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Bill O’Reilly: Governor Palin ‘Was Not Really Very Nice’ to Romney

Via The Undefeated on Facebook, I discovered an article by Daria DiGiovanni about Bill O’Reilly’s coverage of what he called "bad blood" between Governor Palin and Mitt Romney. He used such a description to segue into his version of why the Governor has not been invited, at least not yet, to speak at the Republican National Convention in Tampa next month. It’s clear he doesn’t think such an invitation is forthcoming, either, because, according to him, at this stage of the game, "she’d have to sleep in a tent."

Bill, of course, hardly ever lets people talk, which is, first of all, rude. Second, this means he’s doing most of the talking himself, which, when it comes to Governor Palin, he too often gets wrong. Tonight was no exception. Daria calls him out on it, defining his interview on the matter as "dishonest":

Anyway, it’s not surprising that Bill couldn’t wait to devote a segment tonight to the GOP’s alleged snub of Palin at the RNC, which I’ve already noted would be a HUGE mistake, if true. And once again, he was completely dishonest in accusing Palin of “trashing” Romney. Yes, she like many other conservatives supported another candidate. And in interviews when prompted, she offered her suggestions as to how Romney could connect with the base of the party.

But “trash” him? She most certainly did not.

What makes this so ironic is that Mitt Romney’s surrogates have been trashing Palin for years.


But neither O’Reilly nor either of his guests tonight, one of whom was the wonderful conservative actress/author/blogger/radio host Janine Turner bothered to mention the Romney surrogates harsh treatment of Palin, perpetuating the false notion that supporting another candidate in a primary and pointing out Mitt Romney’s political weaknesses when prompted in interviews are tantamount to “trashing” him. To her credit, Janine did strongly recommend that Palin have a prominent role at the RNC for the sake of unity and “putting all the puzzle pieces together” — a sentiment with which I wholeheartedly agree.

Read the full article here.

What I heard O’Reilly say is that during the primary season, Governor Palin was "not really very nice" to Mitt Romney. I pose this question: Why is it that when Governor Palin, as a Fox News contributor, is asked to comment on a candidate, and she cooperates, she’s "not really very nice"? Are Karl Rove, Charles Krauthammer, or Brit Hume "not really very nice" when they provide feedback? Or is that a phrase political pundits only apply to women because they expect women to offer no strong, meaningful response? Furthermore, Governor Palin has actually been more than fair and balanced when it comes to Mitt Romney, qualities on which Bill O’Reilly supposedly prides himself–or so the "humble correspondent" would tell us. I imagine there’s plenty that the Governor could say about Romney that she has refrained from saying. So if anything, she’s been more gracious–or shall we say "nicer"?–than many of us would be if asked about Romney.

Bill O’Reilly’s "bad-blood-may-be-overstating-it," "not-really-very-nice" segment about Governor Palin was a farce and just more of the same. Methinks he’s still stewing over her long-overdue demand that he stop interrupting and actually allow her to answer a question.

Bill O’Reilly: pinhead or patriot? We report; you decide.

Here’s the segment:

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  • blueniner

    Pinhead for sure.Lets face it O’reilly is an instigator when it comes to Governor Palin, he doesnt like her, and especially since she called him out for interrupting her, Bill doesnt take kindly to that, as we know he is a misogynist he always calls women by their last name, and casts their opinons off in a condesending way. a while back I went to YOU-TUBE and dug out several interviews Sarah had with Bill since 2008, he was very hard on her, didnt let her explain or finish her thought on his questions. When Sarah is on a remote from Alaska there is a time delay in the feed, so he interupts her, and claims she is spiining.After Sarah called him out, a couple of nights later O Reilly whined to Bernie Goldberg, that he asked Sarah to explain (whatever the topic was) and told Bernie she was spinning. Not true, I watched these videos. Sarah does herself no good to go on O’Reilly, many of her appearances were diasters, O’Reilly doesnt treat her with respect, he is confrontational and condesending. This was a stunt tonight to dredge up controversy, and get in the mix, it was a crass act on Big Bills part.

