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A Sign of Things to Come? – Devito

I took this photo of a prescient Manhattan Mini Storage billboard at 44th Street and Route 9A (West St.) on November 5, 2011. Though the billboard is no longer on this building, the same billboard can be seen further down Route 9A in the Chelsea section of Manhattan. Yes, the owners of Manhattan Mini Storage are liberals and routinely lampoon Republicans and our values in their ads. Why would I use this billboard as a Palinista? Sometimes, we need to listen to the warnings our enemies give us. Nancy Pelosi after all said the exact same things we have been saying. According to Conservative Byte, in an article published January 18, 2012, Pelosi said the following:

“If the far right thought that Romney could win, they might be more enthusiastic about him,” Pelosi told POLITICO’s Mike Allen during Tuesday’s Playbook Breakfast. “But they question what he stands for and they don’t think he’s going to win. So what’s the sell? I’m not sure he knows what he stands for, and that makes it harder too.”

“I don’t know who knows him,” she added of Romney. “Does he know him?”

About the field of candidates, Pelosi said "not exactly what you would call the first string of the Republican Party." Have not all the candidates’ campaigns save for Romney’s and Paul’s come to an ignoble end? Though Pelosi is a detestable enemy, most conservatives would agree with her comments about Romney and the GOP field of candidates as a whole. Though the owners of Manhattan Mini Storage posted the billboard as part of a snarky, edgy ad campaign, it is a very large and loud canary in the mine warning us of an impending disaster if we proceed on our current course.

Much ink has been spilled on why Romney can’t win and the point does not require much belaboring. It all boils down to pale pastels versus bold colors.

So, how did New York Republicans feel about their choices presented by this field of candidates?

According to the New York State Data Center, the state’s total population as of July 2011 is: 19,465,167.

According to the Press Republican, 5.6 million New Yorkers are registered Democrat and 2.8 million are registered Republicans. From these numbers, we can surmise that the remainder are in no particular order: enrolled in a small third party; not enrolled in any party, too young to vote, or are foreign nationals.

Voter Turnout in April 24, 2012 NY Primary: 5.82%

According to the Wall Street Journal Delegate Tracker, which uses the Associated Press’ calculations in determining which candidates have how many delegates, 162,990 Republicans voted in New York’s closed primary.

Voter turn-out was 5.82% of New York’s 2.8 million Republicans.

Of the 162,990 who bothered to vote, 103,142 voted for Romney.

Romney Gets 95 Delegates with less than 4% of NY’s GOP Base

The number of people who voted for Romney is only 3.68% of the entire state’s base of 2.8 million registered Republicans. On the strength of 3.68% of New York’s Republicans, Romney walked out of New York with the entire motherlode of 95 delegates (92 for now, because of some vote counting issues, but it will ultimately be 95).

Romney with his 103,142 votes carried 63.28% of the 162,990 who voted. This is a landslide majority of the votes, which triggered a Winner-Take-All. New York State is proportional unless there is a majority. While less than 6% of New York’s Republicans voted, Romney carried a landslide of their votes.


Where was 94.18% of New York’s Republicans on the 24th? Not at the polls. When 94.18% of the party’s base does not vote, that is not "lack of enthusiasm." It is not "enthusiasm that will build" at some later time. Romney is not going to start giving people that "warm and fuzzy feeling" overnight. What this voter turnout reflects is absolute, complete, and utter disgust.

GOP Establishment Offers Pale Pastels, Rank Incompetence…

Our GOP race consisted of one strong candidate who only offers pale pastels with failed candidates as his alternatives. The others tried to offer bold colors to varying degrees, but what voters got instead was appallingly rank incompetence and disturbingly unprofessional campaigning. We had candidates who could not enunciate simple positions on issues; could not get their names on ballots; could not do basic opposition research; could not file delegate paperwork in key states; and who flubbed debates with amateur-hour performances followed by the proffering of pathetic excuses and childish demands. Shall I mention one candidate who failed out before the first primary due to a combination of major gaffes, two settled sexual harassment suits, and the still unresolved accusation of a 13-year affair? Yes, the outcome of these primary campaigns was predictable and inevitable. Now, aside from Romney, the only one left standing is Ron Paul with less than a whopping 10% of Romney’s delegates and not a single state to his name.

We need a Candidate We can Vote FOR

The Etch-a-Sketch candidate has absolutely no interest in either Gov. Palin or her support. Though he is "severely conservative," he has not been to a single Tea Party rally and he has not reached out to conservatives within the GOP – that is the GOP’s base. The Grandfather and ultimate architect of ObamaCare wants to run against the father of ObamaCare. As governor of Massachusetts, he was pro-abortion, and anti-Second Amendment. But, don’t worry. He’s running "as a conservative." That is until he hits the reset button and shakes the Etch-A-Sketch. He is a blue blood and a plutocrat to the core – hopelessly out of touch with ordinary Americans – running against an incumbent who thrives on class warfare and race-baiting.

When there is little point of difference between the incumbent and the challenger, the incumbent wins. While anybody might do a better job than Obama, that "anybody" must first win the general election. Winning the nomination is not enough. There’s the rub. A campaign strategy rooted in voting AGAINST an incumbent historically has rarely – if ever – been successful.

People need someone to vote FOR. We need a standard-bearer to rally behind. That is why over 94% of New York’s Republicans got disgusted and did not vote.

A Sign of Things to Come?

According to the National Journal (H/T Josh Painter), fully 60% of Romney supporters are only there because they are voting AGAINST Obama. If over 94% of the GOP voters don’t vote like in the New York Primary, Romney cannot possibly win the presidency.

If voters don’t vote, all the down-tickets – some of whom are good, solid Reagan-Palin Conservatives – like Richard Mourdock and Anna Little – will lose along with Romney, because the very votes they need will not have been cast. A Romney nomination will require a monumental Get Out The Vote (GOTV) effort to ensure that our good Reagan-Palin conservatives do not suffer the consequences of his nomination. Part of that effort necessarily will involve reminding voters that it is Congress, not POTUS who makes the laws, and in this election cycle the down-tickets are even more important than the Presidential race.

