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A.B. Culvahouse Slams Game Change As "Revisionist" And States Palin’s Vet Was "No Less Rigorous" Than Previous Vets

A.B. Culvahouse wrote the following editorial in the Wall-Street Journal:

For those of you who’ve managed to steer clear of the revisionist HBO movie about that campaign, I led the team that vetted Sarah Palin, apparently the five most newsworthy days of my life…

The vetting of Sarah Palin was no less rigorous, just compressed….

That includes her daughter’s pregnancy, which the governor raised in a private discussion, and the ethics investigation into the July 2008 dismissal of Alaska Public Safety Commissioner Walter Monegan for allegedly refusing to fire the governor’s ex-brother-in-law, which later became known as "Troopergate." In fact, we presented the McCain campaign with a six-page analysis of that initial investigation, and in November 2008 the Alaska State Personnel Board found that Gov. Palin had not violated any ethics laws….

Gov. Palin’s responses to my standard hypothetical questions—Was she prepared to use nuclear weapons to defend our country? Would she authorize a strike against Osama bin Laden if she knew that numerous civilians also would be killed?—portrayed impressive resolve and sensitivity.


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  • Lennart Bilén

    The Pompous Elite with their minds international
    Say Sarah can’t govern, her thoughts are not rational
    On the Cross she believes
    And salvation receives .
    Replace God with State, and your worldview is fractional.

    • conservativemama


  • PetePetretich

    Thank you, Mr. Culvahouse, for finally speaking out.

  • Sheba Evers

    sorry… double post.

    • PhilipJames

       Sorry, you are a double idiot.

  • Jose R. Gonzalez

    All those hysterical liberals, that open-minded lot, will simply disregard this truth and instead focus on the farce forwarded by two disgruntled campaign staffers.  Yes, campaign staffers.  Note:  Campaign staffers are traditionally little more than paid liars.  Of course, their word is gospel for the PDS sufferers. 

  • Abby4
  • willegge

    It has been made clearly obvious these past  few years who Sarah Palin is, a person more equipped to be president than any who ran the in 2008 and more qualified than any who have been running in 2012. Her record proves that, she remains a person of conviction, integrity ,with the will and moral fiber to do what is right, even under great stress from a lying media, Dems and GOP. Romney does not come close to Governor Palin, he is a weak leader as a governor, that’s his record.  Hopefully he will be better than Obama.

    • susiepuma

      hopefully, he will get on the ballot so we won’t have to make that choice – because, IMO, there isn’t a lot of difference between the two.

      RUN SARAH RUN – PALIN POWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Reynolds88

    AB Culvahouse is a lawyer and by nature says nothing without the implicit CYA.  He does not judge or divulge any of the other short list persons and only McCain (and a few of his cronies) know what what said about them.   AB Culvaouse also said in his previous 45 min talk that his deal was that he and he alone would lead the process so that essentially McCain would not have competing sources that might undermine AB Culvahouse’s report.  In other words, there was NOT another law firm or second vetting process going on.  This cuts the legs out from under anything baldie or cutie-pie (Schmidt and Wallace) have said. 

    I don’t think America voted against McCain/Palin because they feared Sarah Palin’s lack of composure or foreign policy experience although the liberal press tried to make that impression fo her.   She has in fact, now, given keynote speaking status at major international conferences (Singapore and S. Korea to name two).  Conferences that WJ Clinton has lead and Sarah was the headliner at the S. Korea conference where Larry Summers (former Treasury Secy. and Econ Prof. from Harvard) was also speaking. 

    I don’t think Todd Palin’s brief involvement in the AK independence party was a factor in the election. 

    The biggest losing factors (IMV) was the ineptitude of the political wigs in McCain’s broken campaign approach, McCain’s reluctance, fear or incompetence in NOT showing America that Obama was a phony, and McCain’s subconscious desire to please people (he wanted to remain a "hero" not the bad guy) and thus his willingness to let Obama win.  This is not even including McCain’s frank admission that he could not handle the collapsing economy and that is when the poll numbers changed from winning to losing for McCain/Palin.

    But AB Culvahouse is not a "pundit".  He only restates the record, as he is in fact bound by his legal allegiances to McCain first, the truth he is allowed to reveal second, then Palin, as the truth benefits her, always. 

    As W. Bush needed a foreign policy wiz like Cheney, and Obama did too (Biden is no wiz though) McCain thought his POW experience and Bomb bomb bomb Iran was his ticket to ride.  Sadly he was lacking himself in the critical component (competence and desire to win). 

  • Timothy Jacques

    Okay folks….Sarah just drew blood….for a SECOND time.   A wounded RINO is dangerous and I can assure you that the "memes" will get recycled and amplified big time now.

    She sure did stir up the bee’s nest….that’s our Sarah!!!!  :)

  • ZH100

    A.B. Culvahouse Praises Sarah Palin

    From the article:

    "In months prior to Senator McCain’s selection of Governor Palin as his running mate, the McCain campaign engaged long-time Washington power broker A.B. Culvahouse to vet potential candidates.  Among those vetted were Governor Palin and 25 other potential VP candidates, including Will’s latest flavor of the month, Tim Pawlenty.

    Culvahouse, who’s met his share of leaders and power-brokers during his long career in Washington, was more than satisfied with Governor Palin’s competence in this area.  She knocked it ‘out of the park’.”

  • OldPat

     LOL.  Are you one of those people who must have the last word?  I only ask because your response is a day late and a dollar short – even for a progressive.  Live your delusion if you must, but don’t bother us with your rationalizations for doing so.

    ‘I have no problem with it.’  As if I care whether you have a problem with it or not.  LOLOL.  BuBye, Sheba.

