Political Wire Blames Palin for Automated Robocall Dialing

One would think that a political news site such as Taegan Goddard‘s Political Wire, would comprehend a rudimentary political task such as the robocall. Either he does not, or he is playing the part in an effort to knowingly make Governor Palin look bad with the headline. I’m certain that in this case, it’s the latter.

Yesterday, Taegan linked to a story written by a snarky columnist from the Topeka Capital-Journal, which stated that some robocalls that the Governor recorded for the Ted Cruz campaign in Texas, had been dialed to numbers in Kansas. Taegan’s headline read, “Palin Robocalls Wrong State,” as if she not only had anything to do with the call placement, but also single-handedly dialed the numbers.

So, let me go ahead and clear this up for the slow people who read Taegan’s headline as some sort of verification that Governor Palin is “stupid.” According to Macmillan and reality, a robocall is:

An automated telephone call which plays a recorded message

Governor Palin recoded one message that was sent to numerous numbers, of which she played zero role in selecting. For whatever reason, some numbers set up by the company handling the calls, were in fact, directed to Kansas. It was a mistake by the company, not Governor Palin.

Goddard’s left-wing commenters bought into his headline however, and responded as you can imagine they would. The fact that this puts them into the position of completely misrepresenting the robocall process, never dawns on them. Unlike Taegan Goddard, I’m not convinced that they know better. They just aren’t very bright people.

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