No Surprise: Steve Schmidt Now Buddies with the Obama Administration – Updated

The history of Steve Schmidt’s lies and perpetual backstabbing of Governor Palin have been well documented here and elsewhere. In an article published today in the New York Times ("Fashion & Style" section), he continued his quest to scapegoat his own poor decision-making in 2008 (like telling McCain to suspend his campaign during the financial crisis), and his need for relevancy within political circles, albeit now only with those who reside on the left.

The writer who Schmidt sat down with to continue his lucrative charade, is a man by the name of Adam Nagourney. Nagourney was on the list of approved "influential reporters" Schmidt’s associates wanted to use in the wake of the outcome in 2008 to help him save his reputation, as revealed by the "Schmidt memos," published by Politico last March. So, it makes sense that Schmidt felt comfortable using this particular reporter for this purpose.

In the article, Schmidt and his trusted reporter repeat the same garbage he sold to the writers of ‘Game Change,’ by claiming that it was Schmidt’s advice to bring Governor Palin onto the ticket that lead to McCain’s loss. His routine of acting like he feels guilty because selecting Governor Palin was a "calamitous political judgment," is disingenuous and callous. He feigns humility, while using lies to shift the blame to the Governor for his own failure. He really is a disgusting individual.

The article also highlights how Schmidt’s little game is starting to pay him big dividends, and making him a friend to those on the left, including the Obama White House (emphasis):

Other advisers to Mr. McCain have scurried into obscurity. By contrast, Mr. Schmidt — television commentator and public relations executive, delivering speeches and wisdom on the politics of the day — has a higher profile than ever, and stands as evidence that there may be little cost to being associated with a losing campaign and a disastrous political misjudgment, as Mr. Schmidt now describes the Palin selection.

Mr. Schmidt, who walked the red carpet at the Washington and New York openings of HBO’s “Game Change,” has become a minor celebrity in nonpolitical circles: Mr. Harrelson, in an interview last week, described him as a “buddy” and recounted how he persuaded Mr. Schmidt to be his date to the White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner in April, and to the exclusive pre- and after-parties, no matter that the night happened to fall on Mr. Schmidt’s wedding anniversary.

“We went everywhere together,” Mr. Harrelson said. “We would be at a party, and people would say to me, ‘You know the guy you played is over there.’ And I was like ‘Yeah, I know. I came with him.’ At this point, I feel quite fond of him.”

Mr. Schmidt is the vice chairman for public affairs of one of the world’s biggest public relations firms, Edelman. He is a regular commentator on MSNBC, which has installed a remote camera in his sprawling rustic home. He is quoted on TV and in newspapers, including The New York Times.

Mr. Schmidt even had lunch in the White House mess with David Plouffe, President Obama’s senior adviser who raves about his politics skills, and had his photograph taken with the president.

If anyone can locate that picture of Schmidt and Obama, please email the info to me at:

This article may let Schmidt ramble on about his phony "regret," but they also show how well Schmidt has made out by orchestrating this false reality to sell to liberals. They are eating up his lies, and he’s obviously eating well in exchange for his services.

(H/T: Whitney Pitcher)


Update: This cozy relationship between Steve Schmidt and the Obama administration actually dates back to 2010.


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  • Pete Petretich

    Do we know for certain yet whether Schidt/Wallace received their marching orders directly from the Bush Clan?

    • c4pfan

      Not sure.  I mean, the Bush Clan is really close with Bill Clinton.

      • lanahi

         There seems an incestious relationship with Clinton-Bush-Romney.

        • Massachusettspalinsupporter

          they are all part of the ccc wall street elite who look down at Union members and black church goers one one side and the tea party social conservatives on the other

          • Infinite_Indeterminism

            Interesting choice of words, here… Quoting: " the tea party social conservatives"

            Not "us in the tea party", or "us conservatives", or "fiscal conservatives"…

            Interesting – and potentially _very_ enlightening!