    • socon

      Ratings.  BOR uses Sarah for ratings– like the clowns at HotAir use her to increase their crummy blog traffic.

      • Guest

        Let’s go kick O’Reilly’s azz socon….LOL!!!

        I hate that pos.

  • anyonebutbarry2012

    Sarah has been more then fair and balanced when speaking of romney, lets face it, he is back and forth on issues at times. She is a contributor, so she is contributing her opinion, BOR is the one who cuts people off is rude, vehemently disagrees with anyone not agreeing with him. 


  • CliffNZ

    I used to watch O’Reilly every night. Even series linked it. However after his rudeness to Governor Palin, and subsequent self justifying I stopped watching him.  The clip I just watched has confirmed for me that I made a good decision. Go Janine – she’s great!

  • Laddie_Blah_Blah

    Missed BOR, as always, and did not see it, and refuse to dignify that ignorant blowhard’s comments by stooping to give him any time of my day.

  • JP_AZ

    "Bill O’Reilly: pinhead or patriot? We report; you decide."

    Oooh, oooh!!  I know!  I know!!

    "Humble correspondent" indeed!  Ha!

  • navak

    he said she SHOULD be invited.

    I don’t know why he thinks she was not nice to Romney just cuz she supported someone else before the final count.  Lots of other people did also.

    The tent comment was only that there were no rooms left in Tampa and if she finally got invited she would have to sleep in a tent…..but he obviously hasn’t heard that she already has booked space.

    Jeanine could have done a better job defending Palin for sure

    • Adrienne Ross

      Sure, he said she should, as he vaccilated between that and his question of "Should she?" since she’s been so not very nice (his version)! He also blew off the notion that "it’s still early" that Janine Turner started with. It was quite obvious he thinks if they wanted to invite her, they would have done it by now (since now it’s so late, "she’d have to sleep in a tent"), and it’s obvious he thinks he knows why they haven’t.

      • TexS2012

        Just another planned attack on Sarah to belittle her. I’m sure Sarah didn’t lose any sleep over that little hit piece if she even saw it. O’Reilly thinks he is so smart, he’s just a pompous fool.

  • Guest

    Bill O’Reilly  is a Loudmouth Jerk….

    Yep…..PINHEAD !!

  • bsbutterfly

    Bill O is full of himself.He has a problem with women.It shows in his behavior toward them.  As for Sarah  I think he is still miffed he did not get the first interview with her when she started at Fox  AND to top that off she had the nerve to smak him down in that last interview with her. I am glad she has not been on there since.                     

  • stevethird

    He’s also a coward. He only talks  about her like this to others, trying to enlist their concurrence. The last time they spoke face to face (electronically), he was a good little boy. He reminded me of Eddie Haskell speaking to "Mrs. Cleaver".

  • MiBones

    Bill has an opinion poll," Who do you favor as Mitt Romney’s running mate?"  Sarah is one of the candidates. Here is the link if you want to vote for her.

    • NY59Giants

      I noticed the four choices were Rice (Sec of State), Rubio (Senator), Ryan (Congressman), and Palin (Governor). The other three may be a OK to some people, but this country is seeing what happens when you elect somebody without any executive experience. It was also a slight at Palin by including her in the poll. Not that anybody on Bill’s staff would have noticed.  

    • bigsun24

       It would be cool to see Sarah on top in that poll.  Hoping peeps vote!!

      • Helen85

         It would be cool to see the total tallies as we vote-he won’t do that.

        He did it once years ago, and Sarah blew it away, and the next day he had her like way down. HE LIES!

        • bigsun24

           ya, I agree and also dont trust the clown.  Hopefully enough of Sarah’s peeps see the poll and VOTE!

      • blueniner

        He would only extend the poll, like he did last time, till he got the results he wanted.

        • bigsun24

           yep, I have this feeling that sneaky oreally posted the poll in an attempt to make Sarah look "out of the running".

