  (Dear God, have mercy on us!)

        Plus, soon there will be international troubles that might bring destruction upon the USA, too:  Israel’s probably attack on Iran, the ginned-up Occupy "troops" of Obama, the economic collapse of at least parts of Europe, and the continually horrific situation in Afghanistan, as our troops leave (too early!).

        Please do not leave us, not one day.  Thank you and God bless you (I really must to bed!).
        Mountain Mama

        • exodus2011

          God bless you too M M

          High Five!

          I’ll be sticking around – I believe in this Leader’s character, it draws me like a magnet. I don’t think she uses words recklessly, and we have yet to see several crucial predictive statements fulfilled ….

          as you say, there are many unknowns, and tumultuous times ahead domestically and internationally, but none will take The Great I AM by surprise … and Sun Tzu Palin has ‘at the least’ daily briefings with Him

          with Him, all things are possible


          • NoMoreMeh

            I love this bit,

            "I think many Conservatives will be wounded but not fatally, during
            Operation Fortitude due to Collateral Damage, but it can’t be helped.
            They will be restored to full and raging health in May and June."

            • exodus2011


              I don’t like to think that people will be upset and depressed though ….

              but I think of that scripture …

              " ….weeping endureth for a night, but joy cometh in the morning …"

          • BrianusBerkleianus

            Amen, ex!!

            • exodus2011



        • BrianusBerkleianus

          I will sure try, Sister, even if I have to post "old" pieces sometimes!!!

          God bless!!!

      • BrianusBerkleianus

        Thanks, ex, for the fascinating WW II comparisons!!

        • exodus2011

          yw BB

          I think there are several people with military background working with Fort Wasilla


      • Clifford J Cromer

        I printed out GovernorPalin’s Statement on 1212 Decision 10/5/11 and frequently refer to it see if I can see "Deception Plans".  She opened her letter, "After Much Prayer—". Eph 1:11  states [God] ——works ALL THINGS after the counsel of His own will". I believe that after much prayer, God revealed to Governor Palin His plans and she is awaiting His instructions,"GO".
        Exodus, I too believe that you do.
        What is it that Hebrews 11:1 has to do with the hope that we have!! "Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, THE EVIDENCE OF THINGS NOT SEEN"

        • exodus2011

          High Five!


          (Madame45 will make a formidable Commander-in-Chief … .Rogue nations won’t want to mess with, or to second-guess Sun Tzu Palin *__*)

  • blueniner

    This is the Nightowl birgade, we are waiting for last call…LOL I went over to Mediate and Dan Abrams has Sarah all over the sit, he must have dreams about Sarah, if she coughs he posts it. If any of you feel like mixing it up with some Palin bashing trolls they are out in force, Jon Stewart on his show really went after Sarahs Today show appearance. Stewart even had a man on the street Brit over outside of 30Rock. There are several C4pers over there fightnin back though.

    • section9

      I suspect that what is going on with Stewart is that Palin won’t appear on his show, for now, because she knows his game and knows that The Daily Show is a Fixed Game. The whole "clown nose on, clown nose off" scam is designed to hide Stewart’s partisanship.

      That said, even Stewart has been forced to become increasingly critical of Obama in ways that Maher never would.

  • Bill589

    Besides her own capability and fortitude, I think there is another reason Sarah can waltz into enemy territory, be surrounded by foe, and remain fearless and unscathed.

    It may be because she stands her ground with truth buckled round her waist, and integrity for a breastplate, wearing shoes of eagerness to spread the good news of peace, and she is always carrying the shield of faith so that she can put out the burning arrows of the evil ones.

    This may be why, even deep in enemy turf, none of the attacks could get through.

    And it appears that she also wears salvation as a helmet, while she receives the word of God from the Spirit to use as a sword.  And we know that Sarah uses that sword of truth very well.

    SP2012 – the armored warrior.

    • exodus2011

      yes INDEED



    • TexS2012

      Beautifully said Bill! Folks, there is no one like Sarah Palin, our Alaska Warrior!

  • exodus2011

    If the Process stays on the track it is now, how does the following recent statement become fulfilled?

    This Fall it will be The Party of Freedom V. The Party of Government.

    Did Gov Palin speak recklessly? Is she in the habit of speaking recklessly?

    Does anyone think that the GOPe will sign off on Allen West as the VP? – she has named him twice now .. …

    Do people expect that Romney will get the Nomination in regular time if Santorum loses PA?

    If that happens how does this process become unconventional?

  • wodiej

     "Cast thy burden upon the
    LORD, and he shall sustain thee." Psalms 55:22

  • exodus2011

    "It’s not enough to just change the Uniform if we don’t change the Team and the game plan, we won’t save the Country".- Sarah Palin #NotMitt

  • exodus2011

    On Today:

    Palin on 2012 race:
    A "shake-up" still possible.

    Someone should ask Newt if he is still expecting ‘one or two’ more Candidates to get in the race by the end of April.


    (Mark my words Sean, this Process will be unconventional …)

    EDIT – I will tweet Newt and ask … .. .who knows, he might reply … *__*

  • wodiej

    Obama makes illegal contributions easy

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