            • Massachusettspalinsupporter

              I am not a tea partier but I am a Social Conservative


        • bradkarr


        • mark1955

          More like an "Incestuous  relationship" between Bush and Soros.

    • lanahi

      They were Romney advisors before going to the McCain camp after Romney conceded the race to McCain.  They continued a loyalty to Romney.

    • mark1955

      Well let’s see. Schmidt’s was co- head along with Matt Rhoades,of oppo research ( Dirty tricks ),for George W.Bush’s 2004 re-election campaign. He was also Karl Roves top aide. Nicolle Devonish Wallace,was Jeb Bush’s press spokesman. She was hired after the Florida re-count, during the 2000 Presidential election,by George W.Bush,as his Director of Communications. Those aren’t incidental contacts between the Bushies and those two,those are major connections. Also Matt Rhoades who i mentioned previously,was planted by the Bushies in 2008,inside of MITTEN’S Primary campaign. He is now running MITTEN’S main office in Boston.

       Rhoades was also the outreach person for the RNC,to Matt Drudge. That outreach position was used collaboratively Between the RNC and Drudge,to spread rumors on the ‘Drudge Report’, on anyone the establishment wanted destroyed. Like this past Primary season,when Drudge knowingly spread false rumors for his buddy Matt Rhoades about Newt Gingrich, just as Newt was gaining steam. Remember when that phony Limbaugh said that same week that Drudge would not ever do anything like that? Then Rush proceeded to attack Gingrich himself.

      • lanahi

         A couple of times, McCain folded to what "headquarters" wanted.  I have no idea who "headquarters" was…probably the RNC?  In any case, he didn’t seem to be his own man or in full charge of his own campaign, not like Sarah would be if or when she runs, which is likely the reason they called her "rogue".  They wanted a team player with someone else calling the shots, like McCain was.

    • Cricket Nichols

       Maybe this is the reason Sarah didn’t run for president……the establishment put the brakes on her running.  Something happened after Sarah made the big speech in Iowa!!!

      • bigsun24

         I tend to think it had to do with rick perry late entry.  Why would Sarah enter and split even more conservative votes?  obomney won because of the splitting votes, and with bachmann, gingrich, paul, perry, the field was not right for Sarah.  I believe perry’s poor decision caused Sarah to bow out.  Sarah did say on TV about perry…"he said he wasn’t running".

        • 01_Explorer_01

          But as the dwarves dropped out the support did not go from one to the next one.

          • bigsun24

             I believe if perry had not entered, that Sarah was ready.  perry had tons of money and Sarah then made her decision.

        • friskyness

           If Sarah really wanted to run, she would have run BEFORE Perry decided to run.  Sarah had no intention of running this time…………if she did, she would have started running between her bus tour and Iowa.

          • bigsun24

             I disagree, perry entry and then she stopped her bus tour.  Perry entered with a bad back and probably was "encouraged" by other rino’s to enter and stop Palin.

          • lanahi

            She definitely appeared to be ready for a run.  Perry may, at most, have delayed her.  By her announcement time in October, most of those conservatives were out or nearly out, Perry included.
            I do think the slate was too crowded at first, and her being in would not have allowed the others to be vetted and die away on their own.  But by her announcement date, most had already lost momentum which she could have picked up from there.  Something else was at work.  I believe her family was threatened by someone who could carry out the threat.

      • socon

        I knew Sarah could beat the Obama establishment in 2012, but not both the Bush AND Obama establishments.

        I do believe it’s only a matter of time (with God’s help) until the Tea Party becomes strong enough to challenge and beat both.

        The only slimier slimeball than Woody Harrelson is Slimeball Schmidt.

    • bradkarr

      I wouldn’t doubt it!

