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Do Cheney and the Establishment Really Seek to Fire Obama? (Update): Liz Cheney Tweets In Disagreement With Her Father

The news of Cheney’s interview airing on ABC tomorrow morning (Monday) on GMA is making its Sunday-rounds.  The MSM couldn’t be happier.

While the entire interview has yet to be released, it appears Mr. Cheney has decided to do his part for his establishment-buddies by attacking his own party’s last VP nominee in lieu of going after the nation’s biggest elected mistake of all time – Barack Obama.

In response, good conservatives all across the web are responding.

Mark Levin stated this morning: (emphasis)

“John McCain ran a terrible campaign; the Bush-Cheney administration had become very unpopular with the American people, including many Republicans; and the Bush-Cheney administration was every bit as activist when it came to expanding domestic spending and government activism as the Nixon administration.  The continuing attacks on leaders of grassroots conservatives by the Republican establishment, especially former Bush administration officials, need to end now. They got their nominee and they need to focus on Obama. “

Tony Lee over at Breitbart said:

“Cheney, who led the vice presidential search that picked Nelson Rockefeller for Gerald Ford’s VP, is probably more comfortable with a vice presidential candidate who has similar establishment bona fides to Rockefeller, which Palin obviously lacks.”

Cheney said about Palin:

“I don’t think she passed that test … of being ready to take over. And I think that was a mistake.”

He might have a point.

Apparently, Palin’s not “ready” to sit in an administration for eight years which adds 5 trillion dollars to our unpaid debt basically demoralizing the spirit of conservatism leading to four years of Barack Obama.  Cheney was “ready” for that, wasn’t he?

Palin’s not “ready” to engage in cronyism which dictates who she’d appoint to lifetime positions on the Supreme Court or to head federal emergency agencies like FEMA.  Bush & Cheney were “ready” for that, weren’t they?

Palin is “ready” to balance a budget – since she did it in Alaska.

Palin is “ready” to increase benefits for our esteemed elders while cutting out wasteful spending existing all across our federal government – since she did similar things in Alaska.

Palin is “ready” to call out entrenched special interests like she did when she served up a little justice to the Republican Party’s good old boys and their dealings with big oil.  She did that in Alaska, too.

Palin’s “ready” to unabashedly call out Barack Obama.  This includes pointing out his past associations, his reckless squandering of billions of our dollars to pay back his Wall Street friends (just as Bush/Cheney once did), and his plans to whip Americans into Greece-like big-government submission.   This is in contrast to the establishment’s plans to hold back.

Palin’s “ready” to endorse countless candidates for the Congress.  She’s been successful at using her enormous grassroots influence to pull a great deal of them across the finish line.

Palin’s not ready to fall in line with the establishment.  Until any candidate (including our perceived “front-runner”) demonstrates a full willingness to truly unify with the party’s grassroots, don’t count on her to make deals behind closed doors or hold high-priced fundraisers at her home.

Considering everything Bush & Company were “ready” for, it’s no wonder why Barack Obama was ever put in the position of becoming President of our great Republic.  Now of course, he must be fired.

But after observing the behavior of Cheney, Sununu, and other Romney surrogates, it might serve the interest of the American people to ask whether or not Romney is truly “ready” to do that considering the company he chooses to keep.

Update by Doug: Doug Powers at makes some great points:

If there was a mistake in 2008, it was the nominee, not the running mate.

The MSM will be chewing on this one all week, eager to go back to 2008 again and never return. “Imagine how lousy things could have been if voters had put Sarah Palin in the VP’s office — even Darth Vader agrees!” But when the dust settles, here we are, stuck in the reality of 2012 in a foundering economy Sarah Palin had nothing to do with designing that is perpetuated by people the majority of voters believed passed the “test” for government leadership.


Liz Cheney has tweeted a little support for the Governor in obvious disagreement with her father. (h/t Timothy Jacques)

Rarely do I disagree with those who give the Governor the respect she deserves, but "the best VP ever" part is something I might have to disagree with.

