John Zeigler | Self-promoting crap weasel doesn’t want Gov. Palin to speak at RNC

As for the substance of the convention “snub,” why in the world should Sarah Palin be invited to speak at the convention? She is not an elected official. She is not even really a political figure, but rather a celebrity opinion giver.

Palin is now just a media commentator who has clearly gone out of her way to make it as difficult for the Romney to secure the nomination as possible. She absurdly endorsed Newt Gingrich. She selfishly campaigned for a brokered convention. She even appears to have a very strong personal incentive for President Obama to be reelected so that she can remain at least marginally relevant.

Quite simply, Sarah Palin has no business speaking at this convention. She made her decisions and she bet on the wrong horse. Now she must accept the consequences (and contrary to her ludicrous claims, those ramifications have nothing to do with “calling out both sides”). She can attend as a Fox News commentator where I am sure she will try hard to diminish Romney at every opportunity.



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