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No, Jeb, the Tea Party Would Not Have Rejected Ronald Reagan

One of the memes we’ve been hearing from the GOP Establishment of late is that the Tea Party is too extreme and that even Ronald Reagan wouldn’t be able to get nominated by today’s right-wing GOP. The most recent purveyor of this "Reagan would be too moderate" nonsense is Jeb Bush:

Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush said today that both Ronald Reagan and his father George H. W. Bush would have had a difficult time getting nominated by today’s ultra-conservative Republican Party.

"Ronald Reagan would have, based on his record of finding accommodation, finding some degree of common ground, as would my dad — they would have a hard time if you define the Republican party — and I don’t — as having an orthodoxy that doesn’t allow for disagreement, doesn’t allow for finding some common ground," Bush said, adding that he views the hyper-partisan moment as "temporary."

"Back to my dad’s time and Ronald Reagan’s time – they got a lot of stuff done with a lot of bipartisan suport," he said. Reagan "would be criticized for doing the things that he did."

Bush cited, in particular, "the budget deal my dad did, with bipartisan support — at least for a while — that created the spending restraint of the ‘90s," a reference to a move widely viewed now as a political disaster for Bush, breaking a pledge against tax increases and infuriating conservatives. It was, Bush said, "helpful in creating a climate of more sustainted economic growth."

I read this drivel on Monday and my immediate reaction was that Bush was partially right, but mostly wrong. The only thing he got correct was the part about his father, who famously referred to Reagan’s economic policies — that would be the policies that gave us the Reagan boom in the 1980s — as "voodoo economics". George H.W. Bush may well have trouble getting nominated today, although even that is questionable since the GOP, in their infinite wisdom, is poised to nominate a guy who thinks health care mandates and minimum wage indexation are good ideas.

That aside, when George H. W. Bush assumed the presidency in 1989, he veered sharply leftward from Reagan’s policies, and his brand of squishy, moderate conservatism has dominated the party at the presidential level ever since. The "budget deal" to which Jeb Bush glowingly refers was the infamous tax increase his dad negotiated with George Mitchell which reversed Reagan’s 1986 tax simplification plan and cost the elder Bush the 1992 election. Is that really the paradigm Jeb Bush wants the GOP to follow? Reagan instinctively understood that eschewing principles in the name of moderation and accommodation was no way to lead, and inevitably results in defeat. Bush and those since him never understood this.

Post Ronald Reagan, the Republican standard bearers have been, in order, as follows: Bush 41, Bush 41, Bob Dole, Bush 43, Bush 43, John McCain, and now, horrifyingly, Mandate Mitt. Is Jeb Bush seriously suggesting that the party which nominated these characters for the past quarter century is somehow given to right-wing extremism? What’s the evidence? Which of the above candidates is extreme or, for that matter, conservative? Although they all pretended to be Reaganites when it suited them, they were more than happy to throw Reagan under the bus when they perceived that it didn’t:

I simply can’t reconcile history with Jeb Bush’s attempt to equate his father with Reagan. That’s an absurd comparison. Bush won the presidency in 1988 because voters thought they were getting a third Reagan term. When it became clear they got Nelson Rockefeller instead, they fired him. Reagan took on the GOP Establishment in 1976 and 1980. Bush was part of that very establishment. One could easily make the argument that the Tea Party insurrection within today’s Republican Party had its antecedents in the Reagan insurrection within the Republican Party of the late 1970s, a party dominated by the same patrician moderates who dominate, at least at the upper levels, today.

Last night on Fox News Channel, Bill O’Reilly asked Charles Krauthammer about Jeb Bush’s comments, and he made some of the same points:

"His problem is that he was equating his father with Ronald Reagan," Charles Krauthammer said about Jeb Bush criticizing the Republican party. "His father was a very good president. History will smile upon him but he was no Reagan. His father was a moderate Republican, a moderate conservative."

"Reagan was a movement conservative, a leader of the movement. You would call him rigid. He was called worse than that in those eight years. Rigidity is a virtue. Today we use the word ideology as a pejorative. I think it needs to be resurrected. An ideology means a coherent set of ideas and policies, and Reagan had them, and he pursued them. And I think he would be very comfortable today with the Tea Party and the Republican party," Krauthammer said.

