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Utah Senate Primary Poll: Orrin Hatch, 60%; Dan Liljenquist, 32%

About five weeks ago or so, Governor Palin endorsed Senator Orrin Hatch in his primary contest with Dan Liljenquist.

I join other conservatives like Mark Levin, Sean Hannity, and Tea Party leaders like Sal Russo in encouraging Utah voters to return Orrin Hatch to the U.S. Senate. Since Mark Levin has always got a way with words, read what he recently told Senator Hatch: “I feel that you would be… a terrific elder statesman to a lot of these other young guys who I’m going to be pushing in these other states.” I’m with Mark. That’s spot on.

We need Orrin’s conservative Reagan-like leadership – and our new crop of conservative senators Richard Mourdock, Deb Fischer, and Ted Cruz might need some friendly advice finding their way around the Senate.

Since that time, Liljenquist has tried a variety of theatrics, including debating himself, in an effort to gain traction.  Liljenquist’s main approach has been to try and co-opt Tea Party energy by painting himself as a "grass roots" conservative arrayed against Orrin Hatch who, according to Liljenquist, is an out-of-touch elitist RINO, or whatever.  The problem for Liljenquist, or course, is that neither of these characterizations is true.  Indeed as Stacy and I indicated a month ago, Liljenquist’s TEA Party cred is, at best, highly suspect:

Dan Liljenquist’s campaign has stated that he would never label himself a "Tea Party" candidate, and now we see why.

Update by Doug: I’m stunned.  For a couple of reasons. First, all these alleged Tea Party proponents are supporting a guy who’s already signaled his willingness to compromise with liberals on what’s supposed to be one of the Tea Party’s core principles: Tax increases.  Isn’t TEA an acronym for “taxed enough already”.  Not that Liljenquist would know since, as Stacy noted above, he doesn’t consider himself a Tea Party candidate anyway.  I can certainly see why.

Second, these same folks who are promoting Liljenquist’s Tea Party bonafides are trashing Orrin Hatch as an Establishment RINO, Washington Insider type.  And yet here we have their candidate adopting classic insider doublespeak for tax increases.  Revenue  enhancements? Really? But not to worry, they assure us.  If only we blindly throw reliably conservative Orrin Hatch under the bus for their guy, everything will work out fine. I think not.

With the election less than 24 hours away, the latest poll out of Utah indicates that the vast majority of Republican primary voters have reached a similar conclusion:

SALT LAKE CITY — Sen. Orrin Hatch has a significant lead over his opponent in Tuesday’s GOP primary, former state lawmaker Dan Liljenquist, according to a new Deseret News/KSL-TV poll.

Sixty percent of the registered voters in Utah polled who said they will vote in the Republican primary backed Hatch’s bid for a seventh term in the U.S. Senate. Just under one-third of the respondents, 32 percent, said they supported Liljenquist.

The poll, conducted June 15-21 by Dan Jones & Associates, has a margin of error of plus or minus 3.6 percent.

"Those are very good numbers for the senator," Hatch’s campaign manager, Dave Hansen, said. "It’s nice that the voters of Utah, the Republican voters, have that much confidence and support for him."

This is about the same percentage Hatch received at the convention, while Liljenquist has seen his support erode by about 8 points. The poll also gave Hatch an even bigger lead against his general election opponent, Democrat Scott Howell:

The poll found that in a general election race against Hatch, Howell would win 29 percent support to 63 percent for Hatch. Howell would do better against Liljenquist in November, with 34 percent to 48 percent for Liljenquist, according to the poll.

To summarize, it’s a virtual certainty that Senator Hatch will be heading back to DC in January.



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  • deTocqueville1

    Thanks again Doug. Palin power. This was perceived to be very close not many weeks ago. And of course thanks to Mark Levin and the other Patriots. One win at a time.

  • patnatasha

    Go Sarah Go!! Go Hatch Go!!

  • LLDub

    At most every turn that I can think of, McCain has been very supportive of Palin thanks to her support during his senate run.   I suspect she’s got another supporter here.

    • porightscoopfan

      It’s not just a supporter she was after.  She will hold him hostage with his record supporting Reagan.   She will twist ‘ever so politely’ his arm behind his back when the Rs take over the Senate and force him to give Leadership positions to the TEA party freshmen.  He is the only Mormon she has chosen to endorse, and she did so voluntarily, demonstrating the ‘Christian bigot’ meme will not fly when she opposes Romney on policy later on.

      And everytime I said She above, I mean WE!

      Sarah is forming a coaltion of power where the true seat of authority resides at the federal level:  the houses of congress.

      In Alaska, things were different.  The power resided in the Governorship with the constitutional check residing in the legislature.