Perhaps, a Romney nomination and voter disgust are what the Bush/Rove GOP establishment wants, because they only care about their own power. They do not care about either the party’s purported platform or the will of their own base. But, they demand our money and support.

Unless something radically changes in Tampa, the prediction made by Manhattan Mini Storage will be fulfilled.

We need someone we can believe in.

Because, "Mitt Romney? That guy couldn’t even beat Obama."

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  • ? Jim ?  <<  Along the same lines as the post.

  • patnatasha

    I am first,
    the gope know how to lose and lose big and badily and they will come November. romney is already pandering.

  • Susan Leach

    It is time to stop this crap and unite behind Mitt Romney.  I love Sarah as much as the rest of you, but this simply is not her year and there is not going to be a "miracle in Tampa".  I believe that Sarah could have won if she had run, but she chose not too.  We can’t change that at this late date.  As they say, you have to dance with the one who brought you.  We have Mitt, for better or worse.  The constant negativity from our own side doesn’t help get out the vote either.  

    • Kjanlady

      You love Sarah Palin??????????…..are all your 13 C4P comments of the Rombot nature…..get off this site and get a life…..surely there is a Quasi-Conservatives for Mittens site where you can spread your drool.

      Mittens currently is not the Repub candidate…..we are not sheeple.

      If the loser we are stuck with come Nov is NOCORE mittens……then people will make the decision to cast a vote but many of us will NEVER get behind mittens…..he has done absolutely nothing in his shabby career to deserve support.

    • excopconservative

      Unite behind what?  He has no issues to campaign on.  He has lost the Romneycare/Obamacare issue.  He won’t attack Obama on his socialism/Marxism.  He won’t mention right to life or immigration.  Too controversial.  His foreign policy adviser resigned probably resulting from political differences rather than lifestyle issues.  Romney is not going to attack Obama’s foreign policy. 

      Romney will try to campaign on spending and budget issues, but most voters think Romney is a Wall Street insider who does not have their best interests at heart.  Romney is left to saying that he is better than Obama.  Obama will say that he is better than Romney.  This is a plan for Republican defeat.

    • Marc

      Romney has given no indication he wants to bring conservatives into a unified coalition of voters.  In fact he thinks he’ll do fine without us.  Good luck with that, GOPe.

    • korn8131

      Hey Leach, do tell me what RINO Romney is going to do to convince us constitutional conservative how he will govern? Because he sure the hell hasn’t! Has he said he will abide by the constitution and reduce the size of this blotted government? I’m in the dark like so many. If you look at his pass record as many of us have there is nothing there that would reassure us that he would govern as a constitutional conservative. If you are a RINO yourself then have at him but until he convinces me on how he will govern then he will not get my vote. Besides this election should be all about voting constitutional conservative into Congress this Nov, That’s where the real change has to be mounted.

    • mark1955

      You establishment ‘seminar posters" are resurrecting the,"I love Sarah But" meme. Talk about desperation. I have an idea as i mentioned yesterday. We apparently have a real shot at stopping MITTEN’S from getting the nomination before the convention.That would mean an open convention,where we would atleast have the chance and possibility of nominating a conservative,not necessarily Governor Palin,but someone almost certainly better than MITTEN’S,who along with Jebbie,are the only two republicans who are almost guaranteed to lose. Especially since MITTEN’S has won nothing yet and is still a far way from securing the nomination.
          The alternatives are,Obama winning and at the very least issuing decree,after decree in an attempt to establish a marxist/islamist dictratorship.That’s if he does’t declare martial law before the elections,which is a very real possibility.That would lead to horrific carnage,in the attempt to win our Country back and restore it to a Constitutional republic.
         Now why don’t you,MITTEN’S/Jeb/Rove bots,tell me why it would be a bad idea to shoot for an open Convention given those alternatives?

      • famouswolf

        They can’t.

        And you are right. We will be lucky to get out of this even now without massive civil wa-, I mean disruption.

      • Suki Pero

        Well, Obam is over in Afghanistan spiking the football at Muslims today. It makes no sense to me, so maybe he is hoping to stir up a bit of terror. I hope not but….

      • falling321

        The idea of an open convention was a great one, but as of tomorrow when Newt steps down, Romney has an open field and will be the nominee.  So we must accept that a move on from there, unless you have a way to prevent Romney from getting the nomination when he has no opposition?  And Ron Paul is not opposition.  Like Gov. Palin, I have resigned myself to voting ABO in the coming election.  Romney may be horrible, but a horrible president with re-election hanging over his head is FAR better than Obama with no election standing in his way.  When Gov. Palin decides to run, I will happily work until I drop to get her elected, but for now I will hold my nose again and vote for Mitt and our good, conservative, down ticket candidates.

        • mark1955

          MITTEN’S has won NOTHING yet! NOTHING! The fact you MITTBOT’S are here in bigger numbers than ever before screams,PANIC! It’s apparent to me,by all of you MITTBOT’S reaction, that an open convention is not a possibility,but a probability,where as Governor Palin said in February,"All bets are off"! Open Convention here we come! Get back to us when your guy MITTEN’S actually secures the nomination.

          • falling321

            Obviously you have no clue who you are talking to.  I was one of the original people to contact McCain with a plea to chose Palin as his running mate.  I have suppported her financially, on the boards and in person when I could get to a place she was speaking.  I would love to see a path to the nomination for Gov. Palin and perhaps you could tell me what it is, but right now I do not see one.  If she should get the nomination, she will not only have my vote, but just as I did in 2008, I will work until I drop to help her beat Obama.  But that said, I personally do not believe that some miracle is going to occurr at the GOP Convention. 
            I even voted for that nut Ron Paul here in VA because I did wanted to make sure Romney did not get 50% of the vote which would have given him 100% of the delegates.  And Ron Paul is the only one I see as possibly more dangerous than Obama in the office of president!

