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Daniel de Gracia: Game Change? Sarah Palin Will Always be My Favorite Republican

Daniel de Gracia wrote a piece posted on Washington Times Communities, in which it’s clear that he isn’t buying into the false narratives sold by leftist media about Governor Palin. He wrote:

While America is still deciding whether it should fret or revel over HBO’s new “Game Change” film, I think it’s worth reassuring former Governor Palin that those of us who sincerely admire and respect her will always see her as America’s best vice presidential candidate ever, and no movie can ever diminish the real star that Sarah is to us.

Alexander Solzhenitsyn warned in his famous Harvard address three decades ago, “A statesman who wants to achieve something important and highly constructive for his country has to move cautiously and even timidly. There are thousands of hasty and irresponsible critics around him … As he moves ahead, he has to prove that each single step of his is well-founded and absolutely flawless.”

“Actually, an outstanding and particularly gifted person who has unusual and unexpected initiatives in mind hardly gets a chance to assert himself. From the very beginning, dozens of traps will be set out for him. Thus, mediocrity triumphs with the excuse of restrictions imposed by democracy.”

Sarah may not be perfect, but then again neither is our system and neither are we. What I do see in Sarah is an exceptional human being with a good heart, full of faith in God and love for her family who stood to be counted when America needed leaders.

Since the 2008 campaign, Sarah has not shrunk from service but committed herself to the cause of restoring honor to America and giving a voice to those whom others ignore. It’s worth noting that among the poorest and most disadvantaged Republicans, polls reflect that Sarah is most favorably viewed. Why? Because Sarah is a woman who connects with compassion, class and a courageous spirit…

In 2010, one of my friends, John Willoughby, ran as a Republican candidate for Congress here in Hawaii. Despite being a retired U.S. Navy officer who served during the Battle of Mogadishu – known to the rest of us as the Black Hawk Down incident – he was brushed aside and lightly esteemed by local conservatives, who said he could never win.

When Willoughby won his contested Republican primary, while people were still saying my friend couldn’t win, Sarah was the first national personality to endorse him. Sarah, who understood what it was like to be lightly esteemed, consistently shows honor and respect to all those who put their names on the line to serve their country.

In 2011, when I wanted to present one of my Hawaii friends with a unique birthday present, I requested a personalized autograph from Sarah with a birthday message. Sarah gladly provided it.

Say what you will about Sarah Palin. The real Sarah is a woman of incredible humility, character and honor who, God willing, will one day return to elected politics and not just change the game, but stop Washington’s playing of games at taxpayer expense.

You can read the entire piece here.

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  • Lennart Bilén

    Who said: “It is not yet too late to jump in”?
    And said it no less with a Cheshire cat grin?
    Why, it’s Sarah, of course.
    She will throw them off course.
    Cards close to her vest; she is destined to win.

    • alien4palin

      Ditto!!! Surprise is an exceptionally effective disarming weapon. Sarah is extremely discipline and skillful in keeping her opponents on tenterhooks. She is priceless!!!

  • Edward Lee Marskell

    Thank you, so much for sharing this wonderful article with us. Mr. de Gracia, thank you. God bless.

    • DannydeGracia2

      You are very welcome. I am extremely thankful and appreciative above all else that Sarah has committed herself to supporting people who want to make a difference even when no one else pays attention to them and that says a lot about her character!

  • polarfan

    Daniel, that’s how I feel about Sarah!

    Thank you for sharing and all the best to you in Hawaii….

    • DannydeGracia2

      Mahalo nui loa! Thank you for reading!

  • DocBarry1

    Phenomenal piece! Gov Palin is not only my favorite Republican she is my favorite politician, period.

    Gov Palin s unique and special – she can walk the talk – check her public record, please

    • DannydeGracia2

      Thanks! The one thing that Americans should always remember is respect and humility are not partisan traits … we should all admire a woman like Sarah Palin!

  • Guest

    Great Article.!!!……….Thank you Daniel de Garcia..

