Do Cheney and the Establishment Really Seek to Fire Obama? (Update): Liz Cheney Tweets In Disagreement With Her Father

The news of Cheney’s interview airing on ABC tomorrow morning (Monday) on GMA is making its Sunday-rounds.  The MSM couldn’t be happier.

While the entire interview has yet to be released, it appears Mr. Cheney has decided to do his part for his establishment-buddies by attacking his own party’s last VP nominee in lieu of going after the nation’s biggest elected mistake of all time – Barack Obama.

In response, good conservatives all across the web are responding.

Mark Levin stated this morning: (emphasis)

“John McCain ran a terrible campaign; the Bush-Cheney administration had become very unpopular with the American people, including many Republicans; and the Bush-Cheney administration was every bit as activist when it came to expanding domestic spending and government activism as the Nixon administration.  The continuing attacks on leaders of grassroots conservatives by the Republican establishment, especially former Bush administration officials, need to end now. They got their nominee and they need to focus on Obama. “

Tony Lee over at Breitbart said:

“Cheney, who led the vice presidential search that picked Nelson Rockefeller for Gerald Ford’s VP, is probably more comfortable with a vice presidential candidate who has similar establishment bona fides to Rockefeller, which Palin obviously lacks.”

Cheney said about Palin:

“I don’t think she passed that test … of being ready to take over. And I think that was a mistake.”

He might have a point.

Apparently, Palin’s not “ready” to sit in an administration for eight years which adds 5 trillion dollars to our unpaid debt basically demoralizing the spirit of conservatism leading to four years of Barack Obama.  Cheney was “ready” for that, wasn’t he?

Palin’s not “ready” to engage in cronyism which dictates who she’d appoint to lifetime positions on the Supreme Court or to head federal emergency agencies like FEMA.  Bush & Cheney were “ready” for that, weren’t they?

Palin is “ready” to balance a budget – since she did it in Alaska.

Palin is “ready” to increase benefits for our esteemed elders while cutting out wasteful spending existing all across our federal government – since she did similar things in Alaska.

Palin is “ready” to call out entrenched special interests like she did when she served up a little justice to the Republican Party’s good old boys and their dealings with big oil.  She did that in Alaska, too.

Palin’s “ready” to unabashedly call out Barack Obama.  This includes pointing out his past associations, his reckless squandering of billions of our dollars to pay back his Wall Street friends (just as Bush/Cheney once did), and his plans to whip Americans into Greece-like big-government submission.   This is in contrast to the establishment’s plans to hold back.

Palin’s “ready” to endorse countless candidates for the Congress.  She’s been successful at using her enormous grassroots influence to pull a great deal of them across the finish line.

Palin’s not ready to fall in line with the establishment.  Until any candidate (including our perceived “front-runner”) demonstrates a full willingness to truly unify with the party’s grassroots, don’t count on her to make deals behind closed doors or hold high-priced fundraisers at her home.

Considering everything Bush & Company were “ready” for, it’s no wonder why Barack Obama was ever put in the position of becoming President of our great Republic.  Now of course, he must be fired.

But after observing the behavior of Cheney, Sununu, and other Romney surrogates, it might serve the interest of the American people to ask whether or not Romney is truly “ready” to do that considering the company he chooses to keep.

Update by Doug: Doug Powers at makes some great points:

If there was a mistake in 2008, it was the nominee, not the running mate.

The MSM will be chewing on this one all week, eager to go back to 2008 again and never return. “Imagine how lousy things could have been if voters had put Sarah Palin in the VP’s office — even Darth Vader agrees!” But when the dust settles, here we are, stuck in the reality of 2012 in a foundering economy Sarah Palin had nothing to do with designing that is perpetuated by people the majority of voters believed passed the “test” for government leadership.


Liz Cheney has tweeted a little support for the Governor in obvious disagreement with her father. (h/t Timothy Jacques)

Rarely do I disagree with those who give the Governor the respect she deserves, but “the best VP ever” part is something I might have to disagree with.

Very disappointed in Dick Cheney, especially considering what he knows first hand about media and false narratives.

I’d also like to add some comments made….those who suggest Cheney has a right to his opinion and how we have to unite.  They need to only listen to their own advice.  Of course Cheney has a right to his opinion, but “uniting” involves telling the truth and judging one on the basis of their record and their conviction.  Nobody can claim to fighting for this country to the degree Sarah Palin has since 2008 and nobody can deny her record of accomplishment.  He frankly owes her an apology considering who our opponent is supposed to be.

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