        • Jaquetta Quincey

          Romney is not a choice. Period!

          • falling321

            In the primaries…I agree.  When it comes to the general, if Romney gets the nomination and you chose not to vote for him, then you are giving Obama an unopposed vote.  That will be your choice of course, but you will have no one to blame but yourself when he wins re-election.  As I said before, I will take Romney with an election hanging over his head to Obama with nothing stopping him any day of the week.  Is Romney my first choice…no, not even my second, third or fourth choice…but if the final ballot says Romney VS Obama my vote goes to Romney.

      • Jaquetta Quincey

        You’ve got the right idea Mark. It’s not too late to stop Romney. Now is not the time to give up the fight and start supporting him. But having said that, we do need a name to get behind. If not then the unfortunate writing is on the wall and neither of the two choices in the race at present can ever be acceptable. Gingrich, Santorum, Bachmann, Perry, and Herman aren’t it!

        Now let’s come together and start insisting on the correct choice. Need it be spelled out any clearer than that? Hellooooooo Sarah?

    • famouswolf

      Sorry, but your post strikes me as very negative.

      That said, I might vote for romney, but only as a very desparate last option.

      I won’t support him, ever.

      • Jaquetta Quincey

        You won’t support him but you might vote for him? Well mr. wolf, that’s surely going to hurt him right where he lives!

        • famouswolf

          I’m not interested in hurting him.

          I’m not interested in him at all.

          He might be a small improvement over obama, though. That’s my one small concession to Mr. Romney.

          As others here have pointed out, I don’t have to worry about it just yet. I guess it all depends on just how suicidal I feel on Nov.6.

    • HuntingMoose

      primaries are not over.

      there is nothing to unite and I think it is rediculous to let 1/2 the population not have their day at the ballot.

      there is nothing wrong with keeping pressure on Etchy Sketch and make him wait with his Shaky Sketch a bit longer.

    • stlouisix

      The biggest crap that I see is your post, as uniting behind Romney does nothing but make it easier for Obama to get elected!

      We need to unite behind "We the People" who demand that their country be taken back from the Obamunists and their GOPE RINO enablers!

    • RealtorBiker

      Well said Susan.  There seem to be people on our side who are blind to reality

    • carmtom13

      The GOP elite establishment candidate is NOT the OFFICIAL nominee. He must be voted on at the convention in Tampa. A person can be nominated from the floor and hopefully that will happen. Many delegates are not bound to vote for the establishment candidate. So you see nothing is official until the delegates vote at the convention and a lot of things can happen between now and than.

    • Michael Adler

      Payback is a bitch! all those years of trashing the governor by his surrogates in the Establishment RINO circles like FOX news, the Wall street Journal, NY Post, NRO are coming back to bite him. It works both ways. I don’t remember that phony Ann Coulter so mad when all assorted communists were accusing Governor Palin of murder when Gabby Giffords was shot!

    • Cricket Nichols

       I did not vote for ObamaCare and I will not vote for RomneyCare.

  • Marc

    Caught flatfooted by the Obama machine, Mitt Romney will soon unveil his own campaign slogan: "Compassionate Socialism"

  • Journeymen

    Susan and others around here pimping Mitt doesn’t get it. It’s not being negative pointing out that Mitt is a potential disaster waiting to happen and that many can’t help him and his myriad of flaws when he doesn’t even, from all appearances, want conservative s help nor reaching out to them. Instead he is foolishly acting like conservatives must kiss his feet while he continue to allow his buddies trashing Sarah and others. A wooden stick is better than Obama but a real live wooden stick in mitt isn’t going to beat Obama.

  • PAWatcher

    This election is the GOPe vs the tea party constitutional conservatives, and it is the true conservatives who are totally disgusted with the GOPe’s engineering to lose this election- no other explanation for their actions IMHO. PA conservatives put the brakes on some of their shenanigans in PA- we had an earthquake that put a tremor in their stance – Nov. 2012 will rumble and tumble them if they continue to assault US (this includes their continued assault on Sarah). Sarah WILL lead, we are not rudderless. 

    • HuntingMoose

      if we go out and get a lot of our candidates in we will have a great starting point for 2014 and 2016 and whoever is prez can be kept in check with someone better than ball-less you-know-who-house-speaker and not so corrupt as land-deal Reid.

      • falling321

        Even the most conservative House and Senate will not be able to keep Obama under control.  He has already proven he is willing to step on the neck of his own party with his executive orders which are going to cost his party seats.  A re-elected Obama will appoint have the chance to appoint 2-4 far leftest Supreme Court justices for LIFE and that will change the direction of our country far faster and more permanently than Obama and his veto proof Democrat Congress could.  We MUST work for ABO alongside Gov. Palin and work to give her another opportunity as soon as possible.

        • Guest

           Nope to the GOPe.

        • HuntingMoose

          well, I was referring to the situation with an ABO president who needs to be kept under control.

          with Obama, you are absolutely right but ofcourse we can start with taking away his private planes and level Mabelle’s beautician staff of 20 to the average as ordinary citizen have, one hour a month or so. That should start make furniture fly.

          • falling321

            I’m far less concerned about the O’s personal expenses, than I am with his executive orders. His excessive personal spending is nothing compared to his abuses of executive powers.  His exeuctive orders are taking away our freedoms one at a time and they are being used to bypass Congress, our courts and our state laws.  BTW, no one can take Airforce One and Two or the helicopters away.  They are part of his security force, but perhaps we could limit his use of them to actual presidential events and make him pay when he uses them for campaign events!

  • aaron66krohn

    Thanks, Ron, for speaking the TRUTH!!!

    Also, thanks for acknowledging my post on Bristol’s blog earlier!!

    FACTS are very difficult, if not impossible, to refudiate!!!

    And you gave us FACTS in your great, though terrifying, article!!!

    94.18% of NY Republicans did NOT vote in their primary!!

    And you can NOT win a general election if only 5.82% of your party’s base come out to vote!!!

    This brings me to my core point!!