"In fact, I think he would say, as Paul Ryan said after the 2010 election, where you have got a radical change in direction of the Republican party, Paul Ryan said we had lost our way. We had entertained this kind of moderate conservatism as his father, the Bush father, said kinder and gentler, as George W. Bush said compassionate conservatism. That was a variation they did. But I think the Republicans have spoken that was not the way to go and this is a return to Reaganism."

Reagan would have been embraced by today’s Tea Party movement in the same way Governor Palin is. They’re of the same ilk. Both Reagan in his time, and Governor Palin now, made it their mission to return the Republican Party to its limited government, constitutional roots. Reagan fought the powers that be then just as Governor Palin is doing so today. Both were looked on with disdain by that establishment and called everything from polarizing to dumb to extreme. They were (and are) nothing of the sort, of course, but since the Establishment can’t discredit the message, their only choice is to discredit the messenger by any means necessary. "Voo-doo economics", for example. When Jeb Bush attempts to equate his father with the Ronald Reagan he ridiculed, he’s either ignorant of history … or purposely distorting it. I don’t think Jeb Bush is ignorant.

Click below to watch Krauthammer’s comments:

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  • Spec 5

    However, Jeb is correct when it comes to his Dad G H W Bush.  It has come to the point where I am in complete agreement with Jessie Jacksons line, "Keep out of the Bushes!"

  • virginiagentleman1

    Mighty fine article, Doug!  And I agree whole heartedly with you that Mr. Reagan would be welcomed with open arms into todays Tea Party! In essence, he is of course, the ‘God Father’ of it!

    As for jeb?  We’ll let ya know when we stop laughing at him!

  • Leroy Whitby

    I will take issue with one comment in the article, which stated that squishy policies were pursued by the GOP ever since Papa Bush won office (Papa Bush the liar to the public, tax raiser, election loser and realignment stopper). The exception I have is this: the Gingrich Congress was the most conservative this country has seen, probably since the 1920’s and certainly since the 1950’s. When Gingrich was ousted, and Bush Jr., the great spender and starter of wars, stepped into office then we pursued a massive expansion of government under GOP auspices. Now we face Romney as our nominee, and Jeb Bush as the next installment of the Bush disaster, a man, from the comments Jeb Bush made this week, who will carry our nation further down the road to ruin.

  • palin45potus

    Oh, I agree that todays GOP would belittle Reagan, and work against him every step of the way, all the while embracing the squishy middle ideas and ideology of GHWB.

    But The Gipper IS the Patron Saint of The TEA Party.  And Sarah Palin is it’s Heart and Soul, it’s voice.

    I’m proud to stand with both The Gipper and The Wasilla Warrior.

  • Cricket Nichols

    I also agree with Jessie Jackson, ‘keep out the Bushes’ and granny Bush can crawl under a rock.

    • free4now

       Now, now CN, have some compassion for the rocks.

    • bejocy

      They visited the factory I worked in when he was president. I still remember her hair.

  • Betsey_Ross

    Jeb is drinking the Kool-Aide on purpose and distorting his own history.  Someone needs to teach those Bush Boys that condescending and trying to get along with Libs doesn’t work.  What works is defeating them soundly and then going about the business of Restoring America without them unless they decide to join us and do the right thing.  We just need the truth so we can get to work.  If a politician speaks it and acts on it then we will succeed as a nation.

  • Patriot41

    Great commentary Doug and on the money!  The Bush family has always been moderates and compromisers.  I can remember quite a battle going on when Reagan was nominated at the GOP convention.  The establishment forced Reagan to accept Bush on the ticket.  The battle behind closed doors was so heated, that G.H.W. Bush was packing his bags to go home, when the word came that the compromise had finally been made.  Did Reagan believe that Bush was conservative?  I don’t think so.

