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Bizarre: Jay Carney won’t say whether or not Jerusalem is the Capital of Israel; Updated: Mark Levin’s comments

Via the Weekly Standard’s Daniel Halper, at yesterday’s press briefing Jay Carney was asked what city Obama believed to be the capital of Israel. Incredibly, Carney wouldn’t answer the question, mumbled something about not getting that question for a while, and then quickly tried to change the subject. But the woman who asked, along with another reporter, were unwilling to give Carney a pass. But even after being asked point blank whether the capital is Jerusalem or Tel Aviv, he still refused to answer and instead repeated the mantra that "our position hasn’t changed", but wouldn’t reveal just what that unchanged position is.

As Halper notes, the pro-Israel PAC, the Emergency Committee for Israel, was not amused by Obama’s latest pandering to our enemies in the Middle East and they responded with this video ad:

I’m confused. At the beginning of the above video, it sounded an awful lot like Obama averred in 2008 that "Jerusalem will remain Israel’s capital and it must remain divided". Why, then, can’t his regime answer this simple question in 2012? What has changed? More broadly, why is this even an issue? What do we have to gain by insulting our only real ally in the Middle East with this kind of lunacy? Maybe the Obama Administration could pick up the phone and ask Prime Minister Netanyahu to identify his country’s capital. Or better yet, let’s watch Netanyahu speak to this question on Youtube:

Jerusalem is not a settlement … it is our capital.

It doesn’t get any clearer than that, which makes it difficult to understand how the most brilliant administration in our nation’s history can be so confused. I wonder if Mr. Netanyahu would have half as much trouble identifying our capital as Obama does Israel’s.  I’m guessing not.

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Update: Mark Levin discusses Carney’s comments as only he can.  Click here to listen.

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  • Lennart Bilén

    Carney was caught flat-footed on this one.
    The administration has been trying to not acknowledge Israel’s claim to Jerusalem as its capital for quite some time now. Their position is quite clear: "Don’t embarass us with specific questions and noone will get hurt, O.K?"
    This is Obama’s foreign policy position.
    To acknowledge Jerusalem as the capital if Israel is to say that Mohammad is in error.

  • nkthgreek

    The only capital the Obama administration is interested in, is that which which fills its coffers.

  • Guest

    To say Jerusalem is acknowledging that Israel exists….
    it’s a problem for her neighbors, but not for El Shaddai.

    The story is old, but valid today….it goes like this:

    If you wipe the nation of Israel off the map you’ve killed G-d (no people to worship Him)
    The method to annihate Israel can be found in Jeremiah 31:36-37…..

    Best to be on the side of the Apple of His Eye.

    • CrackerJacker

      While they did an abhorrent job of answering the question, your comment is worse.  the Nation of Israel is not a place of physical boundaries.  It is the Jewish people.  Even if this country named Israel were stricken from the map, the Nation of Israel would continue to exist.  Please do not belittle the Jewish religion.

      • Guest

        Read again….I said NATION…..get the point OK….
        To destroy Israel one has to FIRST destroy the stars, moon & sun according to Scripture!!!
        In other words, the G-d of Israel alone is sovereign and His
        Eternal promises to Israel are faithful…..Israel will never be destroyed…
        Those who try will themselves be destroyed…

        Got it????!!!!!!!

  • navak

    We can assume that your position is the same as when Obama was running for president….which was that Jerusalem was Israel’s capital.  Great!  Got it!

  • smbren

    I received a phone call tonight from a former co-worker who wanted to know what the significance of his lack of clarification was. She generally wanted to know, she is thirsting for information after a life of not paying attention politically.  I spent an hour and a half on the phone with her. After the conversation I was saddened actually that many Americans are just plain uninformed.

  • Plesent57words

    OK, lets review this. Carney: OUR position has not changed. Who exactly is "our"? Your’s, Obama’s; whos? Isn’t Carney the mouthpiece for Barry?, "The leader of the free world," who, is supposed to represent US, the citizins of the United States of America? Did WE THE PEOPLE agree that Jerusalem is not the capitol of Israel? Israel is the only Sovergien Nation given to a people, The Jews by Almighty God Himself. I will Bless those who bless thee. I will curse those who curse thee. Look at America today. We’ve murdered over 5,000,000 of our own citizins, and still are, AND WE ARE OK WITH THAT!!! Homosexuality is common and accepted yet children cannot utter the name of Jesus in the classroom. Oakland looks like Greece. Our president refuses to salute our national flag. He is rude an inhospitible to Israel’s Prime Minister and throws a huge party for Mexico’s president. Has lavish whitehouse parties, extravigant vacations while so many American’s are jobless. I vote the Bible. WE will all one day give account for our actions to ALMIGHTY GOD. I expect hate responces. Jesus said this would happen. I’ll take the teachings of Our Lord Jeshua over any greedy, lieing politition any day. Love to all. GOD Bless America, however, LORD, let YOUR Will be done. As ye sow, so shall ye reap.  

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