Will Camp Romney Correct the Record? Update: Romney Defended Palin in 2010 Against Distortions From ‘Anonymous’ Advisers (Corrected)

Proving once again that Sarah Palin was the only candidate that mattered in 2008, the press continues to obsess about who Mitt Romney is considering for a running mate while continuing to resurrect her name.

However; on their hysterical path to control the GOP, it appears that an “informal Romney adviser,” was called on to further distort Governor Palin’s role in the 2008 election.

MSNBC reports:

“The Romney campaign seems determined to learn from McCain’s mistakes, maybe even to a fault. The process of vetting a vice presidential candidate can be political in its own right; look no further than a top Rubio advocate’s pushback to BuzzFeed about the Florida senator’s supposed exclusion from Romney’s short list.”


“In particular, few women except for New Hampshire Sen. Kelly Ayotte – a freshman lawmaker from New England with only scant federal experience – are thought to be under consideration by Romney.

“I think, unfortunately, Palin poisoned the well on that,” said one informal Romney adviser, fretting that any woman selected as VP would draw inevitable comparisons to the former Alaska governor. “I would guess if I were inside the Romney mind that they’re worried that any woman chosen will be subjected to a higher level of scrutiny.”

Apparently there’s an “informal Romney adviser” out there trying to pull a Steve Schmidt before the campaign even begins.  In fact, I find it odd that with this mad mission to learn from McCain’s mistakes, nobody mentioned the fact that perhaps avoiding Steve Schmidt and Nicolle Wallace might be a good idea.

It wasn’t Sarah Palin’s decision to cease campaigning in Michigan in the crucial final days of a campaign.  That was Schmidt’s call.  As I recall, she wanted to stay and connect with the people.  Coincidentally, this is the same swing state Mitt and Ann Romney spent time in today.

It wasn’t Sarah Palin’s decision to have McCain suspend his campaign so he could go to Washington and negotiate a taxpayer-funded bailout.  That again was Schmidt’s call and afterwards, his poll numbers began plummeting.

Further, despite who Romney selects as his Vice-President, it is nearly impossible to examine someone to the degree that Palin has been vetted.  During the campaign, I found out that Palin used a tanning bed – but we weren’t allowed to know further about Bill Ayers or Jeremiah Wright.  Also, we deserved to know that Obama had registered in a suspicious third party during the 90’s, but we didn’t until recently.

However; we did hear about someone else about joining a third party somewhere in Alaska.  It was Todd Palin – and it wasn’t true.

We know that Palin took the sleepy little town of Wasilla and made it a booming economic goldmine.  We know she took a surplus in Alaska and chose to continue cutting the budget so she could put money away for the state in lieu of using it to pay off special interests.  We know she took on corruption; she faced down big oil giants, and even reached across the aisle to hold her own party accountable.

Not only is all of this explained time and time again when one uses “Google” or watches The Undefeated, but when 27,000 e-mails which have been thoroughly scrubbed down word-for-word by the media were released, they confirmed a lot of this as well – plus proved there was no smoking gun that the left had hoped for and obsessed about for years after the 2008 election.

It would behoove Romney to ask what Palin did to garner so much attention from the left and why they worked so hard to distort her record.  It’s necessary for him to do this.  If he doesn’t, he concedes that they win making it much easier for them to do the same thing to his pick – no matter how untrue the things they make up will be.

When the GOP establishment continues to whine about Palin not mentioning Romney by name, they imply how desired her endorsement and support is.  That’s because they know she holds the key to the grassroots through her very well-earned history of standing for common sense conservative principles.

But regardless, if he wants to avoid falling victim to a repeat of Schmidt and Wallace who sold their campaign integrity out for Hollywood, he needs to get a handle on his advisers now – especially the “informal” ones.


In doing a little digging from the past, it appears Governor Romney himself understood Palin’s intelligence and qualifications for Vice-President.  When news began breaking that former “anonymous” aides and advisers were selling out Palin to cover up their own shortcomings bundled with their hunger for attention, he called them out on Twitter calling them “anonymous numbskulls” saying Palin “has proven her smarts” while the  advisers have “disproven theirs.”

So, will he remain consistent on this and deal with his current “numbskulls” who now refer to themselves as “informal” instead of “anonymous?”  Anyway you look at it, it’s cowardly and sets the presumptive nominee up for grief in the future.

Correction: I regret originally laying the blame of the distortions to Gov. Palin’s record referred to by Romney in this tweet to Senator McCain’s campaign.  While the Romney advisers seem to have a history (as confirmed by many commenters below) of distorting Palin’s record by continuing the farce perpetuated by the lamestream media, it only strengthens the importance of Romney calling this out now, and dealing with the current individuals responsible for this latest smear on the Governor.


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