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I took this photo of a prescient Manhattan Mini Storage billboard at 44th Street and Route 9A (West St.) on November 5, 2011. Though the billboard is no longer on this building, the same billboard can be seen further down Route 9A in the Chelsea section of Manhattan. Yes, the owners of Manhattan Mini Storage are liberals and routinely lampoon Republicans and our values in their ads. Why would I use this billboard as a Palinista? Sometimes, we need to listen to the warnings our enemies give us. Nancy Pelosi after all said the exact same things we have been saying. According to Conservative Byte, in an article published January 18, 2012, Pelosi said the following:

“If the far right thought that Romney could win, they might be more enthusiastic about him,” Pelosi told POLITICO’s Mike Allen during Tuesday’s Playbook Breakfast. “But they question what he stands for and they don’t think he’s going to win. So what’s the sell? I’m not sure he knows what he stands for, and that makes it harder too.”

“I don’t know who knows him,” she added of Romney. “Does he know him?”

About the field of candidates, Pelosi said "not exactly what you would call the first string of the Republican Party." Have not all the candidates’ campaigns save for Romney’s and Paul’s come to an ignoble end? Though Pelosi is a detestable enemy, most conservatives would agree with her comments about Romney and the GOP field of candidates as a whole. Though the owners of Manhattan Mini Storage posted the billboard as part of a snarky, edgy ad campaign, it is a very large and loud canary in the mine warning us of an impending disaster if we proceed on our current course.

Much ink has been spilled on why Romney can’t win and the point does not require much belaboring. It all boils down to pale pastels versus bold colors.

So, how did New York Republicans feel about their choices presented by this field of candidates?

According to the New York State Data Center, the state’s total population as of July 2011 is: 19,465,167.

According to the Press Republican, 5.6 million New Yorkers are registered Democrat and 2.8 million are registered Republicans. From these numbers, we can surmise that the remainder are in no particular order: enrolled in a small third party; not enrolled in any party, too young to vote, or are foreign nationals.

Voter Turnout in April 24, 2012 NY Primary: 5.82%

According to the Wall Street Journal Delegate Tracker, which uses the Associated Press’ calculations in determining which candidates have how many delegates, 162,990 Republicans voted in New York’s closed primary.

Voter turn-out was 5.82% of New York’s 2.8 million Republicans.

Of the 162,990 who bothered to vote, 103,142 voted for Romney.

Romney Gets 95 Delegates with less than 4% of NY’s GOP Base

The number of people who voted for Romney is only 3.68% of the entire state’s base of 2.8 million registered Republicans. On the strength of 3.68% of New York’s Republicans, Romney walked out of New York with the entire motherlode of 95 delegates (92 for now, because of some vote counting issues, but it will ultimately be 95).

Romney with his 103,142 votes carried 63.28% of the 162,990 who voted. This is a landslide majority of the votes, which triggered a Winner-Take-All. New York State is proportional unless there is a majority. While less than 6% of New York’s Republicans voted, Romney carried a landslide of their votes.


Where was 94.18% of New York’s Republicans on the 24th? Not at the polls. When 94.18% of the party’s base does not vote, that is not "lack of enthusiasm." It is not "enthusiasm that will build" at some later time. Romney is not going to start giving people that "warm and fuzzy feeling" overnight. What this voter turnout reflects is absolute, complete, and utter disgust.

GOP Establishment Offers Pale Pastels, Rank Incompetence…

Our GOP race consisted of one strong candidate who only offers pale pastels with failed candidates as his alternatives. The others tried to offer bold colors to varying degrees, but what voters got instead was appallingly rank incompetence and disturbingly unprofessional campaigning. We had candidates who could not enunciate simple positions on issues; could not get their names on ballots; could not do basic opposition research; could not file delegate paperwork in key states; and who flubbed debates with amateur-hour performances followed by the proffering of pathetic excuses and childish demands. Shall I mention one candidate who failed out before the first primary due to a combination of major gaffes, two settled sexual harassment suits, and the still unresolved accusation of a 13-year affair? Yes, the outcome of these primary campaigns was predictable and inevitable. Now, aside from Romney, the only one left standing is Ron Paul with less than a whopping 10% of Romney’s delegates and not a single state to his name.

We need a Candidate We can Vote FOR

The Etch-a-Sketch candidate has absolutely no interest in either Gov. Palin or her support. Though he is "severely conservative," he has not been to a single Tea Party rally and he has not reached out to conservatives within the GOP – that is the GOP’s base. The Grandfather and ultimate architect of ObamaCare wants to run against the father of ObamaCare. As governor of Massachusetts, he was pro-abortion, and anti-Second Amendment. But, don’t worry. He’s running "as a conservative." That is until he hits the reset button and shakes the Etch-A-Sketch. He is a blue blood and a plutocrat to the core – hopelessly out of touch with ordinary Americans – running against an incumbent who thrives on class warfare and race-baiting.

When there is little point of difference between the incumbent and the challenger, the incumbent wins. While anybody might do a better job than Obama, that "anybody" must first win the general election. Winning the nomination is not enough. There’s the rub. A campaign strategy rooted in voting AGAINST an incumbent historically has rarely – if ever – been successful.

People need someone to vote FOR. We need a standard-bearer to rally behind. That is why over 94% of New York’s Republicans got disgusted and did not vote.

A Sign of Things to Come?

According to the National Journal (H/T Josh Painter), fully 60% of Romney supporters are only there because they are voting AGAINST Obama. If over 94% of the GOP voters don’t vote like in the New York Primary, Romney cannot possibly win the presidency.

If voters don’t vote, all the down-tickets – some of whom are good, solid Reagan-Palin Conservatives – like Richard Mourdock and Anna Little – will lose along with Romney, because the very votes they need will not have been cast. A Romney nomination will require a monumental Get Out The Vote (GOTV) effort to ensure that our good Reagan-Palin conservatives do not suffer the consequences of his nomination. Part of that effort necessarily will involve reminding voters that it is Congress, not POTUS who makes the laws, and in this election cycle the down-tickets are even more important than the Presidential race.

Perhaps, a Romney nomination and voter disgust are what the Bush/Rove GOP establishment wants, because they only care about their own power. They do not care about either the party’s purported platform or the will of their own base. But, they demand our money and support.

Unless something radically changes in Tampa, the prediction made by Manhattan Mini Storage will be fulfilled.

We need someone we can believe in.

Because, "Mitt Romney? That guy couldn’t even beat Obama."

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