BOMBSHELL Video: Proof Obama and Holder Knew about Gun Walking… in 2009; Update: Harry Reid on Executive Privilege

Our good friend over at The Right Scoop put together what can only be termed as an incendiary video compiling damning footage of members of the Obama administration including Secretary of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano, crowing over some exciting new programs they were launching (you may recognize some of the names):

Just a reminder, here’s a crash course in the terms as taken from here:

Project Gunrunner is the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives Southwest Border Initiative (BATFE was formerly known as ATF).

Project Gunwalker is the “whistleblower” and journalist’s name (coined by David Codrea) for the BATFE’s practice (“unofficial policy”) of deliberately allowing guns to illegally “walk” untracked across the border via known and suspected criminal straw buyers into Mexico and Honduras (among potentially many other Central American countries, as well as to drug cartel operatives within the US). This practice was first introduced to Project Gunrunner in early 2009, in the early months of the Obama administration. 

Operation Fast and Furious is the BATFE name for the Phoenix, AZ division operation of Project Gunrunner.  Fast and Furious was a 100% Obama/Holder DOJ operation.

"Under the President’s leadership"…"The President has directed"…"the Department of Justice is such an essential part of this initiative on Mexico"…

Gosh, it sure looks like they were thrilled to take the credit and give the White House and Holder their due…before it blew up in their faces of course.

Then it’s: "What’s this Gunwalking you speak of?  Never heard of it."

At any rate…good work, Scoop!  This is what Governor Palin was referring to when she talked about the power of citizen journalists doing the job the democrat media complex won’t do.

Update by Doug: This is priceless.  In 2007, Harry Reid said the following when George W. Bush invoked executive privilege:

"He’s not King George. He’s President George."

See video below.

How long before we hear the following from Dingy Harry: "He’s not King Barack, He’s President Barack"?  I won’t hold my breath. I’m also waiting for the obligatory charge from someone on the Left that the contempt charge against Holder was racist, or something.  On that I doubt I’ll have to hold my breath very long at all.





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