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What’s going on this morning?

Rick Santorum is out. Here was his final speech as a presidential candidate. Newt Gingrich has a decent chance of winning MT, SC, NE, NC, AR, KY, WV, and TX of the remaining states.

Someone didn’t tell Hogan Gidley

Allahpundit on 10/5/2011: "[Governor Palin] did the smart thing by staying out….She’s 47 years old, fully 25 years younger than McCain was when he was nominated three years ago. No rush."
Allahpundit on 4/10/2012: "I always thought [Governor Palin would] run this time just because it was the best chance she’s likely to have."

How about Nia Vardalos as Governor Palin?

Huckabee is already taking staged calls for his radio show.


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