    What Jeb and most moderates don’t understand, is that there is a time to stand firms on one’s ideology when the stakes are high.  Reagan did just that on many occasions and had he not, the USSR would still be a cold war threat; The Berlin Wall would never have come down; The U.S. would never have recovered from the malaise of Carter and I could go on and on.

    Would the Tea Party have supported Reagan, in a heart beat they would.  They like Reagan, want limited government; They like Reagan, want a fiscal conservative government and an economic recovery.  They also like Reagan, despise the big govt., establishment, more interested in party power then the good of the nation. They like Gov. Palin for the very same reasons.

    • lanahi

       Accepting Bush as the VP was the worst thing possible Reagan could have done, since Bush destroyed the whole focus of Reagan’s administration when he became president.  Maybe Reagan had no choice, if he wanted to be elected, but it was a sad move.

  • RomanBarbarian

    Thank you for this great piece, Doug.
    I really can’t understand why these moderate Republicans don’t see the danger in front of their nose. I have not researched, as I should, about the Reagan time (I was not living in the US then), but as I see it, the problem here is that we are dealing with a Democratic party that not only has disputable policies regarding everything, social issues, fiscal issues, international policies etc., but it’s using the most evil tactics to stay in power and force their policies down our throats.
    The Bushes, the GOPe should put all this into perspective and decide which side they are on. If they are with the people who work, produce, keep the economy alive and kicking and have pride about it, they should stop talking about compromise and bi-partisanship and stop thinking about self interest.
    They should be talking about restoring the American values, instead. And demanding from the Democratic Party to stop pushing the country down the cliff.
    I am not a right-wing nuts who does not want to have a dialogue. I am more than willing to have a dialogue with somebody that respects the values of commonsense people. I can’t compromise with evil and with ideas that are simply, plainly wrong.
    Wake up, Jeb Bush. If you really want to have a future in the Republican party, stop living in the past, review what Reagan stood for and remember: the future is where the Tea Party stands.
    (time for me to study about Reagan and his policies.)

  • section9

    Well done. And now you get why the Establishment dislikes Palin so much. 

  • pete4palin

    The Rino’s are close to locking up the GOP for themselves for a long time to come.

    • socon

      I don’t think that’s true.  Many Tea Partiers have won elections at the local level.  It will take a while for them to rise through the ranks.

      They will form the political structure to empower real Conservative reformers like Sarah Palin.

    • amaze830

      We have to concentrate on getting rid of as many of the RINOS as we can in elections.  This is how you take back the Republican Party.

    • mark1955

      Respectfully disagree. "The RINO’S" are on the verge of finally imploding the entire republican party,leading to the birth of a new Constitutionally Conservative Party,with their suicidal refusal,to abide by their constituents wishes.

  • dmac8889

    Why doesn’t the Bush Family come right out and tell us "What is their problem with Sarah Palin?"  From the moment she was chosen as McCain’s VP pick, the Bush run Republican Party has had it out for Sarah.  Was it because she attacked the corrupt run Republican Party in Alaska and didn’t play ball with Randy Ruedrich (head of the Republican Party in Alaska and National Party spokesman) and Murkowski, or was it she defeated GW Bush’s Fraternity Roommate in Yale (and Family friend) two time Alaska Gov. Tony Knowles.

    The Bush WH immediately inserted dozens of GOP operatives into the McCain Campaign within days of Sarah’s arrival.  They included the both Wallaces.  We know Schmidt was a Karl Rove protege’.   Why can’t the Bush run Republican Party just admit who they are?  They are Progressives who were taught in the Ivy League just like all the other Progressives.  They believe in a strong centralized Federal Gov’t, because it allows them to control the National Party and they have since before Reagan.  Reagan is the only politician who has escaped their grip of power within the GOP.  They have no business associating themselves with Reagan.  