    Sarah Palin can not, and must not, support or defend or campaign for or endorse in ANY WAY, SHAPE, or FORM the candidacy of Mitt Romney in the general election of 2012 for President…..

    if she wants to retain her integrity!!!

    Integrity is gained or formed when a person lives her life on principles!!

    And sticks by those principles!!

    Sarah Palin has built her entire political career…..

    and even her personal life……

    on the principles and standards and core beliefs she has stood for…..

    probably at least since she became a Christian believer at age 11 at a summer camp in Alaska!!

    It’s Sarah’s stand on her principles, not her beauty, her wit, her record in politics, her common sense intelligence, her folksy manner, nor her 4-inch spike heels……

    that we love and so strongly support Sarah for!!

    Without that firm stand on her principles……

    principles we also support…..

    as do most conservatives…..

    she is left "only" with that beauty, wit……..and those 4-inch spike heels!!!

    These principles have been borne out in many ways!!

    One is in her lifetime support and stand on the Pro-Life philosophy!!

    She has NEVER wavered on this!!

    Another is in her long-time stand and support for Energy Independence, and for drilling on ANWR (and other sites, but maybe especially on ANWR)!!

    She has NOT wavered on this one, either!!

    A third, but much more recent stand on principle she has taken……

    though it has its roots in her entire political career as well….

    is her being so firmly and vehemently against Obamacare!!

    This stand against Obamacare is basically a stand FOR "smaller, smarter government", and the core belief that it’s the PEOPLE, not the government, who "best know how to spend OUR money"!!!

    And at least since August 7, 2009, she has called for the defeat of Obamacare…..

    and since its passage by a narrow margin in Congress…..

    for its REPEAL!!!!!

    Thus, to support Mitt Romney…..

    the "Grandfather" (Kudos to Ron DeVito for the label!!!) of Obamacare…..

    would mean that Sarah had given up on a CORE PRINCIPLE or PRINCIPLES…..

    she has used as her FOUNDATIONAL CORE……

    throughtout her entire political career!!!!

    And as I said……

    when you give up your stand on your LIFETIME of PRINCIPLED BELIEFS and VALUES……

    for ANY reason……

    you are giving up a large chunk of your INTEGRITY along with it!!!

    While I ADORE Sarah for her beauty, her wit…..and her 4-inch spike heels……

    I love and support her because she has always STOOD BY HER PRINCIPLES!!!!!

    It’s her INTEGRITY and HONESTY that I love and support!!!

    Without that, the ground beneath her weakens!!!

    And, wearing 4-inch spike heels……

    she NEEDS a FIRM STRONG GROUND to stand on!!!!


    • falling321

      Of course Gov. Palin will get behind Romney once he is the official nominee!  Romney may well be her last choice, as he was my last choice, but once he receives the nomination she will make the sacrifice and put her name behind him.  Gov. Palin knows even better than the rest of us the damage that O has done to her and her family and the country we all love and she has already told us that if Romney is the nominee, she will support him..  If she had thought this was to be her election, she would have run and perhaps she too had held out some hope of winning a contested convention, but with Newt leaving the race tomorrow, unfortunately that hope is gone.  She is NOT going to be our president this time around, but we can put pressure on Romney to include her in his cabinet if she desires a position there.

  • Susan Leach

    As requested, I will get off this site.  But, let me say this, Romney was my last choice, I would have preferred Sarah, but SHE chose not to run.  Then, I choose to support Newt, but he flamed out.  I guess my best choice is to throw a fit and not vote, just because the candidate chosen in the primaries is Mitt Romney.  If you all feel that giving the election to Obama so he has four more years to continue his destruction of our way of life is the best answer, then please feel free to not vote.  What about all of the good down ticket candidates?  Will you let them swing in the breeze while you throw your fit?  

    • excopconservative

       It’s not a done deal.  A lot can happen between now and late August.  Very few of those delegates actually support Romney as their first choice.  Don’t believe the media hype telling us that we have Romney, like it or not.  In August, when the delegates cast their votes, we will know who the nominee is.

    • BostonBruin

      I think the key issue is that we won’t have a nominee until the last week of August. We will not tolerate Rove & Co. shoving Romney down our throats until then.

      A lot can happen in four months that could very easily convince the 2000+ delegates that Romney cannot beat Obama and it will be a disaster for the party to nominate him. Stay tuned.

    • hrh40

      So let me get this straight:

      If some of us don’t comply with your drive-by demands, we are throwing a fit?

      I think I’ve got it straight, because you used that phrase twice.

      You do understand we can see your comment history?

      You’ve been shilling for Romney for WEEKS and WEEKS ALL OVER the web.

      Pardon us if we don’t respond kindly to your drive-by demands.

      But I will say you act just like your Man, Mitt Romney, who’s not going to light his hair on fire for conservatives.

      There’s much of the same snobbish attitude in the phrases "throw a fit" and "light my hair on fire," dontcha’ think?

      • HuntingMoose

        A fit is may be not a good description but it smells like tantrum at minimum.

        the numbers are the numbers and if nothing changes and no brokered, we are stuck with the bottom of the pit  and it appears we have been outmanouvered (yes, I am not using the ‘outsmart’).

        so we can throw tantrums till we see blue in the face but if etchy-sketch gets it, I don’t see a lot of rational in keeping that tantrum and screw ourselves even more with making it easier for Obama to win.

        I for one am not going to play sore looser but instead work hard to get the other races won by people we do want.

        • hrh40

          What part of end of August, don’t you get? You seem to be throwing in the towel quite early.

          And no, voting our conscience is not throwing a fit. Again, telling someone they’re throwing a tantrum just because they’re not doing what you think they should do is fundamentally anti-American. Are we free to make our own decisions or not?

          IOW, if we make our own decisions and they happen to differ from what you or Susan does, then we are throwing a fit/tantrum? That is not how a free country of free adults works.

