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Palin Endorses Deb Fischer for U.S. Senate, Update: Latest Fischer Campaign Video

The Omaha-World Herald as well as The Hill have both reported earlier in the hour that the Deb Fischer campaign (U.S. Senate, Nebraska) has received an endorsement from Governor Palin.

Also, Fischer’s campaign website includes a note from Fischer to Palin:

"I am writing to you as both a fan of your strong, conservative principles and as a fellow female Republican.  I have watched your career with respect as you take on tough issues, all while raising a family and serving your great state.  Your career has inspired me and so many other female politicians who believe principles should be above politics."

The Palins’ response:

"Deb – thank you for your note.  We have been watching your race closely. Your efforts remind us of those our family put forth for Sarah’s races here in Alaska. Winning over voters through personal interactions is the way to go. People are tired of outside interests spending millions of dollars in political attack ads. We’re glad to see your grassroots efforts paying off!

We admire your conservative principles and know that you will not go to Washington to amass great wealth or power. You will go to Washington to serve the people of Nebraska, protect our Constitution and work for common sense solutions to help restore America. We are happy to support you and have asked SarahPAC to send a financial contribution to your campaign.

Good luck next Tuesday – the Palins are in your corner.

–         Todd & Sarah  

You may remember Deb Fischer.  We highlighted her here at C4P months ago and had a collective look at her with all of you.

More from The Hill

More from Omaha World Herald

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  • TexS2012

    Sarah is on a roll, hope we see the Big Blue Bus soon!

    • Clarice ~

       How exciting and Helpful to All…
      Sarah It’s time to roll !

  • ? Jim ?

    According to LSM the TEA movement got all the credit for Mourdock. The GOPE *blames* the TEA movement. Neither gave Governor Palin an inch of credit.

    The Dems KNOW she is responsible for Mourdock and are scared to death of her.

    Let’s hope next week we can say the same about Fischer.

    • suehimel

       Well, the Tea Party express has endorsed Bruning and other Tea Party
      groups have endorsed Stenberg.  So, this contest will show just who is
      the biggest influence.

    • Exgunman

      As long as the people/voters know that Sarah is in their corner and take her recommendation/endorsements to heart then the LSM can ignore/deny her all they want. Hardly anyone gives the LSM any degree of credibility anymore, about the only ones who take them seriously are themselves and they are delusional……………………….

    • Betsey_Ross

      This is a two edged sword.  We know that Sarah put out the word just a few days before the primary.  We know that that included what amounted to a money bomb for Mourdock.  He was edging up  and maybe he could have won without her help, but he sure wouldn’t have gotten the money or attention without her.  Sarah’s endorsement gave him that extra zing to forge on to victory.  The Tea Party was working already for his victory.  Reagan said that you can accomplish miracles if you don’t care who gets the recognition.  Sarah’s our miracle worker. 

      • wodiej

         I would like to add that Mourdock won 61-39 so even without Palin’s endorsement, he would have won. However, it is still imperative that Gov. Palin endorse these people to give me some extra energy.

        • excopconservative

           Consider for a minute if Sarah, the first high profile Republican,  had not endorsed him.  Would Santorum and Bachmann have endorsed?  Would money have started flowing into his campaign?  Sarah turned on a switch that told conservatives that  it was OK to abandon a guy who had been 36 years in office and was a shoo-in for reelection and vote for someone who agreed more with their views. 

          • Betsey_Ross

            I love your "turned on the switch" that told Conservitave that it was OK to abandon Lugar.  I have friends in IN that are military and although I don’t know how they voted, not voting for Lugar would have been very tough.  Lugar was good to the military.   If I were still living in IN I would have voted Mourdock in a heartbeat. 

            I am curious to see if Sarah endorses in VA.  There are three Conservatives. Two have not held office.  One is a proven Conservative who has held elective office and of course George Allen who was the reason we moved to VA in the first place.  George went kind of went Establishment on us when he got to the Senate, let the WaPo define him, apologized too much in the face of an embarassing situtation, and voted to spend too much money….none of the traits of a good Conservative.  Oh, well, about a month to go. 

        • HuntingMoose

          the bigger the difference the better. Had the difference something like 51%-49%, the establishment would not have stopped howling

        • jerseymark

          I disagree. At the time of her endorsement, he was polling at 5% up which was about the margin of error. Within a few days of her endorsement, he polled at 10 points up showing momentum which would naturally continue to build and lead to a 20 point win by election day.That is called leverage – a well timed public endorsement by the defacto leader of the conservative base.

      • mark1955

        Agree. I believe Reagan had that sign on his desk, which i believe said, "it’s amazing what can be accomplished, when you don’t care who get’s the credit".

        • Betsey_Ross

          Thanks for the exact quote.  Sometimes I can’t remember it all.  My RAM is kind of unaccessible

          • mark1955

            Same same. I’m sorry i didn’t mean to imply that you were wrong and that mine was an exact quote. Same sentiment. I just mentioned the quote,because Reagan had it on his desk,much like Truman with his,"The buck stops here" sign on his desk. We both had the same idea. As long as the end result is what we’d like,who cares who get’s the credit. I’m sure Governor Palin doesn’t care about getting credit as long as the job get’s done.

        • HuntingMoose

          Don’t know if Sarah has that on her desk but you can be sure it is front-row in her mind and her actions show it.