    The only reason Jeb Bush evens mentions the TEA Party is because they know that 70% of the voting block on the RIGHT side of the political spectrum are Conservatives and are being forced to vote for the Bush Party promoted candidate.  They also know that Sarah Palin is the once in a lifetime politician with the talent to take this Party away from them.  There is nothing extreme about Sarah Palin as there is nothing extreme about the TEA Party.  This is pure media creation and the fact that the Bush Clan has always had a cozy relationship with the MSM, in which they have used as a hammer to take down their competitors within the GOP, seems to escape everyone on the LEFT and most observers on the RIGHT.  The entire FoxNews Network has worked for Romney since 2008.  Perhaps they truly believed Palin couldn’t defeat Obama, so therefore they spent every bit of energy possible to dismiss her with Anonymous Leaks coming right from the Boss himself, Roger Ailes. 

    They did not sit back and allow Sarah Palin to have a fair shake at the nomination process.  They had surrogates at other LEFTIST channels and LEFTIST periodicals and Politico warning that if Palin put her name in for the nomination they would "Take Her Down".   They promoted ‘Game Change’ while interviewing Sarah Palin.  They were aware that not one word of dialog stated in that movie could be attributed to one person going on record and verifying those words were stated.  They had the same information as SarahPac that clearly showed that the events depicted in the movie were just made up.  At no point did FoxNews over the last four years challenge Romney on where he was when millions of TEA Party people were marching in the street demanding why his healthcare plan was being adopted by the Obama Administration?  He still hasn’t answered that question, instead he insists the President should have called him?  LOL!!!

    The Tea Party and those on the political RIGHT have witnessed now first hand over the past four years how nominees within the Bush run Republican Party are chosen. Every big name politician on the RIGHT owes their allegiance to the Bush Family. You can name them. Yet none of these politicians accomplished what Sarah Palin had accomplished in Alaska, reached the approval ratings she had in her state, worked across the isle with wild success that Palin had. AND none of them have her star power she has. If you just listened to FN and read Conservative magazines you wouldn’t even know Sarah Palin existed. The only time she is given airtime (besides her own voice) is when the media believes she has said something they can attack her on. Yet, it is Palin that draws the crowds, and gets the ovations. The other big name politicians on the RIGHT are thrust upon us through FN and the periodicals, and when you look at there backgrounds they have nothing special to offer, just their connections to the Bush run Republican Party. Reagan would have gone 3rd Party if he were in Palin’s position and the TEA Party would become the Party of the people.

    • Jimbini

      This is very true. I remember the first time I ever heard about the Tea Party. I immediately realized what they were about, and knew that they would be a force that would make significant changes in the political landscape. I enthusiastically supported the goals. I was not surprised that Gov. Palin supprted it and bacame one of the leaders. I was disappointed in the reaction of many of the mainstream Republicans trying to distance themselves and considering it extremist. I now know that these establisment politicians don’t really support the Tea Party, which would end their cozy political ruling class status. They oppose Sarah for the same reason.

    • carmtom13

      What a great post I wish I could copy it and send it all over. You are right on every point. The Bush’s and the dc gop elite I think are doing this to Governor Palin because she went against the corrupted GOP in Alaska and won. Many of those people were in the republican cbc and were friends of the bush’s. Governor Palin is not only a threat to the libs but she is a big threat to the DC GOP elite establishment. They both fear her because she speaks the truth. The Bush’s and the rest of the DC GOP elites time has come and gone, it is time for all of them to sit down and shut up so we can save this great country of ours! As Breitbart said we will no longer sit down and shut up.

      • dmac8889

        Carmtom,    I have been writing most of my posts at Team Sarah under my name Dennis McHale.  I have been writing on this issue for some time.  Here is an idea I have never heard of anywhere else:    McCain wanted desperately to have Lieberman as his VP.  Even when Karl Rove told him that the Republican membership would walk out of the Convention if he insisted upon Lieberman, McCain did not let go of this idea until just a few days before the Convention.  This is why Sarah Palin was a last minute pick, not because she wasn’t being considered and not on the vetting list, she was.  However, when McCain picked Palin, many in the White House believe GW Bush took that decision as McCain being spiteful.  There wasn’t anyone in the McCain Campaign that believed they had any chance of winning.  They had no team prepared for the VP spot.  The WH took it upon themselves to to send two dozen people to the McCain Campaign and leaked to the Press that Palin knew nothing of Foreign Affairs and/or Washington.  Some of this was true, but the media spun that as her being unqualified, and that narrative started right away.  The MSM understood from day one that the WH didn’t like Sarah Palin and would not defend her. Sarah had a line in her Convention speech referring to this.  GW Bush had personal distaste for Palin, because of everything she did in Alaska, including Controlling the Corruption of the Oil Companies, who had their way for 30 years (check out Chaney’s history with Palin).