          That is how an oppressive socialistic government works, i.e., yeah, our constitution says you have freedom of religion or speech or assembly or whatever, but in practice we will pressure you and belittle you and shame you into doing what we think you should do by ridiculing you and calling you names publicly when you don’t.

          That is exactly the behavior that SusanLeach, yourself, and the Romney/GOPE are engaging in.

          And BTW I’m on my local RTC, am a delegate to a local race, started and colead a tea party group, am involved in local races, attended 3 rallies in just the last 2 weeks, hosted our cable access conservative TV show last week, etc., etc.

          So not really sure why you responded to my comment …

          • HuntingMoose

            I don’t throw in any towel.

            It is Santorum, Newt, Perry, Bachmann, Cain who threw in the towel and last time I checked Sarah is not on any lists and may only be put forward in a brokered convention which with the super-votes of the establishment is pretty unlikely to happen as well.

            And the kneejerk reaction of those now stating 6 months before november "I am going to not vote, because I did not get my icecream" is not really based on rational and strategic thinking.

            So far nobody, nobody has explained to me why come november sitting at home with an angry face will help us in anyway. Because we did not get the firefighter we wanted but more likely some 1/2-a$$ etchy sketch, we are just going to sit down while Obama the arsenist and his minions roam free and burn the neighborhood down.

            "I am so upset because because it is etchy sketch". You know who makes me upset? all the conservatives that did not vote in 08 and in the primaries so far. Voter turn out is 30-60%, that is a lot of people not voting and don’t tell me it is only liberals who stay home because it ain’t so.

            • Guest

               What don’t you understand about people being fed up with the GOPe?

              I’m not voting for the GOPe candidate any longer. If it wasn’t for the "Snow Job" sisters in Maine Obamacare would never have come out of committee.

              If it wasn’t for the "gutless wonder" RINO senators Holder would not be AG, "the latina" and "the socialist" wouldn’t be on the Supreme Court.

              Obama is not the immediate enemy it is the "gutless" RINO’s who  A.L.W.A.Y.S.  cave.

              Not only am I not voting for Etch-a-sketch in the swing state of Florida, I am not voting for the RINO GOPe candidate for the senate, and I absolutely refuse to vote for the RINO who co-sponsored Gore-bull warming legislation in Florida that the Bush-wacker’s shoved down our throat in Fl-22 when they redistricted Allen West out of his congressional seat.

              You continue with your battered wife syndrome. I’m done!


    • mark1955

      You MITTEN’S supporter’s have more immediate concerns,than wasting your time here in an almost futile attempt to win our votes.I have a legitimate constructive piece of advice for you and any other MITTEN’S supporter’s.You’d better get MITTEN’S to wake the bleep up and realize the Bushies are going to do everything in their power,to destroy him if he gets the nomination.The Bush family thinks they own that spot for eternity and whoa onto anyone who gets in their way.Instead of wasting time here,you should be telling MITTEN’S to jettison his Bush advisers and get fully onboard a Conservative  platform and back the rhetoric up by picking a strong Conservative as his running mate and i don’t mean Sarah.She wouldn’t accept that position under someone like MITTEN’S anyway’s.

      • ? Jim ?

         Romney CAN’T * C_A_N  N_O_T* ‘get fully onboard a Conservative platform’! He’s a LIBERAL!

        Any conservatives sucked in by any talk of him being conservative deserve Obama.

        • mark1955

          I understand that, it is rhetorical! I was suggesting something we all know it is not in MITTEN’S make-up to ever do. If he did it and was sincere,he would actually have a chance to win. Then again the whole reason the elites (The Bush’s) picked him,was precisely to lose! I’m still shooting for an open convention.That’s why the MITTBOT’S are flooding this site all of a sudden.To stop any talk of it,before it really gets going. That tells me MITTEN’S probably won’t have enough delegates by the Convention.They are scared to death! We can have an open convention,with atleast a chance of getting a Conservative nominated. Let’s go for it!

    • famouswolf

      I didn’t request you get off the site.

      When choices are this dire, I am not in any hurry to throw in the towel, and I am saying bluntly that I will not support romney. I will vote if it comes down to it in the effort to help install more conservatives at any level. But romney is doa.

    • HuntingMoose

      what do you think now of that post you put up 6 months ago?

      I need to get this off my chest, and I want a friendly audience for my small rant. I live in a late primary state, by the time I get to vote, numerically it will be all over. I just cannot support any of the current candidates in the primary. Come time for the general, I will vote for which ever one of these ludicrious choices is going against Obama, but for the primary, I am going to write in Sarah Palin.
      When you look at the list of alternatives, my reasons are clear. We know that Sarah is more qualified than any of the list:
      Newt is the only competent one on the stage, but has no chance at the nomination. The so-con’s won’t let that happen. His personal life is very messy.
      Herman Cain is a good business man with no more ability to be president than I have. His lack of knowledge of foreign affairs is frightening. For pete’s sake Karzia in Afghanistan is laughing at him. His 9-9-9 plan isn’t the best of idea’s either.
      As for Mitt, the anti-mormon stuff isn’t going to stop. He has no credibility on the repealing of Obamacare, and he is a climate loon.
      Rick Perry is going to be lucky if they don’t boot him out of the govenor’s mansion. He has made a fool of himself repeatedly.
      Ron Paul..what is there to say.
      As for the rest…who cares, they have no chance.
      See – I have no choice but to write in Sarah Palin, and I bet I won’t be the only one.

      feel free to cry…

      • LuvGuvSP

        Research is a Bi**ch, ain’t it?  Thanks for checking the history…or should I say ‘hunting’? (ha!_

        Seem’s she’s almost Obama-like in that they both feel like they won’t be held accountable for what they’ve said in the past.  Tisk, tisk. 

    • Guest

      THESE are your own words:

      I need to
      get this off my chest, and I want a friendly audience for my small rant. I
      live in a late primary state, by the time I get to vote, numerically it
      will be all over. I just cannot support any of the current candidates in
      the primary. Come time for the general, I will vote for which ever one of
      these ludicrious choices is going against Obama, but for the primary, I am
      going to write in Sarah Palin.