    • dmac8889

      Schmidt and Nicole Wallace came right out of working in the White House to work on the McCain Campaign.  Her husband ran Jeb Bush’s Campaigns in Florida.  Sarah Palin took down GW Bush’s Fraternity Roommate and Bush Family friend:  Tony Knowles in the Governor’s race in 2006.  After McCain fought all summer to get Lieberman on the ticket, he chose Palin with about a week before the Convention.  There is the possibility that GW Bush took the pick of Palin as McCain acting out of spite after Rove told him the Party will walk out of the Convention if he chose Lieberman.  Both Wallace’s arrived on the McCain Campaign after Palin was picked.  Can we say sabotage?  Well after Palin brought the McCain Campaign from eight points down to four points up within two weeks, On Sept. 15th Paulson, Bush Treasury Secretary took down Lehman Brothers and the rest his history.  But that left Palin still the most popular Republican.  The day after the election the Anonymous sources came out on FoxNews.  I don’t have to tell you who runs that Network.  Have you ever seen ‘Anonymous Sources’ before or since used to destroy a successful politicians career?  FoxNews wants to pass off it was the LEFT that went after Palin.  Nice try:  It was FN. 

  • palin45potus

    Someone in the know really needs to write the repudiation of this idiot’s lies.

    They are the most insidious lies of all, the kind that serve both parties very well.

    The kind that might damage the most dangerous political figure they have ever faced.

  • Dan C

    He is an embarrassment to the human race. 

  • TheresaAK

    He will reap what he has sown…it may not be tomorrow, but it will happen.

    • Massachusettspalinsupporter

      very well said I can’t to see it happen

  • Christopher H Fromme

    Schmidt is slime and now he has found his true home working for Zero & GE.  He is just one of many campaign consutants that cannot be trusted,   Campaign Consultants should be paid on the basis of performance, if you win then you get paid well, lose and you get expense money..

  • HuntingMoose



    Schmidt is already working for Obama since before the election of 2008.

    Follow the money

    • Shannon Ward

       I think you are right.  What ever he suggested was opposite to what Palin wanted to do and if McCain would have gotten rid of the riff raff he had in his campaign he and Palin would have won.  I think Schmidt was in there to make sure Obama won.  Either that or McCain was paid to take a dive.

      • Freempg

        The latter Shannon. McCain had no fight in him, and praised Obama, said he would make a wonderful president. Enough said.

    • mark1955

      Well Schmidt’s and Wallace were both high up in Bushville. The Bushies wanted Obama elected, so no one would get in Jebbies rightful place in 2012/2016. So i guess,in effect,Schmidt’s and Wallace really were working for Obama,even if by proxy.

  • Palinpower

    Steve Schmidt is the pink slime they keep talking about that needs to be banned from everywhere. Political operatives like him need to dissappear from politics all together.

  • Jean_A

    Obama is tanking so they need a distraction.  Romney better be ready to keep it on Obama’s failures.

  • Freempg

    Thanks Stacy, keep up the good work on this issue. Schmidt is a dangerous sociopath.

    • generictrainee

      He’s just an errand boy for the real sociopaths.

  • Bogdan51

    This is also a proof of John McCain’s strategic cretinism. It was him who after all is responsible for hiring Shmidt and Wallace. He was also in charge in the entire campaign so the entire responsibility for the loss rests on his shoulders.

    Appart from that McCain didn’t even bother to intervene when both degenerates were working hard to destroy reputation of Palin and totally failed to defend her and give her any meaningful support during the second chapter of the election process.

    That suggest that McCain’s strategic aim was either to hand over the Presidency to Democrats and Obama himself or was so happy with the election’s unexpected (to him) outcome that the honor of his prospective VP no longer mattered to him.

    Romney, Bushes were then continuing their strategic task of removing Palin as a potential GOP candidate.

    In concert with "Democrats"of course.

    It is not that difficult to grasp the genesis of such a treasonous and in fact barbaric treatment they have given to Sarah; They knew very well that her ascendance to the position of the Presiden would mean the inglorious end of their little "shi**y" privilegies.

    They were even more terified by the prospect of Sarah mainkg them accountable for the "generational theft" as Sarah has described it and waste of now 16 trilion dollars inflicted on the American people.

