Alaska “Republican” Representative Don Young backs far left Democrat in Hawaii Senate race

Well isn’t this special. Remember our old buddy, Rep. Don Young (RINO – Alaska); pork barrel king and reigning dean of Alaska’s ethically challenged ‘good ole boys’ who, for some unfathomable reason, calls himself a Republican? It seems Don has weighed in on the Hawaii Senate election and managed to pick the most liberal Democrat in the race, Rep. Mazie Hirono. Redstate’s Daniel Horowitz has the story and makes a couple excellent points regarding Young’s asinine endorsement:

In recent years, GOP establishment figures have accused the Tea Party of thwarting a Republican majority in the Senate by nominating conservatives whom they believe are unelectable.  One would expect them do elicit a commensurate degree of outrage from the following story reported by The Hill:

Rep. Don Young (R-Alaska) has endorsed Rep. Mazie Hirono (D-Hawaii) in her Senate bid, a surprising move since the seat could be in play for Republicans this fall.

Young praises Hirono for working across the aisle in the lighthearted web ad, in which he repeatedly jokes about criticizing House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) before hugging Hirono at the end.

“While Mazie and I don’t see eye to eye on everything, we’ve done something too many people in Washington refuse to cross the aisle and do: We’ve worked together,” Young said in the ad, and praises Hirono for working with him to protect funding for education programs for native Alaskans and Hawaiians. “If you’re looking for a United States senator who doesn’t just talk about bipartisanship but actually knows how to work with Republicans and Democrats to get things done, Mazie Hirono will be that senator.”

Let’s put this in perspective.  Republicans are running a liberal former governor for the seat, yet she is not liberal enough for Young.  Even within the Democrat primary, the other major candidate is a more centrist blue dog, Ed Case.  He is evidently not liberal enough for Young.  Instead he endorses the most liberal candidate in the race.

In reality, it’s not surprising being that Young is one of the most liberal Republicans in Washington.

Allahpundit at Hot Air notes that it’s idiocy like this that can torpedo any chance Republicans have to repeal Obamacare:

Remember, the only hope the GOP has of repealing ObamaCare is taking back the Senate next year. It’s no sure thing that GOP nominee Linda Lingle would vote with the caucus to do it — being the deciding vote to torpedo the legacy of Hawaii’s favorite son would require some nerve — but she says she will if given the chance.

Allah also asks a key question regarding the current state of the Republican Party in Alaska:

He’s been in Congress for 40 years, he’s an avowed earmarker, he’s been dogged for years by ethics questions, and now he’s backing Democrats in hugely consequential races. There’s no one in the deep red state of Alaska willing and able to primary this guy?

Damn good question. However, given that the sorry state of the current Alaska Republican Party, there are no easy answers. What would Young be replaced with? Most of the state’s prominent Republicans are cut from the dame cloth as Young (see Lisa Murkowski). The Republicans who control Alaska’s State House have been dominated for years by the big spenders in the “Corrupt Bastard’s Club“.

The situation in the Alaska Senate is even worse. The Senate is split evenly, with 10 Democrats and 10 Republicans. However, six of those Republicans would rather caucus with Democrats than their fellow Republicans, preferring instead to form a so-called “Bipartisan Majority” arrangement with left-wing loons like Hollis French, whom these “Republicans” empowered to lead the absurd “Troopergate” charade against Governor Palin in 2008. The remaining four Republican Senators, the conservatives, are basically irrelevant. Thus, rather than have a working Republican majority in the Senate, a majority of Alaska’s Senate Republicans have determined it’s preferable to share power with liberals than conservatives. The result is that Republicans have effectively ceded control of the Senate to Democrats.

What is the likelihood any of these fools would be better than Don Young? On the other hand, they probably couldn’t be any worse, heh. To be sure, the Tea Party is on the ground in Alaska trying to recruit actual conservatives and break up this coalition of big spenders, but success has thus far proven elusive. But who knows, maybe another Joe Miller will step up, run a competent campaign and finally send the likes of Don Young, Lisa Murkowski, Mike Hawker, Jay Ramras, Randy Ruedrich, and their cronies out to pasture.

(h/t Damian Geminder)


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