      When you look at the list of
      alternatives, my reasons are clear. We know that Sarah is more qualified than
      any of the list:

      Newt is the only competent one on the
      stage, but has no chance at the nomination. The so-con’s won’t let that happen.
      His personal life is very messy.

      Herman Cain is a good business man with
      no more ability to be president than I have. His lack of knowledge of foreign
      affairs is frightening. For pete’s sake Karzia in Afghanistan is laughing at him. His
      9-9-9 plan isn’t the best of idea’s either.

      As for Mitt, the anti-mormon stuff isn’t
      going to stop. He has no credibility on the repealing of Obamacare, and he is a
      climate loon.

      Rick Perry is going to be lucky if they
      don’t boot him out of the govenor’s mansion. He has made a fool of himself

      Ron Paul..what is there to say.

      As for the rest…who cares, they have
      no chance.

      See – I have no choice but to write in
      Sarah Palin, and I bet I won’t be the only one.


      charities that he contributes too get to suffer so that he can pander the the
      Occupoopers? Why is this man running as a Republican? This is just the most
      ridiculous thing I have ever heard. If he thinks that it is a good idea to take
      money from charities (who pinch every penny till it bleeds) and give it to the
      federal government (Solyndra anyone?) he is NO ONE’S conservative. Good grief
      Romney supporters, this man is never going to beat Obama, he agrees with Obama.


      Hmmmmmmmmmm…..I may be one of the "bunch of spoiled children" or one of the "you brats" or "stupid people" that needs to "get real, Mitt is going to win whether we like it or not, and if you want to be able to recognize the United States of America five years from now, you all need to grow the heck up." but at least I am consistent and have principles that I actually believe in.  And Rmoney does NOT have the nomination until the gavel goes down on August 30th at the end of the convention.  You have a LOT of nerve coming here and telling US that WE need "to stop this crap and unite behind Mitt Romney."  You don’t know us lady.  You’ve posted here a dozen times.  Maybe you should take your own advice and "get real".  Especially when YOU….YOURSELF….have said the EXACT SAME THING as some of us and the writer of this article have said.  Talk about being hypocritical!!!  There is still almost 4 months until the convention!  That is a LIFETIME in politics.  IF Rmoney ends up getting crowned then….actually KNOWING the people here on this site….many in consequential states will end up holding their noses and voting for the "climate loon" as you have dubbed him.  But until August 30th….HE IS NOT THE REPUBLICAN NOMINEE!!!!!!!!!!!  So AFTER August 30th….you are more than welcome to come back by and ENCOURAGE us to unite behind Rmoney.  But you may want to be a little bit more respectful to my friends here than you have been today!  Hopefully by then you will have grown up some.

      • palin45potus

        Thanks for the defense of all of us "spoiled children"!

        I got spoiled badly during the 1980’s.  I thought that I saw America and the West acting as the enlightened leaders of the world, spreading the best we had to share with the world.  The evidence is that I was right.

        I got spoiled again by Sarah Palin, and I am beyond annoyed that the GOP wants to send her back to Alaska so they can get "Their turn at the trough" without Sarah ruining their fun.

  • patnatasha

    mitt is not the guy even the gope don’t believe he is.

  • Rob Hart

    Thanks for laying it all out there with clarity, Ron. We want "fire in the belly" not a dead fish going with the flow. Folks need to reflect on what it means to "fight like a girl." Too many have caved to the business as usual mentality that the media barks. Presumptive is BS. This election cycle is a fight for the soul of the greatest nation on the planet. If we the people just go along with memes, then we deserve to be socialists and not American Patriots who love their country and the freedoms which are her foundation to peace and prosperity. Folks like Susan L need to go throw their hissy fit and then get ticked off and start to do as Sarah has said, "fight like a girl."
    It’s time to be GAME ON! and make ground zero be Channelside Bay Plaza, Tampa, FL.

  • nkthgreek

    Mitt Romney makes me yaaaaaaaaawn. 

  • Susan Leach

    Everyone is free to make there own decisions.  I live in Oregon.  The people on the republican ballot are:  Rick Santorum (dropped out), Newt Gingrich (I got an email from his campaign saying he is dropping out tomorrow), Mitt Romney, and Ron Paul.  Who am I supposed to vote for/support?  Ron Paul?? Not in this lifetime.  Sorry if I offended anyone, and this is my last comment.  I didn’t mean to cause hurt feelings and really don’t feel that I deserved the nastiness that I got.  Thanks, and I will miss the commentary from this site, but I was taught that you don’t go where you aren’t wanted.  

  • RealtorBiker

    I am amazed that many on here continue to hold to the belief that somehow Romney can be stopped from being the nominee.  How is that going to happen?  He will officially have the necessary delegates after the Texas primary at the end of the month: 

    I know I will be accused of being a Romneybot but just for full disclosure I voted for Newt in the Ohio primary.  It’s time to wake up and smell the coffee.  Romney will be the nominee, he is not Obama Lite.  He is a fiscal conservative.  He sometimes says things that make me say: What? but he is going to be the candidate who has to defeat Obama in November.  If Obama is reelected, there will not be much of a country left in 4 years and I doubt that anyone can save it at that point, including Sarah.  Start living in Realville people!

    • mark1955

      Then you and MITTEN’S have nothing to worry about. So you won’t mind,if me and many other Conservatives worked toward an open convention. Since after all,you believe we are engaged in a futile attempt to stop MITTEN’S that will all be over with soon.For people who believe MITTEN’S has it all sewn up, you and the flood of new posters,who have suddenly swarmed this site parroting the same meme as you,seemed remakably concerned,almost panic stricken. Excuse me for not trusting you,but i’m going to continue to work for an open,or brokered Convention,in the hopes of getting a Conservative. I’m not giving up!

      • RealtorBiker

        Not concerned just dealing with the facts on the ground.  It was a tough fought primary season and Romney is the one who will get enough delegates to wrap it up by the end of the month.  I do not see any realistic way to get to a brokered convention and it would be counter productive at this point.  How do you see getting to a brokered convention with the numbers the way they are?