        With this in mind:  Ask yourself why Bush allowed Paulson to take down Lehman Brothers, and from that moment on Paulson became ‘King’, calling all the Financial shots in this country for the remaining of Bush’s term.  All what I write is actually public in books and articles, but no one wants to go public against the political power of two parties and a seriously biased media.  Just understand this:   When Sarah Palin started to draw crowds the Republican Party has never seen before, and she brought McCain down from 8 pts. to UP 4 pts, she scared the hell out of the Ruling Class.  This is why we have PDS from both sides of the political spectrum.

        • carmtom13

          Thanks for the all the information. I remember what went on after Governor Palin was nominated for VP. Her speech at the rnc convention was excellent. I recall one of the commentators on TV said after she spoke said where has this woman been? She is going to energize the party and this is trouble for the democrats.

    • blueniner

      Nice post, good report on how the Bush machine operates, and weed wacks any obstacles in their way. Sarah Palin saw the writing on the wall this go round,and much to our chagrin she took herself out of the running. As Sarah has always said "Im in it to win it".

    • Spec 5

      The Bushes are country club Republicans, and nothing scares and country club Republican like a true reformer like Sarah.

    • bejocy

      I think these folks, red or blue, resent anyone who is not as corrupt as they are.  They then will always seek to destroy what they cannot compete with.

  • conservativemama

    Bush 41 was elected because of Reagan………………and his opponent was the ridiculous Dukakis.  Jeb Bush is background noise at this point.

    I’m telling you that the RINOs and the left don’t get it.  We conservatives are awake and aware.  We know who Reagan was and Bush 41 was no Reagan.  We know now that we cannot assume the GOP is conservative.  We did that and now we find ourselves on the edge of the cliff.  We’re here because of the crazy left and their accommodating RINOs.  That collusion has been exposed and we’re not going back.

    Bush, the left, the MSM, all those who are trying to put the Tea Party genie back in the bottle are wasting their time.

    Jeb Bush spoke.  So what?  I’m still a conservative.  I will not cave.  I will stand strong like Palin.  And if they don’t like Palin, then explain Scott Walker.  He stood strong.  He was resolute, and isn’t that what Reagan modeled?  And he WON!  And won BIG!

    Reagan told Gorbachev to tear down that wall, and it happened.  He didn’t waste more time on detente and other forms of footsie with the Soviets.  He was not reaching across the ideological divide.  He was right, he knew it, and he stood for something.  He was transformational because of how strong his convictions were and how tightly he held to them.  As did Thatcher and John Paul II.
    RINOs have nothing left to tell me.  My country’s at a crisis point.  Excuse me while I ignore the people who brought us to this point.

    • socon

      So true!

      Governor Walker chastised Romney the other day by reminding him that it wasn’t enough to win the election, that he must be a reformer.  I don’t trust Romney.  I hope the right has the courage and the strength to hold his feet to the fire.

  • opditch

    I agree with most of this, but IMHO, poring in a little Mitt Bashing is not helpful in getting Obama out of office.

    • $20732943

       No, Mitt Romney is not helping Mitt Romney get Obama out of office.  Why or how can you not understand this basic fact?

      Furthermore, you might want to expand your vocabulary, because being skeptical of someone and challenging their ideas and principles is NOT bashing them.  You’ve been watching MSNBC too long.

      • John B. Hefmier

        I am not going to defend OP’s comment, but for the record, OP is a ferverant Sarah supporter. 

        • hrh40

          Yes, he is. And a veteran. Thanks for your service.

          Don’t let Mitt or his 5 sons, none of whom are veterans, fool you.

