Kevin Fobbs: Romney Should Heed Palin’s ‘Light Our Hair on Fire’ Rally Cry

Kevin Fobbs published an article over at the Examiner, agreeing with Governor Palin that Romney needs to get the base motivated in order to get Obama out of the White House. He wrote:

Sarah Palin is smart, decisive and she understands the needs and the dreams and aspirations of the heartland of America. So when she urges Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney to “Light our hair on fire”, it would behoove the presidential aspirant to listen.

Throughout Romney’s political career, it is safe to say that no one would ever accuse him of possessing rousing oratory or that he has ever lit an audience on fire with flame and inner passion. But, that is probably not as essential in this race, as having the ability to connect in a personal way with each one of the millions of voters who walk into that voting booth to cast their vote. Each voter needs to feel, Romney is right for their family’s needs, and that his administration will build a better tomorrow for their family, sooner rather than later.

Sarah Palin has bottled that formula for inspiring the conservative and independent American electorate, because she not only speaks from her heart, but Palin lights a flame underneath each person who listens. She encourages them to get up and stand up for an America that is rich with values, history and principled purpose.

Palin speaks to the heart of an America that Americans remember, full of grandeur and bristling with vibrant spirit and tenacious ability to protect the family, and rebuild from an inner spiritual strength endowed by God.

Mitt Romney should seriously consider using Palin’s suggested playbook and truly demonstrate from within his will to defend and protect America’s families and their future. He must jettison the image of being perceived as a candidate who is walking a politically safe tightrope to the RNC Convention and the fall campaign.

The first step actually may have been taken at the recent NAACP National Convention in Houston, Texas, where Romney did not attempt to placate the audience. Instead, he told the audience what would truly benefit their families and their communities. A week before, he also showed a compassionate side of his spirit by having his Ohio campaign headquarters provide assistance to the thousands of families that had been battered by storms in the Columbus area, while the Obama campaign sat on the sidelines and watched.


Voters want Romney to not tell them what is happening, but feel that he is going to insist that money is not sent to overseas tyrants and Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood government coffers at the expense of their child’s education. Senior citizens and unemployed families in Cleveland, Cincinnati and Toledo are swimming in red ink, robbed their life’s savings will need Romney to show steel in his political sinew to help them understand why he is the answer for them.

Sarah Palin has it absolutely right, as she stated on Fox News Network, Sean Hannity’s show Tuesday night. She stated that Romney has the message right. Yet, that is only part of the battle. In order to carry the independents and conservatives votes across the Electoral College line in November, Romney has to, “Remind us how important it is that we get engaged in the presidential election because it is the election of our lifetime,” indicated Palin.

You can read the entire piece here.


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