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CNN attacks Governor Palin with "Stupid Girls" bumper music

Another day, another glaring example of liberal bias from the mainstream media. This one is particularly egregious. Take it away, Noel Sheppard (Newsbusters):

On Sunday, Pink’s "Stupid Girls" was played before a CNN Sunday Morning  piece about former Alaska governor Sarah Palin visiting a Chick-fil-A restaurant  to show support for the embattled company (video follows with transcript and  commentary):

[Music and lyrics]: Aha, aha. Stupid girl, stupid girls,  stupid girls. Maybe if I act like that…

RANDI KAYE, ANCHOR: Sarah Palin is apparently hungry for  chicken and controversy. She posted this on Twitter and Facebook: “Stopped by  Chick-fil-A in the Woodlands to support a great business.” That is her and her  husband Todd. Chick-fil-A has come under fire after, we were just telling you,  after its president Dan Cathy came out in opposition to same-sex marriage.  Several communities now trying to block Chick-fil-A from coming into their  cities. Fellow Republican Mike Huckabee has organized that Chick-fil-A  appreciation day scheduled for Wednesday.

Imagine such a song being used to introduce any female Democrat. The outrage would be deafening.

Indeed it would, but if it weren’t for double standards, there’d be no standards at all at CNN. Sexism is fine as long as it’s against conservative women. Sheppard wonders if CNN and Randi Kaye will apologize.  CNN definitely should, but I’m not so sure about Kaye. I tend to agree with Hot Air’s Jazz Shaw that it’s probably a stretch to assume she has much, if any, culpability in this partisan attack. Most of the anchors and anchorettes at CNN are nothing but liberal, ill-informed Ken and Barbie dolls who read whatever’s put in front of them by their producers, and I can’t imagine they play any role in bumper music selection. And in Randi Kaye’s case, I doubt she’s even bright enough to be aware of what’s happening around her, much less what she’s reading off the teleprompter from one moment to the next. Despite the excuses or scapegoating CNN may (or may not) offer for this revealing incident, the culpability undoubtedly rests higher up the food chain at the beleaguered, ratings-challenged network.

One could easily blame the producers of Kaye’s show, and that’s probably the route CNN will take. But they’re most likely twenty-something lefties just out of college who rode the Choom Wagon to work this morning. There’s more to this than that. I have trouble believing that they’d do something so outrageous without prior approval from above. Either that or they were reasonably sure that there’d be no negative repercussions for their childish sexist antics. In either case, CNN’s management is responsible as there’s no qualitative difference between the two scenarios, and management is ultimately accountable for what goes on the air. The buck stops with them. (Of course they could take Obama’s approach and blame Bush.) I digress.

CNN is experiencing their worst ratings in 21 years. Indeed things are so bad that CNN’s president, Jim Walton, just announced his resignation. It’s easy to see why. If today’s foolishness is indicative of Walton’s "leadership", it’s clear there’s no adult supervision at what was once considered to be the standard for cable news. And about those ratings: How is alienating roughly 50% of their potential audience by ham-handedly attacking one of the most popular conservatives in the country a viable strategy to boost ratings? Shouldn’t higher ratings be CNN’s goal? Apparently not.

To be sure, I have no doubt that CNN will claim it was all just a coincidence; that the individual or individuals who produced the show, fed Randi Kaye’s teleprompter, and selected the bumper music had absolutely no idea what story she’d be leading with. No idea at all. It’s a simple misunderstanding, a perfectly innocent coincidence. Happens all the time. That’s our story and we’re sticking with it.

And I’ve got a bridge to sell you.

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  • PalinPrez

    And there is this from Dick Cheney throwing Sarah under the bus.  I am beyond angry right now.  These boys can go to hell.

    • socon

      Cheney’s just trying to clear the field for his daughter, Liz.  She doesn’t stand a chance with Sarah on the stage.  Who gives a damn about Liz’s endorsement?  lol

      The outrageous spending of RINO Cheney and GWB nearly destroyed the Republican party and bankrupted our country.  The old man needs to go home and stay there.

  • Stoneyjack

    Don’t know anything about "Pink". but did learn some happy news for CNN. Tina Brown has offered to buy the network for $1.00, which is about twice market value.

  • socon

    Yeah, pathetic CNN’s ratings are in the toilet and the CNN President just resigned–but Sarah is stupid.


  • Nancy6

    I love how eating at Chick-fil-A is seen as controversial, but what the Mayors of these cities are doing is not seen as controversial.
    Go figure.

