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Gov. Palin Endorses Jeff Flake for U.S. Senate (Arizona)

Gov. Palin has just endorsed Jeff Flake for John Kyl’s Arizona seat.

Via Jeff Flake’s Campaign Page:

PHOENIX – The Flake campaign announced today that former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin has endorsed Jeff Flake for United States Senate. Jeff Flake sought Governor Palin’s support and is honored to have it.

In a letter to Jeff, Governor Palin wrote: “The United States Senate needs a leader like Jeff Flake. Jeff is a proven conservative crusader, and today I am proud to announce mysupport for his campaign to become the next U.S. Senator from the great state of Arizona.

“Throughout his tenure in Congress, Jeff has been a consistent leader against the federal government’s out of control spending. Jeff is known for his media releases titled ‘Just How Broke Are We?’ where he brings home the reality of what our unimaginable $15 trillion debt really means in everyday terms. For the past eight years, Jeff has been ranked #1 in the House of Representatives by the National Taxpayers Union for his efforts against wasteful government spending.

“Credited by many as the leading anti-earmark crusader in the House, Jeff has fought hard against pork barrel spending – often times casting one of the few GOP ‘no’ votes on bloated spending measures. He’s not afraid to ‘go rogue’ against his own party and its leadership; and even though he has sometimes suffered the consequences from GOP leaders for failing to toe the party line, yet he continues to fight for what is right.

“I’ve spoken often about the need for sudden and relentless reform of government. Jeff is just the sort of ‘relentless reformer’ we need in the Senate. He will bring his fight against our crippling debt, reckless spending, and wasteful earmarks to the Senate. Watch this video at, and you’ll see why I am joining with Senators McCain & Kyl to support Jeff Flake for U.S. Senate.”

Jeff Flake responded to the endorsement, saying: “I am very gratified to receive the support of Governor Palin today. Governor Palin is a passionate conservative who has inspired many in the cause to reform Washington. I have always shared her healthy aversion to wasteful spending and out of control bureaucracy. Again, I am pleased to have her confidence in this campaign.”

Arizona’s battle-tested conservative, Jeff Flake, is committed to supporting policiesthat reduce spending, lower taxes, and limit burdensome regulation. He is nationally recognized as one of the most consistent, fiscally conservative members in Congress. He has been endorsed by conservative leaders and organizations throughout Arizona and the nation, including: Congressman Paul Ryan, U.S. Senators Jon Kyl, John McCain, Jim DeMint, Pat Toomey and Mike Lee; National Taxpayers Union, Arizona Right to Life, and FreedomWorks for America. The entire list can be found here:

For more information on Jeff Flake and why he’s running for the U.S. Senate, please visit his website at

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  • $26225604

    From ABC:

    Bucking her tea party predilection yet again this cycle, Sarah Palin on
    Monday endorsed Republican Rep. Jeff Flake over Wil Cardon in the
    Arizona Senate primary.

    John McCain also endorsed Flake, if it matters.

  • Elwanda Burrell

    If Sarah Palin backs Rep. Jeff Flake that means I support him…..we will pack the senate and house with Tea Party candidates.

  • BostonBruin

    FYI – AZ Senate primary isn’t until August 28

  • anyonebutbarry2012

    Anyone Sarah endorses comes from behind to win!  

  • angeleno

    Besides returning all RINO begging letters with your message No Palin at Convention Means No Contributions, please add that your money is going to SarahPAC, and send it there.

    • WEL2

      If you receive a fundraising call from the RNC, ask if the 2008 Republican Vice Presidential nominee will have an important speaking slot in the Republican National convention.  If the person cannot tell you, tell him/her to call you when he/she can confirm Governor Palin will.

  • JD777

    I believe this is her fifth 2012 US Senate endorsement (Fisher, Mourdock, Cruz, Hatch, Flake). Does anyone know of a complete list of Governor Palin’s 2012 endorsements?

    • Palinchick

      Also Steelman in Senate and Adams in House…plus Kleefisch who already won recall in WI

      • JD777

        Thank you for me reminding about the Steelman endorsement, I didn’t catch that. So six candidates for US Senate in 2012 so far.

        Deb Fisher  – Nebraska
        Richard Mourdock – Indiana
        Ted Cruz – Texas, in primary decided July 31
        Orrin Hatch – Utah
        Jeff Flake – Arizona, in primary decided August 28
        Sarah Steelman – Missouri, in primary August 7

        • Timothy Jacques

           I wonder if she’ll endorse Rehberg who is running against Tester in Montana.

    • ZH100
  • patnatasha

    who is wil Cardon

  • $8196935

    Jeff has represented the Sixth District of Arizona since 2001, and currently serves on the House Committee on Appropriations. During his tenure in Congress, Jeff has established himself as leading conservative reformer and led the way for the current ban on earmarks.

     Leading national taxpayer groups consistently rank Jeff among the most fiscally conservativemembers of Congress

    Jeff is a long time conservative in Arizona and an early supporter of Mitt Romney for Pres.
    in Sept. 2011

  • Guest

    Good Luck Jeff Flake !!!
    Sarah Rules……………………….

  • douglas dowsett

    I for one,  have returned several fund raising letters with messages regarding gov. palins not being
    invited to convention,  its hard to believe how stupid they are,  but I agree with Mr L that either  way
    sarah palin wins ,   and at this point I feel she would decline.     we win,  they loose       

    thank you angeleno and well2 for your posts

  • wodiej

    Excellent Gov. Palin.  You understand the end goal is to win the Senate.

  • nkthgreek

    Coming: The new and improved Congress. (Thanks to conservatives like Sarah Palin)

  • Timothy Jacques

    Folks, this is why John Kerry is DESPERATE to pass the LOST treaty.  The Senate will most likely become GOP controlled with a new batch of CONSERVATIVES.  

  • OldGuyAZ

    Unfortunately, I am in a quandry about the AZ senate race.   One of my closest friends is in the race on the Democrat side.  We have been friends for over twenty five  years. He is the smartest, most honest and dynamic person I have ever met. 

    I will choose with my heart, not my head, and vote for the person, not for the political party. I also know, there is really no way Flake will lose this election.

     I plan on atoning for my sin by working on electing Ms. Salcido-Mercer, who is running against Raul Grijualva, my ( throat choking, tears flowing) Representative.

  • The Real Undefeated

    Flake is one of the best friends of the Castro dictatorship in the Senate, promoting the end of the embargo and undermining aid to the democratic activists in Cuba. It is quite disappointing that Palin endorsed him.

  • AZMad

    I am greatly dismayed by Sarah Palin’s endorsement of Jeff Flake. There is a great lack of Arizona ‘conservative’ constituent support for Congressman Flake’s aspirations to become U.S. Senator for  Arizona. ‘Conservative Flake’ voted with Congressional Democrats (he was one of ONLY 2 GOP Congressmen to vote with the Dems!!)  when he opposed the GOP spending cut proposal in February of 2011. Congressman Flake is so ‘out of touch’ with Arizona voters/constituents that he dared to sponsor and support the Dream Act Amnesty program, which is NOT a solution to our country’s illegal immigration problem, but only an exacerbation of the problem. Congressman Flake fought against our own Republican majority legislature in trying to dissuade them from passing SB1070 into law. He may be conservative regarding earmarks, but that’s about it. He even had his own version of Cap and Trade. And the fact that Jeff Flake is endorsed by RINO John McCain totally cinches it for me.Wil Cardon is a businessman in Arizona who has enough money to self fund. However, he has donated money to Jeff Flake for many years and worked on his campaign finance committee. Check out Clair Van Steenwyck, a Christian Constitutional Republican.

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