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Chris Cillizza | Mitt Romney 2012 = John Kerry 2004?

Political reporters — all of whom are history nerds at heart — spend countless hours trying to figure out which past election the current elections most reminds them of.

It’s part parlor game — you usually win when you compare the current election to the most obscure election of the past possible (this reminds me of the 1876 election between Samuel Tilden and Rutherford B. Hayes) — and part useful political analysis. While no two elections are ever exactly the same, there are elections whose dynamics clearly resemble one another and where studying what happened can help you understand what will happen.

We’ve spent a lot — and we mean, a lot — of time  thinking about what election the 2012 race reminds us most of and can now definitively say that it’s the 2004 contest between President George W. Bush and Massachusetts Sen. John Kerry.



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