    • Spec 5

      Mitt came to the campaign better funded and better organized.  He played hard ball and he crushed a lot of Tea Party dreams and it hurt.  It will take a while for the pain to wear off, but the big boys and girls will shake it off, learn the lesson and do what is needed to get BHO out of office…… I hope.

      • Hyman Roth

        I won’t be raising a finger to help Mandate Mitt and his Sarah-hating cronies, thank you very much.

        Believe it or not, the world will still exist after Romney is defeated.  Hopefully, the Republican Party WON’T.

        • Spec 5

          The world will still exist Hyman, but I personally am not sure the nation will survive in any recognizable fashion.  I still think we can take over the Republican Party.  You have to do what you think is right, but don’t blame me if I hope to change you mind.  I’ve heard some good stuff from your posts here and on Team Sarah.

    • bejocy

      I don’t think there is the attempt to bash Romney.. It’s just an honest  statement.  I DO trust Sarah Palin.

      • opditch

        @bejocy I obviously trust Sarah also, but have you heard her bashing Romney since he has reached the magic number of delegates?  Did I miss something?

        • bejocy

          I think Sarah Palin can, and does, speak for herself…in true American fashion. 

          I know I, personally, don’t really trust Romney (even though my whole family and a lot of my dear friends support him fully). 

          He’s obviously a good family man…and a good businessman.  I just think he’s got a reputation of compromise, rather than staying firm in things political.  My hope is that he would surround himself with others who are stronger in this regard, and can influence him into consistantly doing the right thing. 

          I have a brother who reminds me of Romney.  I love him, but really wouldn’t want him as governor of my State.

  • $20732943

    Is Jeb Bush on drugs these days OR is he desperately trying to appear relevant?

    First, no one in the Tea Party is looking for ideological purity.  We want someone to cut taxes, eliminate excessive government, and return our country to its founding principles.  Why is this so radical these days?

    Second, other than whining about the days of Rockefeller Republicanism, what exactly has Jeb done to help elect conservatives or support Republicans since he left office in 2006?

    Third, if anyone thinks Jeb is not speaking as a Romney surrogate, then I’d like to sell you the Golden Gate Bridge.  This ordeal REALLY gives you an idea of what Romney really thinks about us and how he would govern as president.

    Finally, it’s ironic that Jeb Bush mentions how Reagan couldn’t have been nominated, when it was Ronald Reagan who kicked his father’s ass in the 1980 nomination.  Seems like he doesn’t hold his father in much regard as a leader.

    • socon

      I don’t hold his father in much regard as a leader either–or his brother.  Their disastrous presidential stewardship gave us Bill Clinton and Barack Obama.  Thanks for that, Bushies.

      The Bush family nearly destroyed the Republican party and I wish they would just shut up and go away.  (You, too, Barbara!).

      • Guest

        Hear, hear !! 

        • socon

          I’m just so sick and tired of being lectured to and looked down on!  If i were Jeb Bush I’d be too embarrassed to lecture the very people his father and brother so badly disappointed.

          • wodiej

             my mom is  a huge GW II supporter and was furious that I refused to vote for the clown. My decision has been validated.

      • wodiej

         Amen to THAT!!

  • carmtom13

    Excellent post Doug. In my opinion President Reagan would have stood with the Tea Party and I totally do not agree with Jeb Bush about that. His father lost the election because of a statement he made saying he would not raise taxes and did and because there were 3 people running in the race. They (the Bush’s) in my opinion are not constitutional conservatives. Jeb was for Governor Palin until his mother went against her. I recall Jeb being on someones TV show and was asked about his thoughts about Governor Palin after his mother made that comment and he more or less said he wouldn’t answer or go against his mother because he didn’t want to hear about it later from her. Now that was coming from a grown man!!!

  • Patrick_Skacel

    Good piece Doug.  This revisionist history on Reagan gets more nauseating by the day.  Thankfully, some of us still remember who he really was.  And who his enemies were as well. 

    Two years ago, when I wrote the piece linked below, it was people like the Bushes I was thinking about when I referred to those who saw Reagan as nothing more than a temporary embarrassment. 

