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Orrin Hatch Opponent Dan Liljenquist Supports Raising Taxes; Update: Weak Tea

Dan Liljenquist’s campaign has stated that he would never label himself a "Tea Party" candidate, and now we see why.

Update by Doug: I’m stunned.  For a couple of reasons. First, all these alleged Tea Party proponents are supporting a guy who’s already signaled his willingness to compromise with liberals on what’s supposed to be one of the Tea Party’s core principles: Tax increases.  Isn’t TEA an acronym for “taxed enough already”.  Not that Liljenquist would know since, as Stacy noted above, he doesn’t consider himself a Tea Party candidate anyway.  I can certainly see why.

Second, these same folks who are promoting Liljenquist’s Tea Party bonafides are trashing Orrin Hatch as an Establishment RINO, Washington Insider type.  And yet here we have their candidate adopting classic insider doublespeak for tax increases.  Revenue  enhancements? Really? But not to worry, they assure us.  If only we blindly throw reliably conservative Orrin Hatch under the bus for their guy, everything will work out fine. I think not.

Governor Palin, Mark Levin, the Tea Party Express, Sean Hannity, Steve Forbes, the NRA, and others have been  right all along. Orrin Hatch is not only the best choice, but the only choice. Parenthetically, I can’t wait to see how Liljenquist’s supporters spin this latest evidence that their candidate isn’t what they claim he his.

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  • Sue Lynn

    Sarah is and was right on this fraud.

    • Cricket Nichols

       He sure does have big eyes….

  • nkthgreek

    Shows why Dan’s not the man.

  • blueniner

    in was saying today that this guy is a fraud, that he is no Tea Party guy like he claims.

  • N0

    Once again everyone…

    Sarah is the one with the brains who cuts through the B.S., she has my trust.

    Do not try to pretend you know more than Sarah about politics. 

  • mark1955

    Way to go:Michelle Malkin,Glen Beck,Dick Armey ( Freedom works ) ,Tammy Bruce. sarc/off

  • Spec 5

    What does Freedom Works have to say about this?  :o)

  • Jean_A

    This guy reminds me of J.D. Hayworth.

    • c4pfan

      Hee!  That’s a good one Jean!

    • Freempg

      Would that Hayworth were in the Senate instead of McCain. That’s the only endorsement I disagreed with. To me it was crony campaigning, but no one is perfect, even the Governor.

  • independents4palin

    I think the people that jumped down Gov Palins throat because of her endorsement of Orrin Hatch should be ashamed of themselves. She knows what she is doing. Dan Liljenquist needs to be defeated.

    • gwspfan

      Bravo I4P

    • Betsey_Ross

      Well, well, well,  Sarah, right again.  You are so correct.  Sarah is the all seeing, all knowing Maha Rushie on this one.  Do not doubt her!  Or the Maha Rushie, either. 

      One more thought. Do not believe anything you hear about the tea party backing of anyone. We cannot endorse or back anyone as a group. As far as I know Tea Party Express is the only organization that does that and their record isn’t all that stellar. Anyone that claims to have tea party backing probably doesn’t. It’s a media trick. It’s a campaign trick. Just because you are a candidate and you have spoken to tea parties doesn’t mean we like you and endorse you as a group. We just gave you a platform to tell us what you want to do. If we want to do all that work for you individually then each individual will do what they want. Even self proclaimed tea party folks running for office are assuming way too much!

    • serfer62

      serfer626 minutes agoIts the choice between another Establishment clown (one who gave us the 4 worst Supremes ever…fatty, the gentle latina, the evil ginsberg) & a glove in the face of that Establishment.Gov Palin picked the Establishment with its long lasting destruction of the Constitution by the Supremes.I preferr the glovePS Hatword that crushed by the Establishment. He had a better record then that clown McNasty

  • gwspfan

    Revenue enhancements…sheesh. They think they can fool people if they just substitute "tax increases" with their muddied terminology. I hope Danny Boy goes down in flames in the primary. Once again Sarah pegs it.

  • Lakerfanalways

    So yet again Sarah Palin was 100 percent absolutely RIGHT..yet she got trashed by some for supporting Hatch..who looks like the bigger fool now?
    Sarah knows EXACTLY what she is doing when she endorses people. She knows much more about these people then we do, that is why I trust her judgment. I dont always agree with every single person she endorses but I understand why she does it

  • ZH100
  • TEXs

     There he goes!

    Another liberal RINO pretending to be a conservative.

    SARAH PALIN made brilliant move by endorsing good ol’ Hatch.

  • 4rcane

    hmm, wasn’t this guy was just on Peter Schiff Radio show, playing the tea partier. When he was asked what was his poll numbers vs hatch, he kinda danced around the question which made me suspicious of him. He was also asked if he would go the Ron Paul route and cut $1trillion a year and he answered no, not in such a way that could damage the economy. Peter Schiff missed this, but that answer sound exactly like Romney’s answer

  • Quiet_Righty

    Really, why did Michelle Malkin go for this guy? She could not have been fooled by his alleged Tea Party cred. She’s smarter than that. I must be missing something. Help me out here.

  • mymati

    From Dan’s own website:  "Dan is also in favor of and will advocate for a balanced budget
    amendment but simply balancing the budget while “raising revenues”
    (which means tax increases) is not enough. We must also cut the spending
    and curb the rate of that spending."
    It sounds great and all but it’s kind of written so he can say I never said I would not raise taxes. And it is definitely not the Taxed Enough Already stance of us Tea Party types. Dan speaks with a forked tongue.

  • Mary Beth House

    Republicrat Liljenquist caught with his "revenue enhancements" down.

    Too afraid to call it what it is, Dan?  A TAX?

  • Guest

    I wonder what they will say now, all those who were yelling at Palin for endorsing Hatch? It seems Hatch might think he schmoozed The Guv, but she actually checked out Liljenquist before going for Hatch.

    Palin grumbles: face, meet egg.

  • 01_Explorer_01

    You call it weak tea?   In this case I call it compost tea……

  • SusanWo4p

    I wonder if Michelle Malkin will start distancing herself from this guy now.

  • Patriot41

    Anyone reading this comment, would be led to believe that Dan is a tax man.  How odd it is, that Orrin has been supporting raising the debt ceiling most of the time, right along with the rest of his establishment buddies.  How is this any different then most of the other GOPe talking about tax enhancements?  Hatch has also indicated several times, that the entitlements are way out of hand and responsible for our debt dilemma.  So where is the difference between Hatch and Dan on this issue?  Quite frankly I don’t see any difference.  Interesting to see that neither of these candidates are talking about pork or about the continuous waste of taxpayers dollars on useless wars that have nothing to do with our national defense.

    I have heard Orrin and Dan say practically the same thing, if we cannot resolve the debt situation by just cutting spending, there will have to be tax enhancements.  Hatch has recently come out in support of balancing our annual budget.  This being the case, how do you suppose he would attain that thought process, without raising taxes?  Anyone who believes that Hatch would not vote to raise taxes is living in a fantasy land, he has been doing just that for many years.

    • Val

      The Restore America team tasked with organizing the return of America to pre-Obama condition will be faced with the task of putting our thoroughly trashed fiscal house back in order. This will involve the institution of a Balanced Budget to put government spending back into line with government income sources. Hatch has been a champion of just this issue, having proposed a Balanced Budget Amendment no less than 17 times before Congress. Hatch has also been a leading advocate for policies to encourage savings and investment, such as the Capital Formation Act, and many other pro-growth tax bills.

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