    In the light of this, it is clear that Romney is for the so called "establishment" that comprises the most corrupt elements within the business and political class on both sides of the political axis, a kind of a "trasitional" if still a prospective candidate whose strategic task is to help the "establishment" to avoid being held responsible for the crisis in America.

    Greetings from Aussie.

  • ZH100

    From the article:

    "Schmidt has establishment fever,” said John P. Coale, a friend and adviser to Ms. Palin. “The game was to ingratiate himself with the establishment. And what better way to do it than to tear down Sarah Palin?”


    This is the kind of stories ( trashing Gov.Palin ; vilifying Gov.Palin) the media and the establishment want to hear.

    Schmidt’s "resurrection" is based on trashing and lying about Gov.Palin.

    Schmidt can only play this "blame game" because he has the full cooperation of the media (Hollywood,etc) ; the media who want to destroy Gov.Palin.

  • mark1955

    Sorry,i’m not buying this whole resurrected angle. Last time i looked,being unemployable,by his GOP masters for sinking the McCain campaign,because all of us are watching like a hawk the candidate who would hire either of these two, can hardly be called resurrected. Any repub who hires these two,will come under immediate suspicion,as the traitors in 2008. Either can being employed by a rapidly sinking moonbat network that has barely 200,00 people at any time.

     This was a lateral, ‘off the books’ transfer, between both left wing establishments,to find the unemployable Schmidts a job. This job amounted to hush money for the work he and Wallace did in helping to destroy McCain/Palin’s campaign. Schmidt’s was promised he’d be taken care of for his work. This is it.
     The dems ain’t ever gonna hire Schmidt’s  and the repubs can’t publicly. He’s a man without a Country,who his new leftwing buddies will dump right after this election. If Schmidt’s and Wallace aren’t taken care of somehow,with a job,or money,else they might talk and boy what a tale they could tell.

    • palin45potus

      "Hush Money", 

      THAT is perfect.

      Mark1955, you have made some stunning observations in the past.  This is another.

      You actually convinced me that Michelle Malkin doesn’t just have a disagreement or two with Sarah Palin, but is like a "Deep Imbed" within conservative ranks, tickling our fancy with her ballistic displays of righteous indignation, but poised to strike a knife blade deep between the shoulder blades on behalf of the establishment when it’s most injurious.  Last time around she was instrumental in hurting Newt for Ricky S, which was the perfect fig leaf for doing Mitt’s dirty work.  

      Aside from the extreme rarities like Sarah Palin, even a casual observation of the characters in politics is enough to make any decent person sick to their stomach.

      • mark1955

        Thank you,but these are the type of "Observations" that all of us would rather be wrong about.

    • generictrainee

      It’s the PPC playing it’s game.

    • lanahi

       This makes most sense to me, and his future in politics is very limited or nonexistent.

  • ZH100

    ‘Thank You for Your Generous Contribution to Attacking Sarah Palin’

    From the article:

    " It’s no big surprise that Hollywood liberals would band together in an Occupy History  moment to try to rewrite the story of the 2008 presidential campaign. No surprise too that they’d cast Sarah Palin as the out-of-control villain who blew up John McCain’s campaign for the movie.

    So it should shock no one that the HBO mockumentary Game Change is just  another in a long list of hit pieces aimed by the progressive left at one of the most unique political figures of our time, Sarah Palin.

    Because the “inside” information in Game Change- and every other attack on Palin-was supplied by people who were paid by the McCain campaign to try to get John McCain and Sarah Palin elected. These were self-professed Bushies, who were, in fact, so insecure and so unsure of themselves that they always insisted on being described as “Senior Policy Advisor to John McCain,” like somehow the rest of us cared what they were called.   

    And they are the same people who are now describing Game Change as an “out-of-body experience,” or as “true enough to make me squirm” on every mainstream media outlet and every liberal blog they can find.  

    Nobody is more popular on the Huffington Post or MSNBC right now that those Bushies who screwed up the country by: 1) Screwing up the country in the first place and; 2) making sure Obama was elected in 2008 as a result of them screwing up the McCain campaign too. 

