Why Can’t They Leave Palin Out Of It?

You know Sarah Palin is rubbing all the right people the wrong way when the latest Trump hullaballo sucks her right into it via the lamestream media.

Twice today, the media has written stories discussing some of Donald Trump’s conspiracy theories about the President and talks about the effects on Mitt Romney since Trump held a fundraiser with him recently and also endorsed him in Las Vegas.

The first one is a story in Politico.  The second is a story published by the AP

The piece in Politico does not even mention Palin by name.  It talks about Trump’s revival of the Obama birth certificate controversy and goes on to talk about how Trump and Wolf Blitzer got into a heated exchange on CNN about it.  So, we have four people involved here: Obama, Trump, Romney, and Blitzer.  At the top of the page, which politician do they show photographed with Donald?  The one who has absolutely nothing to do with the drama: Sarah Palin.

The second one actually mentions Palin.  It’s titled: “Donald Trump, Sarah Palin Put Presidential Candidates in Awkward Positions.”  The correlation drawn is mighty odd.  Donald Trump is a supporter of Romney’s who makes the candidate look bad by passing around nutty conspiracy theories.  Meanwhile, Palin is a “lightly-vetted” candidate who upstages her running mate. 

Obviously, we know there has been no other politician on the planet who’s been as well-vetted as Palin has.  In fact, members of the media should know it since many of them flew into Juneau frantically to skim through 27,000 of her e-mails (and failed to find the smoking gun they were looking for).

But let’s cut to the chase.  Both pieces obviously seek to associate Governor Palin with whacky conspiracy theories by placing pictures of her with Donald Trump in both articles — and even loosely mentioning her in one of them in a way that bears no resemblance whatsoever to Donald Trump and his accompanying effect on Mitt Romney.

“Just the facts” is our motto here and since the lamestream media will continue to ignore facts, let us reiterate the Governor in her own words December 4, 2009.

“Voters have every right to ask candidates for information if they so choose. I’ve pointed out that it was seemingly fair game during the 2008 election for many on the left to badger my doctor and lawyer for proof that Trig is in fact my child. Conspiracy-minded reporters and voters had a right to ask… which they have repeatedly. But at no point – not during the campaign, and not during recent interviews – have I asked the president to produce his birth certificate or suggested that he was not born in the United States.”

– Sarah Palin

 The Governor is among the rest of us who possess common sense who realize there are much bigger fish to fry and if a candidate campaigns on the right principles, Obama will be easy to beat.

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