AGU: Army of David’s VS. The #Democrat-Media Complex

This weekend American Grizzlies United joined other concerned citizens in Las Vegas for the Right On Line Conference. An Army of David’s came together to talk strategy and learn from each other. The battle to save our Republic has officially begun.

If the permanent political class thinks Americans are going to fall in line and let them call the shots, tread lightly around the LSM (in fear of being called: RAAACIST, Crazy, Dumb, Homophobic, Dangerous, Mean), and let the GOPe pick our candidates, then they are in for a big surprise.

Energized activists swarmed The Venetian Hotel because they are sick and tired of the permanent political class endlessly modifying America according to the dictates of some abstract intellectual concept.

We love our country. And we know that America does not need to be fundamentally transformed. America needs to be restored; and together that is exactly what we are going to do.

On Friday night Governor Sarah Palin in her aggressively authentic speech reminded us that the future of America is in our hands.

She pointed to the recent victory in Wisconsin and used the triumph in a way that was not a pat on the back, but rather an empowering model for the battle (#WAR) before us in November.

An organized army of patriotic David’s must be prepared to fight not just the Democrat/Occupy/Union ground team, but also fight back against the Democrat-Media Complex if we are to save our country.

A lesson we should have learned by now is that we must use new media to fight back the lies immediately and consistently or the old media will continue to protect their guy and allow the permanent political class to remain in power.

The seminars over the weekend focused on the power of the individual and how best to use that power to bring positive change. Brandname education and political pedigree’s are a thing of the past belonging to the old media.

As we move forward past Wisconsin and into November we must remember that the power to restore America lies within us. It is literally at our fingertips.

New media is the future; and the future is ours for the taking.

Our work continues…

Thomas S Schmitz

American Grizzlies United; Chairman

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THOMAS is an Editor at Conservatives4Palin, and Chairman of the Board for American Grizzlies United. Mr. Schmitz is a Southern California native based in Hollywood. Thomas’ controversial pop culture approach to modern politics delights supporters and offends critics. Mr. Schmitz has been described as, “culturally rebellious”, and a “rebel with a cause”.