Very disappointed in Dick Cheney, especially considering what he knows first hand about media and false narratives.

I’d also like to add some comments made….those who suggest Cheney has a right to his opinion and how we have to unite.  They need to only listen to their own advice.  Of course Cheney has a right to his opinion, but "uniting" involves telling the truth and judging one on the basis of their record and their conviction.  Nobody can claim to fighting for this country to the degree Sarah Palin has since 2008 and nobody can deny her record of accomplishment.  He frankly owes her an apology considering who our opponent is supposed to be.

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  • FrankinOhio

    If there ever was anyone unsuited to be Vice president it was Dick Cheney.  Haliburton gave Mr. Cheney 20 million dollars when he left Haliburton.  Dick Cheney then rewarded Haliburton with a no bid contract to supply food services to the military once he started the war in Iraq. This is what Sarah Palin is fighting to correct, crony capitalism.  This is why Mr. Cheney is running his mouth degrading Sarah Palin.  Mr. Cheney and Mr. Bush took us to war to line the pockets of their friends.  This started the huge financial decline we are still experiencing.  Sarah Palin is a reformer, the antithesis of what Mr. Cheney stands for.       Sarah you have my support!  Dick you have my disgust!

    • socon

      I also think it’s about his politically ambitious daughter, Liz.

      I didn’t know Steve Schmidt was a Cheney adviser. That explains a lot.

      • Mountain

        See Liz Cheney’s tweet, in which she disagrees with her father (although she terms him "the best VP ever;" well, he IS her Dad!)……..

    • DocBarry1

      Beautifully written.

      What has Gov Palin been doing, while these people are attacking her – she is working to get true conservatives elected – God Bless the Palins

      • smbren

         Yes, working HARDER than any of them, and talking crap about nobody on our side, not even Romney. She is a class act, the real deal, and the American people know it.

        • DocBarry1

          While she gives us hope every day, the others are really bummers > I really feel bad for her -.she should be respected not dissed
          1. I accept everyone the way they are.
          2. I affirm that everyone is on their own path, just as I am on mine. 3. I know that everyone is worthy of approval

          • Mountain

            Yes, everyone is on their own path—–but NOT always worthy of approval!
            C’MON!  If they are lousy, lyin’ cheats, WHY SHOULD we approve of them?????

            NO one who unfairly disses Gov. Palin should be "approved!"
            (Am I missing something huge here?  Or small?  At ALL!?)

            • DocBarry1

              You captured it – the issue is what do we do if we know that obama must go and are only chance of getting this done is to vote for Romney – I can’t vote or not vote if it keeps obama in office – it stinks but it is what it is

  • amaze830

    These comments from RINOS are very divisive and it does not bring Republicans together.  I have some advice for the establishment Republicans, if you do not have positive things to say about a fellow Republican, please keep your mouth shut.  Please rembember Ronald Reagan’s 11th Commandment.

    • dave7777

       That’s exactly what I was thinking. If you don’t want to accomplish something nice, keep your mouth shut!

    • smbren

       They wonder too why I send them no money. Not anymore, not since 2008. Never again.

  • IsraeliCojones

    Thank you for this post, Steve.

    This is the only question that needs to be asked at that point.

    And the answer has always been and still is: "No, they want to lose."

    That’s why Sarah so desperately wants to win the Senate, keep the House and win the Presidency.

    Because she wants them defeated.

    After that, she’ll savagely kick their butt for 4 years. Until she defeats them for good in 2016.

  • old003

    The respect I had for Mr.Cheney is gone.Sarahs entire spirit is drenched with ability and American exceptionalism.Mr Cheney has proven himself to be first and formost… establishment. 

  • bigsun24

    many times I defended cheney but now he makes me sick.  The dirtbag is on his deathbed and now he finds time to diss Sarah Palin. Sarah TKO’d  joey bite me and the world was watching, it was a total mismatch!…

  • westernhunter

    The GOP really is the party of "STUPID".  How is all this Palin bashing bringing unity to get obama out.

