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The Hill | At Trial, Prosecutors Say John Edwards Was ‘Master Manipulator’

Federal prosecutors on Monday painted John Edwards as a “master manipulator” who knowingly broke the law by allegedly accepting nearly $1 million to help hide an affair from the public during his 2008 bid for the White House.

But Edwards’ defense attorney rejected the charges, saying that while the former Democratic senator and presidential hopeful may have committed “sins,” he was not guilty of violating any of the six counts the government has brought against him.

Lawyers made their opening remarks largely along anticipated lines as Edwards’ trial began in Greensboro, N.C. Edwards is accused of violating campaign finance laws by allegedly using $925,000 from two wealthy campaign donors to help hide his mistress and their newborn baby from the media.

The government claims this money was an in-kind campaign contribution since it aided Edwards’s bid for the presidency and therefore violates the Election Act.



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