  • ToddPA

    Not sure why you are posting here?

    So she was "only" chosen because she’s a woman? Hmmm.

    and this election cycle we’re treated to daily reminders that Marco Rubio
    would be IDEAL. Why? Because he’s from a key swing state, AND because
    of his ethnicity. Here’s a newsflash for you. IT’S CALLED POLITICAL STRATEGY.

    When people come here to disparage Sarah Palin, one has to wonder how
    pathetic their lives truly are……

  • DocBarry1

    Sheba E. – U r wrong!

  • juju341

    You are only giving part of what he said… the article from the WSJ. 

    He did the same article a few years ago….he defended Sarah then and now.

  • Abby4

    LOL re Palin "lied about Todd being a member of the Alaska Independence Party"

    "Assisted by the candid information Gov. Palin provided, we identified and reported every issue that subsequently arose (with one exception: her husband’s membership in the Alaska Independence Party)."

    Where in this statement does it infer Palin lied…& why would she?  

  • Audrey_I

    Sarah Palin is held to a much higher standard than Joe Biden.  I guess a woman, especially a conservative woman,  has to work much harder.   Joe Biden has been wrong on foreign policy many times and Barack Hussein Obama says he had visited 57 states and has a couple more to go. 

    Funny thing how women are the biggest critics of other successful women.

  • amaze830

    Culvahouse did not confirm that Gov. Palin lied about Todd being registered in the Alaska Indendence Party.  Gov. Palin already explained that Todd mistakenly checked the Alaska Independence Party on his Voter’s Registration form.  Todd meant to check the Independance Party and he has since corrected the situation.  I can see why people can mistakely checked the wrong box in the Voter’s Registration form.  Please get your facts right!

  • friskyness

     Calvahouse’s article is not new. He has said this all before, but it goes to deaf ears.  Liberals want to change history to no avail!  People remember 2008, Palin was the best candidate for VP at the time and you know it, that is why you have to lie. People don’t believe the lies you are trying to sell, But Obama has his door wide open for you, so go walk through it.  I hear he needs some new lies to start circulating so he can steal this election.

  • PhilipJames

     You are nuts. Culvahouse never says Sarah lied to him about Todd. Screw off you jerk.

  • ljmesq

    Sheba, either you don’t understand English very well or you in fact are trying to purvey a falsehood.  Culvahouse spoke of  the "candid information" Palin provided.  If someone believes that they have been lied to concerning information provided to them, they do not refer to the supplying of it as "candid".  Candid speaking denotes straightforward and honest speaking, not lying.

    Although she did not have a lot of foreign policy and defense experience, Palin had more executive experience than the other 3 on the tickets combined.  Governors rarely have much foreign policy or defense experience.  Based on the criteria that Culvahouse used regarding Palin’s readiness to be V-P on 1/20/09, it is clear that Obama was not ready to be President on that date.  His prior duties, limited as they were, did not encompass foreign policy, defense or any executive experience.  Unlike Culvahouse’s confidence that Palin would grow into the role, Obama has shown that he has not grown into the role of President.  

    The article was Culvahouse’s response to the bogus criticism, that Palin was never properly vetted.  He forcefully disputes that fact.  Clearly, he was very impressed with her and her abilities. In defending his vetting process, he also defended her.

  • Freempg

    Yet another troll with their first post. There must be a sociopathy which grips haters like you that drives you to sites like this to make assinine comments. Are you possessed? What a waste of your life and our time.

  • ZH100

    ‘A.B. Culvahouse Praises Sarah Palin’

    From the article:

    "During the vetting process, said Culvahouse, “Me and two of my most cynical partners interviewed her, and came away impressed.” Culvahouse added that Palin would “have been a great vice president,” and said that he told McCain exactly that.

    So what was so impressive? Culvahouse said Palin hit certain, particularly tough questions “out of the park,” such as whether she was prepared to use nuclear weapons, and whether she would order the CIA to shoot Osama bin Laden even if it guaranteed civilian deaths. Culvahouse did not offer the details of Palin’s answers, but said, “She had a lot of capacity.”

  • Kimberly Petrich

    Yes, he is defending his own work, of course. He is telling the public the TRUTH about the vetting of Governor Palin in defiance of the ‘conventional wisdom’ that she was not vetted thoroughly. Palin herself needs NO defending. Her RECORD and the TRUTH stand for themselves.

  • Sheba Evers

     Todd was a member of AIP for seven years.  Culvahouse admits that he missed that piece of info.  Simply by saying he missed it, he’s acknowledging that the Palins lied.  Sarah told everyone Todd wasn’t a member or declared AIP by mistake.  It’s an obvious inference.

  • Sheba Evers

     I think you should talk to a few more conservatives. It’s Republicans who hate Sarah, because they believe her bumbling cost them the election in 2008. 
     In my experience, liberals just think she’s a bit ridiculous.  Sarah’s only a joke to them, which is why they say such mean things about her.  It’s not nice, but it’s still just comedians or pundits making jokes.  There are no prominent liberal politicians who bother to attack her in any formal way.  But conservatives do.  They are the ones who secretly despise her.  The Romney campaign hates her, and they’re determined to choose a VP nominee who is nothing like her.
    And for the record, if more people vote for Obama, that’s not "stealing" an election.  It’s called winning.  If he loses, so be it.  We live in a democracy!

  • John_Frank

    Why are you posting here?

    Sarah Palin did not cost Republicans the election. That is nonsense and contrary to the facts. McCain ran a poor campaign. McCain lost because he mishandled the financial crisis. He was rolled when he cancelled his campaign and went to Washington to deal with TARP. In the end, Obama ended up looking Presidential and McCain ended up looking like a fool.

  • John_Frank

    That is a false charge.

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