  • c4pfan

    She wasn’t ready compared to whom?  Obama?  Biden?  Hillary?  Laughable.  Don’t get me started about GW Bush…remember gravitas?

    • Christopher H Fromme

      Sarah is more qualified to be POTUS than anyone on the  2008 ticket or primary.  Also we all know she would have made most of the 7 dwarfs look like fools in any debate.  Family came first so Mittens got his ticket to Tampa.  If Mitt wins Sarah will make sure that his feet are warm with the power of a tweet or Facebook note.

      • derised1


      • everythingispolitics

        How exactly will she do that? This has been my point. This all should’ve been settled in the primary. Her time to enter was this year. It basically would’ve been her vs. Mitt and as a betting man, I take the established entity especially when it has momentum. I think it would’ve been tougher for her to beat Obama because of her appeal (or lack thereof) with independents, but she would’ve beat Mitt handily. 

        • Joy Daniels Brower

          I will defer to Sarah Palin’s SUPERIOR sense of timing and political canniness.  You need to know ALL the facts!  The fix was in for Romney from the get-go – and she knew that, as well as the fact that the GOPe and the RNC wouldn’t have given her one thin dime!  So, why waste time, energy and precious resources fighting an uphill/no-win battle?  She’s not ready to be a martyr – at least, not yet!  She’ll be in an incredibly strong posiiton in 2016 – even if Romney DOES manage to win in November (and that’s no sure deal).

          Palin is galvanzing the Conservative Movement USA for the long haul – not just the next election cycle – as a combination Barry Goldwater & Ronald Reagan of generations past.  The passion, drive & focus are all there; so when she zones in on a target, watch out!  She’ll be on a good footing for victory!

  • CBDenver

    Thanks for the link to the Tony Lee article.   I hadn’t known — Nelson Rockefeller?!?.  Geesh

  • Lemuel Vargas

    Think Dick Cheney just wants or craves attention so much and bashing Sarah Palin is a sure way of attracting attention as honey attracts bees.

    And that is all to it, nothing more..

  • AngelaTX


  • socon

    Cheney is a big spending establishment RINO crony capitalist with a very politically ambitious daughter and a lesbian daughter–should we really be surprised he dissed Sarah?

    Sarah is a threat to him in many ways. GO SARAH!!

  • Mr.L

    Some of my tweets on the subject today:

    Who would you rather hunt with? Sarah Palin or Dick Cheney?

    If the Dems can believe Clinton suffering from PBSCD I guess we can believe the same for DICK Cheney …

    Newsweek 3/12:" Cheney Should Have Left His New Heart to Someone Not Seen as a ‘War Criminal and Evildoer"


    Interesting how DICK Cheney breaks bread by criticizing
    Palin w/ very same side who called him a bloodthirsty murderer for 8

    Those full terms really helped Johnson, Huntsman & Perry in the primaries didn’t they?

    To Dick Cheney a person should work the inner machinations
    of DC for 30 yrs to be prepared for a job for which you do nothing.

    Joe Biden on being VP: "It’s easy being vice president — you don’t have to do anything."

    FDR 1st term VP John Garner on being VP: "The job isn’t worth a bucket of warm spit"

    You do realize that after undergoing many heart surgeries that a person can lose their ability of judgement?

    • DocBarry1

      Mr. L.

      Please read my post, isn’t it amazing we have CNN attacking the Governor – where us the out cry

      We. have 2 vile comics – rb and kg attacking a Palin – and where is the outcry

      We have Cheney coming out against Palin – where is the out cry

    • everythingispolitics

      Ability to judgment. When has Dick Cheney ever said anything supportive of Sarah? This is about Liz Cheney and establishing her as the anti-Sarah, and the appeal to independent voters. In other words, pure politics. Then again, everything is politics. Again, Sarah is strong, forceful and lives very much in a wrong/right kind of a world. While this makes her truthful and honorable as a person, it doesn’t make for a great politician in a 24 hour news cycle in a country where attention spans are roughly 30 seconds. Sarah’s a bruiser. National politics is about massaging. With that being said, I think with the right constituency, the right coalitions, in the right state (Arizona probably is not by accident as a choice) she could become a Senator. I could also see her in an appointed cabinet position though it doesn’t look like it will be in a Romney presidency.   

