Governor Palin is a ‘Significant Player’ Says … MSNBC and Politico

Yes, you read that correctly. I’m tempted to agree with M. Joseph Sheppard’s “Hell Freezes Over” analogy.  Especially in light of yesterday’s interminable, contradictory piece in Politico in which the authors claimed, among other absurdities, that  Governor Palin has lost her relevance and has been demoted to being a “Triple-A political ballplayer”, or something.  The U.S. Senate, presumably, is now part of the minor leagues. The non-sequiturial nature of Politico’s decision to publish a 2000-plus word piece about someone they assure us is irrelevant speaks for itself.

Anyway, Governor Palin’s recent political activities were the topic of a conversation today between MSNBC’s Chris Jansing and Politico’s John Harris.  There was, of course, some silliness about how “we can’t be sure” that her endorsement matters (along with the media’s recent obligatory attempt to link Governor Palin to Donald Trump), but overall both Jansing and Harris gave her a lot of credit for how effective she’s been in this election cycle. Click below to watch:

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