    • Palinpower

      BOR fixes his polls. The polls magically match his opinions. It’s garbage.

  • wodiej

    I’m not listening to this arrogant, egotistical, overblown, pompus, full of himself, windbag,…..well you get the picture.  PINHEAD.

    Of course he’s ticked because Gov. Palin stood up to him about interrupting her-how dare she!  He is not respectful to women in general.  Ever seen how he treats Mary Katherine Hamm when he has her on w Juan Williams?  He lets Williams blow a bunch of hot air and Hamm barely is allowed to talk.

    • Adrienne Ross

      I agree: he is horrible to Mary Katherine Hamm. The only women he seems to not be disrespectful to are Megyn Kelly and the body language expert.

      • LuvGuvSP

        I agree – his treatment of MKH is truly stunning at times.

        I also agree with your assessment about Megyn & the body language expert.

        Megyn probably had to draw her line in the sand with BOR a long time ago (I picture an epic scene where she had to put his pompous butt in its place and I’m sad that I wasn’t a fly on the wall for that one – ha!).  But whatever happened, good for her.  She would beat the snot out of him, literally & figuratively…and I think BOR knows it.

        Call me synical, but I think his deference to the body language lady is coming from an entirely different place for an entirely different reason…..if you get my drift.

      • socon

        O’Reilly treats Megyn well now because she has slapped him upside the head more than once during her appearances.  She’s also much smarter than BOR.

      • blueniner

        He is brutal to Katherine Hamm, good example, he talks down to her and interrupts her at every turn.

      • Betsey_Ross

        Both smarter than he is.  He seems to understand that.  However, when it comes to other women he is his regular misogyist self.  There is no one as disgusting as he is.  Pinhead extrodinaire.   

        He knows that Sarah is smarter than he is and he keeps digging the hole deeper.  Bill acts as if he has been taking dumb pills ever since his run in with one of his female producers.  I watched him go downhill ever since. 

  • Quiet_Righty

    Sarah Palin never "called Bill out" for interrupting her. That was not her tone, nor was it the last time she was a guest on The O’Reilly Factor. She was back on the show as recently as February 2012. Oops, there goes the meme that Bill was carrying a grudge against her.

    • RefudiateGOPe

       Actually, she did call him out, but she did so graciously.  "Calling some one out" doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s done in a harsh way.  No, Sarah didn’t say, "Damn it Bill, quit interrupting me", but instead, she used the "satellite delay" as a way of softening her point that he is an insufferable blowhard who doesn’t allow his guests to fully answer one of his stupid questions.  Shame on you for trying to defend the big-headed dolt.

      • palmerguy

        Also the delay on that show was not the 4 seconds like it was when she first set up the studio in Wasilla, it was next to nothing, she just smacked him down, in a nice way, for interupting her.

      • Quiet_Righty

        Boo hoo. I don’t defend O’Reilly. I simply offer truthful alternatives to mythologies embraced by O’Reilly’s detractors.

        • RefudiateGOPe

           That’s a crock.  You didn’t offer any "truthful alternatives".  You offered your opinion, with which I and others disagree.

          • Quiet_Righty

            Ah, safety in numbers. You’re a lemming. Dismissed.

            • socon

               You a big Billo lover?  Or are you just roiling the waters?  What’s your point?

            • RefudiateGOPe

               What the hell’s wrong with you?  I have been a poster here at C4P a very long time, way back before the new posting format.  Based on my long history of posts here, to suggest that I just go along with a crowd is beyond stupid and it’s offensive.  You wrote something that was your opinion and I strongly disagreed with it.  Get over yourself.

    • socon

      That was 6 months ago.  Sarah used to appear on his show every few weeks or so.

      Obviously there’s no love lost between the two.  I’m sure Sarah thinks BOR’s a bloviating doofus–I do.

      • everythingispolitics

        All of these people are against Sarah. If she is indeed going to make a run at the presidency or national political office, she’s going to need some powerful operatives in the GOP if she is to be their standardbearer. As of now, and from what I have been told, she has none which is why she didn’t run.