    • carmtom13

      How do you know he will win the Texas primary? There are many, many in Texas who do not want Romney as the nominee, so don’t count your chickens before they hatch.

      • RealtorBiker

        Whose going to beat him?  Gingrich and Santorum have suspended their campaigns and Paul is not going to beat him.  He may get a few delegates there but Texas is where Romney will get enough delegates.  If Romney is somehow held short at that point, he will easily get there the next week with California’s winner take all primary

        • mark1955

          We are going to get an open convention,Count on it! If voting for Ron Paul in the upcoming Primary’s and Caucuses is the vehicle to get it,then so be it. I am not going to look a ‘Gift Horse’ in the mouth. The fact that we’ve had a sudden flood of MITTBOT ‘Seminar Poster’s’, saying "It’s all over,MITTEN’S has it locked up,don’t bother with the open convention",screams PANIC! If you  elites weren’t "concerned", you wouldn’t be bothered with coming to this site and dealing with us ‘hoi poloi’. Your "concerned", Your very "concerned"! 

          • RealtorBiker

            You have to get the votes and Paul has polled nowhere close to Romney for weeks.  Romney’s national numbers are strong:


            Any states that have primaries left that have had recent polls show him with strong leads.  I prefer to deal with facts not emotion.  I am by no means an elite and I would not be suprised if I have been coming to this site longer than you.  Just because I am laying out facts that do not support your preferred outcome does not mean I am part of the political establishment.  I am a conservative who has come to the obvious conclusion that Romney will be the nominee and I will gladly vote for him because he is a far better choice than the current occupant at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave

    • TEXs

      Mr Biker,
      This is the Realville for you and few others who are "concerned" for Sarah Palin’s own good,
      the good of the nation,the planet,the Solar System,the Galaxie,maybe the whole freakin’ Universe:

      After spending over $100 millions of dollars of his money and the loot of his banker friends
      from the Den of Thieves on Wall Street,the liberal fraud RINO Willard still didn’t buy enough
      delegates to get the nomination.

      And if he does in the future,LSM and Chicago thugs will expose the backstabbing fraud he is,beat him like a rented mule and easily get 4 more years for Barak Hussein Obama.

      Now,it’s time for you mr. Biker to start living in the Realville.
      Can you dig it?!


      • RealtorBiker

        Explain current polling showing Romney and Obama running about even.  Many on our side have such a fear of Obama’s campaign machine.  I do not think it is as strong as many fear and we have seen evidence of that in recent weeks with their attack on Ann Romney, the dog wars, and Obama spiking the football about Bin Laden.  Both Obama and his team seem to be tone deaf and their arrogance will be their undoing

        • TEXs

           Mr Biker,

          or you prefer mr Rombot?

          The evisceration of mumbling and stuttering liberal fraud hasn’t even begun.
          The spineless,stand for nothing,no core chameleon is not the nominee,is he?

          If he is I probably missed it!

          • RealtorBiker

            I know he is not the nominee yet just simply presenting data that shows he will be.  My question to you is:  What will you say when Palin gets behind him in about a month?

            • mark1955

              Coming to a group that loathes your guy MITTENS and trying to tell us to give up and get behind your guy MITTEN’S, based on push polling data from the lamestream media, that as a group we have equally come to loathe and disregard,is beyond stupid. Probably a reflection of your candidate.

              • RealtorBiker

                The polling I have sited is from Real Clear Politics.  They look at groups of polls and average them out.  I have been coming to this site for 3 years now but have only recently been making more posts.  I know many on here do not like Romney but I can’t wrap my arms around is people saying that they will not vote for Romney or thay call him Obama Lite.  Romney is not a Marxist, will not appoint unaccountable Czars, respects the constitution, and actually knows how an economy works. Has he taken positions I do not agree with?  Sure.  There is no perfect candidate.  Obama is destroying this country and this country cannot take another 4 years of him.  You are free to back whomever you want.  If you choose to sit at home in November while the country is at stake simply makes no logical sense to me. 

            • TEXs


              Sarah Palin showed clearly that she despises liberal fraud Willard.
              She had nice words for every candidate except Willard.

              If the spineless chameleon succeed in buying enough delegates and become the nominee,Sarah Palin will say ABO,even worthless POC Willard.

              But she will not campaign for him and he will be destroyed.
              Millions of conservatives will stay home,they will never vote for Romneycare.

              Four more years for Obama,but 2016 nomination is Sarahcuda’s in a breeze.

              • RealtorBiker

                I do not think she despises Romney.  He was obviously was not her preferred candidate but she did succeed in making the primaries a tougher fight and Romney did move to the right.  She has said she will back the GOP nominee as all were much preferred over Obama.  I believe she will do some campaigning for him but I think her focus will be on down ticket candidates.  Romney is not a stupid man and he realizes Palin’s appeal to the base so look for him to meet with her at some point.  Also realize that Romney is not McCain and will run a much more aggressive campaign against Obama.  Obama now has a record that he would rather not run on and Romney will exploit that.  This campaign will play out differently than many on here believe.  Obama is a very vulnerable incumbent.

        • TEXs

          The phony,fake,liberal fraud Willard is behind Obama in all swing states that will decide election.
          And that’s before the LSM and Chicago Thug Machine even started the destruction.

          National polls are meaningless.

          • RealtorBiker

            The national poll I sited was the current primary polling.  Romney has work to do but we are still 6 months from the election

    • friskyness

      Where is Romney a fiscal conservative?  Where is Romney a "severe conservative? It’s thanks to all the idiots that voted for Romney in the primaries that we have him for a nominee.  If he loses, it’s alll the establishment and rino’s fault.  That is a fact!

      • RealtorBiker

        He balanced the budget in Mass., cut spending and brought to 2000 Olympics on budget, and he saved companies by cutting costs throughout his private sector career.

