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BOMBSHELL Video: Proof Obama and Holder Knew about Gun Walking… in 2009; Update: Harry Reid on Executive Privilege

Our good friend over at The Right Scoop put together what can only be termed as an incendiary video compiling damning footage of members of the Obama administration including Secretary of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano, crowing over some exciting new programs they were launching (you may recognize some of the names):

Just a reminder, here’s a crash course in the terms as taken from here:

Project Gunrunner is the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives Southwest Border Initiative (BATFE was formerly known as ATF).

Project Gunwalker is the “whistleblower” and journalist’s name (coined by David Codrea) for the BATFE’s practice (“unofficial policy”) of deliberately allowing guns to illegally “walk” untracked across the border via known and suspected criminal straw buyers into Mexico and Honduras (among potentially many other Central American countries, as well as to drug cartel operatives within the US). This practice was first introduced to Project Gunrunner in early 2009, in the early months of the Obama administration. 

Operation Fast and Furious is the BATFE name for the Phoenix, AZ division operation of Project Gunrunner.  Fast and Furious was a 100% Obama/Holder DOJ operation.

"Under the President’s leadership"…"The President has directed"…"the Department of Justice is such an essential part of this initiative on Mexico"…

Gosh, it sure looks like they were thrilled to take the credit and give the White House and Holder their due…before it blew up in their faces of course.

Then it’s: "What’s this Gunwalking you speak of?  Never heard of it."

At any rate…good work, Scoop!  This is what Governor Palin was referring to when she talked about the power of citizen journalists doing the job the democrat media complex won’t do.

Update by Doug: This is priceless.  In 2007, Harry Reid said the following when George W. Bush invoked executive privilege:

"He’s not King George. He’s President George."

See video below.

How long before we hear the following from Dingy Harry: "He’s not King Barack, He’s President Barack"?  I won’t hold my breath. I’m also waiting for the obligatory charge from someone on the Left that the contempt charge against Holder was racist, or something.  On that I doubt I’ll have to hold my breath very long at all.





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  • HiramHawk


  • nkthgreek

    Some more promised transparency of this administration.

  • patnatasha

    and we are waiting until next week to do anything.


    Hear, hear RS….good job. ?

  • PW4SP ? ?

    Tweet this to all House members as many times as possible.  Full House votes next week. Let them know Americans know the TRUTH! Case closed!

  • Nancy6

    President Obama has been accused of amnesia in his first year in office.
    100 too many rounds of golf, I’d wager.

    • lanahi

       It’s too much sun.

  • John_Frank

    Mary Beth, thanks for this post.

    Speaking of executive privilege, Mark Levin has penned a helpful FB Note, which I encourage people to read:

  • PAWatcher

    Special prosecutor time! Time to impeach! Get Issa off the case, get it done now, no more dog and pony show with this committee. No more begging for cooperation. Tricky baraky and cohorts are history, brought down by their own bragging about securing the border.


    Mary Beth, thank-you so much for the link to the "crash coarse"….what a terrific site!

    In that website is a link to a video of Wayne LaPierre’s terrific speech (he has no love for the LSM)….along with a couple of condensed videos of  the Fast and Furious debacle, how safe our southern border really is and violence in our country.

    Mods…this is a MUST SEE video.

  • DocBarry1

    Please send this to each TV and Cable News outlet as well to both houses- and ask for a response from each

    This way no one can say that they didn’t know if this


  • Firelight

    This is awesome Mary Beth and Scoop!!!

  • westernhunter

    Everyone please show support to your congressmen who voted today in committee and tell your other congressmen and leadership to vote for contempt charge next week.

  • $8196935

    Terrific work Mary Beth in getting this up.   Not enough have followed the issues  or understand the work involved to put together this investigtion.

    For the general public and their MSM, nets., they in for a surprise as this seeps through.

  • RedDaveR

    Thanks to Mary Beth and to The Right Scoop.

    • Mary Beth House

      Scoop did a great job I think. 

      We need to get his video to as many new media outlets as possible.

  • dmac8889

    Since the DOJ was planning on TRACING and prosecuting those arms dealers responsible for selling arms to Mexican Drug Dealers, than I guess by now it should have issued a warrant for their own arrest.

    • Laddie_Blah_Blah

      They may also get around to issuing a warrant to Holder for committing multiple counts of deliberately and knowingly lying to Congress. If he did so under oath, that is perjury.

  • Laddie_Blah_Blah

    Thank you, Mary Beth, for this information. It will change, or should change, the whole dynamic on this issue, especially regarding direct involvement by high-ranking administration officials, including the Godfather, in gun running and fast and furious operations.

    I would think that public statements freely given are not protected by executive privilege. Everyone at that press conference should be summoned to testify before Issa’s committee and Grassley’s committee, and be given an opportunity to spin their statements at that presser.

    Maybe even NBC would get around to covering that, after their mandatory story on the GOP’s "war on women."

  • gwspfan

    So, once again, there has not been any mention of this in the news or even at Drudge since it has been revealed. I am really hoping someone, during this afternoon’s talk radio or on Fox, will pick this up.

  • patriot173

    Kelly on Fox News might be a good one to take this "smoking gun" to the public. And how about Rushbo?…………..

  • Patriot41

    You’re right Mary Beth, don’t hold your breath when it comes to democrats race bating.  When nothing else works, it all boils down to racism.

    The Fast and Furious scandal can be boiled down into one simple explanation, entrapment!  We in the U.S. who pride ourselves in our justice system, have a govt., that totally ignores our laws and our judicial system continually turns it’s head, while the politicians have a field day.  Our Constitution has become meaningless to this govt., and apparently, the judicial system as well.  One wonders when and where it will all end and how many citizens will die or be unjustly prosecuted, for trying to stop the madness and lawless activity by our own government?

    There is nothing wrong with our form of govt., or our Constitution, other then the fact that we have people in the govt., who are constantly trying to subvert it and to destroy our Republic.  Our citizens have gotten emersed into the political skullduggery of our two party system and have blindly fallen into the trap of division which it has caused.  Instead of weeding out the adverse political leaders, they have condoned and supported their manipulative actions, all for the sake of party power.  In such a scenario, it is always the citizens that lose.  In the process, we will lose our Constitution, our representative govt., our Republic and our Freedom.  That is, unless we rise up and fight to take back our rights of governance given to us by our forefathers.

    It is evident to me, that neither political party is interested in correcting the problems we now have and that the citizens will have to unite and form a third party, to break up the monopoly held by both current political parties. 


  • pipam12


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