    Palin/West 2012……

    • DannydeGracia2

      Thank you. I believe credit should always be given where credit is due. In my opinion Sarah Palin is the best ever vice presidential candidate.

      • Guest

        I absolutely agree with your post……..Best to you and yours, Danny!

  • ZH100

    Great read!

    • DannydeGracia2

      Thank you and mahalo nui loa!

  • John_Frank

    Stacy, thank you for sharing this excellent article by Mr. de Gracia. Much appreciated.

  • Laddie_Blah_Blah

    A beautifully expressed testimonial from de Gracia that speaks for all of us here. Thanks, Stacy, for bringing it to our attention.

    • DannydeGracia2

      Thank you for reading!

      • Laddie_Blah_Blah

        My pleasure.

  • gahanson

    I doubt if America, as a whole, is thinking about Game Change at all.  Just a few million people bothered to watch it, and it has passed. 

    • DannydeGracia2

      I saw it but it made me appreciate Sarah Palin all the more!

  • JamesColumbiaMo

    Sarah Palin will always be my favorite person.  I could care less if she were Republican or Democrat.  The GOP by virtue of making Mandate Mitt their leader is essentially telling us to take a hike.  I am trying to contemplate if 4 more years of Obama then 4 years of Palin is any worse than 8 years of an east coast moderate who won’t do anything except grow government slower. 

  • 808forpalin

    Mega mahalos for capturing so well what so many of us here feel, from your special perspective, Mr. de Gracia.  Imua Sarah!

    • DannydeGracia2

      Aloha and mahalo nui loa for reading!

  • HuntingMoose

    i think most favorite politician is more correct

  • friskyness

    It just proves the GOPe doesn’t want a good candidate, they want a puppet candidate that will do what they say……….equals Romney….The American voters are the ones that have to stand up and stay "no more"……..but they don’t…….they’ve nominated another "establishment" candidate…If America wants a candidate that will really fix things, they have to stop going the "establishment" way. The voters and establishment have let an excellent candidate just walk away….Don’t complain America,……….it’s your fault………….

  • conservativemama

    Great piece.  You’ve spoken so eloquently for so many of us.  And I love the Solhenitsyn quotes.  As we await the Supreme Court’s decision on Obamacare, I keep thinking of Solzhenitsyn’ great book, The Cancer Ward.  Read that and fear a future with socialized medicine.

    Sarah’s the real deal.  And it’s rare that you get a chance to support and vote for someone you really believe in, whom you know has the best interests of the country at heart.  Seriously, how often have we seen this in our time?  Reagan…………anyone else?  I will give W. credit for doing all he thought he should after 9/11, but now it’s Mitt?  Seriously?  That’s what we get?

    That said, can’t wait for Tuesday morning.  I haven’t bothered with the Today show in years, really what’s the point in watching network TV, but I will be there to see the Governor.  Want to see her bury Couric in the ratings.

    • otto

      Don’t be so hard on Katie, she has enough trouble smiling without baring her gums. .LOOL.
      She deserves that.

    • DannydeGracia2


    • PalinIsGodsGift2USA

      Right on Conservativemama!!!

      RUN SARAH RUN!!!

  • otto

    And so lies the difference between this man’s’ writing ,and the veiled writings of one Timothy Stanley.
    These are clear honest thoughts, no underbelly woven into the article. It would be just as honest if he said he didn’t like her.

    Are you reading this Timmy Boy? Don’t be a tum, no one needs it more. It’s a "how-to be" an honest man. 

  • kessi7

    Thank you DannyM I am not American, but Love the country> See how the world treated Obama when he became president, that will be nothing compared to how the world would treat Sarah when she (If she) I hope becomes the POTUS. I can testify to thousands who are just amazed at her personality and think she is one good thing the US has given this world. That is why the LSM tries so hard to destroy her, bc it has to be someone from their camp.
    Pls keep writting such articles for mlllions of us who want to read such. God bless

    • DannydeGracia2

      Will do.

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