Daily Caller | Aw: David Brooks No Longer Finds Obama’s Pant Crease So Intriguing

Gone are the mantras of “hope” and “change.” Negative campaign advertisements  have taken their place, like one recently released by the Obama campaign attacking Romney for his time at Bain Capital. This negative  campaigning, according to New York Times columnist David Brooks, hurts not just  Romney, but also Obama.

“I sort of think this debate hurts both candidates,” Brooks said Friday on  PBS’s “NewsHour.” “I think Bain is not popular. It is not well-known. Most  Americans don’t know what Bain is, but it is not popular, the idea that he was  in some sort of weird consulting group. It’s not popular. And so I do think they  are exploiting it for a reason. Nonetheless, I do think hurts Obama, because it  makes him look like a very conventional politician. I don’t think, if you are a  liberal Democrat, you want to be seen attacking business. People may not love  business. They like it a lot better than government. And they don’t want to see  an anti-business Democrat.”

Brooks called one ad, which blamed Romney for a steel plant closing, little more than “a  whole series of falsehoods.”

“And, finally, I just think the Obama administration, or the campaign has  demeaned itself with a series of falsehoods. They released this ad which had a  whole series of falsehoods. The one was that this steel company, GST, was a  healthy company until Bain took it over, which the ad suggests — completely  untrue.”



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