Palin, Like Reagan, Led the Fight Against Socialized Medicine

On the day the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) rules on the “Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act” (aka “PPACA”,  “Obamacare” and, my personal moniker, “ObamaScare”), I reflect that Gov. Palin was one of the first--if not the  first–to take the lead against socialized medicine. She has led with courage and boldness, even as the “has-been”, old media belittle her. Of course, they have had to eat humble pie and concede that she indeed has a point (i.e., even liberal economist Paul Krugman admitted that “death panels’ and rationing are indeed a consequence of that monstrosity legislation.)

Gov. Palin’s bold leadership reminded me of  another Governor’s foresight when it came to leading the charge against socialized medicine. It comes from a 1950s commercial by Ronald Wilson Reagan. Just as notable is that both Palin and Reagan were private citizens who spoke truth to power.

(Off topic, but just as pertinent, she took the lead back in the 2008 campaign highlighting Alaska’s strategic location if the US were to encounter hostility from Russia.)

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