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TWS | Lugar Supporter Mitch Daniels says Mourdock Can Win the General

…Indiana governor Mitch Daniels, a Lugar protege who has endorsed and supported his mentor in this race, told the Courier & Press that he would support Mourdock in the general election and that Mourdock could win against the Democratic challenger, congressman Joe Donnelly:

…if Mourdock wins, Daniels said he’ll have no trouble supporting him.

“He’s a thoroughly credible person – you know, a friend and ally of mine,” Daniels said. “I was in an awkward position, to say the least, here, between two people I know and like and admire. But one of them, I have a lifelong loyalty to, and that was the tiebreaker.”

Lugar’s campaign charged that Mourdock would face a much tougher battle in the fall against Donnelly than Lugar would. Daniels said “maybe so,” but that Mourdock’s chances if that’s the case “are much better than even of succeeding.”



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