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National Review | Sheldon Adelson vs. the Left

The surest evidence that Sheldon Adelson is doing something good with his life is the fact that he is driving the Left bonkers. The billionaire casino operator is at the moment the largest private donor in U.S. politics, and has pledged to invest as much as $100 million of his own money in independent groups dedicated to ensuring the defeat of President Barack Obama this November.

The New York Times undertook an act of characteristic journalistic misdirection when it wrote that President Obama’s partisans, unlike this year’s Republicans, are having trouble raising that kind of independent-group money “because many of them object to the existence of super PACs in the first place.” Those are the Democrats we know and love: too good, too pure, too upstanding to grub for money with the riff-raff. Apparently George Soros and the unions did not receive sufficient instruction in the Reverend Obama’s Sunday school.



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