    Not 24 hours after Mrs. Palin changed an otherwise apathetic Republican National Convention in Minneapolis- where the locals were rude and the enthusiasm by delegates over the McCain candidacy was stunted- into an event of a lifetime, with her stunning and charming debut that enthralled delegates and TV audiences, these same McCain staffers were leaking fabricated and exaggerated information to the press about her."

    • socon

      So disgustingly true.  I can’t stand the Bush family–they nearly destroyed our party.

  • mark1955

    Something else to file away,for possible use later on. Rep. Paul Ryan was an honored guest at the ‘Game Change’ movie premier. I think other repubs went also. I’ll try to find out who the other’s were.

    • $8196935

      Ryan was not an honored guest, some went to see the movie it doesn’t make them honored guests.

      • mark1955

        Oh,i get it. Ryan was there undercover protecting Sarah’s flank. sarc/off

        • $8196935

          I go over left wing and PaulBOt sites to know what opposition is saying. It doesn’t make me left wing or a PaulBot, just the opposit.

  • Cricket Nichols

    Campaign personnel should be loyal and never tell any information that they find out while working on a campaign.  How could anyone ever trust Schmidt/Wallace to even clean toilets and I know for sure a campaign should and would never do anything they say.  I could never understand why McCain didn’t fire Schmidt and Wallace. Do you want to bet that they are sooooooo jealous of Sarah it probably makes them sick to think about how well she living, they always say the best revenge is living well!!!

    • ZH100

      Yes, you are right . Campaign personnel should be loyal and never tell any information ; but the ‘information’ Schmidt (and Wallace ) is giving to the media  is a lie.  The purpose of these lies is to smear , vilify and scapegoat Gov. Palin for Schimdt failures during the 2008 election.

      McCain/Palin Advisor on HBO’s ‘Game Change': It’s a Lie

      Top 10 Lies of HBO’s ‘Game Change’

      McCain: Game Change Book ‘Totally Untrue’

      McCain Adviser: Wallace’s ‘Fiction’

      "Charlie Black, a senior adviser to Sen. John McCain’s presidential campaign, tells NRO that former McCain aide Nicolle Wallace is peddling “fiction, not only in her new novel, but in what she is saying about Governor Palin.”

      Over at the Washington Examiner, Byron York reports that Wallace is claiming, in a new Time interview, that McCain’s team considered bumping Palin from the veep slot. “There certainly were discussions — not for long because of the arc the campaign took — but certainly there were discussions about whether, if McCain were to win, it would be appropriate for her to be sworn in,” Wallace tells the magazine.

      Black says that’s nonsense. “Nicolle, like any author, is trying to sell books. This comment to Time, like her book [It’s Classified], is a piece of fiction. There were never any such discussions. At no high level of the campaign was there ever such talk. She’s probably doing this to sell her book.”

      “Look, I was with McCain 90 percent of the time. If I wasn’t around, I knew what was happening. And nothing like this happened.” Wallace, he says, “is one of the few dissidents,” one of the “disaffected” staffers who continues to criticize Palin, and “she is inaccurate in doing so.”

    • lanahi

      McCain sold out to somebody…like I say, he was not fully in charge of his own campaign.

  • stlouisix

    What we do know about the sorry likes of Steve Schmidt is that it speaks volumes about who RINOS, having basically a death wish for the GOP, surround themselves with!

  • polarfan

    No surprise to Sarah either!

    Sarah is going to ratchet her attacks against the "wanna-be dictator" and his left-wing lapdogs in the media up week after week!

    Stay tuned…

  • DocBarry1

    He is just what the liberals wanted a fraud, a person with no integrity – a loser

  • generictrainee

    Why dont Mccain call him out? Now when it’s so obvious he works for the other team.

  • Audrey_I

    The twitt blames others for his mistakes.  Sarah Palin revitalized McCain’s dull campaign.  Steve Schmidt is low life and a sorry excuse for a human being. 

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