      • Mr.L

        Make it go away.

      • Joy Daniels Brower

        Stop with the Senator nonsense, already – are you NUTZ?!?  She’s an administrator/executive/LEADER, fergawdssake! – not a schmoozer and deal maker in the ultimate "Old Boys’ Club!!"  My God, you don’t know much about Palin, do you?  As for me, I’m still hopeful and will NEVER give up on the idea/concept that our POTUS can be a person of principal, strong morals, policial & moral convictions and a master/mistress of tellin’ it like it is!  "Massager" – my foot!!!  All that nonsense talk in your comment (meant to be helpful & constructive, I know!) has me going "Grrr!" – like a Mama Grizzly!!

        • pollyatlanta

          Joy … agree plus I have not given up on delegates abstaining to vote for Romney and hence paving a way for nominating Sarah for 2012 People’s President Award!!!!!  I have looked for the loop holes but have not found them .. tell me something I can believe and I will give up for 2012.

    • Joy Daniels Brower

      Very good/funny: "With whom would you rather go hunting? Cheney or Palin?"  Hahaha!!!  Guess that’s a no-brainer…

  • Adrienne Ross

    Thank you, thank you, thank you, Steve! I found myself shouting out loud, "Come on now, Steve!" as if I were in church amen-ing the preacher’s good, message of truth! I SO appreciate how you laid out the facts here.

    • Steve_Flesher

       Thanks, A!  You serve as inspiration to a great many of us.  ;-)

      • socon

         Someone posted your entire column on HotAir!  Great job.

  • James A. Tyler

    I’m not angry, really… just disapointed. Dick Cheney is someone I’ve had a tremendous amount of respect for over the last decade, responsible for everything we conservatives actually liked about the Bush Administration. After Bush and Palin, and maybe Sec. Rice, he’s gotten the most unfair and biased treatment from the MSM and from the Hollywood establishment.

    So to have him parrot Establishment talking points like this; to have him basically cross over to the opposite camp, is just about as disapointing as it was when Colin Powell endorsed Barack Obama back in 2008.

    I like Dick Cheney, and I’ll continue to like and respect Dick Cheney and his family. But, this? I’m really hoping he steps in to clarify or backtrack or something; about as hopeful as I am that Palin takes this with all her normal grace and aplomb.

    • Reynolds88

      Interesting, "as when Colin Powell endorsed Barack Obama" kind of says it all.  Cheney is about as predictable a GOPE as Powell was predictable in his politics.  Sad but true.

    • Guest

      Agreed James !! Thank you for your post!

    • everythingispolitics

      Dick Cheney has been in Washington DC for over 50 years sir. He is the Establishment. He hasn’t crossed over anywhere.

  • Elwanda Burrell

    Now we know that getting a heart transplant does not make you any smarter!!! 

    • 01_Explorer_01

      The scarecrow got the brain while the tin man Cheney got the heart.

  • Christine Riordan Brown

    Will what do you expect a rino too do He goes on a liberal news network too do what they like best trash palin ! God forbid we have any men in our party who have any honor ?

  • Reynolds88

    LOL Mr L.  The hunting question is perfect.  And that level of snark is about exactly what is needed here to rebut Mr. Cheney.  Besides, maybe Dick Cheney is trying like a doting old dad, to promote his daughter Liz, who has all the ‘right credentials’ to be a whatever.  Sadly even Liz C. is more supportive of Sarah Palin than her old man. 

    But live and learn.  Just like MB and her yellow jacket, who looked good alongside Sarah Palin back in Minn.  Then MB let her chief dogcatcher growl at Sarah Palin and now old Ed Rollins is making even more money snapping at MB also. 