        • friskyness

           RomneyCare………and he needed Tax Payer Funds to help the Olympics…He loves Tax Payers to help out……including Tax Payers helping with RomneyCare……..He is a liberal….NOTHING about him is a coservative.  He has already made it clear, he doesn’t need the conservative vote, so why does he LIE about being "severly conservative?"  He is a liar!

          • RealtorBiker

            The funding for the Olympics had already been established long before Romney came on the scene.  He was brought in to clean up the mess that had been created.  I doubt that he went after more taxpayer money and in fact probably was able to bring private sector money.  He cut costs as well to bring the books in balance.  As far as Romneycare, I am not crazy about it and I wish he would just say it is not working although that is not entirely his fault since you have a very liberal legislature in Massachussettes and they added things in when he was still governor and since he left.  Romney is not a liberal.  Has never lived his life as one

            • friskyness

               Yes, he is a liberal. You and all the rino’s can say he isn’t, but he is. Romney has already said on tv that he had Tax Payer money help him in the Olympics, plus tax payer money helped him with  RomneyCare  when he first implemented it. He is not "severly conservative."  Never has.

    • falling321

      Please do not take this wrong…I am one who believes that Romney has the nomination in the bag after Texas, but I would LOVE to see a path to a brokered convention.  Can you please describe that path for those of us who will vote for Romney over Obama, but only reluctantly.  I know that Romney is a far better choice than Obama, but I believe others were FAR FAR FAR better choices, unfortunately none of them will be in the race after tomorrow.  So please, if there is still a path, let us know where it is located as I just cannot find it.

      • falling321

        Sorry, this was meant to go to mark1955.  I

  • amaze830

    It appears to me that in order to win an election, it is essential for a candidate to have the following:

    1. The support of the base;
    2. Supporters need to be enthusiastic about a candidate;        
    3. Candidate needs to point out differences between him and his opponent.

    Some may say that a candidate needs money to win the general election, but having money for an election does not a guarantee a candidate will win.  For example, Meg Whitman
    outspent her opponent in 2010 for Governor in California and she lost.  In another example, Romney outspent his opponents in various primaries and in most cases did not get over 50% of the vote or, in other cases, he lost the primary, i.e. Iowa and South Carolina.

    In my opinion, Romney does not meet the above criteria to win an election.  First, based on the low turnout in the majority of the primaries, he does not have the support of the Republican
    base and they are not enthusiastic about his candidacy.  In fact, he does not even try going after the base.  Secondly, Romney will not point out differences between him and Obama on issues such as abortion and immigration, etc.  Anything that he thinks is controversial, he will avoid.

    In conclusion, the base of the Republican Party does not support and is not thrill with Romney. In addition, he will not discuss the difference between him and Obama on the issues. Voters need someone to vote for.  Candidates cannot depend on people voting against someone. Unless something happens in the remaining primaries or at the convention, I do not see Romney winning the Presidential election.

  • carmtom13

    Excellent post Ron. I totally agree with you that we need someone we can believe in and the GOP elite candidate is not it. Romney is the person BHO and the libs wanted to run against and they must be very happy about it. The GOP in DC can’t be that dumb they don’t see this; or maybe they are. I hate to say this but I think that sign is right.

  • gibb32

    please watch this video. you may have all ready seen it but here is.  if i wanted america to fail.

  • c4pfan

    You put it well for me!  I need someone and ideas to vote for! 

  • palin45potus

    Face it, the guys a total dud!

    We will all have to overlook almost everything about this guy in order to vote against Obama.

    • Robert Simmons

      Romney is not a communist. Obama is.
      Romney loves America. Obama hates the USA with a passion and always has since he was a child.

      The equation is simple people. We can deal with whipping Romney into shape constitutionally after the election. We MUST get the Anti-american communist out of office in November or there won’t be an America left in which to run for president. If Romney goes back to his old tricks, he can get primary challenged by Sarah in 2016. 

  • AussieforSarah

    I still can’t believe that Sarah is sitting on the sidelines watching this debacle unfold.


    • TheresaAK

      Sitting on what sideline? Have you missed her recent endorsements? Have you missed her tweets and facebook articles that get picked up by the lamestream media? Have you missed the POTUS personally attacking her, even though she is a private citizen?

      She is not sitting on the sidelines…quite the contrary…

    • TEXs


      Arctic GLADIATRIX is never on the sidelines just watching,it’s not who she is.

      There is expression in Texas poker parlance:
      "You need to know when to hold ‘em,and when to fold ‘em".

      Yes,Sarahcuda is watching,but she’s like Cobra ready to strike at any moment.

      "If the door cracks open just a little I will plow through that door". – SARAH PALIN

      • AussieforSarah

         But it is a high stakes game she is playing.  When will the "crack in the door" come?  What happens if it doesn’t open?  What is her plan then?

        What is Sarah’s plan B and C?

        • TEXs

          Sorry Aussie,can’t help you.

          Only Sarah and Todd know her strategies.
          And she has the very best political instinct,second to none.
          She proved it in Alaska.

          • AussieforSarah

            I am a Christian believer and I know Sarah is too.

            Often God acts at the last minute to save an impossible situation.  The convention is in August so we have under four months to wait to see what transpires.

            I just have to leave this in God’s hands and see what happens.

    • alien4palin

      Sarah never in a million years sits on the sidelines, she has been working flat out for the past years more than most people to make a real difference and change for America for the better.

      Spectators sit on the sidelines to watch this debacle unfolding. Sarah is way too busy trying to save her beloved country to be a spectator. She is only one person out of over 300 millions plus people in America and what she has achieved is incalculable. She doesn’t have a magic wand and simply wave this debacle away.The colossal task and complexicity of running for president is not like shooting breeze in the park.

  • cuttingboardblues

    Well the sign might be funny.  But being in NYC I used to see the ones with Sarah’s picture.  "More space than her experience"  and one with a teapot that said "until it’s safe to have a tea party again" every day on my commute on the train.  Might want to be careful of the company  you keep.  

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