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Jennifer Bendery | John McCain: Mitt’s Committed to "Immigration Reform"

"He’s already said that immigration reform is something that he’s committed to," McCain told reporters, in response to a question about whether Romney should make the issue a bigger focus of his campaign.

McCain, who unsuccessfully tried to advance comprehensive immigration reform legislation in 2007 with Sen. Ted Kennedy (D-Mass.), demurred when asked about Romney’s opposition to creating a pathway to citizenship. That provision was a central piece of the McCain-Kennedy bill, along with a guest worker program and DREAM Act provisions.

"He said that he’s committed to immigration reform," McCain said of Romney. "I think that’s a pretty good statement."



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  • ? Jim ?

    I’ll bet he is committed to a McCain-Kennedy amnesty type of reform.

    So – now, here comes the old-guard, liberal GOPE types trying to side up to Romney.

  • Exgunman

    I guess McCain destroying his own campaign wasn’t good enough………………………………….

  • Hyman Roth

    This can’t miss.

  • Guest

    I have no doubt whatsoever that one of Willard’s many surprises for the conservative suckers who support him is a new Dream Act push and/or another stab at CIR. the only question is, does he spring the surprise before the election to pander for illegal votes, or does he wait until after November?

    In either case, I am going to laugh my a$$ off at the conservatives who bought his line of bull and who will be howling that they have been betrayed.

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