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Politico | Gop Fades to Irrelevance in California

If you want to know why no one is talking about which way California will go in the November presidential election, the answer is simple: Mitt Romney doesn’t have a prayer.

It’s not the polls that lead to that conclusion. All you have to do is look at the state’s latest voter registration statistics.

They’re really quite stunning in what they reveal about the GOP’s fade toward irrelevance in the nation’s largest state.

There used to be a time when California regularly produced talent for GOP presidential ticket. And from 1952 through 1988, the Republican nominee carried the state in every presidential election but one.



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  • Hyman Roth

    The Republican party in this state gave up a long time ago.

    Unfortunately, the same thing is happening to the national party.

    • HuntingMoose

      what the republican party is doing is irrelevant

      what the spoiled-never-my-fault voters will do if they can vote to recall Obama is of interest.

      All that need to be done is to highlight Obama’s failures for them and they will come out with pitch fork and all. They did it with Davis 6 or so years ago, they can do it again.

      • Hyman Roth

        "All that need to be done is to highlight Obama’s failures"….

        Dream on, sweet spirit.

        • HuntingMoose

          And you dream on that california is in the pocket of obama.

          In 2010 boxer barely could keep her seat and moonbeam also had a hard time defeating meg whitman . Yes the dems won but the anger with boxer is not that big and moonbeam had his experience in the pocket and an unpopular outgoing schwarzenegger in his advantage.

          And don’t assume hispanics are stupid and in the tank for obama either.

          20+% unemployment..

          • Guest

            Sorry, Moose….but you don’t know ANYTHING about California.  Boxer barely won?  Uhhhh….yeah….right.  I LIVE in California.  The only people that are leaving California in droves are the middle class.  The poor get paid to stay here.  They get food provided for them….energy provided….healthcare provided….housing provided.  And the "rich" like Oprah Winfrey actually keep track of how many nights they stay in California.  Once they reach their limit…they go back to Chicago or where ever so that they don’t have to pay California state taxes.  Oprah has bragged about this.  My business is paying over 20% in just state taxes.  That doesn’t include federal taxes or state property taxes or gas taxes or the highest sales taxes in the country We also has 4 or 5 NEW tax props that will be on the ballot in November.  One of them to boost cigarette prices again which are already about $3 per pack.  Soda taxes.  The Millionaires tax.  An increase in gas taxes which CA is already the highest. 

  • CBDenver

    I looked at the pdf of the statistics and what I got out of it is that the number of people declaring themselves unaffiliated with any political party has jumped in the past 15 years.  While the Republican party has faded, so also has the Democrat (although not quite as much as the R’s).  It also shows that there is no 3rd party that has captured anyone’s allegiance.  Seems like the state is ripe for something new.

  • HuntingMoose

    And that statement is a complete and out and out lie.

    First of all, voter registration does not translate in votes.

    Many, and I am not kidding, just keep democratic registration but will vote republican and will vote against Obama.

    Many on the democratic side are so upset they will not vote

    And those that dared to be registered Republican, you betcha they will vote against Obama

  • HuntingMoose


    So how did this supposed super-democratic-voter-block vote for when they recalled the dem.
    governer and replaced him with action-figure Schwarzenegger?

    You really think the voters in a state with 20+ % hidden unemployment will say "we want more" ?


  • Repack Rider

    You can blame Schwarzenegger for ruining the GOP brand in California.  He ran the place into the ground.  Meg Whitman and Carly Fiorina didn’t help either, failures in business trying to succeed in politics.  Whitman spend the equivalent of the entire budget of three small countries trying to buy the election, and lost to Moonbeam, who didn’t do much more than announce that he was running.

    • Guest

      The democraps in the state house ran the state into the ground….not Schwarzenegger.  Almost every prop he put on the ballot was voted down.  Whitman was brought down by the October Surprise by Gloria Allred.  And Fiorina had to cancel many campaign events because she was still battling cancer and shouldn’t have ran in 2010.  Those 3 helped to keep turn out down and that affected every GOP race in the state. 

  • Guest

    And this is EXACTLY why….no matter what….I am writing in Sarah’s name in November!  MY VOTE DOESN’T COUNT!  And I will NOT be lectured by others about that being a vote for 0bama!!!!  In 2010….not a single state-wide race in an historic change election went republican.  It wasn’t the candidates that ran….it’s the new make-up of California.  Republicans are leaving the state in droves because the dems get government subsidies and qualify for energy credits and other goodies. 

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