Orrin Hatch Opponent Dan Liljenquist Supports Raising Taxes; Update: Weak Tea

Dan Liljenquist’s campaign has stated that he would never label himself a “Tea Party” candidate, and now we see why.

Update by Doug: I’m stunned.  For a couple of reasons. First, all these alleged Tea Party proponents are supporting a guy who’s already signaled his willingness to compromise with liberals on what’s supposed to be one of the Tea Party’s core principles: Tax increases.  Isn’t TEA an acronym for “taxed enough already”.  Not that Liljenquist would know since, as Stacy noted above, he doesn’t consider himself a Tea Party candidate anyway.  I can certainly see why.

Second, these same folks who are promoting Liljenquist’s Tea Party bonafides are trashing Orrin Hatch as an Establishment RINO, Washington Insider type.  And yet here we have their candidate adopting classic insider doublespeak for tax increases.  Revenue  enhancements? Really? But not to worry, they assure us.  If only we blindly throw reliably conservative Orrin Hatch under the bus for their guy, everything will work out fine. I think not.

Governor Palin, Mark Levin, the Tea Party Express, Sean Hannity, Steve Forbes, the NRA, and others have been  right all along. Orrin Hatch is not only the best choice, but the only choice. Parenthetically, I can’t wait to see how Liljenquist’s supporters spin this latest evidence that their candidate isn’t what they claim he his.

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