Governor Palin: Obama ‘Pandering’ on Immigration; Updated: Krauthammer: This is Out and Out Lawlessness

After last night’s speech in Las Vegas, Governor Palin was asked a few questions by Politico as she left the venue:

Sarah Palin on Friday condemned President Barack Obama’s new immigration policy as both unconstitutional and cravenly  political.

“He’s absolutely pandering to a specific demographic that no doubt polls have  shown … he would be helped in this demographic if he just makes this move,” the  former Alaska governor told POLITICO late Friday as she left the Venetian hotel  after a speech to the RightOnline conference. “And I say that because all of  President Obama’s actions are based on polls that are provided him that would  lead him to believe he can garner support for his reelection bid.”


“Our president still doesn’t understand the three branches of government,” she said. “He thinks he can usurp the Congressional branch of our government and  dictate and mandate a policy like this.”

The 2008 Republican vice presidential nominee said it will make the borders  more porous.

She took umbrage about an explanation she read in the press that said the law  would only affect “law-abiding illegal immigrants.”

“That is a contradiction right there,” she said in the interview. “I think we  need to characterize it and describe it more accurately. It’s called illegal for  a reason.”

More here. If there’s anyone left who’s still puzzled by Democrat’s tendency to launch into foaming-at-the-mouth hysterics whenever anyone suggests we should ensure the integrity of our electoral process by, gasp, requiring would-be voters to prove their eligibility before casting a ballot, look no further. In addition to Obama’s unilateral amnesty decision being a calculated move to fire up his base as Governor Palin notes, it’s also designed to create hundreds of thousands of new 15 to 30 year old potential Democrat voters. Without fear of deportation, these “law-abiding illegal immigrants” will be even more brazen in their efforts to vote illegally. And in those backward, heavily Democrat areas (like Chicago) where the dead are known to vote — multiple times — eligibility has never mattered anyway. Now it’ll be even easier for Democrats to subvert the electoral process.

Update: Via the Daily Caller, Charles Krauthammer discusses Obama’s illegal usurpation of legislative power:

Transcript here. Now the big question is this: Will Congress do anything about it? I’m skeptical.

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