        • socon

           I agree.  Sarah’s a reformer–she’s a threat to both sides of the establishment.

  • binky354

    Pinhead!  Sarah wouldn’t have to sleep in a tent, btw.  I have family in the area that would love to give her a place to stay!

  • Lennart Bilén

    Romney needs to go to the mountain or there will be a split with the Tea Party going Rogue.
    It is Romney’s handlers that are not very nice to the whole conservative movement.

    Come to your senses, Romney or you will end up in third place.

    Whether Sarah Palin or Obama will win in a three way race is unclear, but Romney will get 20% or less. The mood of the country, including many Democrats is: Throw them all out!!

    • John R Schuh

      I think that Romney would like to win with as little Tea Party support as possible. Even Bush condescended to conservatives. Romney has little in common with them, except on some economic issues. 

  • VADMCollingwood

    I cannot understand why anyone would give any credence to anything this clown says.  His problem with women in authority is also obvious. Who got sued for sexual harassment? Oh sorry.

  • polarfan

    BOR is an idiot and Sarah doesn’t care!

    I’m following her since 2006 and the Peter Boyer article is simply Sarah communicating to her supporters that she is and will not be invited to the convention (based on her inside the GOP-E information).

    That’s all -so don’t blame Sarah for not going to the convention!

    My take is that this is GREAT -stay away from the corrupt GOP-E Love Festival..

    • PetePetretich

      OMG, that’s so not-nice to not care if BOR is an idiot! Why is she so mean to him?

      / sarc

  • misterlogic0013

     Hi, I couldn’t even get through the first minute, it all about Bill. Its why I haven’t watched his show since he spoke over Sarah a few years ago. She went on once more after that incident, but it didn’t work for her or me. Bil is all about Bill.  After Sarah stopped going on his show he lost many viewers.
     Most Americans are tired of all the talking heads making millions trashing people, a waste of time and $. We needn’t any more evidence to expose the fact Bill has been minimized, and is another example of whats wrong with the media, and politicians, Gov.  They no longer serve the public. Not complicated / factual. We are here, will will be there in Tampa, / the energy is with us, the hard working American people. Sleeping where ever its necessary. Whats wrong with tents ? What ever it takes to Restore America.
     Hey Bill why not do a segment on all that is good in America / Sarah Palin ?? our accomplishments the last 4 years.  2010 election wins ??  Bill is simply the latest to bash Sarah Palin. Not surprising, we are a gigantic force, we are the future of America. Sarah Palin is leading the charge. Attack us, attack us.
       In denial Mr Bill ? ( at your peril )   ..  You should be ashamed of yourself .. You ditched millions .. Is that the way you treat the most powerful Lady in the world ?  anything for money / Sarah Palin Tea Party not for sale ..    Look up the word Lady Mr Bill = A woman of high social position, a woman who is polite and refined. A special Lady who is loved by millions and millions.   Have a good day ..

  • gahanson

    Not surprisingly, the "reporter" from the Daily Caller was spouting the usual anti-Palin BS, and justifying the alleged Romney snub of her.  Janine Turner didn’t do a very good job defending Palin.

    • Daria DiGiovanni

      That was what disappointed me the most: Janine Turner was absolutely awful at defending Palin. All of the bloggers and commenters here could have done a much better job than she did. It was disappointing and surprising.

      • blueniner

        Right on, by the way I love your name…….

        • Daria DiGiovanni

          Thank you! :-) 

  • bigsun24

    o’really is an idiot and   refuses to call the usurper a communist.  He used Sarah to get some peeps to watch his clown show and didn’t even know Sarah has her space at the convention site five minutes from the rino’s.

  • hrandym

    O’Really is, without question, a Pinhead, if that good.  I can’t watch his show: he offends me with his arrogance and rudeness.  I guess that is his trademark.  He does have the saving grace of a few conservative opinions, but he is not a good messenger for them.

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