    • Guest

      The GOPE is deathly afraid of giving her credit for Mourdock. That would raise her already high profile and start people asking why Palin isn’t at the head of the ticket if she has such power with the people. So, it’s easier for the GOPE to blame the TEAP. As for the TEAP taking all the credit, when they know they needed her to win, that’s necessary bragging, but they should be more honest. In part also, they want to show they have power without any specific leaders, but the fact that they have organized means that do have an organizational leader, just not a high profile political leader. Perhaps, too, it might be protective of Palin, but I don’t want to spin that.

    • jerseymark

      I am sure that Sarah is not bothered by this as I am sure she considers herself to be a driving force in the Tea Party movement. I would bet that she would rather have the movement given the credit as being bigger and more important than her. She is definitely one who believes in the saying "It is amazing what you can accomplish if you don’t care who gets the credit". 

  • ? Jim ?

    Looks like Todd wrote that note to Fischer. << Another article regarding same

  • Steve_Flesher

    Interestingly, it appears Santorum has endorsed Jon Bruning in the same race.

    • suehimel

       And John Demint has endorsed Stenberg and Demint has spent millions here running negative ads against Bruning.  I just hope there is enough time left for Fischer to close the gap.

      • Vicki

        Jim Demint?

        • suehimel

           NC Senator with his own SuperPac.  He does what he will.  He is a pseudo-conservative – but a crony capitalist conservative.  I do not trust him.

    • wodiej

       Santorum thinks women belong in the kitchen, at home taking care of the young ‘uns.

  • section9

    When Palin is done with that speech in Vegas, I hope she flies into Nebraska. Sounds like Fischer could use a little help.

    • suehimel

       That is not likely to happen, but her endorsement has energized a campaign that was already surging.  Deb Fischer has a grassroots campaign and all the volunteers are energized.

  • patnatasha

    this race got alot more interesting.

  • wodiej

    Thank you Gov. Palin. If these people see they can get support from real people, they will run for office. 

  • Guest

    Go Get ‘em Deb Fischer !!!!!

    woof, woof.

  • Jose R. Gonzalez

    Telling ya’, I’m hoping to soon see Governor Palin riding on the One Nation bus again.  First stop: Nebraska.  Second stop: Texas.  Would like to see her make an endorsement for the senate primary here in TX.

  • daisy_mae

    Our nation’s heartland is coming out both barrels blazing!  God bless em, gettin er done!!!

  • Timothy Jacques

    This Nebraskan is VERY happy!!!!

    It makes my sore feet (canvassing my local precinct) that less painful.  :)

    • suehimel

       Hey, friend.  I walked 4 precincts for Deb and I assume you know the good news.  For the next week I’ll be making phone calls…relief on my shoes (I wore out one pair).

      • Timothy Jacques

         Will be walking another precinct this weekend (Bellevue 5) and will be sign holding Sunday.

  • Nathan Santos

    The Power of Palin.  March on…..

  • phillyfanatic

    There really are two conservs running as Pubs in the Neb. race. One wonders just who will have to face Kerry. 

    • suehimel

      And one of those conservatives is part of the PPC and has run for the US Senate 4 times…the previous 3 times he could not defeat anyone.  Bruning is not really a conservative so I assume you mean Deb Fischer and Don Stenberg.

      • Timothy Jacques

         Mark Levin (and some of the local radio commentators in Omaha) has been vetting the bat-snot out of Bruning recently.  The more they hear about Bruning, the less they like about him.

  • 99Dual99Citizan99

    "You don’t need a title to make a difference," Sarah Palin. " Can’t we rest on our laurels for one day,?99. "Okay, girls and boys, our Joan of Arc has spoken. Now, let’s go get ‘em."

  • misterlogic0013

    The Palin effect, bigger than big, greater than great. It can’t be stopped. The silent majority is alive and well, we will cross many finish lines first. Were rested and ready, fresh and keen. We are well aware of the issues, we encourage debate. The Palin effect is healthy, its an American movement / just call us the Tea Party.   Romney is shaking in his shoes, we are coming for you.   Its early, keep the powder dry.  America is on her way to total restoration, we had everything but the kitchen sink thrown at us already, check it out we won they lost. See, it was easy … thanks Sarah and family.

  • palintologist

    I heard Bishop E.W. Jackson speak in Richmond on Tuesday.  He’s also running for the VA senate seat.  He’s a black, CONSERVATIVE preacher who has been married for 41 years (3 kids) and a former Marine.  If you haven’t heard him speak, he’s electric! 

    I’ve heard all of the candidates’ pitches and Jackson’s literally BLOWS them all out of the water.  George Allen is a good old boy who never met a spending bill he didn’t like.

    • suehimel

       I haven’t heard of this race, but I am glad to know about it – now for my research.  I do make it a point to make a small contribution to these campaigns that can make a difference.  The bulk of my money is going to Deb Fischer in NE where I live and am a volunteer on her campaign.

      • 56Survivor

        This guy looks great.  I have been watching him for a while now.

        • bucky321

          looks great but will be a loser vs. allen. maybe he could run for another office

    • bucky321

      george allen will be the candidate and will win the general vs. kaine

  • gahanson

    I sure hope Fischer wins this one, and wins it big. 

  • pipam12…

    has this been posted here today , i have been gone all day , is this
    the investigation we heard about last year that my involve some higher
    ups , maybe a candidate or Romney ??

    • c4pfan

      Maybe, you should ask this in the Open Thread?

  • suehimel

    I always knew that if SP endorsed anyone in this primary race it would be
    Deg Fischer.  Her opponents fall into the ppc or the crony capitalist class.

    Please send her any $ that you have spare.

  • VADMCollingwood

    Fire in the heartland

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