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ABC News Claims Governor Palin Said Something She Never Said

The more things change, the more they stay the same. Meghan Kiesel from ABC News claims the following:

Highlights included Palin’s infamous comment that she could see Russia from her house.

Are we sure Meghan Kiesel wasn’t interviewed in this video?

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  • TeflonWarrior

    I wish I could say something more than Kiesel is a fraud as a reporter and an idiot.   Thank you.

  • Suki Pero

    Another Crazy Ivan from the commies.

  • blsdj

    Meghan Kiesel  must do her fact checking by watching reruns of Saturday Night live.

  • 01_Explorer_01

    I’m to the point I don’t really care what the media says.  They are becoming irrevelant. 

    • stevethird

       When we all (the electorate) get to that point we will start making better decisions about who we hire to lead us. Irrelevancy of the LSM is critical. They are really no longer needed.

      • dmac8889

        That is interesting, because I stopped listening to the media in the 1990’s when it became very obvious that they refused to report any goings on in Arkansas during Bill Clinton’s twelve years as Governor.  It only got worse during all the scandals that took place while he was President.  The BIAS was so blatant that most Americans today cannot understand how Clinton became Impeached (an enormously historical event).  They are not aware that Hillary Clinton herself had two Independent Special Prosecutors assigned to her activities in Arkansas and while in the White House.  Anyway this is the reason I never listen to the media about one thing they have had to say about Sarah Palin or her family.

        If you know what Mena, Ark. was, if you know who Bill Clinton’s boyhood friend was, and what job Linda Tripp had at the White House (not the Pentagon), then you know the media had been lying to us for years.  Today the Clinton’s have been ‘forgiven’, but most Americans don’t know what for, and if they did they wouldn’t be forgiven.

  • Nancy6

    Of course Sarah said it…….she lives and breathes, doesn’t she?:)

  • tinker_thinker

    Fake reporter.

  • John_Frank

    Ian, thank you for calling out the LSM.

  • indemind

     Hey Kiesel…. "Stupid Is As Stupid Dose"… its as easy as your A.B.C….


  • socon

    Lazy, moronic reporter–your numbers are legion.

  • Dan C

    What can we say at this point?

    There is no news media. There is only a liberal statist propaganda machine. 

    • PalinIsGodsGift2USA

      Dan C, you nailed it!!! Not a news media – it’s a liberal statist propaganda machine. Right on!!!

      SARAH 2012, 2016….

  • Kimberly Petrich

    Well, Ms. Kiesel, now all of America can see your ignorance AND your bias from THEIR houses. Nicely done.

  • blueniner

    What a moron reporter, trying to drum up old fake news, she is trying to make a reputation, but it would be a reputation of an idiot!

  • James Krewson

    In Sheldon Cooper’s voice:  "DEAR LORD, IT WAS TINA FEY THAT SAID THAT!!"

  • suehimel

    I can’t believe there is a journalist left on the planet that is still repeating this nonsense.

  • nkthgreek

    Perhaps a flood of emails to Meghan might cause her to recant. Nah.

  • John_Frank

    I strongly encourage people to contact ABC news and politely give them what for.

    The contact form can be found on the ABC website.

  • aaron66krohn

    How about we sentence everyone who believes Sarah said that to three years……..

    in a Gulag on Big Diamedes Island…….

    which is RUSSIA!!

    LITTLE Diamedes Island…….

    about 3 miles or less from RUSSIA……

    is part of ALASKA……

    which, last I heard, is part of the…..


    Have fun eating BORSCHT for the next 3 years……


    • c4pfan

      She said you could see an island from an area of Alaska.  Never said house as part of her answer.  So, stop with spreading the lie.

      • aaron66krohn

        Sir or Madame…….

        I KNOW EXACTLY what Sarah said, TO WHOM she said it, and IN WHAT CONTEXT it was said!!!

        So don’t start telling ME I’m "spreading the lie"!!!

        This is what she said:

        "You can see Russia from land here in Alaska!"

        THAT is why I made reference to the Diamedes islands, as THAT is EXACTLY what SARAH was referring to!!!!!!!

        There, now I hope YOU are now able to STOP SPREADING LIES!!!!!!

        P.S. Look it up on Wikipedia!!!

  • Spec 5

    They never let the truth stand in the way.

  • free4now

    I can’t imagine why anyone would have a problem with Kiesel raising something from four years ago, the LSM is now dredging up the Nixon ‘scandal’ from FORTY years ago. 

    • wodiej

       a liberal on Lou Dobbs last night used this tactic when he asked a simple question. Even though Dobbs halted rant against past republican situations, the liberal would not answer.

  • MaMcGriz

    It looks like Meghan Kiesel just made herself the poster-child for that special subculture of folks who can’t tell the real Governor Palin from a worn out line from an old Tina Fey skit on Saturday Night Live. How nice for ABC. 

    They’re so special, bless their hearts.

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