Jim DeMint and others join Governor Palin in renewed effort to help Ted Cruz

As we get closer to next Tuesday’s runoff election in Texas, Governor Palin reminded us earlier today how important it is that we elect grass roots conservatives like Ted Cruz to the Senate so that we can clean up the mess created by the permanent political class of both parties:

Today early voting begins in the run-off election for U.S. Senate in Texas. Texans have a clear choice in this race, and I encourage them to support Ted Cruz, a strong conservative fighter who will protect and defend our Constitution and not just go along to get along with the reckless spending of the permanent political class in D.C. The high-paid consultants of Ted’s well-funded opponent are in full panic mode and have plunged millions of dollars into false personal attacks against Ted meant to dispirit us and break our conviction. We’ve all seen these tactics before, but together we can make sure they don’t succeed. I encourage Texans to get out and vote for Ted Cruz.

The National Journal reports that Ted Cruz is receiving additional support from other conservative entities such as the Club for Growth and Jim DeMint’s Super PAC, Senate Conservatives Action, and that momentum appers to be on the side of Ted Cruz, despite the millions that have gone into the Establishment’s phony personal attacks against against him to which Governor Palin referred:

Senate Conservatives Action, the new Super PAC affiliated with Sen. Jim DeMint‘s Senate Conservatives Fund, released its first television ad supporting Cruz on Monday. The 30-second spot calls Cruz a “champion of freedom” and a “defender of the Constitution” while urging voters to support him in the runoff.

The super PAC is spending $500,000 to air the ad on broadcast stations in the Houston, Dallas, San Antonio and Austin television markets.

Meanwhile, the Club for Growth, another conservative group backing Cruz over Dewhurst, announced Monday that it is spending an additional $574,000 on Cruz’s behalf. That brings the anti-tax organization’s spending on the race to $2.5 million since the GOP primary.


The willingness of the Club and Senate Conservatives Action to invest so heavily in the final days of the race may reflect a growing sense that momentum is squarely in Cruz’s corner. The tea party favorite also outraised Dewhurst by a three-to-one margin from July 1 through July 11, according to pre-runoff fundraising reports filed by both campaigns. Cruz brought in $523,000 during the 11 day span compared to $160,000 for Dewhurst.

The ad produced by DeMint’s Super PAC gives face time to only two prominent conservatives. One is Ronald Reagan. The other? Governor Palin. This is not surprising given DeMint’s astute assessment of the Governor’s influence last week.

B-b-but wait, you say. I thought the mainstream media and GOP Establishment have declared her passé; irrelevant even; not even worthy of an invite to the RNC, an event she dominated last time around like nobody else in recent memory. Er … whatever you say, boys.

As Governor Palin indicated earlier, you can support Ted Cruz by visiting his website here and making a donation.  There are only eight days remaining until the election and Establishment choice Dewhurst is nothing if not well-funded. The time is now to show our support for Ted Cruz, Governor Palin, and other grassroots conservatives working to free the GOP from the shackles of the Washington Establishment.

(h/t Charles Bogue)

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