    The last thing these establishment clowns want upsetting their family business is a leader who both remembers Reagan and embraces his philosophy.  The sad part is, they got their wish this time around.  Again.

    What a shame one particular lady from my generation decided to sit this one out:

  • DocBarry1

    This is one of the reasons and there are others that I hope that Jeb and others like him will never be the Republican candidate for President – we need Gov Palin not one of these sell outs.

    • wodiej

       sell out down the river and the boats have holes. But Gov. Palin can plug the holes and lead us across the Potomac.

      • DocBarry1

        Absolutely – I believe that there are just too many obstacles put in the Governor’s way – GOPe, Media and back stabbers etc

  • mder4thegov

    If this isn’t enough evidence–that Jeb Bush should NEVER be allowed near the WH…I don’t know what is.
    Another clueless elite, consumed with white guilt, IMO.

    • IwjwI

      I hope that @JebBush reads all the comments about him. He would learn a thing, or two about how the grassroots of America feel about him and the GOPe.

      I have tweeted this article and other articles like this to @JebBush hoping that he would get a better understanding about how much distain Reagan Conservatives have for squishy RINO GOPe types. Jeb Bush is part of the problem and not part of the solution for saving our country.
      Crony Capitalism is a big part of the problem in D.C. that the Bush politicos fit right into. They only care about keeping themselves in power so that they can continue lining their
      pockets with our hard earned tax dollars.

      • mder4thegov


  • blueniner

    This a great post, it should be picked up by the WAPO, and other major news venues. Breitbart  should at least post this. I saw CK last night, he talked about what a weak field this years crop had no real movement Conservatives, where I disagreed with CK he said folks like Paul Ryan and Mitch Daniels chose not to run, I dont think either of those two as movement Conservatives, he never mentions Sarah Palin, who is a movement Conservative and a reformer very much like Reagan. It is probably because CK has a bias towards Sarah Palin, he never has warmed to her, and it is because he has never really studied or done his homework on her. I think he looks at the media caricacure image of Sarah Palin instead of her record, her FB posts and Op-Eds her Crony Capitalism stands and herspeechs . So to me while CK is a smart guy, he also has some very wrong takes, and has been wrong on many things through the years. He isnt the sage he thinks he is.

    • mder4thegov

      CK is lazy and uninformed–when it comes to Gov. Palin. Also, it’s intentional…because if the one INCORRUPTIBLE person, Sarah ever makes it to the WH, the party is over for Krauthammer and friends. (And by all means, he can’t have that happen.)

    • socon

      Krauthammer was Jimmuh Carter’s speech writer.  I take everything he says with a grain of salt.

      He’s an elitist and a snob, too.

      • hrh40

        and Walter Mondale’s.

        Don’t let his praise of Reagan now fool you.

        He is a Johnny come lately if there ever was one.

        CK was mocking Reagan’s intelligence well into Reagan’s second term.

        His boy Walt got embarrassed. And apparently CK never got over it.

        At least until 25 years later and he make some $$ on Fox acting like a Reagan admirer.

        Don’t believe it.

        • socon

          You’re preaching to the choir.  I’m no fan of SourKraut.  He’s a big pro-abort supporter, too.

          • Hyman Roth

            And he spent the better part of 2008 patting Obama on the back like a proud uncle.

            "Dr. Death" has been on my "Pay No Attention" list since then.

            • Spec 5

              Krauthammer is a mixed pickle, and so is FOX NEWS.

    • RomanBarbarian

      It’s hard to believe that a man with knowledge like CK does not want to look beyond his nose. He loses credibility in ignoring Gov. Palin. A real disgrace.
      I wish Levin had more media attention. That’s a man who has some real respect for Sarah. "If it’s good for Sarah Palin, it’s good for me". 

    • wodiej

       maybe he’s just a man who is a male chauvinist.

  • SteveBayrd

    Doug, this was close to your Magnum Opus. We patriot Palin supporters have much to comment about and act upon. But the GOP establishment can’t help themselves in giving us easy targets. Jeb Bush epitomizes the corrupt logic of moderates. Keep your nail-gun oiled, Doug. You are nailing like a champ!

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