No Surprise: Steve Schmidt Now Buddies with the Obama Administration – Updated

The history of Steve Schmidt’s lies and perpetual backstabbing of Governor Palin have been well documented here and elsewhere. In an article published today in the New York Times (“Fashion & Style” section), he continued his quest to scapegoat his own poor decision-making in 2008 (like telling McCain to suspend his campaign during the financial crisis), and his need for relevancy within political circles, albeit now only with those who reside on the left.

The writer who Schmidt sat down with to continue his lucrative charade, is a man by the name of Adam Nagourney. Nagourney was on the list of approved “influential reporters” Schmidt’s associates wanted to use in the wake of the outcome in 2008 to help him save his reputation, as revealed by the “Schmidt memos,” published by Politico last March. So, it makes sense that Schmidt felt comfortable using this particular reporter for this purpose.

In the article, Schmidt and his trusted reporter repeat the same garbage he sold to the writers of ‘Game Change,’ by claiming that it was Schmidt’s advice to bring Governor Palin onto the ticket that lead to McCain’s loss. His routine of acting like he feels guilty because selecting Governor Palin was a “calamitous political judgment,” is disingenuous and callous. He feigns humility, while using lies to shift the blame to the Governor for his own failure. He really is a disgusting individual.

The article also highlights how Schmidt’s little game is starting to pay him big dividends, and making him a friend to those on the left, including the Obama White House (emphasis):

Other advisers to Mr. McCain have scurried into obscurity. By contrast, Mr. Schmidt — television commentator and public relations executive, delivering speeches and wisdom on the politics of the day — has a higher profile than ever, and stands as evidence that there may be little cost to being associated with a losing campaign and a disastrous political misjudgment, as Mr. Schmidt now describes the Palin selection.

Mr. Schmidt, who walked the red carpet at the Washington and New York openings of HBO’s “Game Change,” has become a minor celebrity in nonpolitical circles: Mr. Harrelson, in an interview last week, described him as a “buddy” and recounted how he persuaded Mr. Schmidt to be his date to the White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner in April, and to the exclusive pre- and after-parties, no matter that the night happened to fall on Mr. Schmidt’s wedding anniversary.

“We went everywhere together,” Mr. Harrelson said. “We would be at a party, and people would say to me, ‘You know the guy you played is over there.’ And I was like ‘Yeah, I know. I came with him.’ At this point, I feel quite fond of him.”

Mr. Schmidt is the vice chairman for public affairs of one of the world’s biggest public relations firms, Edelman. He is a regular commentator on MSNBC, which has installed a remote camera in his sprawling rustic home. He is quoted on TV and in newspapers, including The New York Times.

Mr. Schmidt even had lunch in the White House mess with David Plouffe, President Obama’s senior adviser who raves about his politics skills, and had his photograph taken with the president.

If anyone can locate that picture of Schmidt and Obama, please email the info to me at:

This article may let Schmidt ramble on about his phony “regret,” but they also show how well Schmidt has made out by orchestrating this false reality to sell to liberals. They are eating up his lies, and he’s obviously eating well in exchange for his services.

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Update: This cozy relationship between Steve Schmidt and the Obama administration actually dates back to 2010.


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