    That know-it-all GOPE attitude of people like Ed Rollins and Dick Cheney is why they are better off in the background and why change is needed to "attract" people like Sarah Palin, not just block her from taking power from the ‘chosen ones’ i.e.,  people  Mrs. Bush and Dick Cheney would chose.

    • Mr.L

      Thanks. I think Levin is spot on. They better stop this right now and focus ruining Obama than trying to ruin people like Palin. This is counterproductive.

      • blueniner

        This circular fire is going to lose them the election. I dont know who the master- mind behind the scenes is,(Rove, Bushies) suddenly in the last couple of days Sarah Palin bashing has been started up again by the GOPe.

        • juju341

          Rove…He has always thought the way to win the Pres. election is not from the party voters, but the independents.  I have even heard him say on TV…we will get the Reps. voters what we
          need to win the Pres. position is the independents.  Barf.

      • everythingispolitics

        What’s counterproductive is sniping about who said what to whom. Cheney doesn’t think much of Sarah. Shocker. Now let’s vote Obama out please.

        • Mr.L

           Please ignore this person.

        • socon

          Tell that to Romney & Co.

          How about we stop attacking true conservatives, too?  Wouldn’t that be nice for a change?

    • Joy Daniels Brower

      What is apparent to anyone with a pulse is that Rollins et all (and his political son, Steve Schmidt) are a nasty bunch of just plain LOSERS!!  It’s true, of course, they DID win a few races back in the dark ages, but today they’re hopelessly out of sync.  However, complicating things is that now they’re mostly invested in their own political businesses and simply can’t let a reformer like Palin get anywhere near their respective fiefdoms!  They’re all in bed together – "cronyism" at its most vile…

  • excopconservative

    Consider that Dick Cheney got more attention to his interview by mentioning Palin.   His interview would have been largely ignored if he had just supported Romney and made some comments in defense of the Bush years.  The media will gin up any controversy within the Republican ranks and no better object of their derision than Sarah Palin.  Nothing new here.  We know this game.

  • Stoneyjack

    Ticker Dick, sudden media darling, thinks Gov. Palin "wasn’t ready" to bear responsibility for the death, maiming, & torture of thousands; the destruction of homes & families of innocent civilians; the waste of trillions of taxpayer dollars on crony contracts & vanity wars based on lies; a bunker mentality in Washington; and the shredding of the Constitution. Buit Ticker, he was ready.

  • independents4palin

    Is the establishment trying to get us not to vote or something? I think their more in the bag for Obama than anyone else. This is going to push people out of the Republican party if they keep this crap up. The establishment sucks and I am thrilled the Bush era is over, the Tea Party era is now in session. Cheney should follow George Bushs lead and stay in Wyoming and fish or something.

    • senator20526

       How is Jebbie going to run, if Romney wins in Nov.?

      • JP_AZ

        That’s just it…R isn’t supposed to win.  I keep remembering the meeting Papa Bush and Jebbie had at the WH.  Cheney doing what he did smells of the GOPe ensuring their nominee is appropriately weakened and the base is fired up to NOT vote for him because we are ticked over his remarks about Palin.  They are comfortably ensconced in their belief that they have won the nomination and have set up the GOPe nominee to fail so next time, Jeb looks good compared to R and we sheeple will be grateful for the alternative. 

        Yes, this is speculative, but hey, have you ever seen so many attack one woman who is honest, courageous, a warrior for our way of life?  Guess Cheney thought he had nothing to lose as he is in the sunset of his life.  Nothing but the respect of all conservatives. 

        Think I’ll return those RNC, Romney, Bush "we need mula" with a copy of SarahPAC webpage and photo of Sarah (copy of my photos from SarahPAC) and write a nice little note about the courtesy and manners they owe to the 2008 VP nominee and her supporters.  ‘

        I know there will be more traitors and we will be shocked to see who else is willing to talk smack for a favor or pay back of a favor.  Good riddance to bad rubbish.

      • mark1955

        The  Correct Answer!

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