      Sarah is maneuvering into the position of the most potent avenue for sudden and relentless reform in our Constitutional Republic: in the words of her first choice for VP (if she were making the call) "the power resides in the Peoples House" -Allen West

  • INCubbie

    Trashing Hatch as an establishment RINO? I wouldn’t call it trashing, Doug, I would call it telling the truth. A look at Hatch’s record shows him to be someone other than a genuine conservative, and while Liljenquist may not be a conservative alternative (still doubtful of your contention), to cite that makes for a cheap excuse when defending Hatch.

    • PAWatcher

      INCubbie I haven’t personally followed Sen. Hatch’s career, but , I was OK with his scorecard at Heritage Action.

      • INCubbie

        Judging from I’m seeing on this scorecard, it only covers his record in the current Congress (2011-12), which can be seen suspiciously as the work of someone covering his bases in order to stay in the Senate for another six years.

        • PAWatcher

          I’ve been watching my guys for awhile- since I woke up- politically speaking. Don’t know if you can get previous scorecards, maybe try Heritage Foundation. I agree he maybe putting on a conservative face at election time, some of them do it every cycle to keep the R in RINO.

  • nkthgreek

    Apparently Mr. Hatch’s record plays well for Utah voters.

  • BrianusBerkleianus


    Thanks, Doug.

    I believe Senator Hatch’s record is solid, especially in the crucial arena and area of judicial appointments!

  • PAWatcher

    Sen. Hatch’s Heritage Action Conservative scorecard is 92%, not bad. McCain’s is 76%.

    The score is based on their voting record.

  • Guest

    Awesome News…….

    Sarah Rules !!!!!!!…………Palin/West 2012.

  • Quiet_Righty

    Dear Michelle Malkin,

    Explain yourself, darling.



    • Green Eyed Lady

       Michelle is homeless, at the moment, due to the fires in Colorado…..prayers for all affected by that disaster.

      However, I am glad to see this and argued for Hatch and Gov. Palin’s endorsement MANY times at MM’s….going back to last year when the Gov. merely complimented him. 

      • Quiet_Righty

        I hope Michelle’s family and home will be safe. 

  • Timothy Jacques

    Dear Sarah,



  • John_Frank


    Thanks for bringing this information to our attention.

    Hopefully, Senator Hatch’s GOV effort will be as strong as the rest of his campaign, he will win the primary and be re-elected in the fall.

    Excuse the caution, but the only poll I believe in is the one on election day, and even then you need to check in certain cases, because of the amount of voter fraud due in part to the refusal of the Democrats to embrace Voter ID laws.

  • dave7777

    Texas needs your help. Dewhurst is running over Cruz. Not sure he can close the gap by election time. Go Cruz!!

  • John B. Hefmier

    Welcome to C4P, Ron.  Interesting first comment here.
    By the way, are you angry at her for endorsing McCain’s Senatorial race too? If the answer is "yes" then you are angry at her for not backstabbing him.

  • Timothy Jacques

     Ron, Ron, Ron……sigh.

  • John_Frank

    Really? I guess Mark Levin is also a McCain protege, since he endorsed Hatch and strongly defended Governor Palin’s endorsement.. She did not sell out to anyone.

  • Guest

    Is that why she endorsed Mourdock while McCain endorsed Lugar one of his old friends?

  • John B. Hefmier

    I’ll take your answer as a "yes" then, especially since you made no attempt to refute it. 
    Sarah would not be on the national stage without McCain.  There was no way that she was going to backstab McCain when he ran for Senate again, even though I personally wished that retired after his last stint.  Like it or not, Sarah owed McCain bigtime, and I considered this a one-off thing.  Kyl may have appeared to be more of a constitutional conservative, but Sarah was in an incredible "damned if she does, damned if she does not" position. The big negative is that if she had endorsed Kyl, then it would appear that she was ungrateful for McCain and be labeled a "backstabber".  It would have been not honorable for her to not endorse McCain. 

    Sarah is grateful when she is given opportunities and returns favors, instead of backstabbing, whether you like it or not, Ron. 

    I could care less what you think about Hatch.  It was just interesting what you stated in your first post here, at C4P, and what you labeled my Sarah. 

  • John_Frank

    McCain called in the favor for Hatch, but not Lugar.

    No proof.

    Why are you here?

  • John_Frank

    Why are you here?

  • John_Frank

     Why are you here?

  • John_Frank

    He’s actually a Washington establishment guy himself, going back 30
    years of service to the very Washington circle who famously wouldn’t
    "let Reagan be Reagan."

    Again, more defamatory claims made without any proof.

  • John_Frank

    The failure of the commentator to answer the question confirms the obvious.

    This person is here to spread falsehoods without any proof.

  • John_Frank

    This is not a cult. Sarah Palin has not interfered.

    The name of this site is conservatives 4 palin.

    It is clear that the purpose of this individual is to disrupt, while spreading false information.

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