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Media Frivolity: Obama Better Suited to Handle Alien Invasion Over Romney

Since Obama has failed at our economy, our credit rating, our unpaid debt, and didn’t keep unemployment below 8% as he promised in a plea to spend a trillion dollars we didn’t have, the media are turning to their attention to another important topic: being invaded by aliens.

How many nights have you laid awake concerned about such?

But nevertheless YAHOO! News is reporting it and National Geograhic entertains it.

In the event that Bill Pullman isn’t available, two-thirds of respondents to a new survey say that President Barack Obama would be better suited to handle an alien invasionthan presumptive Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney.

"We wanted the pulse on people’s opinions," said Brad Dancer, senior vice president of research and digital media for National Geographic, who conducted the survey for the new series "Chasing UFOs." "We wanted to get a sense of how Americans view UFOs, what people believe and how mainstream pop culture may or may not be playing into their opinions on it."

Not only is the substance in and itself a little low on the priority list to say the least, but the fact that it shows up near the top of YAHOO!‘s homepage is simply out of this world!

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  • John_Frank

    Now that the One is no longer feeling the love, desperate times require desperate measures from the Ministry of Truth.

  • celestiallady

    I’ve always said that those people who are so far out of it, including Obama are from another planet. Who knows, maybe I am right.

  • TangledThorns

    Obama would just give them immunity. 

    • Steve_Flesher

      LOL.  He needs all the voters he can get apparently. 

  • Patriot Games

    That’s the only situation idiot Obama could deal with because he’s an alien from outer space himself.
    Still bad news for us because he’d deal with it by leading the aliens’ invasion of the USA. For a start,
    he’d give them Arizona.

  • section9

    Well, they didn’t poll the Greys from Zeta Reticuli. They were too busy mutilating cattle to pick up the phone.

  • OldDude111

    This survey was also on the front page of USA Today.  Given the general state of affairs and knowledge of our population, they probably confused "illegal" with "extraterrestrial."  According to the same survey, 55% of those in the know believe that there are real-life MEN IN BLACK-style agents who threaten people who spot UFOs.  And to think they can also vote!

    • VADMCollingwood

      What?  You mean there aren’t?  Since when?  I didn’t get that memo. 

      s/ K. Rove

    • Patriot Games

       How did the liberal media get so idiotic?  National Geographic is doing such ridiculous surveys–they must be going bankrupt–and major publications print this garbage? I’m sure they’ll claim it’s humor but I think they’re desperate for any poll that show BO leading, even this nonsense. Can’t wait to see National Review or Breitbart show Obama with a spaghetti colander on his head and a wire hanger antenna on top of it.

  • SusanWo4p

    Aliens?   As fictional as Sarah Palin being blamed for Wardrobe-gate or the Tucson shooting.  The GOP Establishment couldn’t defend her when the Media treated her ridiculously, so I am not feeling any urgency in fighting battles for them now.

  • Patriot41

    Actually, UFO’s are really nothing new in the recorded history of mankind.  In reading Scripture, one can find that a very famous prophet was taken up from the earth by a UFO.  Surprisingly, it was described as being like many of today, circular like a wheel with lights beaming from beneath it.   I am quite certain though that in that case, it was not a foreign alien that took him up.  Had his servant been familiar with the descriptive language of today, he may have given us an insight about heavenly vehicles that could still be touring the universe today.

    Also in the Scriptures, we were warned about spiritual princesses and principalities that are not of the lord, who will be very active as we approach the end times, which seems to be approaching us rapidly.  When we see and hear leaders from Iran talking about the return of the12th Imam, it is not difficult to imagine what those principalities are all about.  It is also not difficult to wonder about which prince is holding rule over this hemisphere?  It is more evident now, that we can identify some of his servants.

  • nkthgreek

    Are you kidding? This President IS an alien invasion!

  • MaMcGriz

    How bloody ironic.

    The Russians are trying to stage war games in Alaskan airspace to tell barky to get barked, and meanwhile Americans are being fed this intellectual soylent green by the media.

    This is craziness of prophetic proportions.

  • Lennart Bilén

    What do you mean???
    We are having an alien invation right now, undocumented friendly aliens, drug smugglers, terrorists, all coming in through Arizona and places like it, totally unhindered by the Federal Government.

  • BrianusBerkleianus


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