  • Lennart Bilén

    Father forgive them for they know not what they are doing.
    Sarah has been the target of a lynching since the day she became VP candidate. She went from having a 90% approval rating as Governor to being a leper in the eyes of the liberals, the GOPe and the media overnight. The only ones that appreciated her were we the people.
    This has not changed.

    Sarah has emerged villified but stronger than ever.

    Go, Sarah, GO!!!

    • carmtom13

      What they did to Governor Palin was right out of rules for radicals by Alansky. The GOP numbskulls joined them. GOP there are millions and millions of people who have no respect for any of you.

  • IsraeliCojones

    I’m waiting impatiently for C4P’s entry to Small Dick Cheney’s last gratuitous attack.

    The LSM is exactly what it is expected to be.

    But the GOPe is spitting in the Base’s face every single day. That, in a crucial Election year.

    These people can’t say a word against the Malevolent Marxist. But Palin is the Enemy.

    I hope Ted Cruz wins.

  • SonOfOriginalTed

    After seein this, oh please, please, please Mitt Romney have some courage and some smarts, set you campaign on fire!!!

    Romney/Palin ’12!!! 

  • Lakerfanalways

    CNN gets less viewers than MSNBC so I wouldnt worry too much about what CNN does..more people watch paint dry than watch CNN

  • TheresaAK

    CNN…going away…soon enough…Just keep on insulting True American Patriots…and the Communist News Network will soon be nothing more than Current TV…don’t know what Current TV is?,…LOL…neither does the majority of True American Patriots…and there are more of us, than there are of them….

    Nothing a good old fashioned "FAIR" election won’t take care of…

    CAN YOU HEAR US KNOW OBAMA? You and your minions are soon to be nothing more than a blight in our History…..

  • Bill__Hughes

    CNN is disgusting.  My thoughts…

  • alanwillingham

    Song "Stupid Girl" actually introduces Randi Kaye, Anchor at CNN although it was intended to intro Sarah Palin LOL !

  • RedDaveR

      CNN looked it might be turning it around last year at the Iowa fair where Don Lemon was actually fair to her in their interview.  But that moment turned out to be an illusion.  When CNN’s ratings keep plummeting, they’ll only have themselves to blame.

    • carmtom13

      The msm is turning out to be like the National Enquirer, only thing is the Enquirer every now and than break a real story like exposing a democrat for cheating on his sick wife and having a mistress and has his baby. The msm knew all about thisand never said a word because it involved a democrat.

  • luvoftheword

    Might as well play "Stupid Boys" for me because i’ll sure be eating at Chic Fil A this coming Wednesday. They can play any music they want but don’t try me. 

  • Dagobomb

    What’s slightly amusing is contemplating the intelligence level of the buffoons running these networks cluelessly wondering why people go to other sources for the news.

  • independents4palin

    CNNs ratings are terrible !! I am not sure how long it can last on the air and Sarah Palin is supposed to be the stupid girl. Talk about a war on women, playing a song called stupid girl to introduce a segment on Gov Palin, who is the first Republican woman on a national ticket and second woman in history to be on a national ticket.

  • AngelaTX

    CNN’s ratings are in the toilet. Enough said.

  • Patriot Games

    As I said the other night, God bless that great American Sarah Palin for going to Chick-fil-A. I do too since the commie morons who rule this country think they can tell us what to eat, where to work and when to breathe. The chief of CNN just quit because, as he admitted, his Communist News Network has fewer viewers in the USA than Al Jazeera.  All the liberal commies are up in arms because the man who founded Chick-fil-A does not want to marry a man to make them happy. Why don’t Obama and Rahm Emanuel marry a man? It’s OK since Obama and Emanuel aren’t men in the first place.

  • friskyness

     That’s why liberals like liberal presidents……………..they get bailed out!

  • Escaped_Teleprompter

    The Chick-Fil-A controversy is much more than just about someone supporting traditional marriage.  Gov. Palin got involved because a despotic mayor, Rahm Emanuel, denied the ability of an entity to open a business just because its president supports a cause that the mayor disagrees with.  

    This is egregious and a flagrant abuse of power. If leftists are allowed to get away with this, then they can deny the rights of anyone who supports causes that they disagree with.  They might strip conservatives of rights that liberals enjoy, simply because conservatives support causes that the despot disagrees with.  The left does not believe in an America where everyone is treated the same, with the same rights and protections under the law; instead socialists like Rahm Emanuel seek to  impose a tyrannical communist state.  In supporting Chick-fil-A, Palin is supporting the oppressed against a communist tyrant.  

  • TheFluidPusher

    The LSM hating on Sarah?!?

    I’m shocked!! Shocked I tell you!!

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