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James Pethokoukis | Actually, the Obama spending binge really did happen

Until Barack Obama took office in 2009, the United States had never spent more than 23.5% of GDP, with the exception of the World War II years of 1942-1946. Here’s the Obama spending record:

– 25.2% of GDP in 2009

– 24.1% of GDP in 2010

– 24.1% of GDP in 2011

– 24.3% (estimates by the White House ) in 2012

What’s more, if Obama wins another term, spending—according to his own budget—would never drop below 22.3% of GDP. If that forecast is right, spending during Obama’s eight years in office would average 23.6% of GDP. That’s higher than any single previous non-war year.



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  • foxnewslieseveryday

    You morans that compare spending to GDP NEVER say that GDP is at historic lows since the crash and the metric of GDP is lower with all the layoffs of public workers in states like WI.

    Of course spending looks higher as compared to GDP.  In a more normal economic cycle when GDP is up to reflect growth, you get less spending growth than ANY right wing Administration.

    If you had to use any other metric but GDP, your heads would explode.

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