LA Times: ‘Palin Can’t Help It, She’s Still Running Against Barack Obama’ Update: Great Catch By Whitney

An interesting piece written by Robin Abcarian is in the LA Times today reporting on Gov. Palin’s RightOnline speech.  It’s title suggests Palin is still running against Obama even though she’s not a candidate.   I would say that’s something which can be said about any of us who are standing together to defeat Obama despite whatever it is we have to do.  Nevertheless, Abcarian makes her points:

“Despite becoming a bestselling author, a highly paid Fox News contributor and a sought-after speaker, in some ways, it’s as if Sarah Palin never stopped running against Barack Obama.

As the Republican vice presidential candidate in 2008, she never really was his actual opponent. But ever since she and Arizona Sen. John McCain lost that election, Palin seems to have carried a sense of grievance. The press, she has maintained, concentrated too much on her and too little on Obama.”

Apparently, recent events prove the point Palin makes.  Not even one week ago, our President sat in a room of celebrity one-percenters and told them they were the “ultimate arbiter[s]” of our country’s direction.  Not too much stir created over that — especially when you compare it to the unfounded rumors about Palin’s marriage or even the “controversy” over her wardrobe in 2008.  Here is our commander-in-chief trying to convince the down-troddened that he’s going to deliver them social justice while he tells his rich Hollywood friends that they’re the ones steering the ship for our nation’s continuance of his transformation. Considering HE is the president, I’d say that has a little more relevance on people’s lives than say having every reporter in the nation flock to Juneau to read through 27,000 of Palin’s emails.  So, her claim is not only based on reality, it’s based on common sense as well. 

Further, it’s not only Palin who’s carried a “grievance” since 2008.  We all share it.  We’ve had it with us from the moment Obama made it clear that he was absolutely not interested in anything having to do with bipartisanship outside of his stimuluses, his crony appointments to ambassadorships, or his racking up 5T dollars in unpaid debt for our nation while our unemployment continues to stagnate

The author continues remarking about some members of the crowd at RightOnline bring disappointed that Palin did not run for President in 2012:

“Few in the crowd expressed disappointment that Palin chose not to run for president.

“If she’s not ready for it, I don’t want her to run,” said Lydia Ruth Vine, 29, an Indianapolis blogger. “She knows what she’s doing. When she is ready, I will back her completely.””

I appreciate bringing this to light as I believe it’s how we all feel.  We aren’t happy with the outcome of the primary, but we trust in her decision to keep doing what she’s doing for now remaining ready to back her for future years if she so chooses to try.

She goes on:

“Palin did not once mention the name of the president’s Republican challenger, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney. Nor did she urge the troops to support him. But that was not a shocker for this crowd, many of whom are reluctantly supporting Romney because he is Obama’s opponent.

No one seemed to mind. After all, the “Right Online” gathering was not really about the presidential election.

Organized by the anti-tax Americans for Prosperity, a group co-founded by the oil billionaire David Koch, it was an extended seminar for conservative bloggers on how to use social media and blogs to further the conservative cause. Dedicated to the late conservative Internet entrepreneur Andrew Breitbart, the two-day event was both a tribute to him and a pep rally for those learning to use their voices to effect political change.”

I knew it was only a matter of time before the Governor would be called out for failing to mention Romney in her speech.  That’s because — as she pointed out — this speech was not about presidential politics.  It was about citizen activists remaining engaged to hold politicians and their accompanying feet to the fire with regard to policy.  But it has to remain known, we fully intend to fire Barack Obama even with Romney as his Republican challenger. 

I further take issue with characterizing conservatives as “anti-tax.”  That’s a stretch.  Everyone understands taxation.  We just believe in fair taxation.

The writer overall wrote a piece which fairly recaps the speech and its points made.  I do wish though she’d have remarked a little stronger about the grassroots (and Palin’s) committment to replacing Barack Obama since Palin referred to it.  Despite her  intention to hold Romney accountable if he wins in November, replacing Obama remains her (and our) number one priority.

Not only is Palin “running against Barack Obama,” we all are.

Read the whole report here.


Whitney made an excellent point about a very specific part of the piece:

It may have been a somewhat interesting report in some respects, but Abcarian was way off in left field when describing what Gov. Palin wore. For one, it doesn’t matter, and it detracts from her message when reporters focus on what Gov. Palin (or any woman wears). Second, Abcarian tried to paint the Governor as beholden to big party donors. From the article:

“No, the media did not do their job,” said Palin, who wore a beige
V-neck sweater, her trademark black pencil skirt and an oversized Star
of David necklace, perhaps in deference to the locale’s proprietor, Sheldon Adelson, the Republican mega-donor whose support for Israel has driven his politics

Umm, no, Robin. Palin’s star of David necklace wasn’t in deference to Adelson. It was in support of Israel. Gov. Palin had an Israeli flag in her office as governor. She’s always been a supporter of Israel, regardless of what GOP mega-donors have as their policy emphasis. It’s hard to take Abcarian serious when she’s this clueless and tries to project Obama’s appeasement of donors onto Gov. Palin.


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